UPDATE: Game Time Decision

If you have Andre Johnson on your team, please look for a suitable replacement as the Texans are looking to sit Johnson Week 4!

Obviously Kevin Walters and Jacoby Jones should not be available in your league.  If they are, than make sure you grab one of them.  Otherwise, tell us who is available on your bench and in Free Agency and we will help you select the best replacement option.  Do not wait, ACT NOW!

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  1. Ok, here is all of my WR :
    Randy Moss
    Andre Johnson
    Malcolm Floyd
    Gordy Nelson
    Pierre Garcon
    Mike Thomas..... what do i do?? Who to start or pick up?

    Who do I start out of these Running Backs:
    Peyton Hillis
    Pierre Thomas
    Mike Tolbert
    RIcky Williams (I am guessing start the top 3 backs)

    Who to start for TE Gresham or Pettigrew.

    QB, I have Flaco or Matt Schuab, who gets to start?

  2. Free Agetns available:
    Roscoe Parish
    Legedu Naanane
    Brad Smith
    Devin Thomas

    Alot of otehrs but those seem to be the top of the list.

  3. Randy Moss must play
    Andre Johnson just keep you eye out for any updates.
    Malcom Floyd is a starter as well

    Pierre Thomas and Peyton Hillis should start

    Tolbet should not be playing as Ryan Matthews will be returning this week. Keep an eye on that.

    Do not play Flacco against the Steelers.

    At TE, play Gresham as the Lions are playing the Packers.

  4. My team is
    QB.. Schaub,MRyan
    RB.. Mendenhall,Forte,Addai,Brandon Jackson,MTolbert,BGreen Ellis
    WR.. AJohnson,RWhite,BEdwards,MClayton

    and Philly defense..should i sit still or would you be looking to make some moves ?

  5. Wow you have a really good team. The only thing I would suggest doing is upgrading your WRs. Andre Johnson might be out this week, and Edwards and Clayton could be non existant some weeks. I would look to add at least 1 more WR who is active and see's balls passed his way.

  6. My team is
    QB- Flacco, Kyle Orton
    WR- Calvin JOhnson, Jeremy Maclin, Louis Murphy, Mike Williams(TB)
    RB- Ray Rice, Jahvid Best Peyton Hillis
    TE- Zach Miller

  7. Need to do something at RB for this week. Rice and Best are banged up, playing time is in jeopardy for this week.

  8. Seems this has become the place for advice on line-ups this week, so here goes. Team is:

    QB: Cutler, Big Ben
    RB: D. Williams, Forte, Fred Taylor
    WR: Cal Johnson, TO, Clayton, Williams (SEA), Evans
    TE: Keller, Winslow
    K: Rackers
    DEF: Dallas, Philly

    Pending a possible trade, i'm looking at picking up either Ryan Torain or LeGarrette Blount for Taylor as a 'sit on the bench and watch what happens' guy. Of the two, who do you like? And needing 3 WRs for the week, who do you plump for?

  9. Honestly I saw the Bucs Steelers game and was extremley impressed with Blounts running style and his strength. Cadillac is struggling and if it continues look for Blount to take over if he continues running the way he did against the Steelers. I would go Calvin Johnson, TO and Clayton. I dont like Buffalo WRs or their offense, and Williams hasnt done much yet for me to say go ahead and start him.

  10. Thanks. You said you aren't a fan of the Bills offense, so if given the choice of Lee Evans or Kevin Walter for the rest of the fantasy season, who would you want on your roster? Walter?

  11. Ill take Walter over a lot of WR. Hes very consistent, has a TD in each of the first 3 games, has an 11 catch game and has Matt Schaub throwing to him. Lee Evans is a waste of speed, not to mention he doesnt have a even decent QB throwing him the ball.

  12. Faith being put squarely in you here Sir. Trade now agreed of Lee Evans & Fred Taylor for Kevin Walter & Chester Taylor - on the basis that I pick up Blount for Chester as soon as the trade goes through...

  13. Who else can you drop besides Taylor. I really like Chester Taylor and if Forte goes down, Taylor will be a great backup to take over. Blount is looking good and if he keeps it up should win that starting job in TB.

  14. You think? The Bears run game has seemed almost non-existent so far to me...so my gut feeling was that even if Forte went down, Taylor wouldn't pull up many trees anyway. I could easily be wrong there though - wouldn't be the first time! As a Forte owner in a PPR league, the fingers are firmly crossed that he stays fit anyway!

  15. Your right they dont do a whole lot of running but Taylor if one of the best recieving RBs in the league so he can do exactly what Forte does maybe better.

  16. I've got Kevin Walters but I also have Reggie Wayne and Malcolm Floyd. Figure Walters will get Oaklands top defender, so thinking I should stay with the other two. Do you agree? or maybe should I start Walters at Flex? Tough to score in the black hole.... Flash

  17. Drop Meachem and add Garcon or Crabtree? Other WR are A. Johnson, R. Moss, D. Jackson, and Knox. Just looking for a fill in on bye weeks. Thanks

  18. @ Flash -
    Def Play Wayne and Floyd. Who is your flex play this week?

    @ Drop Meachem -

    I would wait for Sunday before picking up Crabtree as they have a new Offensive Coordinator now and should be interesting to see how the offense flows this week. If you see things you like snatch him up.

  19. Ok who to start. I have to start 2 of them.
    They will be in the flex position and we have 2
    in the league.

    My options are:
    Clinton Portis
    Mike Sims-walker
    BenJarvus Green-Ellis
    Lance Moore
    Brandon Lloyd

  20. @ Anonymous - Def go with Green-Ellis and I say go with either Moore or Lloyd. Its a toss up between them.

  21. Flash here: actually 2 Flexes to fill:

    Walters, Jason Snelling, CJ Spiller(20 return yds=1 point) or BenJarvus Green-Ellis(just picked him up off waivers)

  22. hey so I need some help setting my roster…

    QB- Starting Brady over Sanchez
    RBs – J. Best, C. Johnson, M. Tolbert, B. Green-Ellis -pick 2

    WR – Ochocinco, H. Ward, Eddie Royal, Jacoby Jones, Demaryius Thomas – pick two

    TE – Aaron Hernandez, Jermaine Gresham – pick one

    I also need one flex player between W/R.

    I want to say Johnson, Best, Ocho, Ward, Jones since AJ is out this week most likely, and Hernandez. Also, I’m in the process of getting M. Clayton for Vick in a trade. If this happens, how should that change my lineup?

  23. @ Anonymous - Go with Walter and Green-Ellis

  24. @ Zactus - Brady, Chris Johnson and Green-Ellis, Ochocinco and Thomas, Hernandez. Honestly with your recieving core, and only needing to start 2 of them, your better off keeping Vick. Hes a must start every week now, and you might wanna try to pull a trade off where you send vick or brady and maybe a best or ward and try to get a great player.

  25. Where is Arian Foster????

  26. @ Anonymous - Apparently he was benched for the 1st quarter for disciplinary reasons.