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Saturday, May 23, 2015

Where Has The Dodgers Offense Gone?

The Los Angeles Dodgers offense ranks 10th in batting average, 8th in runs scored, 2nd in home runs and 2nd in on base percentage, however you would never know that based on how the team has played this past week. Over the last six games, the Dodgers have scored just 3 runs. That's 3 runs and 34 hits in 54 innings. LA is 2-4 over that span.

If it wasn't for Mike Bolsinger and Zack Greinke making two great starts, this Dodger team could be on a 6 game losing streak. Despite the lack of offense, LA is still sitting atop the NL West, 1.5 games ahead of the San Francisco Giants.

After scoring their only run against the Rockies in the 4th inning on Sunday night, the Dodgers were held scoreless over their next 35 innings. This included being shutout 3 straight times against their rivals, the San Francisco Giants.

Over these 6 games, the Dodgers as a team are hitting just .183.

Take a look at some of their players numbers over this dreadful span

I think it's safe to say the Los Angeles Dodgers are missing Yasiel Puig and Carl Crawford. Both outfielders are currently on the disabled list.

The bats and Clayton Kershaw are going to have to wake up if the Dodgers plan on winning the NL West, as they have the Giants and Padres to worry about.
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Friday, May 22, 2015

Baseball's Luckiest Hitters

Earlier we focused on those MLB players with the worst luck to begin the season, looking at LD% and BABIP.  Now we look at those around the Majors hitting lots of fly balls, and still owning a BABIP above .300. There have been just 27 players since 2010 that finished the season with a FB% greater than 43% and a BABIP over .300. 15 of those happened in 2010 and just Mike Trout last year.

Colby Rasmus has now surpassed Nelson Cruz atop this list, and even with a .314 BABIP, he still owns a .244 BA thanks to 46 K in 123 AB.  The 5th highest K% in the league.

Evan Longoria has joined this list and is one of just 5 in the group to have a HR/FB below 10%.  Troy Tulowitzki and Freddie Freeman are also members of that club.

Thanks to 10 home runs in 12 games, Bryce Harper owns a 35% HR/FB.  Only Ryan Howard and Jim Thome have accomplished that in a full season since 1990. Just 9 times has one owned a 30% HR/FB in that time frame and Howard and Thome own 5 of those 9 seasons.

Colby Rasmus48.70%0.31421.10%
Kris Bryant48.60%0.40613.90%
Justin Upton45.50%0.32322.00%
Nelson Cruz44.70%0.38831.40%
Logan Forsythe44.50%0.3287.50%
Derek Norris44.30%0.3395.90%
Matt Carpenter44.10%0.35113.50%
Bryce Harper43.80%0.37335.70%
Freddie Freeman43.30%0.3749.60%
Stephen Vogt42.90%0.30321.40%
Mike Trout42.50%0.32422.90%
Paul Goldschmidt42.20%0.37421.70%
Evan Longoria42.10%0.3278.30%
Ryan Howard41.40%0.30022.00%
Troy Tulowitzki41.30%0.3334.70%
Alex Gordon41.20%0.31910.00%
Miguel Cabrera40.70%0.36320.00%
J.D. Martinez40.60%0.32718.60%
Chris Davis40.50%0.31025.00%
Mark Trumbo40.20%0.31314.60%

Stats via FanGraphs MLB Baseball Meme

Baseballs Most Unlucky Hitters

The following is a list of players in the MLB who are hitting line drives in more than 20% of their ABs, but have a BABIP below league average. These are players that you might want to consider holding onto if you own them, or trying to acquire on the cheap as their luck could change, soon....hopefully! 

Baseball Luckiest Hitters - High FB% High BABIP

Jason Kipnis has hit his way off this list.  He is hitting .449 in the month of May, with 9 doubles, 3 home runs and 2 triples.  He has scored 21 runs in 19 games for the Indians. His 34.8 LD% this month has resulted in a .485 BABIP.

Brian Dozier30.90%0.274
Ben Revere30.80%0.283
Curtis Granderson27.50%0.286
Chase Headley27.20%0.275
George Springer25.90%0.253
Ryan Howard25.30%0.300
Josh Harrison25.20%0.277
David Ortiz24.80%0.252
Omar Infante23.90%0.298
Chris Coghlan23.60%0.212
Elvis Andrus23.50%0.254
Nick Castellanos23.40%0.299
Carlos Gonzalez23.20%0.232
Daniel Murphy22.90%0.248
Kyle Seager22.50%0.270
Todd Frazier22.50%0.231
Giancarlo Stanton22.30%0.275
Carlos Beltran21.90%0.282
Johnny Giavotella21.50%0.290
Melky Cabrera21.40%0.264
Hanley Ramirez21.30%0.241
Pablo Sandoval21.10%0.294
Shin-Soo Choo21.10%0.289
Luis Valbuena21.10%0.210
Andrelton Simmons21.00%0.261
Lonnie Chisenhall20.60%0.238
Michael Morse20.50%0.279
Matt Adams20.40%0.287
Billy Hamilton20.20%0.243

Stats via FanGraphs That's The Way Baseball Go

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