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KeithyP's Favs of the Week
Fav QB Matchup - Drew Brees vs Browns - Cleveland is near the bottom in passing yards allowed per game (228) and only have 4 Interceptions and 10 sacks but have allowed 11 touchdowns.  Brees looked like the Superbowl MVP last week against the Buccaneers and should put up great fantasy numbers at home.
37 of 56 for 356 Yards with 2 TDs and 4 INTs.

Fav RB Matchup - Ray Rice vs Bills - With only 2 TDs and 23 catches so far this season, Ray Rice has been a little dissapointing for a top 5 draft pick.  But luckily for Ray Rice and his owners, the Bills are the leagues worst against the run, allowing 182 yards a game!  Expect much of the same results from the past two weeks (25-30 carries for over 100 yards, 5 catches for 60 yards) and you can bet he finds the endzone atleast once.
13 Carries for 63 Yards. 1 Catch for 1 Yard (2 Targets).

Fav WR Matchup - Brandon Lloyd vs Raiders - Yes Oakland is in the top 10 against the pass (under 200 yards/game) but the Broncos forgot how to run the football this year, which has lead to them being second best in the league tossing the pigskin around.  Lloyd averages 110 yards a game and Orton knows how to find him on big plays, as Lloyd averages 20 yards a catch!  I am positive no one drafted Lloyd but kudos to those of you who snatched him off waivers before everyone else did.
1 Catch for 46 Yards (3 Targets).

Fav TE Matchup - Ben Watson @ Saints - Well we can't always put Antonio Gates here so its time for Ben Watson.  This guy might be one of the more underrated TE in the league.  Colt McCoy is taking snaps for the Browns now and needs a comfort blanket.  Watson is his guy.  McCoy hit him up 6 times for 88 yards and a score last week against the Steelers.
1 Catch for 18 Yards (2 Targets)

Fav DEF Matchup - Kansas City Chiefs vs Jaguars - Jacksonville is bottom 10 in the league passing and 6th in the league rushing.  To bad for them the Chiefs only allow 90 rushing yards a game.  With both teams keeping the ball on the ground for most of the game, there will not be many points scored.
20 Points Allowed, 2 INTs, 1 Fumble Recovery, 1 Sack.

KeithyP's Upset of the Week(2-4)
Patriots @ Chargers

LiLbRo's Favs of the Week
Fav QB Matchup - Matt Cassel vs. Jaguars - Cassel and Bowe finally were on the same page last week connecting for two touchdowns, and now Cassel and Bowe will go up against the Jags who is ranked 30th against the pass, giving up 264 yards a game, and has surrendered 14 passing TDs through 6 games.
13 of 18 for 193 Yards, 2 TDs, 0 INTs.

Fav RB Matchup - Rashard Mendenhall @ Dolphins - Yes the Dolphins defense is pretty stingy against the run, but with Big Ben back the Steelers offense connects on all cylinders now.  With that strong defense of the Steelers, the offense should have the ball quite often, and should move the ball down the field and as they near the endzone Mendenhall will see his carries and has a good chance to score here, just as he did last week in Big Ben's return.
15 Carries for 37 Yards.

Fav WR Matchup - Marques Colston vs. Browns - Its been 6 games now and still 0 TDs for Colston.  The Browns are ranked 25th against the pass and has given up 14 TDs.  He leads the Saints in Targets, Catches and Yards but has failed to score, but this is the week it all comes together and Colston and Brees will connect for a big day.
10 Catches for 112 Yards and a TD (15 Targets).

Fav TE Matchup -Vernon Davis @ Panthers - Davis left the game late in the 4th with a knee injury but an MRI came back clear and he is listed as day to day and will be out there against the Panthers.  Carolina surprisingly has a good defense, just no offense so nobody realizes that.  However covering a 6-3 250lbs TE is not easy to guard for anyone, and Davis has scored in 3 straight.  Expect more of the same here in this one.
4 Catches for 74 Yards with a TD (8 Targets).

Fav DEF Matchup - Ravens vs. Bills - Giving up just under 16 points per game, the Ravens face a Bills offense ranked 30th, spells trouble for the Bills and big fantasy points for the Ravens.  Yea Fitzpatrick has helped the cause in Buffalo but the Ravens will shut them down and completely dominate.
34 Points Allowed, 2 INTs, 2 Fumble Recoveries, 1 Sack.

LiLbRo's Upset of the Week(4-2)
Redskins @ Bears

Consensus Pick5(19-11)
Saints vs. Browns
49ers @ Panthers
Ravens vs. Bills
Buccaneers vs. Rams
Patriots @ Chargers

Practice Squad
QB - Brett Favre @ Packers - 16 of 29 for 212 Yards with a TD and 3 INTs
RB - Brandon Jackson vs Vikings - 13 Carries for 58 Yards with a TD. 3 Catches for 46 Yards (3 Targets).
RB - Fred Jackson @ Ravens - 23 Carries for 73 Yards.  1 Catch for 4 Yards (2 Targets).
WR - Mohamed Massaquoi @ Saints - Did not play.
WR - Larry Fitzgerald @ Seahawks - 3 Catches for 30 Yards (10 Targets).
WR - Mike Thomas @ Chiefs - 0 Catches. (1 Target).
TE - Brent Celek @ Titans - 2 Catches for 8 Yards (4 Targets).
K - Dan Carpenter vs Steelers - 5/5 FGs (39, 23, 22, 37 and 40 Yards) 1/1 XP.
DEF - Raiders @ Broncos - 14 Points Allowed, 1 INT, 2 Fumble Recoveries, 4 Sacks, 1 TD

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  1. I got A Question, Please Help Me decide
    My Team Consists of
    I START 1 QB 2 WRS 2 RBS 1 TE
    PLEASE HELP, My Record is 4-2 but im afraid i might lose this week.

  2. I like the thought Process for Favorable Match-ups this week (7). I'll sign back in after Monday night to see how you did. Perhaps a little Sit/Start advice based on your opinions above;

    PPR League. Tight Match-up, must win

    Must start 3 from the following:

    R.White (vs Cinn)
    G.Jennings (vs Minn)
    B.Marshall (vs Pitt)
    B.Llyod (vs OAK)

    Jennings hit or miss but value up with Finley out. Marshall has tough match-up with Pitt, Don't know if I can trust Lloyd yet...but it looks like he might be worth the gamble over Marshall. Tell me what you think between these two WR's.

    Tell me what you think

  3. i have two diff leagues i need some help with..Should I start Gaffney, Roy Williams, Santana Moss, Danny Woodhead, or Thomas Jones in my flex? This league is a 1 pt per 20 yard league.

    For my other league, should I start Woodhead, Santana Moss, or DOnald Driver?

  4. @ Anonymous -
    QB - Ryan
    RB - S. Jackson
    RB - Cadillac Williams
    WR - Thomas
    WR - Meachem
    TE - Davis

    If I were you I would do that Trade....Welker will only get better and Jamaal Charles will give you depth in case Addai continues to get hurt

    Your WR core needs some help btw

    Also please create a name so I know when its you responding

  5. Hey Billz thanks for trusting us!

    Roddy White is a beast and a must play

    I dont like him either but Lloyd is a must play as well, his number do not lie.

    I love Marshall but the Steelers could easily disrupt the whole Dolphins game plan. That being said, the Dolphins might be forced to throw the ball more than they planned.

    Greg Jennings is hit or miss as you said and had 6 catches last week, 6 in the 3 weeks prior. Sit Jennings play Marshall

    Good luck this week and we hope our advice gives you a W this week!

  6. SilverNBlack -

    Wow that first decision is tough...
    Roy Williams has been on fire but he is playing my Giants and there is no way I'm thinking he will do well with Osi and Tuck chasing down Romo.

    Jabar Gaffney is interesting as this new Broncos Offense is moving the ball extremely well.

    The two RBs will split to much time to earn your flex spot and Santana Moss and the Redskins offense is terrible.

    I say play Gaffney but that is a biased opinion since the 'Boys are playing the G-Men. If you feel he is worthy than play him.

    What is your other leagues format?
    1pt for 20yards?

  7. Got a Guy wanting d Jackson from me, my other wr are a. Johnson, bowe, garcon, Knox.. ppr league. He's wanting to trade me either Lloyd and hillis or Ocho and Hillis. For Jackson and j. Stewart... should I do it? Other backs are Turner, torain, Greene... thanks

  8. Should i drop Minn Def And pick Up Tenn Def ..even with Tenn Facing eagles andddd should i drop Brandon tate for Robert Meachem

  9. How's my lineup look? 10 team league non ppr

    QB Kolb/Cassel (undecided still)
    RBs Chris Johnson & Lynch
    WRs White & Maclin
    Flex Danny Woodhead
    TE Heath Miller
    DEF KC

    on my bench are Roy Williams, Colston, Dez Bryant, Ronnie Brown (Schaub Bye)

  10. Do you all like Beanie Wells for this week or should i drop him for Ricky Williams or try to find another back. I already have Ronnie Brown and am worried about Pits D.

  11. Im in the same situation as chili1933 , Running backs are Beanie wells Danny woodhead Deangelo Williams Brandon Jacobs Benjarvus Green Ellis and Ricky Williams is also a FA,,,,mY WR are Brandon Lyod, Eddie Royal, Marquese Colston, Steve Smith, Brandon Tate, Devin Hester,I can use 2RB 2WR 1 FLEX WR/RB ALSO i was thinking od Dropping Brandon Tate and picking up Robert Meachem wood that be a good idea,, THANKS FOR EVRYTHING GUYS YOUR GREAT

  12. Terrible luck this week and I must pick between Brandon Jackson and Tim Hightower. Which one do I start, and why?

  13. @ Anonymous - Does he still want to do it knowing Jackson is out a couple weeks? If so yes do it, because Hillis is a threat to score every week, and in a PPR league hes very valuable. Id go with Lloyd as the WR you get back as well.

  14. @ Anonymous - Answered this under pick ups of the week but ill post it again incase you dont look there.

    Because of how good Tennessee defense is I would pick them up but also hold onto Minn def. They both rank top 10 in yards allowed and points allowed. you might want to use them based on who they play each week. And yes I would get Meachem for Tate, because hes a serious deep threat for Brees.

  15. @ Mr. Ed - Cassel has a good matchup but Kolb has been getting it done. Start Kolb. Your good at RB, as Brown has an awful matchup with the Steelers. Instead of Maclin this week you might wanna go with Colston because I think he finally he gets it done this week. Or start him at flex and sit Woodhead, especially in a non PPR league, Woodhead probably wont see too many touches near the goalline.

  16. @ Chil - I would stay away from MIA RBs this week. However not a big fan of Wells against Seattle. What other options you got for this week?

  17. @ Anonymous - Id start Deangelo Williams and Brandon Jacobs, as hes getting the touches at the goalline and scoring lately. This week start Lloyd and Colston. Possibly use Green-Ellis as your Flex, as he's scored in 3 straight and the Chargers are struggling. I wouldn't drop Tate for Meachem as you already have Colston and you wouldn't start them both the same week and its hard to start Meachem over Colston, so I dont see the point there.

  18. @ Sethius - Neither one is a good fantasy play for this week. However I would go with Hightower. Seattle isnt as good at stopping the run as Minnesota, and if either team gets near the goalline, Hightower will see carries and Jackson wont, as Kuhn will get the touches. Plus GB doesn't run the ball and Jackson has been a huge bust since Grant got hurt.

  19. Not a lot to pick from. I have Cedric Benson as a starter for sure but i need to fill another rb slot and the flex and it's a bad week for me with most my normal starters on bye. Available rb's are R Williams, C Williams, E Graham, J Kuhn, J Ringer, M Barber, and F Jackson. Maybe for flex D Mason, M Manningham, S Jonhson Buf WR, or B Watson Cle. Thanks

  20. Week 6, another win. I go on to 4-2 and take the 2nd spot in my 10 man league. Thanks of course for the week 6 advice, but week 7 should be an interesting one with some bye week problems in my receiving depth. Heres what I'm looking at.

    QB - Brady, Kolb
    WR - Harvin, Mike Williams (TB), Deion Branch, Crayton, Collie (bye)
    RB - Rice, Hillis, Benson, Torain, Reggie Bush
    TE - Hernandez, Clark (bye/out)
    K - Hartley
    DST - Bal, Mia

    Now, with owning Branch and Hernandez should I try to pick up another TE or play both? I like the matchup and me being in a PPR league both players did fairly well last week (however I did bench Branch strictly on speculation. This week I want to put him in the lineup, too. Chargers are getting owned through the air and Brady looks to like to gun sling. Should I pick up a TE of the waivers? (Ben Watson?)

    Lemme know what you guys think...and thanks again for all the advice!

  21. @ Chil -
    With those limited options I would just play whoever you think gets the most touches. So Fred Jackson or Cadillac Williams.

    For your flex Derrick Mason is your guy

  22. @ olliver -

    QB - Brady
    WR - Mike Williams, Deion Branch Percy Harvin Patrick Clayton in that order
    RB - Ray Ray, Cedric, Peyton, Ryan Torain in that order
    DST - Baltimore

    (Hernandez and Branch)You dont want the Brady Bunch?! :)

    I think Watson will put up good numbers again with young Colt taking snaps so if you dont feel comfortable with two NE receivers, pick up Watson

  23. @keithy P - no my other league is 1 pt per 10 yards

  24. so for my W/R slot should I go with Ryan Torain or Devone Bess? Torain is projected for more but this is a PPR league and Bess has done well in his last 3 games.. what do you think?

  25. @ Corey S - Thats a tough one. I really like Bess especially as a BYE week fill in but he has a tough matchup with the Steelers, and after what I saw last week with Torain I really like him but he also has a tough matchup with the Bears. I think its always safer to go with a RB, as you know he will get his touches, and when they get near the goalline they will give it to him to punch it in.

  26. Who should I start for TE and FLEX out of these three Hernandez, Celek , and Moaki?

  27. @ Christopher - Go with Hernandez. He has been getting it done, and now without Moss, Brady is really spreading the ball around.

  28. should i start jabar gaffney, thomas jones, or donald driver?

  29. Which three WR's should I start?
    M. Floyd (Probably not, just cuz of injury)
    Hines Ward
    Patrick Crayton
    Eddie Royal
    Mike Williams (TB)

  30. @ SilverNBlack - Id go with Driver. No Finley mean everyone else will get more looks. Driver already is a solid receiver and should an increased amount of passes his way.

  31. @ Zactus - Floyd is out, Ochocinco hasnt done anything in the last 4 games, Royal is a little banged up with a groin injury, so Id go Ward, Crayton and Williams

  32. Thanks for the advice last week! I ended keeping Darren McFadden....wow, what a great choice! :)