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Injury Report

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KeithyP's  Favs of the week
Fav QB Matchup - Jay Cutler vs Detroit - Lions allowed 265 passing yards a game (NFL Worst). Cutler's 2009 stats against the Lions: 40 for 64 416 Yards 6 TDs 0 INT QB Rating 112.6
(23/35 372 yards and 2 TDs) Connected with RB Matt Forte 7 times for 151 yards and both scores.

Fav RB Matchup - Chris Johnson vs Oakland - Raiders allowed 155 yards a game last year on the ground
(27 for 142 and 2 TDs) The fastest man in the NFL did exactly what we thought he would and tore up the Raiders defense.

Fav WR Matchup - Julian Edelman vs Cincinnati - The Patriots avoid the run against the stacked Bengals linebacker core and Edelman will be the beneficiary.  Larry Fitzgerald @ St Louis - Rams get no pressure on Leinart Derek Anderson?allowing him to find Fitzy all day
Edelman was on the inactive list and I failed to change my pick

Fav TE Matchup - Antonio Gates @ Kansas City - In 12 games against the Chiefs, Gates has 11 Tds and 68 catches for 803 yards
Gates was his normal self, finding the end zone again to go along with his 5 catches and 76 yards, despite the Chargers losing a disappointing game to the Chiefs who they dominated last season.

Fav DEF Matchup - Arizona @ St Louis - Cardinals aggressive D against the worst offense = Fantasy Points
(13 Pts Allowed, 2 Sacks, 3 INTs, 1 Fumble Recovery, Blocked FG) Held Steven Jackson to only 87 total yards.  Bradford threw the ball 54 times, completing 32 passes, 10 of them going to newly acquired Mark Clayton for 119 yards.  The Cards caused Bradford to throw three INTs.

KeithyP's Upset of the Week
Atlanta over @Pittsburgh
Rashard Mendenhall takes a 50 yard run to the house in OT for the 15-9 victory

LiLbRo's Favs of the week
Fav QB Matchup - Drew Brees vs Minnesota - The Vikings ranked 2nd in run defense in 2009, so the Saints will be forced to throw all day which is always a good thing when Brees is under cent.  Brees was 17 for 31 with 3 tds against the Vikings in the NFC Championship game
(27/36, 237, 1-0) Brees only threw for 1 td, but if your playing in a league where you get points per completion then you'll be happy with this game.  He did a great job at spreading the ball around, finding 9 different receivers and managed to complete 27 passes and didn't turnover the ball.

Fav RB Matchup - Frank Gore @ Seattle - Gore burned the Seahawks for 207 yards and 2 tds on just 16 carries and added 5 catches in week 2, but only saw 9 carries in week 13 against them as the 49ers abandoned the run, throwing the ball 45 times.
Frank Gore and the 49ers offense did not get it going at all in this game. Gore carried the ball 17 times for 38 yards, but added 6 catches for 45 yards.  The new and improved O-Line for Gore only allowed him to average 2.2 yards per carry in a tough game for him.

Fav WR Matchup -DeSean Jackson vs. Green Bay - Green Bay scores a lot of points and the Eagles will have to throw a lot to stay in the game.  In the two starts Kolb had last year, Jackson had over 100 yards and a TD in each.  They should form a nice chemistry this season.
Kevin Kolb had to leave this game early after only 10 passes and that really hurt all the receivers value, as Vick came in and played the rest of the game. It would have been nice to see what Jackson and Kolb could have done after success in the past, but he only managed 4 catches and 30 yards.

Fav TE Matchup - Dallas Clark @ Houston - Clark was a nightmare for the Houston secondary last year racking up 23 catches for 183 yards and a TD. Expect a big opening game for Clark
(11 for 180 1 TD) The Colts were behind for much of the game and Manning threw 57 times in the loss.

Fav DEF Matchup -Tennessee vs Oakland - The Titans defense struggled last year, but look for them to get back on track against an offense ranked 31st in total offense last season
(13 Pts Allowed, 4 Sacks, 1 INT, 1 Fumble Recovery) The Raiders were able to move the ball on the ground, 25 attempts for 135 yards, but they played from behind and were forced to throw.

LiLbRo's Upset of the Week
Green Bay over @Philadelphia

Consensus Pick5
Chicago over Detroit
Tennessee over Oakland
Arizona over @St. Louis
Dallas over @Washington
San Diego over @Kansas City

Practice Squad
QB - Joe Flacco @ Jets (20/38 for 248 yards and a INT)
RB - Shonn Greene vs Ravens (5 carries for 18 yards, 1 catch 9 yards)
RB - LeSean McCoy vs Packers (7 carries for 35 yards with a TD, 5 catches 47 yards)
WR - TJ Houshmandzadeh vs Jets (1 catch for 27 yards)
WR - Mike Wallace vs Falcons(2 catches for 62 yards)
WR - Dwayne Bowe vs Chargers (1 catch for 13 yards)
TE - John Carlson vs 49ers (3 catches for 36 yards)
K - David Akers vs Packers (2 for 2, 45 & 24 yards, 2xp)
DEF - Giants vs Panthers(18 points, 4 sacks, 3 INTs, 2 Fumbles Recovered)

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  1. From your practice squad, I'd roll with Mike Wallace.

    Last year the Falcons had a one of the worst pass defenses in the league. Sure the Steelers will be running a lot until Big Ben returns, but this will ultimately open up the pass game for the Steelers.

    They brought in Dunta Robinson to help fix the pass defense, but that still leaves and injured Grimes on the opposite side of the ball. Robinson should blanket the known strength (Ward) which should leave Wallace open deep. I'd expect to see Wallace fill in nicely for Holmes this year and hope so too as a Steelers fan.

    Theres an aggressive pick for you.

  2. There were 15 players targeted 70-75 times last season, Mike Wallace being one of them. Only Mark Clayton(Bal) and Bobby Wade(KC) had less receptions, 36 and 34 respectively, than Mike Wallace's 39.

    Now if Big Ben can barely hit Wallace 50% of the time what makes you think that Leftwich or Dixon will do better?

    I do believe that Wallace has lots of Fantasy potential, but just not the 1st week of the season, with rusty QBs, and a team that is focused on running the ball and playing defense until their 2x Superbowl Champion QB returns

  3. Here's one for you...who's going to get the kicking job at the Texans this season? It's not so much a problem for myself (have Brown in at the minute but Rackers waiting on the FA list), just wondered who you think will get it.

    In a busy league of 16 teams myself, and have Chaz Schilens as a backup WR on the bench. Is he worth keeping hold of in the hope he gets past his injury troubles pretty soon, or should he be consigned to the FA list for now?

  4. Hold on to Brown for now as both of them have been perfect so far. I fully expect Rackers will be released and signed by another team fast. They just brought in Rackers to give Brown a heads up.

    As for Schilens, the Raiders are loaded with mediocre WRs, a mediocre QB and a mediocre offense. If there are available WRs later in the season feel free to drop him. Hold onto him for now though and wait to see how the Raiders depth chart plays out and see who can stay healthy.

  5. Ok for week one in a PPR league I need 2 WR. One is Reggie Wayne. I need one other from the following: Jabbar Gaffney,Jacoby Jones,Malcolm Lloyd, or Mike Williams(TB). I know some decent choices as the season progresses but I've got a tough match up week one and need someone who can produce. Who would you use? Mike

  6. Def play malcom floyd he is the #1 wr against the chiefs week1 and is ready for a breakout season

  7. Appreciate the tips. Can't help feeling all the signs are pointing to Brown finally saying goodbye to the Texans though (we'll find out later today), so if he is cut, i'll have the option of a straight swap for Rackers, or bringing in Jay Feeley. Who's your money on for the season?

    As for Week 1, there's only one real problem situation for me - in the form of my TE spot - so let me keep it simple for you: Kellen Winslow or Dustin Keller for week 1?

  8. Avoid any Jets players Week1. The Ravens are Superbowl Contenders with a top 5 D. The Jets offense looked TERRIBLE this preseason and wont have much luck against the Ravens. Winslow is the #1 option on offense for Josh Freeman and the Bucs so he is a solid option every week.

    I do think Keller is a helluva TE though.

  9. Whoever is kicking for the Texans will be a good Fantasy Option

  10. I'm in a bit of a TE pickle myself. In a standard scoring league, I have to choose between Owen Daniels and John Carlson. Typically, I'd pick Daniels, but he's most likely going to see limited action. I just wonder if Daniels in his limited action could be more valuable than Carlson at full strength...

  11. John Carlson is the safe pick for Week1 over Daniels. The Texans will be throwing all day but Daniels will not be on the field for everydown which limits his chances. If you play Daniels its all or nothing. Carlson should give you a +average TE score for Week1.

  12. With Revis island back A. Boldin or D.Bowe vs San Diego

  13. Great Question

    In 5 games against the Chargers, Bowe has caught 27 passes for 346 yards and 3 scores.

    Thats an average of 5 catches and 69 yards and a score every other game. Not terrible but not great for fantasy especially out of your #2 receiver im assuming.

    Boldin against Revis is hard to just since Revis has not seen the field this preseason and he might not be in good enough shape to stay in the game at all time.

    If you are willing to take the high risk high reward route, go with Boldin. If you want safe #s play Bowe.

    Personally, I would play Bowe.

  14. Would you cut Steve Slaton (HOU) for Kareem Huggins (TB) in a team that has DeAngelo Williams (CAR) and Matt Forte (CHI) as starting RBs?

  15. I have shonn Green and McCoy. I have best and stewart on the bench should I start both of them over mccoy and green?

  16. For Huggins, no, but if there are other options let me know and I'll give you my opinion. Slaton will still atleast be splitting carries. Who know what Huggins is going to get come Week1. Plus the Bucs offense is terrible. I would wait on Huggins to see how many carries he is receiving. You wont need a bye week RB for a couple weeks.

    You have to play McCoy or Greene as you do not have 2 better options on your bench. If that is Jonathan Stewart on your bench, he def gets the go against the Giants who have been terrible this preseason defensively.

    I would play McCoy over Greene in a PPR, as he will receieve some catches. If that is not how your league is set up then I would play Greene.

  17. So Jahvid Best being really the only back in detroit is not a good idea to start against the bears?

  18. I wouldnt start a Rookie in Week1 on a terrible team but if you feel that is the route to go then do so. I just think that either Greene and/or McCoy will have a better shot against a better D than Best against the Bears

  19. So the Texans cut Kris Brown and Neil Rackers is your guy!

  20. They did, which in the end wasn't such a surprise. Actually opted for Feely instead of Rackers, but both Rackers and Vinatieri are sitting on the FA list just asking to be picked up if Feely doesn't do the business.

    Just one final decision before the big kick off for me. Calvin Johnson is a shoe in every week for my boys (you draft a guy in your first 2 or 3 picks, you play him every week!), so it's 2 from 3 possible WRs in TO, Lee Evans and Mike Williams (Sea). Any thoughts?

  21. Help! Actually I've got a decision that most fantasy players wish they had. Its a PPR league where return yards count(20yds=1pt,). I can play 2 RBs(10run or pass yds=1pt, all TDs=6) and also one at Flex(3 RBs can play). I did not use Reggie Bush tonite, can choose 3 of the following 5 on my roster: Joesph Addai,Steve Jackson, Darren Sproles, CJ Spiller, and Jamaal Charles. Pick me 3!

  22. Lee Evans is hit or miss every week. With no real other help at the WR position they will look to shut him down. Bills will look to control the ground game, and with TJ Housh gone I like Williams upside, as well as TO having Palmer throwing to him.

  23. SJax is a must start every week, as he can have monster games when he wants, Addai is a good start this week against Houston as he usually does well against them and the Colts wont have a problem moving the football. As for your third guy go with Charles, he will be the main back with Jones backing him up and hes a speed back. The Chargers arent too much of a defensive threat so Charles has a pretty good chance for a big game. I just dont like the Bills offense and Sproles is backing up Matthews

  24. Kathy that last post was mine, and yes I will use the 3 backs you suggest. Just thinking in my format with the matchup of KC that Sproles is actually pretty competitive. Yes expect Matthews to come up big, but as weak as KC is against the pass arent they WEAKER against the run? Sproles will run, and catch passes/PPR, and return kicks..I think he can churn out 14/15 points..... am I overthinking this?

  25. Who is Kathy?

    Sproles will see plenty of the field, but once the Chargers take the lead they will try to get Matthews some attempts to get used to the NFL.

    So you have to play Joseph Addai and Steven Jackson

    You should NOT play Spiller Week1

    Thomas Jones will steal carries from Charles and Matthews from Sproles

    I just see the Chargers with more opportunity to give Matthews the extra carries to steal value from Sproles

    My third choice would be Charles

  26. why would you start cj spiller week 1

  27. i have vince young as my starting qb, big ben is on my bench im thinking of dropping young for orton is this a wise idea or who else would you recommend all decent qbs are gone i need a fill in for first 5 weeks and denver and rams have qb friendly schedules for first 5 weeks

  28. who else is available ??

  29. orton, moore, garrard, edwards, da, campbell, bradford, freeman, delhomme