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Week 8 Injury Report

KeithyP's Favs of the Week
Fav QB Matchup - Chad Henne @ Bengals - The Dolphins run game has not been there this year and Davone Bess has finally matured into a solid WR.  The Bengals just got torched by Matt Ryan and Roddy White in week 7 and hopefully Henne and Marshall can do the same in week 8
24 of 37 for 217 Yards with 1 INT.

Fav RB Matchup - Frank Gore vs Broncos - Broncos gave up 59 points to the Oakland Raiders and 4 TDs to RB Darren McFadden.  With back to back 100 rushing yard performances, Gore has been producing, just not finding the endzone.  He shouldn't have any trouble this week.
29 Carries for 118 Yards with a TD.  1 Catch for 7 Yards (1 Target).

Fav WR Matchup - Steve Johnson @ Chiefs - The Bills are another team that was supposed to run run run but only seem to pass pass pass.  Ryan Fitzpatrick has looked good in the past weeks, and Steve Johnson has been targeted a team high 45 times with 5 TDs in the last 3 games.  He also had 8 catches for 158 yards against the Ravens last week
5 Catches for 37 Yards and a TD (10 Targets).

Fav TE Matchup - Jacob Tamme vs Texans - With Dallas Clark out for the season, the Colts will turn to Jacob Tamme.  Check this out from Walter Football on Jacob Tamme before he was drafted.
Jacob Tamme, Kentucky.
Only fits this three-star rating as an H-Back or in a scheme where he can play the slot. Perfect fit for the Colts and can be better than Dallas Clark.
Yeah Play Him.

Fav DEF Matchup - Dallas Cowboys vs Jaguars - The Cowboys know that the season is over.  But they have an reputation to live upto and they will take more chances on defense which will hopefully turn into more turnovers.  Expect some sacks this week.
35 Points Allowed, 1 Fumble Recovery, 3 Sacks.

KeithyP's Upset of the Week(3-4)
Seattle @ Oakland

LiLbRo's Favs of the Week 

Fav QB Matchup -Peyton Manning vs. Texans - Yea sure he is missing Clark and Collie this week, but he's still Peyton Manning and is going up against the Texans awful secondary.  No matter who he has to throw to he makes them so much better.  I expect a normal day from Peyton, which should be 250-300 yards with 3 TDs.

Fav RB Matchup - Felix Jones vs. Jaguars - Its panic time in Dallas now that Kitna will take over for Romo for about 8 weeks.  If the Cowboys want to start winning they will need to start running the ball effectively.  Jones has yet to break out this year and I expect it this week against the Jags.
8 Carries for 22 Yards.  3 Catches for 14 Yards (4 Targets).

Fav WR Matchup - Brandon Marshall @ Bengals - After seeing what Roddy White did to the Bengals secondary I cant imagine they'll be able to shut Marshall down.  He's bigger and stronger then White and that's a problem for the Bengals.
5 Catches for 64 Yards (7 Targets).

Fav TE Matchup - Dustin Keller vs. Packers - The Jets are showing lots of faith in Sanchez this year and its obvious Keller is his favorite target.  With the Packers inability to stop the run so far this year, the Jets might toy with them by mixing up the run with play action passes to Keller, and when they get to the goalline expect the ball to go Keller's way.
2 Catches for 45 Yards (6 Targets).

Fav DEF Matchup - Rams vs. Panthers - Not sure if what the Panthers did last week against the 49ers was forreal so for that reason I like the Rams defense to step up here. Panthers cant run the ball and Moore besides last week has looked awful.
10 Points Allowed, 3 INTs, 1 Fumble Recovery, 3 Sacks

LiLbRo's Upset of the Week(4-3) -
Redskins @ Lions

Consensus Pick5(22-13)
Cowboys vs Jaguars
49ers vs Broncos
Chiefs vs Bills
Seahawks @ Raiders
Patriots vs Vikings

Practice Squad -
QB -Ryan Fitzpatrick @ Chiefs - 24/48, 223 Yards, 1 TD, 1 INT6 Carries for 43 Yards.
RB - Brandon Jackson @ Jets - 15 Carries for 55 Yards.  2 Catches for 17 Yards (2 Targets).
RB - Maurice Jones-Drew @ Cowboys - 27 Carries for 135 Yards.  2 Catches for 13 Yards (3 Targets).
WR -Percy Harvin @ Patriots - 6 Catches for 104 Yards (8 Targets).
WR -Miles Austin vs. Jaguars - 7 Catches for 117 Yards.
WR -Santana Moss @ Lions - 6 Catches for 56 Yards (10 Targets).
TE - Zach Miller vs. Seahawks - 1  Catch for 8 Yards (2 Targets).
K -Matt Prater @ 49ers- 1 for 1 (32 Yards), 1/2 XP
DEF - Bills @ Chiefs - 13 Points Allowed, 0 Takeaways, 3 Sacks.

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  1. okay guys..would you trade Mike Wallace to receive Brandon Lloyd?

  2. I have to start one of these RB's in a PPR league. Which one? J Stewart @ STL, Hightower vs TB, Mathews @ TEN, or S Green vs GB. Which one and why?

  3. Tough bye week for my RBs...pls pick two in PPR league. J. Forsett, R. Williams, F. Jackson, and D. Brown?

  4. SnB - I hope you're kidding!

    Mike Wallace with Big Ben tossing him the pigskin is a great fantasy option

    Brandon Lloyd is over acheiving right now

  5. Hightower has lost all value this year as he only has 8 receptions on the season.

    Matthews will see a lot of playing time but that is not saying much considering that he only has 20 in the last two games

    Stewart has been awful this year but DeAngelo Williams suffered a foot injury so his carries should rise

    But I would go with Shonn Greene as the Jets will have to run the ball a lot this week to keep Rodgers off the field

    Keep an eye on Stewart's situation though because he could become a good play if no Williams this week

  6. @ Anonymous -

    RWilliams and FJackson are your best options this week

    Not sure what the RB situation is in Indy and the Seahawks seem to forget they have RBs(only had 9 carries last week)

  7. @ Anonymous - Id go with Williams as Ronnie Brown hasnt been doing anything lately, and go with Jackson as hes getting the carries in Buffalo. Forsett has lost a lot of reps to Lynch and D.Brown hasn't played all year so if he does go this week who knows how effective he'll be.

  8. waiver advice please...

    at wr i have hines, ocho5, malcolm floyd, meachem and DJAX

    I am looking to drop meachem and pick up garcon...

    steve smith (carolina) and britt are available.. Who would you take for this week? Does one stand out as the best for the rest of the season?

    To be honest I like both steve smith AND garcon, and am almost considering dropping ocho5 or even malcolm as who even knows when he'll be back


  9. Well I lost this week as most of my players didnt shine as I expected them too...oh well though. I'm still 4-3 and looking good to claim a spot in the playoffs I hope. Here is what I'm working with here...lemme know what the game plan is.

    QB - Brady
    WR - Harvin, Mike Williams (TB), Deion Branch, Patrick Crayton, Lee Evans
    RB - Torain, Benson, Brown, Bush
    TE - Hernandez
    K - Carpenter
    DST - Washington

    Bench - Collie (injured), Rice (bye), P Hillis (bye), Ryan (bye)

    Is Donald Brown a possible play this week? I am thinking of dropping Lee Evans also and from what I read above, you guys are pulling for Ricky Williams this week (he is available in my league). I dropped Clark of course, but what about Collie? Remember its a 10 man ppr league. Thanks for all your help.

  10. @ Anonymous - At this point I would drop Meachem for Garcon, with the injuries to the Colts Garcon will play a huge part in the offense. And also Britt is playing ridiculous football right now and dropping Floyd wouldn't hurt you if you get Britt, as Floyd has 2 games with more than 3 catches this year, I wouldn't do it for Smith tho because that offense is so bad. You might wanna pick up Britt and drop somebody else on the roster depending on depth at other positions.

  11. @ Olliver - Brady, Branch, Crayton (Floyd out this week again), Harvin, Torain, Benson, Hernandez, Carpenter, Washington

    Brown is questionable for this week against the Texans, hasn't practiced this week so theres a good chance hes out this week. however if Addai's shoulder doesn't get better than Brown will become a very playable option as the year goes on. I would avoid Brown and Bush and go with Torain and Benson as you take the 2 guys who get all the carries compared to guys who would split time. Also I like what Evans has done recently but he's so streaky hes hard to trust unless you have no other option. I wouldnt pick up Williams for this week as I feel Benson and Torain will produce more than he would.

  12. ok i got 3 wr's in branch crayton and harvin...the 2 rbs in torain and benson and the TE as hernandez...that leaves me with w/t and w/r/t. Is that going to be mike williams at w/t and brown or evans in my w/r/t flex spot? who would you take more of a chance with?

    some free agents able for pick up:


    Any of these guys worth a spot this week?

  13. 10 team / PPR league

    QB - R. Fitzpatrick
    WR - Calvin Johnson & K. Britt
    RB - R. Mendenhall & D. McFadden
    TE - C. Cooley
    W/R - B. Lloyd

    WR - Santana Moss
    RB - R. Bush & Jahvid Best
    TE - K. Winslow

    BYE - E. Manning & M. Vick

    What do you think?

    P.S. You're spot on with week 6. I was out of town for week 7, so I didn't get a chance to confer that week. Thanks again.

  14. Olliver -

    I would play MWilliams @ the W/T that is a good play

    With the way the Bills offense has been playing, Lee Evans is worth a flex start during this 6 team bye week.

  15. Jason -

    Team looks good

    Do some research though and see if Moss should start over Lloyd

    I dislike both players but numbers are the only thing that matters here

  16. Out of these 4 WR's which 3 should I start?
    Blair White
    Patrick Crayton
    Michael Crabtree
    Santonio Holmes

    Also should I start Joseph Addai or is he out definetly?? If not whats a good RB to pick up

  17. QB/Orton-Cutler,Favre
    WR/Harvin-Roy Williams
    WR/J. Gaffney-R.White(bye)
    RB/Brandon Jackson-Ray Rice(bye)
    TE/A. Hernandez-K.Winslow

    I'm looking to cut some fat but i'm not sure if I should hold on to both cutler and favre bc Orton goes on bye next week and cut Winslow or hold on to both TE and lose either cutler or favre. Also is philly Def worth holding onto or should they be dropped for their bye week. Chicago and NYG are FA in my league right now for the Bye week. I'm looking to pick up TB Def.

    Thanks for the help.


    Thanks for the help.

  18. Thanks KeithyP.

    B Lloyd vs SF (ranked 22 in Pass D).
    S Moss vs DET (ranked 14 in Pass D).

    Moss is a favorite of McNabb and does put up consistent numbers, but nothing stellar. Also, he just got his first TD last week.

    I chose Lloyd as Orton has proven to find Lloyd in the endzone at least once in most games, last week being the exception. Lloyd is more of a gamble, but hopefully the right one considering he's up against SF.

    If anyone else sees an error in my thinking, chime in. My thinking isn't too indepth, but instead very simple and linear.

    Thanks again. I'll post the results next week.

  19. @Anonymous (Disclaimer: Not a mod, just a poster)

    I'd drop Farve. He's been struggling and nagging injuries to his elbow two weeks ago and now his ankle last week have dropped his stock in my book. His numbers have been low, too. Add in his performance last week with the spat he had with the coach and he just seems too much like a liability.

    As for the DEF, and I fully state now that I'm just looking at rankings so I could be wrong, but NYG and CHI look better than TB.

    I look forward to seeing what LiLbRO and/or KeithyP say. I hope I didn't overstep my bounds by posting my thoughts.

  20. Okay, I lost last week by 3 points! I had Brit Benched. Ouch! Ok, well I am starting him this week along with andre Johnson and Steve Johnson.
    But I have a few Questions:

    For QB: Matt Scuab or Matt Cassel?
    And who do I start out of these WR to fill my WR/RB/TE flex position : Randy Moss, Micheal Crayton or Pierre Garcon?

  21. @Jason.Shanle

    I was thinking Favre was pretty much a waste. I just felt I may need to hold on since Orton is going into a bye week 9. For Def I have Philly, but they have a bye like the other two FA NYG and CHI so I was gonna pick up TB just didn't know if I should hold Philly or drop and pick up nyg or chi after this week.

    I'm also worried because I have to play Brandon Jackson against NYJ, not sure if I should pick up L. Blount and hope he has a productive game since he is going up against ARI which is a better matchup then Jackson has. Thoughts?

  22. Heres my roster:

    QB – Brady
    RB – J. Best, C. Johnson, R. Torain
    WR – Ochocinco, H. Ward, K. Britt, P. Crayton, M. Williams (TB), Malcom Floyd
    TE – Kellen Winslow, Aaron Hernandez
    DEF – Seattle
    K – M. Crosby

    I need 1QB, 2RB, 2WR, 1TE, and one WR/RB flex spot. What should i do?

  23. No idea who start at WR this week. Any advice would be greatly appreciated. He are my options, I need to choose 2. Thanks guys

    Larry Fitz
    Mike Wallace
    Steve Johnson


  24. @ Petey D - Id go with White, Crayton and Holmes. With Collie and Clark out White will see passes his way, same goes with Crayton with Floyd not playing this week. Id sit Crabtree with Troy Smith taking over at QB due to the Alex Smith injury.

  25. It seems like Addai is very questionable so its up in the air right now on whether or not he'll start..what FAs are available?

  26. @ Anonymous - It wouldnt be a bad idea to drop Winslow for TB defense. Id hold onto your QBs as none of them are must start QBs so you might want to play the QB who has the best matchup each week.

  27. @ Jason Shanle - We appreciate your input. It's good to get a debate on here. I agree with your decision to play Loyd as the Broncos are now a pass first team as we've seen so far this year, and he also has a better matchup then Moss. Also I think they will look to get Torain going. As for Favre, I feel like he can play thru these injuries like he has all year. I also agree that NYG and CHI defense are better than TB but they are both on a BYE and so is his defense (PHI). Against the Cards this week TB is a good BYE week fill in.

  28. @ Christopher - Id go with Schaub. Theyre playing the Colts and it could be a shootout. Plus I think the Colts gameplan will be to shut down Foster after what he did to them in week 1, which sould help Schaub. Might sound crazy to say not go with Moss here but with Favre banged up and the possibility of Jackson starting for the Vikings, Id go with Garcon as Collie and Clark are out and like I said it should be a shootout.

  29. @ K - Since Jackson is getting the carries in GB and is the starter Id still use him even against the Jets being that he plays on a good offense and they do move the ball. The Jets struggle against the pass this year and if Rodgers can get time to pass it might help open the run game for Jackson. Blount is too much of a risk right now as hes not the starter and splits time

  30. @ Zactus - Brady, Johnson, Best, Ochocinco, Britt, Ward, Hernandez, Seattle, Crosby.

    I like Best over Torain especially in a PPR league with Stafford back, as he can have a huge game like in week 2 at any time. Floyd is still out so sit him, and Hernandez is the better option now with Moss out of NE. Winslow has yet to find the endzone this year.

  31. @ Topher - Its hard to sit Wallace at this point with Big Ben throwing him the deep ball and its worked in both games he's been back with a 50+ yard TD. You also cant sit TO at this point after a TD in 3 straight games with 26 and 412 yards in those 3 games. With the QB play in Arizona, Fitzgerald loses a lot of value.

  32. Ok, this is something I'm going to work hard on making happen that could benefit me greatly.

    A guy in my league has a bye next week and has 5 players out. That leaves him with 1, yes thats right, 1 WR to play for next week. He is pretty stacked at WR too so he will either have to trade, drop them and pick up someone off waivers, or just flat out take a loss...with the latter I'm going to highly doubt. I let him know of this and my interest to make a trade of receivers to "help" him through his bye. I am stronger at RB so i could throw in a RB and WR package or WR and WR to pick up some key guys. Make note, this guy has been very lucky with his pickups from week 1 so he likes to take chances (picked up lloyd, britt, mcfadden, williams) all off of waivers.

    My roster:

    QB - Brady
    WR - Harvin, M. Williams(TB), Branch, Evans, Collie (injured)
    RB - Rice, Hillis, Benson, Torain, Bush, Brown
    TE - Hernandez

    His roster:

    QB - Rogers
    WR - S.Moss,Boldin,Lloyd,Britt,M. Williams(Sea)
    RB - Lynch, McFadden, R. Williams
    TE - Witten

    He just picked up Naanee and Amendola. Guess hes freaking out. But he mentioned wanting to trade Boldin for Harvin. Is that a good trade? I wanna try and lift Santana Moss and Boldin off of him if I can without breaking the bank...so what is a fair trade? He obviously needs help with RB...bad. Should I try to sell him on Collie also for a boost? He may be more injured than expected...

    Thanks guys...

  33. Olliver - Lee Evans is tradable as his value is skyrocketing from the play of Fitzpatrick. If you offer Evans and Torain for Lloyd, that should do it. DO NOT TRADE RICE OR HILLIS

    If he wants Benson, offer Evans and Benson but ask for Boldin in return

    You have the upper hand here as you do not NEED the WR but he NEEDS the RB

  34. Who gets the start for this week, Jabar Gaffney or Roy Williams?

  35. Gaffney

    Williams was coming up huge when he had Romo throwing him the ball. But teams will be looking to put pressure on Kitna and he wont have the time for Wiliams to finish his routes

    I also see the Cowboys attempting to get the run game working in the coming weeks

  36. @Olliver

    I agree with KeithyP. I, too, have Britt, Lloyd, and S. Moss. Britt, being a tall guy, seems to be getting the endzone looks. Moss, though just the opposite, is a favorite of McNabb and post consistent points. Also, Lloyd is doing well with DEN's pass offense. I avoided DEN WRs because the ball seemed to be spread out among all of them, but Lloyd is still getting a lot of looks. Any of them would be a good trade if this guy is over the barrel (like I will be next week). I picked up Fitzpatrick (QB) to fill in for my QB byes (Vick and E. Manning) and will be trading/switching him out next week for a WR.


    Again, I'd have to agree with KeithyP. DEN is throwing the ball like crazy with good success for most all WRs. Gaffney is the way to go.

  37. Thanks guys...hopefully Evans doesnt dud this week so he can still hold that trade value...I'm going to try and get the best possible deal out of him...and look for lloyd and boldin.

  38. Hmm. Quandary at RB for me. I have Arian Foster (@IND), Thomas Jones (BUF), and Ryan Torrain (@DET) on my fantasy team, and have no idea who to start. Foster has been a beast so far, but Indy at home is no push-over, and Jones and Torrain have better matchups and have been tearing it up lately, too.

  39. @ jj spaceman - You have to start Foster after he tore up the Colts in week 1 for 231 yards with 3 TDs. Id also go with Thomas Jones as he has back to back games with 100+ yards and a TD. I know Torain also has 100+ yards in 2 straight and is playing the Lions but I think Jones and Foster will have better weeks.

  40. @LiLbRo:
    Thanks. That's kind of how I was leaning. And I was also thinking if the Lions start putting up points (not as laughable as it sounds, at home, coming off a bye, with Stafford back and the offense they have), the Redskins might abandon their running game in favor of McNabb's arm, whereas Kansas City's bread and butter is the run game, and they're not likely to give up on that soon. All in all, it's a nice problem to have, as opposed to my receiver issue (almost all are injured or on a bye)...

  41. Should I start Matthew Stafford or Carson Palmer this week?

  42. @SilverNBlack (again, just a poster, not a mod)

    Stafford is up against one of the WORST pass def in the league, but he's got little experience to look back as far as performance goes.

    Other the other hand, Palmer has been raking the the fantasy points, but is up against a solid MIA Def. Is his sore hip gonna keep him sidelined? I doubt it. But is it gonna slow him down? That's certainly possible.

    This is just my opinion and I'd defer to LiLbRo and KeithyP, but I'd give Stafford the start. He's got solid pass option with Johnson, Burleson, Pettigrew, and Best who just got off a bye week.

  43. @ SilverNBlack - Yea deff go Stafford this week. Washington is ranked dead last in pass defense giving up nearly 300 yards per game. Like Jason said he has goood options and should have a nice 1st game back.

  44. Should i pick up Jacob Tamme and drop Heath Miller or is that a bad idea??

  45. Need 3 out of A. Johnson, Garcon, Bowe, and Ocho... in that order is how I have it now, just looking for sum other opinions... PPR

  46. Trying to decide between Percy Harvin, Steve Johnson Buf or maybe even Blair White at WR and Jacob Tamme or Zach Miller at TE thanks.