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KeithyP's Favs of the Week

Fav QB Matchup - Philip Rivers @ Rams - St. Louis gives up big passing plays and that is just what San Diego is capable of doing.  The Chargers average 9.6 yards per pass attempt, highest in the league, on 32 plays over 20 yards and 6 over 40.  Rivers should have a great day as should his big name receivers.
22 of 37 for 249 Yards with a TD and INT.

Fav RB Matchup - LaDanian Tomlinson @ Broncos - New York keeps on rolling, and LT has been a HUGE part of this surge.  While the Jets defense has struggled against the pass this year, they should be able to put enough pressure on Kyle Orton to get some 3 and outs and give the Offense the ball again.  LT will see his touches and keep the Jets league leaders in yards gained as the Broncos defense is near the bottom against the run.
16 Rushes for 55 Yards with 2 TDs.  2 Catches for 12 Yards.

Fav WR Matchup - Percy Harvin vs Cowboys - Dallas will have to focus on AP first, Randy Moss second and will have trouble covering Harvin.  Harvin should have his way with the 'Boys secondary who are just average and only have 9 sacks through 4 games. He also have a team leading 30 targets and 17 receptions and has been a threat in the return game.
3 Catches for 21 Yards.  2 Rushes for 18 Yards.

Fav TE Matchup - Tony Gonzalez @ Eagles - Philly can get to the QB and that will force Matt Ryan to make quick decision.  Tony G should be the beneficiary of these throws.  The veteran is playing well under potential but he is second on the team in Targets and Yards behind only Roddy White.  The Eagles have given up passing TDs and 15 plays over 20 yards so you can beat them through the air.
3 Catches for 19 Yards with 2 TDs.

Fav DEF Matchup - Raiders @ 49ers - Oakland's defense has been a nice surprise in the first quarter of this season and San Francisco's offense has been terrible.  That is a great combination for the Raiders and their owners.  They allow just under 200 yards a game through the air, however the Run defense has not been there and they are right at the bottom in rushing yards allowed.  Luckily for them the Niners do not run the ball and when they do, they only average 3.7 yards.  The Raiders are making a playoff push this year in one of the tightest divisions in football.  Broncos(2-3) Chiefs(3-1) Chargers(2-3) and Raiders(2-3)
17 Points Allowed, 2 Sacks.

KeithyP's Upset of the Week(2-3)
Chiefs @ Texans

LiLbRo's Favs of the Week
Fav QB Matchup - Peyton Manning @ Redskins - Peyton threw 0 TDs last week against the Chiefs but should bounce back nicely this week against the Skins who rank 31st against the pass.  Looks like he might be without Joseph Addai and Donald Brown, which leaves him with only Mike Hart, so the Colts might look to just throw the ball all game.  He has Garcon back as well which gives him another option, so look for Peyton to throw for 300+ with 3 TDs in this one.
25 of 38 for 307 Yards with 2 TDs and 0 INTs.

Fav RB Matchup - Frank Gore vs. Raiders - The 49ers need a spark and a win this week and with the struggles of Alex Smith they should keep feeding Gore the ball. The Raiders give up nearly 150 yards per game on the ground and the 49ers should take advantage of that.  Gore should rack up the rushing yards as well as getting involved in the screen game and should find the endzone a few times.
25 Rushes for 149 Yards.

Fav WR Matchup - Wes Welker vs. Ravens - No Randy Moss for Brady anymore, which means he has to rely on Deon Branch for the long ball.  The Pats might go with short quick passes against this physical Ravens defense which means Welker might see a lot of targets and have one of his 10 catch games. Will benefit anyone in a PPR league.
7 Catches for 53 Yards.

Fav TE Matchup - Antonio Gates @ Rams - Like I said I wont pick anyone else until Gates fails me.  He's scored in all 5 games this year, and faces a soft Rams defense this week.  I wouldnt be surprised if he has another multiple TD game.
2 Catches for 12 Yards.  Left game late in the 1st half, and did not return with an ankle injury.

Fav DEF Matchup - Steelers vs. Browns - The Steelers are home against the Browns and have Big Ben back.  The crowd will be rockin' and the Browns are going with rookie Colt McCoy this week.  McCoy will have to face the physical defense of the Steelers in his first start and deal with crowd noise.  He will be hit a lot and should commit rookie mistakes as the Steelers win big.
10 Points Allowed, 2 INTs, 1 Fumble Recovery, 5 Sacks.

LiLbRo's Upset of the Week(4-1)
Cowboys @ Vikings

Consensus Pick5(15-10)
Giants vs. Lions
Chargers @ Rams
Steelers vs. Browns
Jets @ Broncos
Colts @ Redskins

Practice Squad
QB - Kyle Orton vs. Jets - 14 of 34 for 209 Yards and a TD.
RB - Benjarvis Green-Ellis vs. Ravens - 10 Rushes for 20 Yards and a TD.
RB - Peyton Hillis @ Steelers - 12 Carries for 41 Yards, 6 Catches for 49 Yards.
WR - Michael Crabtree vs. Raiders - 4 Catches for 57 Yards and a TD.
WR -Roy Williams @ Vikings - 3 Catches for 28 Yards and 2 TDs.
WR -Mike Sims-Walker vs. Titans - 2 Catches for 16 Yards
TE -Brandon Pettigrew @ Giants - 7 Catches for 61 Yards.
K - John Carney vs. Buccaneers - Did not play.
DEF - Rams vs. Chargers - 17 Points Allowed, 1 INT, 7 Sacks.

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  1. Tough decisions for me for week 6. i'll list my whole team and you tell me what you think.
    QB Peyton Manning
    (2)RB's Adrian Peterson, Peyton Hillis, Matt Forte, or Ryan Torian
    (3)WR's Austin Collie, Brandon Lloyd, Wes Welker, Brandon Marshall, Mike Williams, Roy Williams
    TE Dallas Clark
    K Gostowski or Rackers
    DEF San Diego

  2. @ Anonymous - Peyton, AP, Torain, Welker, Marshall, Lloyd, Clark, Gostkowski, San Diego

    If Cutler is playing you may want to use Forte instead of Torain but Torian is going up against the Colts defense that has been killed on the ground. Also its a toss up with Lloyd Collie and Roy Williams. Its just hard to sit Lloyd after his past few weeks but he is playing the Jets which is gonna be tough.

  3. Week 5 I nailed it. 155 pts in ppr league. I've moved into 3rd place in my 10 man league so I'm stoked at this point. Thanks for your advice guys, it definitely helped. Onto week 6, where I have a tough matchup. I've been playing the waiver a bit and have made some solid pick ups. Ill go ahead and say the New England basket of receivers is mainly to see who breaks out and who I can possibly throw out as trade bait or even just drop. Lemme know what you guys think for week 6 starts.

    Format is this.


    QB- Brady, Ryan
    WR- Collie, Harvin, Sims-Walker, Amendola, Brandon Tate, Deion Branch, Mike Williams
    RB- P. Hillis, Rice, Torain, Benson (Bye)
    TE- Clark, Hernandez
    K- Bryant
    DST- Atlanta

    I'm leaning on Hernandez showing out more than the others. So I was thinking of starting him. Let me know what you guys think and thanks again for all your help.

  4. Also is Collie someone I should be worrying about at this point with Garcon back and this foot problem he's been having? I really don't want him to turn into a dud now.

  5. @ Olliver - Glad to hear it man, happy we can help.

    qb - Go with Ryan, Rough matchup for Brady without Moss
    wr - Harvin, Amendola, Mike Williams? Not sure who to go with as your #3, really lacking there. DO you have another guy on a BYE this week?
    rb - Rice and Torain
    w/t - Clark
    w/r/t - Hernandez
    k/def - bryant and atlanta

    I would give it a few games before deciding what to do with Collie. He should still see the ball coming his way because hes a very solid WR for Peyton. Just avoid him this week for now.

  6. I am in a 10 man PPR league. I have Reggie Wayne and Brandon Lloyd starting, I need my 3rd WR. Who should I use and why, Sims-Walker, Gaffney, Brandon Tate?

  7. Out of these 3 WR's which 2 should I start??
    Michael Crabtree
    Santonio Holmes
    Roy Williams

  8. need some big help with mr WR's and team this week (sorry in advance for the long post). It's a PPR league and we start 3 receivers each week. I have: Randy Moss, Ochocinco, Knox, Garcon, Royal, and Clayton who I am now dropping. I was planning on picking up Amendola for him but am unsure who to go after. Some other FAs are: Kevin Walter, Roy Williams, Steve Johnson, Louis Muphy, Kenny Britt, and Manningham. Who would you suggest picking up with the loss of Clayton. Also, do you think I should try to trade any of my RB's to strengthen my WRs. We start 3 RBs as well and I have: Turner, Bradshaw, Best, Tomlinson, and Tolbert. And finally who would you start at those positions this week. Thanks for the help.

  9. Also, Should I go with Addai or Jackson for GB if Addai is set to play?

  10. I accidently left out TE.

    So i got


    All my receivers are open to play and none are on bye. Sims-Walker, Collie, both NE receivers. I can still throw in Hillis in there too and play 3 RB's but he is playing the mighty Pitt defense.

  11. Which 3 WR's should I start?
    Andre Johnson, Wes Welker, Malcom Floyd, Brandon Lloyd, Brandon Tate or Hines Ward?

  12. @ Sethius -

    Since you have Lloyd playing, I would not play Gaffney.
    Brandon Tate is in the best Passing situation even with Welker, Aaron Hernandez and the acquisition of Branch.
    Sims-Walker is the best talent but as I have said numerous times before David Garrard is just such a terrible QB I wouldnt trust any of his WR in fantasy football

    So based on that, go with Tate. He also has the return game in his favor.

    Keep your eye on Addai's situation and start him if you feel he will get enough touches. Jackson is a great play this week though if no Aaron Rodgers. Plenty of touches there for him.

  13. @ Anonymous -

    Santonio Holmes is a must play now with the Jets looking like Superbowl Contenders.

    Roy Williams has been a pleasant surprise this year, and he should play even against the tough Vikings defense.

    Crabtree is a better talent than Williams but the Niners are just so bad its hard to justify starting anyone from that team besides Frank Gore. Sorry Vernon Davis. They also have a tough matchup against the Oakland Raiders

    So between Crabtree and Williams I say give Williams the go, but do your own research and let us know what you decide

  14. @ Nick -
    I love Amendola and would pick him up in a PPR league. Reminds me of a poor mans Wes Welker. However, Kevin Walter and Roy Williams are beter options so I would pick up either of the two.

    As for your RBs, it never hurts to be able to pick and choose the best matchups so keep the backs. Especially during the bye week periods.

    WR - Moss
    WR - Walter/Williams
    WR - Garcon is back so he gets the go
    RB - Turner
    RB - Bradshaw
    RB - Tomlinson

  15. @ Olliver -

    W/r/t - Austin Collie

    Normally I would not suggest two receivers from the same team, but we are talking about Peyton Manning vs the Redskins here. Do it

  16. @ G -


    If Johnson is not 100% I would not play him. Watchign him against the Giants it was obvious he was still hurt.

    Ward and Big Ben have great Chemistry so he will look for Ward early and often

  17. Alright guys, you have been plenty of help so far, but tell me what you think I should do this week. I'm really deep at my flex position spot because all my other starters are a definite. who should I start in my flex out of. .B.Jackson,R.Torain,Santana Moss, K.Walters,& Roy williams. By the way my league is a 1 point per TWENTY yards receiving/rushing so TD producers are big.

  18. @ SilverNBlack - I would go with Torain. They are going up against the Colts and Colts rank 30th against the run (142.2 yards per game). With Portis out I like Torains chances here. Washington would be smart to control the clock with the ground game and keep Peyton on the sidelines as long as possible.

  19. Okay so here's my roster:


    WRs-Malcom Floyd, Hines Ward,Eddie Royal, Mike Williams (TB).

    RBs - Chris Johnson, Jahvid Best, Ryan Torain, Mike Tolbert, and Benjarvus Green-Ellis

    TE - Aaron Hernandez

    I need Two WRs, Two RB's and one flex postition. I'm thinking Floyd, Ward, JOhnson, Best, and Royal? Hows that sound?

  20. @LiLbRo - what about if Mr. Rodgers is a no go this week? Should I still start Torain, or should I put 1 more week of faith into B Jackson?

  21. @ Zactus - Deff gotta go Floyd and with Big Ben back go with Ward. Then obviously Chris Johnson and then Torain. Your flex id might take a shot with Mike Williams, or take a gamble on Best against the Giants defense right now. It might be a long day for the Lions offense, just not a fan of Best's matchup.

  22. @ SilverNBlack - I have Jackson on one of my teams and I keep using him waiting for him to break out but it just doesnt happen. With Finley out possibly the year, and Lee out for a while the game plan for GB has to change. Will it? Probably not, Coach McCarthy loves the pass game and I think even with no Rodgers they still wont look to run. So until I see it, no I dont think he's worth the risk at this point.

  23. Ok, I have some issues with my starters.

    Who do I start at QB: Schuab, Sanchez, or Flaco
    RB: Hillis, Ivory, Thomas(injured), Ricky Williams, Tolbert?
    WR: Andre J., Randy Moss, Malcolm Floyd, Mike Thomas, Garcon, Kenny Britt
    TE: Aaron Hernandez, Celek or I could get Gresham again.
    W/R/T: out of all those players who gets flex? TE? R?WR?
    My kicker is Vinatieri, good choice??
    Defense is still Vikings, should I roll with them or find something else??

  24. I just dropped Flaco for Kolb for this week. I think I should start Kold over Sanchez and Schuab, what you think?

  25. QB - Sanchez - I am not a fan of Kolb and Sanchez looks great as of late
    RB - Hillis and Tolbert
    WR - AJ(if healthy) Moss Floyd, Garcon(If no AJ)
    TE - Aaron Hernandez
    WRT - Celek/Garcon(if he is not your WR)
    K - Vinatieri is always a good choice
    Def - Vikings defense is awesome

  26. Really? Sanchez over Kolb and Schuab....... its a hard choice.... guess I will go with Sanchez.

  27. Just based on matchups and who has the hot hand right now yeah Sanchez....week 1 i say play schuab

  28. Donald driver, santana moss, or mike wallace?? quick, I only have 20 minutes!