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Thursday, May 28, 2015

New Rotoderby Contests!


Rotoderby is offering amazing prizes for the month of May!  A $100 entry will get you into the $1,750, Grand Slam.  Catch is, it's a 20 team pool and first come first serve!
If you miss out on that action, there is a $300 winner take all Gold Derby for an entry free of just $19.  For a $9 entry fee, you can win $140.


  • All teams compete on just 3 stats:
    • HR (5pts)
    • RBI (1pt)
    • K (-1pt)
  • Choose 10 players from the player pool, 6 infielders and 4 outfielders.
  • Do not exceed the "HR Stat Cap" limit of 210 Home Runs.
Bryce Harper hit 10 home runs in 12 games and leads the league with 43 RBI, but his 23 K% has allowed Mark Teixeira and Nelson Cruz to keep pace with him at the top at the top of the Rotoderby leaderboard.  Teixeira has 4 home runs and 8 RBI less than Harper, but half the strikeouts!  Cruz and Harper lead the league with 18 home runs.  Harper will cost you just 13 home runs, Teixiera will run you 22 homers and Cruz is the most expensive player at 40 HRs.

Throwback Thursday - All-Time Greats - First Base

Paul Goldschmidt has returned from a season ending injury in 2014 to another hot start, hitting .329/.440/.611 with 12 HRs and 38 RBI in 46 games.  Adrian Gonzalez has swung a hot bat as well in 2015, owning a .341/.417/.628 slash that has led to 17 doubles, 10 home runs and 35 RBI. 

All-Time Greats - Catchers
But compared to the All-Time great seasons (since 1970) they have a LONG way to go.  Jeff Bagwell and Albert Pujols lead with 5 appearances, but Todd Helton owns the top two seasons!  Mark McGwire, Carlos Delgado, Andres Galarraga and Jason Giambi made the list twice.

2000Todd HeltonRockies160580216113592421381471036150.372999
2001Todd HeltonRockies15958719792542491321469810470.336965
1999Jeff BagwellAstros1625621719435042143126149127300.304965
1998Mark McGwireCardinals155509152612107013014716215510.299960
2000Jeff BagwellAstros159590183983714715213210711690.310953
2009Albert PujolsCardinals160568186934514712413511564160.327929
2000Carlos DelgadoBlue Jays162569196975714111513712310400.344923
2003Todd HeltonRockies160583209122495331351171117200.358916
2003Albert PujolsCardinals15759121211751143137124796550.359914
1996Mo VaughnRed Sox161635207133291441181439515420.326901
2004Albert PujolsCardinals1545921969751246133123845250.331898
1999Mark McGwireCardinals153521145582116511814713314100.278896
1997Jeff BagwellAstros1625661627740243109135127122310.286895
2001Jeff BagwellAstros1616001738743439126130106135110.288892
2003Carlos DelgadoBlue Jays161570172913814211714510913700.302887
2005Albert PujolsCardinals161591195114382411291179765160.330883
2006Ryan HowardPhillies159581182982515810414910818100.313881
1996Jeff BagwellAstros1625681799848231111120135114210.315880
1996Andres GalarragaRockies1596261901013934711915040157180.304878
2000Jason GiambiAthletics15251017097291431081371379620.333873
2006Albert PujolsCardinals1435351779433149119137925070.331872
2005Mark TeixeiraRangers162644194107413431121447212440.301872
1996Rafael PalmeiroOrioles16262618110040239110142959680.289871
1977Rod CarewTwins1556162391713816141281006955230.388871
2009Prince FielderBrewers162591177933534610314111013820.299864
1985Don MattinglyYankees15965221112548335107145564120.324862
1970Carl YastrzemskiRed Sox1615661861172904012510212866230.329860
1997Andres GalarragaRockies1546001911163134112014054141150.318858
2001Jason GiambiAthletics15452017891472381091201298320.342856
2005Derrek LeeCubs1585941991005034612010785109150.335855

The greatest season by a first baseman EVER, was in 1931.  Lou Gehrig hit .341 with 46 home runs, 31 doubles and 15 triples, driving in 184 runs and scoring 163 times.  He only struck out 56 times in 155 games played, 619 at bats.

How Fantasy Points Are Calculated:

Singles - 1pt
Doubles - 2pts
Triples - 3pts
Home Runs - 2pts
RBI - 2pts
Runs Scored - 2pts
Walks - 1pt
Stolen Bases - 1pt

Throwback Thursday

Wednesday, May 27, 2015

DraftKings Wednesdays

We are starting a new trend here on We Talk Fantasy Sports, and it's called DraftKings Wednesdays. I've been joining daily games (free entries) on DraftKings over the past few weeks, and found myself doing fairly well. I figured I would throw some cash into my account and see if I can win some real money. So every Wednesday I will be write about that days most valuable options, players to fade and teams to stack.  I will update the post every Thursday to let you know how my team did and if I won any cash prizes.

Today there are a ton of day games, 11 in total with only 4 night games. I'm not a big fan of day games, especially on a travel day, as players seem to just want to have the game end quickly.

For this reason I joined a $5 game where the top 1,200 players win $10. I feel confident I can finish in the top 1,200 and turn my $5 into $10.

Here's my roster:

P - Michael Pineda ($7,800)

  • We've seen Michael Pineda look like Cy Young this year and we've seen him look like a total bum. He made a start against the Royals back on May 15th and he only lasted 5.1 innings as he allowed 10 hits and 5 runs while striking out 1. This was the very next start after striking out 16 batters. I'm just hoping his pitches are moving today and gets a ton of swing and misses against the Royals offense.

P - Noah Syndergaard ($7,600)

  • This is the first of many starts for Syndergaard against the Philadelphia Phillies and I think the offense will struggle against him. He's a power pitcher and as long as he keeps Chase Utley and Ryan Howard in the park, he should have a great game.

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