Are you in need of some assistance on who to pickup to help bolster your roster? Here are some players who we think can make a positive impact on your fantasy squad, who are still available in most leagues.

Must Haves:

Deon Branch (WR) -  On Sunday Branch looked like the Super Bowl MVP he once was when Brady threw to him a few years back.  No Randy Moss, means Brady will be spreading the ball around to everyone, and Branch in just his first game back with the Pats, recorded 9 catches for 96 yards and a TD, against a tough Ravens defense.  The chemistry between Brady and Branch still exists and thats good new for Branch owners.
5 Catches for 26 Yards.

Solid Pickups
Seattle Seahawks (DEF) - Over the past three weeks the Seawhawks have been the best fantasy defense, recording 14 sacks and 6 turnovers.  Playing at home this week against Arizona, they will be the first road test for rookie QB Max Hall, and should produce good fantasy numbers for your team this week.
10 Points Allowed, 1 INT, 4 Fumble Recoveries, 2 Sacks.

Mike Williams (WR) - With Deon Branch gone, 6-5 Mike Williams has quickly become Matt Hasselbeck's go to guy.  In the win over the Bears on Sunday, Williams had 10 catches for 123 yards.  Should see his value continue to rise as he builds up chemistry with Hasselbeck.
11 Catches, 87 Yards, 1 TD (16 Targets).

Donald Brown (RB) - With Addai nursing a shoulder injury that has made him leave games the past two weeks, Brown might be a guy you want to hold onto once he comes back 100% from his injury.  Yes Indy has a BYE week so Addai gets some extra rest, but if this is something he has to deal with all year, Brown might play an important part to the Colts high powered offense.

Patrick Crayton (WR) - With Malcolm Floyd hurt as well as Gates, Crayton finally gets to see passes his way.  Last week after Floyd went down, Crayton came in and had 6 catches and over 100 receiving yards.  With Rivers throwing him the ball and some main guys hurt, Crayton will continue to produce.
7 Catches for 81 Yards.

Good For A Week
Matt Hasselbeck (QB) - Hasselbeck could be a nice BYE week fill in if you own Peyton Manning, Mark Sanchez or Matt Schaub.  Going up against Arizona defense whose allowed over 250 yards per game through the air and almost 2 TDs.
20 of 38 for 192 Yards with a TD and no INTs.

Players to Watch
Jason Avant (WR) - With Desean Jackson out for possibly the next three games, Jason Avant will see more time on the field, and with the way the Eagles have been throwing the ball this year, he could be a nice fill in for your team.
6 Catches for 60 Yards (8 Targets).

Danny Woodhead (RB) - Woodhead saw his workload increase, as the Pats have a new gameplan moving forward without Randy Moss.  Woodhead could be a great fantasy player for owners in a PPR league.  He racked up 63 yards on his 11 carries, and added 5 catches for 52 yards.
8 Carries for 24 Yards, 3 Catches for 28 Yards.

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  1. Well, I lost las week by .16 poinnts! Damn it. Who do you think I should start at running back, TE and WR? Here are the Players
    RunningBack: Peyton Hillis, Christopher Ivory, Mike Tolbert, Pierre Thomas...
    WR: Randy Moss, Steve Johnson, Mike thomas, Malcolm Flloyd, Kenny Bit, Micheal Crayton
    TE: Hernandez, Moeaki, Celek

    Out of all those players which one should I start at W/R/T?

    I snagged Matt Cassel This week during Shcuabs Bye

  2. I'm in a bit of a pickle this week. Bye weeks and injuries have me not sure what to do.

    QB Ben Roethlisberger
    WR Deion Branch
    WR Mike Williams
    RB Ryan Torain
    RB Darren McFadden
    TE Vernon Davis
    W/R Mike Wallace
    K Mason Crosby
    DEF Baltimore

    BN QB - Peyton Manning [bye]
    BN WR - Reggie Wayne [bye]
    BN WR - Malcom Floyd – out for this week
    BN RB - LaDainian Tomlinson [bye]
    BN TE - Tony Moeaki [I need to keep to cover V. Davis’ bye week in weeks]

    Available are:
    RB’s Justin Forsett & Marshawn Lynch [Seattle]; Knowshon Moreno [Denver]

    WR – Patrick Crayton [SD]

    WR, RB - Danny Woodhead [NE]

    Manning, Wayne, and LT are my starters, but have bye weeks. So, the only wiggle room I have really is McFadden & Floyd. Which one should I swap out for what is available?

  3. Woodhead has a double label of WR/RB. He is potentially a very useful pickup. With several WR byes this week, I am using him as my 2nd WR in a ppr league. Since his bye week is past, if he keeps up his production he could be an ideal bye week fill in.

  4. would it be a bad idea to drop Minn Def and add Tenn Def

  5. ^ continued^ even with Tenn Facing eagles andddd should i drop Brandon tate for Robert Meachem

  6. or Mike WILLIAMS

  7. @ Christopher -
    RB - Hillis and Ivory. Thomas is out again and I dont like Tolberts matchup plus hes not getting the carries.
    WR - Moss, Britt, and Patrick Crayton. No Floyd this week and they will pass all day.
    TE - Celek
    W/R/T - Hernandez. Brady will spread the ball around and Hernandez is solid.

    Nice pick up with Cassel, hes gonna have a nice week.

  8. @ Powder Puff - Tough call for this week. You have a very good team when they're all playing. The only thing you might want to do is pick up Lynch for this week and play him for McFadden. Otherwise you might wanna sit tight and hope to squeak out a win on a serious BYE week for your team.

  9. @ Anonymous - Yes until Fred Taylor comes back, Woodhead will be very useful. Brady likes his hands out of the backfield and he could see 5 catches a week like he had last week. For that reason, especially in a PPR league, he is useful for this week when so many players are on a BYE.

  10. @ Anonymous - Because of how good Tennessee defense is I would pick them up but also hold onto Minn def. They both rank top 10 in yards allowed and points allowed. you might want to use them based on who they play each week. And yes I would get Meachem for Tate, because hes a serious deep threat for Brees.

  11. OKAY this is a HUGE decision for me guys...I want to drop Santana Moss and pick up Jabar Gaffney. Let me know what you think..Orton is a cannon this year and lloyd is doing get so he will be shadowed a lot PLUS Gaffney catches almost everything thrown to him and LEADS the team in receptions! Moss has not done much and Mcnabb does not look THAT good and they are more of a running team. I really need help on this one guys! thanks!

  12. @ SilverNBlack - I wouldn't do that. Moss has wheels and you know McNabb loves to air it out. Besides being shut out in 1 game this year, Moss has at least 6 catches and 77 yards in the other 5. He's been much more productive this year with McNabb then with Campbell. Lately Gaffney has been good, but now with Moreno back I think the Broncos passing game will slow down. Keep Moss. It'll pay off.