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DeAngelo Williams is done for the season!! 
Hakeem Nicks to Miss 3 Weeks!


Week 11 Injury Report

KeithyP's Favs of the Week
Fav QB Matchup - Joe Flacco @ Panthers
24/33 for 301 yards and 1 TD
Fav RB Matchup - Frank Gore vs Buccanneers
12 Carries for 23 Yards 5 Catches for 37 Yards
Fav WR Matchup - Terrell Owens vs Bills
3 Catches for 63 Yards 1 TD
Fav TE Matchup - Antonio Gates vs Broncos
Did Not Play
Fav DEF Matchup - Ravens @ Panthers
3 Points Allowed, 2 INTs, 3 Sacks

KeithyP's Upset of the Week(4-6)
Buccanneers @ 49ers

LiLbRo's Favs of the Week
Fav QB Matchup -Drew Brees vs. Seahawks
29/43 382 Yards 4 TDs 2 INTs
Fav RB Matchup -Michael Turner @ Rams
28 Carries 131 Yards 1 TD
Fav WR Matchup - Braylon Edwards vs. Texans
4 Catches 86 Yards 1 TD
Fav TE Matchup - Jacob Tamme @ Patriots
7 Cahtes for 64 Yards
Fav DEF Matchup - Steelers vs. Raiders
3 Points Allowed, 1 Turnover, 3 Sacks

LiLbRo's Upset of the Week(4-6)
Bears @ Dolphins

Consensus Pick5(32-18)
Jets vs. Texans
Cowboys vs. Lions
Bengals vs. Bills
Ravens @ Panthers
Falcons @ Rams

Practice Squad -
QB - Donovan McNabb @ Titans - 30/50 376 Yards 1 TD 1 INT
RB -Brandon Jackson @ Vikings - 14 for 28 4 Catches
RB - Arian Foster @ Jets - 22 for 84 2 TDs 6 Catches
WR - Brandon Marshall vs Bears - 3 Catches for 41 Yards
WR - Mike Thomas vs Browns - 5 Catches for 36 Yards 1 TD
WR - Mike Williams @ Saints - 6 Catches for 109 Yards
TE - Greg Olson @ Dolphins - 4 Catches for 40 Yards
K - John Kasay vs Ravens - 2/2 FG(40, 45) 1 XP
DEF - Redskins @ Titans - 16 Points Allowed (1 ST TD) 2 Turnovers 3 Sacks

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  1. Please pick two RB's in a PPR league. L. Blount, Keiland Williams, or Ryan Matthews. Yes I know my RB's suck but I had Grant, and Addai is hurt too bah!

  2. QB - Vick v NYG
    WR - C. Johnson v DAL
    WR - B. Lloyd v SD
    RB - R. Mendenhall v OAK
    RB - J. Best v DAL
    TE - K. Winslow v SF
    W/R - F. Jackson v CIN

    QB - E. Manning v PHI
    WR - Manningham v PHI
    WR - S. Rice v GB - not active
    RB - D. McFadden v PIT
    RB - R. Bush v SEA
    TE - C. Cooley v TEN

    Definitely starting Vick - no question there. However, am I right to sit McFadden and Bush. I'd like to see how Bush does before putting too much stock in him. Also, McFadden is up against the famed Steelers DEF, but man that guy is on a tear, too. Add in J. Best's turf toe and his lack luster performances since week 2, but consider his matchup against DAL. Is he worth another shot? I like F. Jackson v SF due to CJ Spiller being out. Lastly, Winslow over Cooley based solely on the matchup. WAS and McNabb have been horrible lately.

    What are your thoughts?

  3. WR's:
    Reggie Wayne
    Mike Wallace
    Malcom Floyd
    Mike Williams [TB]

    LaDainian Tomlinson
    Darren McFadden
    Ryan Torain
    Knowshon Moreno

    Right now, I have my WR's as Wallace, Wayne, Floyd [in the W/R]. I'm having a tough time with the two running back slots, though.

    -LT hasn't been doing the greatest lately, but maybe better with Houston's defense?
    -McFadden, like Sharp, I'm wondering about him up against the Steelers' D.
    -Torain got me no points last week...but that game was just weird.
    -I'm not sure what to think about Moreno b/c I recently picked him up.

  4. @Sethius

    I think Matthews is hurt read this


    And I also think Torrain and/or Portis will play week 11


  5. @Sharp

    First time here?

    I would def not play Best over McFadden as you said yourself, Best has done nothing and McFadden is finally proving himself.

    Yes to waiting on Bush, knowing him he will leave the game early.

    About the TEs I play Cooley. McNabb will need him this week against the Titans

  6. @PowderPuff

    Dont even think about Moreno. Only twice this year does he have more than 15 carries and they were both in blowouts. The Chargers will not fall far enough behind the Broncos for Moreno to get enough touches. And the Redskins could go with a 3 headed back this week as two of their RBs are not 100% but keep an eye on that situation.

    Personally I always play McFadden regardless of matchup and you have to play LT because he gets enough touches, just he needs to do more with them. The Jets will need to keep the Texans offense on the sidelines so expect a lot of running plays to be called

  7. Okay my fantasy experts! haha I need help in both of my leagues..
    1st league : pick 1 RB & 1 W/R please out of..Thomas Jones, LT, Danny Woodhead, Randy Moss & Danny Amendola. Also should I start Tennessee or Greenbay D?

    For my 2nd League: should i play kitna or palmer? And...pick 1 WR and 1 W/R out of..Austin, Garcon, Thomas Jones, & Crabtree please.

    1 more question and that's it! What should I do about DJ Williams in my IDP league with his DUI team issues, should I bench him? He only got me 5 points last week.

  8. QB - P. Rivers
    RB - C. Johnson
    RB - R. Mendenhall
    WR - T. Owens
    WR - R. Wayne
    TE - V. Davis
    W/R - P. Hillis
    K - D. Akers
    DEF - Green Bay
    BN - D. Jackson
    BN - D. Bryant
    BN - K. Moreno
    BN - L. Blount
    BN - J. Tamme
    BN - P. Harvin
    BN - V. Jackson

    Solid team in a .5 PPR but am I starting the correct people?

  9. Okay, thanks! I was leaning towards LT & RunDMC and that helped a lot. What do you think about Fred Jackson. He's a FA in my league, and I was debating if he's going to continue to be worth something...

  10. who should be in my FLEX?? Johnny Knox, Pierre Garcon or Matt Forte?

  11. @SilverNBlack

    Thomas Jones against the Cardinals is a great matchup. Last week only happened because of the big lead the Broncos opened up early lead. SO I would play him.

    At WR I would give Moss the go here. He is going against the poor Redskins defense and this is his first game at "home"

    Also play the Titans against the Redskins rather than the Packers @ the Vikings.

    For league 2 I would play Kitna over Palmer although Palmer has put up some fantasy points this year. I would also give Miles Austin and Thomas Jones the starts

    I do not know much about IDP leagues so I cant help you there.

    Anyone else in a league with individual defensive players??

  12. @Dustin

    Why not give DJackson PHarvin or JTamme the start over Hillis?

    Just curious as to why you choose him

  13. @PowderPuff

    Fred Jackson is a great player but the Bills seem to play from behind so often. He still has a lot of value and is worth playing against the right matchup

    I have him on my ESPN team

  14. @ Anonymous

    Please create a name

    Play either Garcon or Forte, but do your research and go with who you feel is the better option.

    Im not a fan of Knox

  15. holmes, marshall, A. Johnson and Floyd. Which 3 wrs should i start?

  16. @G

    I would sit Marshall

    Either Tyler Thigpen or Patrick Ramsey is going to be throwing him the ball.

    Thigpen is not a TERRIBLE QB but he is a scrambler and I see Davone Bess and Brian Hartline benefiting more with the short routes.

  17. Should I play Mike Williams (SEA) or James Jones as my WR3? Why?

  18. James Jones only has 12 catches in the last 4 games(only played in 2 of them) but in both contests he put up over 100 yards. Besides these last two games he has not gone over 65 yards or 5 catches.

    Mike Williams has had a pretty similar season with 2 100 yard games and only 1 over 65, but he is the #1 option compared to Jones being the #3.

    I would give Williams the nod this week. Both teams are away GB @ MIN and SEA @ NO. The Seahawks could fall behind quickly and avoid the run the game even more than they normally do.

  19. Just caught wind of your recent news about the Yahoo! shut down...dont worry...I'm sure we will all help out and spread the love. As always though, I need help this week and this one is make it or break it for the playoffs as I've dropped to 5-5 and everyone is jocking for the playoff spots. Lemme know who you like and why you like em..

    My team:

    QB - Peyton Mannning
    WR - Harvin, Williams (TB), Breaston, Collie Sydney Rice
    RB - Rice, Hillis, Bush, Keiland Williams, Torain
    TE - Tamme, Hernandez
    K - Carpenter, Hartley
    DST - Ravens, Pats

    My Lineup:


    My biggest question is should I play Reggie Bush or Keiland Williams? I'm skeptical about how much Bush will get in this game, and also I think it will be a blow out with some deep ball plays...Williams could start with Portis and Torain still banged up...so there is good chance he can get a significant workload...lemme know what to do in that flex spot.

    Also, if Collie plays...who do I sub out...Breaston or Hernandez? I'm leaning towards the latter....but give me your opinion. Thanks again and I appreciate everything.

  20. @ Olliver

    I would play it like this

    QB - Manning
    WR - Harvin
    WR - Williams
    WR - Collie
    RB - Rice
    RB - Hillis
    TE - Tamme
    W/R - Breaston
    W/R/T - Hernandez
    K - Carpenter
    DST - Ravens

    You really can not play Bush because he is coming back from injury and you never know how much playing time he will see that is just to risky for a 5-5 team

    Also, with the Redskins running backs I do not suggest playing them because there is a chance that all 3 play this week and just split time

    Rice is potentially done for the season so you should probably drop him and pick up someone else who can you help. Who is available?

    And the Ravens are a must play this week against the woeful Panthers.
    W/R/T -

  21. so i have todd heap and jason witten. normally I would go witten with no hesitation but lions o-line is pretty solid so is witten gonna be blocking all game again? what are your thoughts?

  22. @ Olliver - If Collie is playing you gotta roll with him, so sit Rice. Then at RB your gonna play Rice and Hillis, Tamme at TE and Hernandez at the flex, and id go with Williams at the other flex spot. Hopefully you didnt play Carpenter, and play Baltimores D.

  23. @ Corey S - Id play Witten. They're playing the Lions and he might be too big for the linebackers to cover. Kitna picked apart the Giants defense so he has an even better matchup this week. Dont give up on Witten yet.

  24. I have Orton playing tonight, and my dilemma is whether I should start Malcolm Floyd or Brandon Lloyd. Floyd will be the main guy in San Diego (which means he's also likely to get the brunt of the coverage), but Lloyd has been more consistent week-to-week. I could see tonight's game going either way; either SD is buried because of their injuries, or it's a shootout and Floyd has a big game. Which should I start, Floyd or Lloyd?

  25. Once again, great advice. I lost .7 by playing McFadden over J. Best, but it's kind of hard to complain about that.

    Good call on Cooley over K. Winslow. Though Cooley didn't get going until the 4th Qtr, he still out produced Winslow and help secure my win.

    I've got a 1st round waiver this week and will be dropping best. I'll wait for the week 12 post to ask my question.

    Thanks again,

    (previously signed in this week under my work account - Sharp - oops)