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KeithyP's Favs of the Week

Fav QB Matchup - Peyton Manning @ Jaguars - After watching Michael Vick terrorize Jacksonville's secondary, I can only imagine what Peyton Manning can do against them
33 for 46 for 352 Yards, 2 TDs and 1 INT

Fav RB Matchup - John Kuhn/Brandon Jackson vs. Lions - Detroit has allowed 5 rushing TDs and Green Bay should pull ahead early and kill the clock on the ground
Kuhn - 9 Carries for 39 yards/ Brandon Jackson - 9 Carries for 33 yards, 1 catch for 1 yard.

Fav WR Matchup - Jeremy Maclin vs Redskins - Washington allows 325 passing yards a game and Maclin should be able to catch so easy balls as the Redskins secondary has to worry about containing Vick, and keep DeSean Jackson from getting behind the safety
1 Catch for 15 Yards

Fav TE Matchup - Dustin Keller @ Bills - As mentioned before, Sanchez loves Keller and Buffalo has allowed 5 passing TDs, have 0 INTs and only 4 sacks
4 Catches for 28 yards and 2 TDs.

Fav DEF Matchup - Broncos @ Titans - Denver only allows 94 rushing yards a game and only surrendered 1 TD on the ground
20 Points Allowed, 2 Sacks, 2 Fumble Recoveries

KeithyP's Upset of the Week(0-3)
Rams vs Seahawks

LiLbRo's Favs of the Week

Fav QB Matchup - Matt Ryan vs. 49ers - The 49ers are struggling this season and have already made changes in their coaching staff.  They also have given up a leagues worst 7 TDs over the first 3 games of the season.  Coming off a win against the Saints, the Falcons will have a lot of momentum and in front of their fans, Ryan should shine hooking up with White and Gonzalez in this one.
26 for 43 - 273 Yards, 1 TD and 2 INTs.

Fav RB Matchup - DeAngelo Williams / Jonathan Stewart @ Saints - After holding Adrian Peterson to only 87 yards opening night, the Saints have allowed Frank Gore to rush for 112 with a TD and Michael Turner rush for 114 with a TD ( Falcons as a team had over 200 rushing yards).  The duo of Williams and Stewart have yet to get it going, and with a rookie QB, they will look to take over Sunday in New Orleans.
Deangelo Williams 13 Carries for 86 Yards and 1 TD, 1 Catch for 13 yards./ Jonathan Stewart 7 Carries for 21 Yards, 1 Catch for 55 Yards and a TD.

Fav WR Matchup - Reggie Wayne @ Jaguars - Lets face it, the Jags are not very good and neither is their defense.  Vick picked apart their secondary and its not gonna get any easier when they face Peyton Manning. Wayne is Peyton's go to guy, and the two of them should connect on some big plays.
15 Catches for 196 Yards.

Fav TE Matchup -Antonio Gates vs. Cardinals - 17 catches 242 yards and 4 TDs.  That's the numbers Gates has put up so far this season.  No Vincent Jackson has been a plus for Gates fantasy value, and Rivers loves throwing to his big target around the end zone.  He's just too good right now and Rivers has been on.  With their run game very suspect, I expect another big game from Gates against the Cards.
7 Catches for 144 Yards and 2 TDs.

Fav DEF Matchup -Jets @ Bills - Yea they scored 30 points on the Pats defense but that was a fluke.  Fitzpatrick has taken over at QB and that's nothing to make you shy away from starting a defense.  They have no weapons in the pass game and the Jets shut down run games.  The Bills wont be able to get anything going in this one and the Jets defense should have a field day with this offense, with or without Revis.
14 Points Allowed, 3 Sacks, 1 Fumble Recovery

LiLbRo's Upset of the Week(3-0)
Broncos @ Titans

Consensus Pick5(10-5)
Jets over @ Bills
Bengals over @ Browns
Packers over Lions
Texans over @ Raiders
Colts over @ Jaguars

Practice Squad
QB - Jay Cutler @ Giants- 8 of 11 for 42 Yards with an INT, Sacked 8 times.
RB - Peyton Hillis vs. Bengals - 27 Carries for 102 Yards 1 TD, 2 Catches for 8 Yards
RB - Ray Rice @ Steelers - 8 Carries for 20 Yards, 1 Catch for 9 Yards
WR - Mike Wallace vs. Ravens - 2 Catches for 24 Yards
WR - DeSean Jackson vs. Redskins - 3 Catches for 19 Yards
WR - Mikes Sims-Walkers vs. Colts - 0 Catches for 0 Yards
TE - John Carlson @ Rams - 1 Catch for 15 Yards
K - Neil Rackers @ Raiders - 1/2 - 35 Yarder, 4 XPs
DEF - Dolphins @ Patriots - 20 Points Allowed(41 overall), 3 Sacks

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  1. Okay my Def has a Bye (Minn) What Def do you think I should grab for a week. The Def that are taken in my league are:
    Green Bay
    San diego
    New England
    New Orlesns

  2. Texans are playing the Raiders in Oakland but that should be a nice matchup for Houston and I would go with that.

    Other Options:

    Denver against the Titans should be a good matchup

    Falcons vs 49ers is also a decent one

  3. Someone in my league dropped Shonn Greene. I have Adrian Peterson on a bye and Ahmad Bradshaw at RB2. Should I pick up Greene to replace Peterson this week or use one of my other backs:

    Mike Tolbert
    Lawrence Maroney
    Brandon Jackson

  4. @ Big Chief - At this point I dont think you should. Maroney and Jackson honestly will probably be more valuable until we see that Greene is getting his touches and doing something with them. It wouldnt hurt to grab him and hold onto him but I would go with Jackson this week.

  5. Alright guys, I know its still early but I would like to get a feel for my starting lineup this week because I have some really key spots I am unsure who to play in.


    QB's - Tom Brady or Matt Ryan. It's really hard for me to sit Brady, but I feel Ryan's matchup is damn good.

    WR's - Austin Collie, Sims-Walker, Jabar Gafney. Not much room to play with here since Harvin is bye weeked this week. Should I look to pick up anyone else maybe for just a week 4 play?

    RB's - Ray Rice, Cedric Benson, Peyton Hillis, Tim Hightower. I was thinking the first 3, depending if Rice is going to play. Should i hangcuff McGahee? And is he a reliable enough play even if i do? Hightower is obviously RB2 again in Arizona.

    TE's - Dallas Clark, Greg Olsen, Aaron Hernandez. This is my biggest pickle - Hernandez or Olsen, or play all three? Olson has a great matchup and has scored in 2 games straight but hernandez is dangerous if left unchecked. Miami gets pillaged by the TE (Keller & Shianco).

    DEF - Cincy or Hotlanta

    I guess there is a lot to consider because of Rice being questionable. But I could play 3 TE, 3 wideouts, and 2 RB's. Sounds like suicide lol. Lemme know your input guys and I would greatly appreciate it.

  6. QB - I also really like Matt Ryan this week. Brady is facing a good Dolphins defense. 49ers are struggling so look for Ryan White and Gonzalez to do big things.

    WR - If nobody else is available you can probably get by this week with those guys. Collie is capable of huge weeks like last week if Garcon is out.

    RB - If Rice is in yes go with all 3. If not then you might wanna give Hightower a shot and hope for a goalline TD.

    TE - Gotta go with Clark

    W/T - Go Hernandez here. Like what ive seen so far with him and Brady.

    W/R/T - Like we said one of those 3 RBs go here.

    Def - I love cincys matchup with the Browns. They can really do damage here and should put up nice fantasy numbers

  7. I'm in a PPR league that counts return yards. I need 3 RBs of these 5.

    Joe Addai - all purpose, PPR value
    SJax - injury may or may not start
    Darren Sproles - hasnt been used much, returns
    CJ Spiller- last week a fluke, but if the Jets score big he'll get lots or return yards
    Jason Snelling-2nd back, some PPR value

    I also have the option of using K Walter instead of the 3rd RB.
    Which would you choose?

  8. Hey guys back for a third straight week, so which QB should I start, Sanchez vs BUF or Schaub vs OAK. I have a hunch you'll say Sanchez, but will the Jets even bother throwing the ball much? And I really don't know much about the OAK defense this year.

  9. I'm having a little trouble deciding on a few of my starters this week and could use some help.

    WR's Calvin Johnson, Austin Collie, Mario Manningham, Derrick Mason and Percy Harvin who's on a bye.

    RB's Cedric Benson, Ronnie Brown, Jahvid Best, Beanie Wells i don't like Jahvid's chances against GB and i picked Wells up in hopes he will be a factor in week 7. Also John Kuhn is available if he would be a good pickup this week against Detroit.

    I need 2 WR's 2 RB's and a flex.

  10. @ Mike (Anonymous) - I would go Addai, SJax if healthy (check up on that), and Snelling. If SJax cant play throw in Spiller, if he doesnt get the touches he is at least a threat to return one.

  11. @ E.M - I would go with Schaub. Playing a below average D against Oakland, and the Texans defense isnt that great either which means Schaub will probably throw a lot, where Sanchez will most likely have screen passes here and there and short passes on third down but the majority of the time the ball will be on the ground in the hands of LT and Greene.

  12. @ Chil - Gotta go with Calvin Johnson and Collie. Manningham actually showed up on the injury report with a concussion and signs are he wont play. Mason hasnt done much and I dont like his chances against the Steelers. Collie is turning into Mannings go to guy, and with Garcon possibly out this week again he could put up another big game like last week.

    As for running backs, Cedric Benson I believe will have a big day running all over the Browns defense. I would avoid Best as hes banged up right now and his play is questionable for Sunday. I would go with Ronnie Brown as your #2 RB as he has had success against the Pats in the past. For your flex you might wanna take a chance with Kuhn who might get some TDs down at the goalline as they should blowout the Lions. If you dont wanna go that route, go with Beanie Wells as hes your next best option.

  13. Need a lil help, my running backs suck and not sure who to drop, add, start, etc.... I've got Greene, Stewart, Barber, and Tolbert. Wanting to drop Tolbert and pickup for this week and maybe an every weeker. Options are Forsett, Kuhn, Green-Ellis, Ivory... not great options but its all I got.. needing to trade one of my wr for a rb, what caliper of RB can I get for D. Jackson... also should I drop meachem for Garcon as a possible starter on Jackson's spot if I trade. Thanks

  14. @ Anonymous - Green-Ellis is a nice pickup. Hes won the starting job in New England and with that offense he will have success. He had a nice game last week rushing for almost 100 yards and a TD. I wouldnt trade Jackson unless your getting a #1 RB back. If you pick up Green-Ellis and start him with Barber or Greene (if he gets more carries) you should be pretty good with Jackson and your other WRs.

  15. I lost last week and need a win because falling to .500 makes me nervous and this week happens to have some tough decisions so your advice is appreciated
    QB (1) Schaub vsOAK or Ryan vsSF ? im leaning towards Ryan
    RB (2) Mendenhall vsBAL, Forte vsNYG, Addai vsJAX, Brandon Jackson vsDET, MTolbert vsAZ ..Leaning to Mendenhall and Forte
    WR (2) AJohnson vsOAK, RWhite vsSF, BEdwards vsBUF, MClayton vsSEA .. Its obvious whos my top talent but Johnson may not play and is a 4pm game and all my other guys start at 1pm..i have a small fancrush on RWhite so he is locked in but im leaning to Edwards as my #2
    Flex Spot..im leaning to Addai over Jackson .. what you think ?

  16. I'm not sure who to start, Green-Ellis or Tolbert. I'm also starting Pierre Thomas who is not 100% and Mendenhall who's against Baltimore, so I need to make my other RB position count. Any insight would be much appreciated!

  17. Pick two RB's that I should start in my PPR league. Matthews/Tolbert at ARI, Addai at Jax, BJax at DET, and why?

  18. need help at who to start at wr can start 4

    Randy Moss
    Anquan Boldin
    Greg Jennings
    Jeremy Maclin
    Chad Ochocinco

    was thinking about sitting boldin because ocho plays cle and bodin pitt would this be wise

  19. @ Anonymous - If Johnson isnt playing Id go with Ryan. I also like Forte and Addai this week. Go with White and Johnson if healthy if not roll with Clayton. I think the Jets will do a lot of running against the Bills in an easy win, and wont rely on Sanchez or the WRs to win this game.

  20. @ Anonymous - GO with Green-Ellis. Hes the starter in New England and will get it done, as they have a good pass game which will help the run. If Mathews is playing then Tolbert wont see too many touches, so go with the guy whose guaranteed to touch the ball

  21. @ Sethius - Go with Addai and Jackson. Addai can get a touchdown or two from the goalline, and can get a bunch of catches out of the backfield. Jackson should get a lot of work against the Lions, as they should blow them out and he will get his work in.

  22. @ Anonymous - Gotta go with Moss, hes been scoring lately, Jennings is always a threat to score and have long receptions and have a 100+ yard game, Boldin has been unbelieveable this year and looks better than ever and will be looked to be productive against the Steelers defense especially if Rice is hurt and not playing. The 4th guy to go with I would say is Maclin. He and Vick have been getting it done together and has scored a couple times with Vick behind center. Ohcocinco hasnt done much this year and Carson Palmer has looked awful. The Bengals will run the ball the majority of the game as well and they wont pass much.

  23. I have quite the dilemma here fellas. I am in a 10 person league and I can't decide on who to start for WR,WR&WR/B can you please pick 3 people for me to start for this weekend out of Kevin Walters, Louis Murphy, Brandon JAckson, Santana Moss, and Hines Ward? Thanks guys! I would really appreciate your feedback

  24. WR - KWalters
    WR - Santana Moss
    WR/RB - Hines Ward

    Brandon Jackson has not proved himself since Grant went down. Walters has to go up against Nnamdi Asomugha if Johnson is not on the field but I expect him to take some snaps and that will free Walters up.

  25. just got offered this trade and not sure what to do...I give Ahmad Bradshaw and get Cedric Benson. It's a 10 team h2h ppr league. My other RB's are:
    Michael Turner
    Jahvid Best
    LaDanian Tomlinson
    Mike Tolbert

    I don't know whether adding Benson will help me over Bradshaw or whether it's really a push either way. The Giants have more weapons offensively and like to throw more, but with Jacobs being benched practically Bradshaw is the main back. But also with the Bengals passing game struggling with Palmer, Benson will be the work horse of the team. What do you think?

  26. @ Nick - Bradshaw has been impressive so far this season as the primary back, and despite the Giants offensive struggles. I think if the passing game in Cincy doesnt pick up then its going to hurt the value or Benson as teams will look to shut him down. With Bradshaw the Giants do pass a lot but he is part of it. He takes screen passes as well as runs 15-20 times a game. So personally Id keep Bradshaw at this point.