Are you in need of some assistance on who to pickup to help bolster your roster? Here are some players who we think can make a positive impact on your fantasy squad, who are still available in most leagues.

Must Haves:
Andrew Quarless (TE) - With Jermichael Finley and Donald Lee out, the rookie from Penn State will get the start against the Dolphins in week 6.  Finley is out for at least 3weeks the season and Donald Lee will miss at least the next two weeks with chest pains.  Even without Rodgers taking snaps, Quarless might see a lot of targets as Matt Flynn will check down to him often.  Put your waiver claim in ASAP!
1 Catch for 23 Yards (2 targets).

Solid Pickups

Kenny Britt (WR) - Touchdowns in 3 straight weeks, Britt is an underrated, and under utilized receiver in the Titans offense.  He has great hands and wins a lot of jump balls.  Keep him shuffling though your lineup throughout the bye weeks.
2 Catches for 33 Yards and a TD

Danny Amendola (WR) - The Rams play from behind a lot, forcing them to throw and Amendola is a good bye week filer in PPR leagues.  With 12 catches in week 5 Amendola now has 33 on the season for 303 yards.  He only averages 9.9 yards a catch, but he should find the endzone soon and has 3 weeks before his bye.  Now with Clayton out for the year, Amendola should see his targets increase, as he will be Bradford's go to guy.
3 Catches for 19 Yards (5 targets).

Steve Johnson (WR) - Most people haven't heard of this guy because he plays for the Bills, but he's starting to become a solid fantasy player.  Johnson has benefited from Ryan Fitzpatrick taking over the QB duties in Buffalo and has the numbers to prove it.  Last 3 games - 3 catches 66 yards 1td, 3 catches 31 yards 1td, 5 catches 46 yards 2tds.  Might be a guy you want to have and keep on your bench to fill in for BYE weeks or if you need a guy with a better matchup.
BYE Week

Mercedes Lewis (TE) - Was not much to like here in Lewis with the QB play in Jacksonville, but Lewis continues to get it done. Not racking up huge yards, but has scored in 3 of 5 games (two of the three he had 2 TDs.)
4 Catches for 39 Yards and lost a fumble

Good For A Week
Matt Flynn (QB) - Aaron Rodgers will most likely not play as the Packers need to consider the long term effects of the concussion.  Flynn might not throw the ball all that often, but he has plenty of weapons to choose from and Brandon Jackson looks like he figured it out in the backfield.  If he can open up the pass game for Flynn, I can see him completing about 20 passes and atleast 1 for a TD.
Did not play.  Rodgers was active.

Mike Hart (RB) - Joseph Addai went down with an injury and could sit week 6 while Donald Brown is looking to return to the field after missing the past two weeks with hamstring injury.  With Hart the only RB @ 100%, expect him to get enough carries to warrant a start to fill in for bye week RBs
11 Rushes for 43 Yards

Players to Watch
Colt McCoy (QB) - The Browns had no interest in using Colt McCoy this season.  But Jake Delhomme and Seneca Wallace both are out with injuries and the Browns and drowning quickly.  See how McCoy is used if he starts and see how his timing is with Massaquoi, Watson and Cribbs.  But DO NOT play him this week against the Steelers defense.
23 of 33 for 281 Yards with a TD and 2 INTs.

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  1. Out of Best, Forte, Turner, and McCoy, which 2 would u want on ur team? Ppr league..

  2. I have JFinley..BPettigrew is available and so is Mlewis .. now Pettigrew is the right TE to add right ? or who do you see being a better option of the available which are Moeki,BWatson,GOlsen,Carlson,Winslow..and also Brandon Tate or DAmendola to replace my injured MClayton ? thank you sir

  3. @ Anonymous - I would want Turner, Best, McCoy then Forte in that order.

  4. @ Anonymous - I think Moeki and Winslow are better options in my opinion. Id also go with Amendola as hes now Bradfords go to guy and is racking up catches.

  5. In a ppr league, return yds count. Had to choose between Mike Williams(TB) which I used this past week, and Brandon Tate(NE). My team is stacked and need a WR2 to contribute something. Prior to the trade where NE got Branch was leaning towards starting Tate because of the return yards, now I'm tossed. which would you use? -Mike

  6. Well you got the Pats going up against the Ravens

    Mike Williams is playing the Saints.

    Williams is the best option here.

  7. well i picked up Miami's Def in case rodgers doesnt play but its looking like he might, so what do you think my best back up would be? Chicago, NE, and Oakland are available and seem to have decent match ups what do you think?

  8. Ok got a trade offer, I give R. Moss and Barber. I get Turner, Garcon, and Bowe.... deal or no deal?

  9. whos looking better for sunday Brandon Jacobs or Ricky Williams all my rb are on bye i also need to drop someone devin hester beanie wells fred jackson or tate

  10. Format: QB-2WR-2RB-TE-W/R-K-Def

    I'm not sure of the best configuration.

    WR-Armendola, Santana Moss, B. Lloyd, K. Britt, Calvin Johnson.

    RB-R.Mendenhall, J. Best, R. Mathews, D McFadden

    I was thinking

    QB-E Manning
    WR-C Johnson
    WR-B Lloyd
    RB-R Mendenhall
    RB-J Best
    W/R-R Mathews
    K-J Reed

    QB,TE,K, and Def are set. I'm just not sure about my WR, RB, and W/R slots.

  11. @ Corey S - Starting Chicago at home against the Seahawks might not be a bad thing. Seahawks dont have a great offense and Chicago has been shutting it done for the most part. Also with the Raiders they will most likely get a couple turnovers against the 49ers who throw picks and lose fumbles. Who knows maybe one of those goes back for a pick6 or a fumble recovery for a TD. I dont see you going wrong with either choice.

  12. @ Anonymous - Sounds like a pretty good deal to me..hard to evaluate that trade though without knowing the rest of your roster.

  13. @ Anonymous - With the Giants playing the Lions, I think Jacobs will see his playing time increase and should get a few looks at the goalline as the Giants should score a lot of points here. Ricky has a tougher matchup with GB even tho Clay Matthews might be out, but Id go with Jacobs

  14. @ Jason S - I like your WRs as Johnson is a beast and can get it done against any defense and Lloyd is too good right now to sit. Mendenhalls value should increase with Big Ben coming back so hes a must start, but I think you might wanna start Mathews at RB and sit Best. Ive been saying it all week I just dont like Best's chances against the Giants defense. Then at the W/R position you can go with Britt who has a great matchup with the Jags.

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  16. Can I get a clarification? You suggest J Best will be stifled by NYG's D, but what about C. Johnson? It's coming into Thursday, so there's still time to see the situation develop, but he's nursing a right shoulder injury.

    Should I look at Armendola, who is taking over the position of Clayton, in the STL v SD? Take Santana Moss in the WAS v IND who has, other than his week 4 performance v PHI, been putting up better than projected numbers? Or are you seeing some hope in Calvin Johnson overcoming his injury?

  17. which three wr should i start Brandon Loyd marquis colston Eddie royal Danny amendola Brandon Tate Devin Hester and i need more room on roster which wr is the weakes link thanks

  18. @ Jason S - Well for C. Johnson, hes just such a great player, he cant really have a bad matchup because of his talent. Plus the Giants should win big here and Hill will throw for the majority of the game, and they said he has been practicing more, also he has 10 catches and 3 TDs the last two game.but yes I would deff reccommend Armendola, the Rams throw a lot because their always trailing and Armendola is Bradfords man now. I think the Skins gameplan will be to run the ball and keep Peyton on the sidelines so I dont see McNabb throwing the ball all over the field.

  19. @ Anonymous - Id go with Colston, Lloyd and Armendola

  20. Would you do this trade?
    I trade: WR Brandon Lloyd and RB Ryan Mathews
    WR: Santonio Holmes and RB Matt Forte.

    I really dont want to give up lloyd. but I have pretty good WR's already with Andre Johnson, Malcolm Floyd, Wes Welker, Hines Ward and Brandon Tate,

    My RB situation is Arian Foster and Ray Rice.

    2 RB and 3 WR league.

  21. Lloyd is def not the better receiver but his numbers dont lie this year.

    Matthews is going to be held back a lot as he nurses the ankle, but Forte has proved nothing this year

    I would actually make the deal

    1. Holmes > Lloyd and you have enough WR to replace Lloyd is Holmes doesnt put up numbers

    2. Matthews is still a rookie and will split a lot of time with Tolbert looking decent

    3. Forte can score running the ball or catching which is a huge plus

    Make the deal

  22. Should I start Matt Forte or Ray Rice?

  23. @ Anonymous - Go with Rice..big game last week, so hes back and has a good matchup against the Pats.