If you draft a RB who is injury prone its always a good idea to draft their backup JUST in case.  The following are duos who come in pairs due to injuries, split time, or soon to be a change in the depth chart

Michael Turner and Jason Snelling

Frank Gore and Glen Coffee
Frank Gore and Anthony Dixon
Frank Gore and Brian Westbrook

Ryan Matthews and Darren Sproles

Shonn Greene and LaDainian Tomlinson

Kevin Smith and Javid Best

Fred Jackson and CJ Spiller

Marion Barber/Felix Jones and Tashard Choice

Michael Bush and Darren McFadden

Joseph Addai and Donald Brown

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  1. williams and stewart

    benson and scott

  2. Assuming no injury, Scott will only get a handful of touches each game. It appears Benson will get his 20+ carries a game.

    Heres a little background on the Benson/Scott situation:

  3. Thanks, Williams and Stewart should be up there. Blame KeithyP for that.

  4. I left them off ( Williams and Stewart ) on purpose because there is slight chance you will be able to draft both

  5. As for Benson and Scott dont expect much sharing of the football