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KeithyP's Favs of the Week

Fav QB Matchup - Eli Manning @ Texans - Houston secondary is statistically the worst in the league allowing 337 yards a game through the air.  They have given up 8 TDs with only 2 interceptions.  If the Giants receivers can actually hold on to the ball, instead of popping it up in the air for the defense to grab, Eli should have a nice day.
27 of 42 for 297 Yards with 3 TDs and 2 INTs

Fav RB Matchup - Thomas Jones/Jamaal Charles @ Colts- Indy allows 150 yards a game on the ground and the Chiefs running game this year has been great, gaining 160 yards on average in their first 3 contests.  Jones will wear down this speedy Colts team, and Charles will bust out for big runs in the change of pace.
Thomas Jones - 8 Carries for 19 Yards / Jamaal Charles - 16 Carries for 87 Yards, 3 Catches for 14 Yards.

Fav WR Matchup - Donald Driver vs Redskins - Washington's pass defense is terrible and with only 8 sacks in 4 games, Aaron Rodgers should sit comfortable in the pocket.  The 35 year old Driver should have time to run his routes and gain good yardage.  The Packers will score points and Driver should see lots of targets.
4 Catches for 58 Yards.

Fav TE Matchup - Zach Miller vs Chargers - San Diego has been great against the pass this year, and have 15 sacks.  But Gradkowski found Miller 11 times in week 4 for 122 yards and a score against the Texans.  I see lots of targets headed Miller's way.
6 Catches for 62 Yards and a TD.

Fav DEF Matchup - Jets vs Vikings - New York looked like Superbowl contenders against the Bills in week 4 and the run defense is living up to the hype.  Favre has not found any real rhythm with Minnesota's offense since Sidney Rice has been on the sidelines and AP has been taking a lot of carries.  The Vikings are at the bottom in passing yards and near the top in rushing, and that is not a good matchup against a Jets Defense who is tops at stopping the run and just average at stopping the pass.
4 Sack, 1 INT for a TD, 20 points allowed

KeithyP's Upset of the Week(1-3)
Giants @ Texans

LiLbRo's Favs of the Week

Fav QB Matchup - Drew Brees @ Cardinals - The Cards don't cover the pass very well, and Drew Brees has yet to get it going this year.  2 out of 4 games this year Brees has only 1 TD and the Saints have scored less than 20 points in both those games, with their season high only 25.  I think this is the week Brees and the Saints offense will explode for a huge game, as they should have the ball a lot as the Cards offense shouldn't do much with Max Hall most likely starting at QB.  Also the Cards have given up 41 points twice this season.
24 of 39 for 294 Yards with 2 TDs and 3 INTs.

Fav RB Matchup -Maurice Jones-Drew @ Bills - The Bills in 4 games have given up a leagues worst 696 yards on the ground and 7 TDs.  Both LT (133yards, 2 TDs) and Shonn Greene (117yards) rushed for over 1000 yards last week.  Jones-Drew finally came alive last week against the Colts and should continue to roll right through this Bills defense.
19 Carries for 84 Yards, 2 Catches for 9 Yards.

Fav WR Matchup -Hakeem Nicks @ Texans - Houston is dead last in pass defense, and Nicks is a beast.  Houston cant defend the pass and Nicks should be unstoppable and Eli will take advantage of that.  This one could be a shoot out which means a lot of passing and Nicks catches just about everything thrown his way.
12 Catches for 130 Yards and 2 TDs.

Fav TE Matchup - Antonio Gates @ Raiders - Gates was my Fav TE last week and he came through with 2 TDs.  He has gotten it done every week so far and I don't see him slowing down against the Raiders in week 5.  The Raiders have given up TDs to TE's the past two weeks, and Gates should find the end zone for a 5th straight week as he and Phillip Rivers have been a deadly connection this year.  Gates will continue to be my Fav of the week until he proves me wrong.
5 Catches for 92 Yards and a TD.
Fav DEF Matchup - Ravens vs. Broncos - The Ravens have only allowed 4 TDs through 4 games this year and only 1 have come on the ground.  If Moreno is out again this week then it might be a long day for Orton and the Broncos offense Sunday.  The Broncos squeaked out a win against the Titans in week 4 despite only rushing for 19 yards.  Orton completed 35 of 50 passes but if he has to throw the ball 50 times against the Ravens he wont have much success.  They only have 7 sacks but they will have a field day rushing Orton and forcing turnovers.
17 Points Allowed, 1 Fumble Recovery and 1 Sack.

LiLbRo's Upset of the Week(4-0)
Rams @ Lions 

Consensus Pick5(13-7)
Falcons @ Browns
Colts vs. Chiefs
Saints @ Cardinals
Chargers @ Raiders
Cowboys vs. Titans

Practice Squad
QB -  Brett Favre @ Jets - 14/34 264 Yards 3 TDs 1 INT
RB - Shonn Greene vs Vikings - 10 Carries, 57 Yards 1 TD
RB - Clinton Portis vs Packers- Did not play - out 4-6 weeks.
WR - Eddie Royal @ Ravens - 4 Catches for 31 Yards.
WR - Larry Fitzgerald vs Saints- 7 Catches for 93 Yards.
WR - Dwayne Bowe @ Colts - 2 Catches for 33 Yards
TE -  Greg Olsen @ Panthers - 0 Catches for 0 Yards.
K - David Akers @ 49ers- 2/3 (Made 33, and 45 Yarders, Missed 53 Yarder) 3XPs.
DEF - Chiefs @ Colts - 19 Points Allowed, 1 INT, 1 Sack.

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  1. I have another dilemma guys! help me out, should I start Kevin Walters or Santana Moss at WR this week? They both did HORRIBLE for me in week 4. What should I do? Also for my flex should I start Thomas Jones, Ryan Torain, Mike Bell, or 1 of the 2 I mentioned above? 10 team league by the way

  2. I got another one guys..trying to set my team up early this week. Im not other league, for my flex should i start Tim Hightower, Michael Bush, or Thomas Jones?

  3. Thomas Jones is a must play against a week Colts defense so give him the Flex start.

    And I say Walters over Moss...the Redskins offense has not looked great lately.

  4. Bad week 4 for me...I gotta start looking for some receivers but on to week 5. Need a lineup opinion very much please.

    QB - Matt Ryan (Brady on Bye)
    WR - Collie
    WR - Sims-Walker (omg shoot me)
    WR - Harvin
    RB - Peyton Hillis
    RB - Rice
    TE - Dallas Clark
    W/T - Greg Olsen or Amendola
    W/R/T - Cedric Benson
    K - Matt Bryant
    D/ST - Cincy

    Olsen or Amendola for my flex? Also should I try to get Bess off the waivers or any other wideouts who I should look into?

    How does my lineup look for week 5?

    Picked up Ryan Torain, Mike Bell, and still have Tim Hightower but i think my other RB's are strong this week too.

    Thanks for any input guys

  5. Welcome back Oliver, I hope it was not our opinions that made you lose last week.

    Hillis has been nothing but great this year so he deserves a starting spot week5

    Hopefully Ray Rice is fully recovered and can return to last years form. Keep an eye on him.

    If you do not feel save putting him out there, keep an eye on Ryan Torain as he looked strong againast the Eagles.

    Do not play Olsen unless Cutler is going to start so keep an eye on that situation as well.

    Sorry for MSW but as I have said before Garrard is a terrible QB.

  6. Having some issues at WR.
    Pick 3:
    Roddy White
    Marques Colston
    Mike Sims-Walker
    Santana Moss
    Mark Clayton

    Also help me decide on 2 RB:

    Ahmad Bradshaw
    Peyton Hillis
    Steven Jackson
    Ray Rice

  7. This comment has been removed by the author.

  8. PPR league. I have 4 solid RB and only 3 slots. I have Hillis, Gore, Best, Addai. Any ideas?

  9. @ Stalechips - Have to go with White, Colston and then its a toss up between Moss and Clayton. Sims-Walker is a non start at this point with awful QB play. I would lean towards Moss because they are playing the Packers and they will have to score points to stay close so that could mean a lot of passing. Clayton has a great matchup against Det though so it could go either way, but Id go with Moss despite 0 catches last week.

    I also like Hillis and Bradshaw at this point. Until i hear that Rice and Jackson are 100% they are a risk to play, as they could get re injured or limited during the game, so always go with the healthy guys.

  10. @ Jake - Go with Hillis as hes been getting it done every week so far even against the top defenses, also go with Gore especially if your in a PPR leauge as he already has 29 catches, and then Id go with Addai as the Colts score points and he gets it done at the goalline and is involved in the pass game. Best is banged up and was limited last week, so you'd have to keep an eye on him to see if he will be 100%.

  11. @KeithyP

    I wouldn't blame anyone but the players. I always appreciate all of your insight

  12. Looking for my flex. I have these to choose from.
    Mario Manningham
    Percy Harvin
    Zach Miller
    Beanie Wells
    John Kuhn

  13. Pick 3:
    MJD, Hillis, Mathews, Best, Torain, Bush (Oakland)

  14. @ Chil - I would go with Harvin. I think having Moss will allow Harvin to get open over the middle and have room to run with the ball. If you dont feel confident with him then give Zach Miller a shot as he's been really solid this year.

  15. @ Beauxgue - MJD is a must start, Hillis has been unstoppable so far even against the best defenses, and go with Best as he has a nice matchup with the Rams at home, but follow his status because if hes not 100% go with Torain who will be the primary back for the next 4-6 weeks with Portis out.

  16. Ryan Mathews or Ray Rice?

  17. PLEASE help me here..my RBs are Mendenhall,Addai,Forte,Tolbert,MBush,Green-Ellis..and Ronnie Brown was just dropped..should i pick him up and who should i drop? .. Im thinking i like Bush this week and Tolbert also .. im really leaning to drop forte..what you think ?

  18. hey guys, should I start Thomas Jones or Ryan torain in my flex? I feel as if jones will get less carries and then they will be down by too many points early on to run the ball. Let me know what you guys think. ALSO should I start Kyle Orton or Joe Flacco?

  19. @ G - I really think this is the week Mathews will break out, and give a fantasy week that all his owners have been waiting for.

  20. @ Anonymous - I would start Addai, and Bush. I would not drop Forte, as hes very reliable in PPR leagues. However I would not start him this week as Cutler is out. I would sit Green-Ellis and wait to see how he does without Moss on the field. I also think Mathews will take over the game Sunday and could leave Tolbert out for most of the game. Ronnie Brown hasnt done much so far this year and Ricky Williams actually looks better. Id stay put if I was you as your solid at RB.

  21. TO or Walter this week? Purely dependant on whether AJ plays for the Texans this week or not?

    And with Cutler out for Week 5, does that make Forte a must-sit now? My mother-in-law could have matched his YPC so far this year, and his only real threat came from rec yds & TDs...so do you look elsewhere at least until the fat kid from Two and a Half Men gets back in at the QB spot for the Bears next week?

  22. @ SilverNBlack - Go with Torain this week. Portis is out for a month to 6 weeks. He will get some goalline scores as hes a big physical back. Thomas should put up respectable numbers but your right I see them trailing in this one which will lead to more passing. Id go with Orton in that game. I think the Ravens will have their run game back which means Flacco wont be called upon, but with Moreno out Orton will have to throw all day.

  23. @ Rich S - Tough matchup for both of those guys. Giants are #2 against the pass and the Bucs rank #4. The Giants can be run on and I think the Texans will use Foster to try and control the game on the ground. With that being said Id go with TO, after his huge week last week. Not saying he will do that again but I can see more production from him this week. And Yes without Cutler you cant start Forte. Todd Collins at QB will slow that offense up a lot. Defense will focus to take away the run game (that doesnt exist) and I dont see Forte getting involved in the pass game like he does with Cutler. If the Bears want to win without Cutler the Defense will have to give up no more than 13 points.

  24. trade offer is fred jacson rb for mike williams or randy moss, should i take it..my rb are deangelo williams ,beanie wells , fred jackson, mike bell, benjarvus green ellis and my wr are steve smith, marquis colston, brandon tate ,ediie royal, brandon lloyd

  25. devin hester is also my other wr...is he worth alot of value and worth holding on to

  26. @ Anonymous - Yes deff do it for Moss. He and Favre will connect in a nice way. The Bills have an awful offense. You already have DWill, Wells and Green-Ellis. If worst comes to worst, you trade one of your WRs for another RB. But Moss is a much better value than Jackson. Hester is a decent #3 option on a BYE week. But only if Cutler is behind center.

  27. I am starting Foster and Fred Jackson as my RBs and R Wayne and Clayton as my WRs...I need help deciding who to start for my flex from following:
    hightower, crabtree, spiller (rolling with jackson so probably not), jacoby jones (health is concern), or darby (playing awful Detroit but looks like s jax healthy)?

  28. Keep your eye open on Darby's situation

    But with that limited selection, Crabtree might be your only starting option

  29. So is andre johnson gonna do it this week or should i throw in pierre garcon?

  30. Whenever Johnson is active he is a must start

  31. Do you think I made the right trade?
    I Give up: Big Ben, Chris Cooley, Malcom Floyd and Ryan Mathews
    Peyton Manning and Vernon Davis

    My WR core to replace Floys is: Andre Johnso, Brandon Lloyd, Hines Ward, Wes Welker, Brandon Tate.

    My RB core: Ray RIce, Arian Foster and Beanie Wells(Bench)
    My Current starting QB is Matt Schuab (who will now be a bench player)