Just a week ago the Pats traded Randy Moss, and now have reacquired Deon Branch who was once the SuperBowl MVP for the Patriots.  The Pats gave up a 4th round pick for Branch.

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  1. Do you think I made the right trade?
    I Give up: Big Ben, Chris Cooley, Malcom Floyd and Ryan Mathews
    Peyton Manning and Vernon Davis

    My WR core to replace Floys is: Andre Johnso, Brandon Lloyd, Hines Ward, Wes Welker, Brandon Tate.

    My RB core: Ray RIce, Arian Foster and Beanie Wells(Bench)
    My Current starting QB is Matt Schuab (who will now be a bench player)

  2. @ Anonymous - Honestly only time will tell. But i personally think you give up a lot here. Yes Peyton is amazing and basically a fantasy God. But Schaub is also a must start eaach week regardless of his struggles this week. Also if you wanted to you could platoon Big Ben and Schaub. Alex Smith isnt very good and that hurts Davis' value, and Cooley has been pretty solid with McNabb and we all saw what Floyd did yesterday. Cant go wrong getting Peyton though. So like i said only time will tell.