Are you in need of some assistance on who to pickup to help bolster your roster? Here are some players who we think can make a positive impact on your fantasy squad, who are still available in most leagues.

Must Haves

No major injuries this week so no must have players

Solid Pickups

LaDainian Tomlinson(RB) - Looked very quick against the Pats in week 2 and created energy for the Jets and the fans when he took the ball. Look for the Jets to get him involved against the Dolphins in week 3
15 Rushes for 70 Yards 1 TD 3 Catches

John Kuhn(RB) - If Brandon Jackson keeps running the way he did week 2, Kuhn will pick up more carries
6 Carries for 31 Yards, 2 Catches

Aaron Hernandez(TE) - Looks like he has solidified a spot in the rotation and will catch some passes from Brady each week. If you TE goes down or is not producing, pick up Hernandez
6 catches for 65 yards
Good For A Week

UPDATE:  Correll Buckhalter (RB) - Moreno has been ruled out for Sunday against Indy.  Buckhalter will be the starter and will share the field with Maroney but should be the primary back.
4 Rushes for 12 Yards 6 Catches

Mike Tolbert(RB) - The injury to Ryan Matthews ankle is not serious but the Chargers will monitor him. Tolbert will receive some carries and is worthy of a flex start
17 Carries for 73 Yards 3 Catches

Jason Snelling(RB) - Same situation as Tolbert, Turner had a non serious Groin injury and they will monitor him. Snelling had a HUGE game filling in and will get enough carries to warrant a start
14 carries for 62 yards 1 catch for 8 yards

Players to Watch

Jimmy Clausen - Matt Moore lost his starting job already and Clausen has played pro style football in college.  It is possible he can produce if he and Steve Smith can get in sync
16 for 33 188 yards 1 INT 3 Fumbles 2 Lost ... Welcome to the NFL

Demaryius Thomas - Did not play week 1 but had 8 catches(9 Targets) for 97 yards and TD against the Seahawks week 2.
2 Catches for 43 Yards

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  1. As someone carrying DeAngelo Williams (worrying start so far), Matt Forte, Brandon Jackson and Fred Taylor...would it be worth a speculative pickup of Kuhn for Taylor and see how the GB situation pans out? I'll get pretty burned if they go and pick up Lynch afterwards though!

  2. Standard Yahoo! PPR scoring, 16 team league, 2 RBs each week max, no flex option.

  3. Well you really should not be sitting either Forte or Williams unless they have a bye week so I do not suggest dropping anyone for a RB. Keep an Eye on Kuhn though and if you see him picking up more carries than you can do a swap for Jackson. I do not recommend having both players on your roster as it will just be one wasted roster spot

  4. Any recommendations on my current roster?
    I just dropped Akers for Negent, I hope that was not premature.
    Michael Vick, Tony Romo, Bruce Gradkowski
    Frank Gore, Jahvid Best, Fred Jackson
    Chris Cooley
    Roddy White, Damaryous Thomas, Nate Washington, Braylon Edwards & Santonio Holmes(bench)
    Baltimore, Oakland
    My concerns are:
    1) I need a solid backup for RB and 2) did I mess up dropping Akers 3)Do I need Oakland Defense or Gradkowski on my roster? lastly) with two WR on bench due to suspension...what should I do
    This is my first year on a fantasy league

  5. Who is available FA RBs in your leauge? Akers is always a good fantasy player for the K position so yes you should have held onto him. With Baltimore as your primary Defense you can drop Oakland as well as Gradkowski as you will never use him. For the time being you can get away with starting White, Thomas and Washington because Holmes will be back after week 4.

  6. RBs:
    Felix Jones & Fred Jackson(who I just dropped) and the following:
    Brian Westbrook
    Correll Buckhalter
    Derrick Ward
    Donald Brown
    Fred Taylor
    James Davis
    Julius Jones
    Kareem Huggins
    Kevin Faulk
    Kevin Smith
    Ladell Betts
    Larry Johnson
    Leon Washington
    Le'Ron McClain
    Marshawn Lynch
    Maurice Morris
    Mike Bell
    Peyton Hillis
    Rashad Jennings
    Tashard Choice
    Toby Gerhart
    Willie Parker
    Willis McGahee

    Sorry, I know some of these guys aren't playing due to injury or etc but I just copied and pasted the list.

    As for Oakland you think that is a definite drop? Baltimore defense (although #2) only got me 2 pts last week

  7. I would go with Hillis as he will get the goalline touches which could mean a bunch of TDs. If you feel the need to hold onto their defense then go ahead. They aren't anything worth keeping in my opinion and the Ravens will get sacks and force turnovers while keeping teams to a minimum in points.

  8. Oh I forgot that I had just picked up Mike Tolbert...when I dopped Fred Jackson so I had him starting instead of Washington...what are your thoughts?

  9. Well you cant sit Gore or Best at this your fine at RB with them until they have a BYE

  10. what about at the flex position (washington or tolbert)

    PS - THANK YOU A TON FOR YOUR HELP!! I am the only girl on our league and currently rank #1 so I keep getting a lot of crap from the guys and they won't advise (which makes sense & I understand)

  11. I would go with Washington. Look out for the status of Ryan Mathews later in the week. If hes not 100% or not even going to play then deff go with Tolbert who will fill in nicely.

    And no problem. This is why we have the site, we appreciate you coming by and using our advice. Hope what we tell you works and hope you get another W! Good Luck!

  12. HELP!!!! I have lost both games in BOTH of my leagues!! in this league I am the only girl and I really want to win this week. This is my line up so far. 1) is it ok? 2)i need to pick someone up and drop bush so i put the FA that are left and decent so who should I pick up?. Please help and thanks!!

    QB Carson Palmer
    WR Brandon Marshall
    WR Austin Collie
    WR Steve Smith
    RB Michael Turner
    RB DeAngelo Williams
    TE Jermichael Finley
    W/R Tim Hightower
    K Nate Kaeding
    DEF Baltimore
    Ricky williams
    Joe Flacco
    steve breaston
    michael crabtree
    reggie bush
    chris cooley
    Marcedes Lewis
    (Jac - TE)
    Mike Tolbert
    (SD - RB)
    Peyton Hillis
    (Cle - RB)
    Mike Williams
    (TB - WR)
    Louis Murphy
    (Oak - WR)
    Legedu Naanee
    (SD - WR)
    Joshua Cribbs
    (Cle - WR)

  13. who has more value this year, mike williams (tb) or demaryius thomas? i am in a non-keeper ppr league and currently have williams, but i am leaning towards dropping him and picking up thomas due to his higher upside and better qb. any opinions are much appreciated. thanks!

  14. Thanks for the advise last week Droping brandon jacobs for brandon jackson was a great call!
    Any recommendations on my current roster?
    Im allowed to start 1 qb 2 wr 2 rb 1 te 1 wr/rb/te 1 kicker 1 def. anbody who is weak you think i should drop. i know brandon pettigrew is a fa, john kauhn, Aaron Hernandez,Legedu Naanee , Jacoby Jones are some of are FA
    My Team
    QB-Aaron Rodgers GB
    WR-Stev Smith Car
    WR-Marques Colston NO
    WR- Mike Williams
    WR- Devins Hester Chi
    WR- Eddie Royal DEN
    RB- DeAngelo Williams RB
    RB-Brandon Jackson GB
    RB-Mike Tolbert SD
    RB -Beanie Wells Ari
    RB-Jason Snelling Atl
    TE Kellen Winslow TB
    K-Neil Rackers HOU
    def- miami ,Minnesota

  15. brent celek is also a feee agaent

  16. @ Only Girl - Your team is good on paper, there is not much more you can do to make it better. Def drop bush and pick up Peyton Hillis. He is the best option as he gets the goalline touches, but you shouldnt play him over Williams and Turner and Hightower, but good bye week filer.

  17. @ Last Week -
    QB - Rodgers
    WR - Smith
    WR - Colston
    RB - Williams
    RB - (Wait until last minute to see who should play Snelling/Tolbert)
    TE - Winslow
    WR/RB/TE - Devin Hester
    K - Rackers
    Def - Miami (Jets offense is not going to score more than 21 points that often)

    I would avoid the Vikings as the Lions offense has looked great early this season

    Come back later in the week for an update on your RB situation(Tolbert and Snelling)

  18. @ Dan E - Def go with Thomas as he made his presence felt in week 2, his first NFL game. TB is going to be so up and down this year that Williams is not a stable option. Kyle Orton is a vet and will get Thomas the ball.

  19. this is dan e here. just following up to your response...

    i totally agree with what you are saying, but what about vincent jackson? should i dump him instead and then keep both thomas and williams? i kind of wanted to see what would happen with the trade deadline that san diego imposed for today, but i am afraid someone else will snatch up thomas.

  20. dan e again. nevermind my last post. heard the news about jackson and dropped him for thomas. thanks for the help.

  21. @ Dan E - You'll be happy with Thomas. He has a ton of upside and has a solid QB in Orton getting him the ball, only good things to come for him.

  22. My RBs are Mendenhall,Addai,Forte,Brandon jackson,Felix Jones

    I have no faith in Felix with the run game struggling and a 3 RB rotation i crazy wanting to drop him for Mike Tolbert who i see as a LenDale White goal line gremlin even when mathews comes back ??

  23. @ Anonymous - No your not crazy, but I wouldnt hop on the Tolbert bandwagon just yet. Marion Barber is very injury prone and if he gets hurt this year, Felix Jones is a must start. He is a huge play waiting to happen every time he touches the ball because of his explosive speed. You already have Addai Forte and Jackson so there is no need for that.

  24. any recommendations on my current roster?
    Im allowed to start 1 qb 2 wr 2 rb 1 te 1 wr/rb/te 1 kicker 1 def. anbody who is weak you think i should drop.
    My Team
    QB-Aaron Rodgers GB
    WR-Stev Smith Car
    WR-Marques Colston NO
    WR- Mike Williams
    WR- Devins Hester Chi
    WR- Eddie Royal DEN
    RB- DeAngelo Williams RB
    RB-Brandon Jackson GB
    RB-Mike Tolbert SD
    RB -Beanie Wells Ari
    RB-Jason Snelling Atl
    TE Kellen Winslow TB
    K-Neil Rackers HOU
    def- miami ,Minnesota
    i know brandon pettigrew is a fa, john kauhn, Louis Murphy, Aaron Hernandez,Correll Buckhalter,Laurence Maroney Legedu Naanee , Jacoby Jones are some of are FA Do you think i should trade any of my payer for these free agents?

  25. qb-rodgers, wr-Smith, Colston, rb-Williams, Jackson, wr/rb/te-Tolbert(if starting) otherwise go with Hester, te-Winslow, k-rackers, def-minnesota

    Your team is pretty solid all the way through. You might wanna pick up Buckhalter, hes starting this week and if Moreno is out an extended period of time he will get some playing time. Hernandez I think is somebody who will keep getting better, big strong athletic kid who Brady already has formed chemistry with, he could be somebody you might wanna grab to back up Winslow.

  26. Hey Quick Question, Do I start Celek as my tight end or Pettigrew, or Gresham??

  27. Sims-Walker or Harvin as WR3?

  28. @ Christopher - Go with Celek. Its only a matter of time before he breaks out.

    @ Anonymous - Go with Sims-Walker. Too hard to trust Harvin to stay healthy with his hip and his migranes.

  29. Decided against Celek, and went with Pettigreew, luckily it worked out this time! Thanks!