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Thanksgiving Day Football Schedule
CIN @ NYJ 8:20 PM EST NFL Network

Week 12 Injury Report
Bruce Gradkowski to Start for Raiders
Delhomme Starting for McCoy 
Brandon Jacobs to Start for Giants
Clinton Portis Placed on IR

KeithyP's Favs of the Week
Fav QB Matchup - Drew Brees @ Cowboys
23-39 352 1 TD 1 INT
Fav RB Matchup - Rashard Mendenhall @ Bills
36 Carries 151 Yards 1 TD
Fav WR Matchup - Danny Amendola @ Broncos
4 Catches 41 Yards
Fav TE Matchup - Chris Cooley vs Vikings
5 Catches for 49 Yards
Fav DEF Matchup - Raiders vs Dolphins
33 Points Allowed 3 Sacks 1 INT

KeithyP's Upset of the Week(5-6)
Eagles @ Bears

WTFS's Thanksgiving Day Predictions
Patriots @ Lions
Saints @ Cowboys
Jets vs Bengals

LiLbRo's Favs of the Week
Fav QB Matchup - Mark Sanchez vs. Bengals
16/28 166 Yards 1 TD 1 INT
Fav RB Matchup - Adrian Peterson @ Washington
6 Carries for 36 Yards 1 TD LEFT GAME WITH ANKLE INJURY
Fav WR Matchup - Marques Colston @ Cowboys
6 Catches 105 Yards
Fav TE Matchup - Tony Gonzalez vs. Packers
6 Catches for 51 Yards 1 TD
Fav DEF Matchup - Browns vs. Panthers
23 Points Allowed 3 Sacks 1 INT

LiLbRo's Upset of the Week(5-6)
Packers @ Falcons

Consensus Pick5(36-19)
Ravens vs. Buccaneers
Rams @ Broncos
Steelers @ Bills
Browns vs. Panthers
Raiders @ Dolphins

Practice Squad -
QB - David Garrard @ Giants- 20/35 162 Yards 1 INT 1 Rushing TD
RB - Fred Jackson vs. Steelers - 12 Rushes for 59 Yards 5 Catches 104 Yards 1 TD
RB - Jahvid Best vs. Patriots - Did not play
WR - Steve Johnson vs. Steelers - 7 Catches 68 Yards
WR - Sidney Rice @ Redskins - 1 Catch 20 Yards
WR - Mike Williams @ Ravens -2 Catches 20 Yards
TE - Greg Olsen vs. Eagles -1 Catch 9 Yards 1 TD
K - Joe Nedney @ Cardinals -
DEF - Cowboys vs. Saints - 30 Points Allowed 2 Sacks 1 INT

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  1. Hey guys...I took home the W this week bringing my record to 6-5 and still in 4th place. I think the playoffs are in sight, but I gotta get this win this week to seal the deal...tricky plays this week as pretty much dealing with WR injuries or QB injuries. Line em up..

    QB - Manning
    WR - M. Williams (TB), Harvin, S.Rice, Collie, Breaston, Blair White, Derek Hagan
    RB - Hillis, Rice, Keiland Williams, Bush
    TE - Tamme, Hernandez
    K - Cundiff
    D/ST - Cleveland



    Are Hagan or White plays this week? If Collie does play, should I play him? And I'm thinkin Williams is a much better play than Bush this week...especially when you don't know if he's going to play or not. Thanks guys

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  3. QB - Vick v CHI
    WR - Calvin Johnson v NE
    WR - B Lloyd v STL
    RB - R Mendenhall v BUF
    RB - D McFadden v MIA
    TE - C Cooley v MIN
    W/R - M Manningham v JAC

    QB - E Manning v JAC
    WR - S Rice v WAS
    RB - R Bush v DAL
    RB - F Jackson v PIT
    RB - J Best v NE
    TE - K Winslow v BAL
    W/R - M Manningham v JAC

    Manning over Vick anyday, regardless of the matchup. I'm holding Rice and Bush for the playoffs, hoping to see their performances go up as they show they are health. F Jackson against PIT is a bad matchup, and the same for my TE selection.

    Lastly, I was gonna drop Best and pickup Keiland Williams (WAS). Portis and Torain are injured and Williams is putting up the numbers. Best has been a turd after week 2. Maurice Morris is available for DET, but I've seen K Williams perform and get the numbers, so I feel he's the better use of my first round waiver. The question is in my flex position. Manningham moves to the WR1 for NYG, but should I start K Williams (WAS) in the flex instead?

    Thanks again for the advice. Last week, though I accidentally signed in under SHARP, your advice on the TE worked out well with Cooley. He posted the 4th QTR numbers that help me eek out the win. Playoffs, here I come.

  4. Pick two RB's in a PPR league. Keiland Williams, LeGarrete Blount, or Mike Goodson? Why?

  5. Keiland for sure. Portis is out and Torain is doubtful. I like Goodson for the same reason as he's stepped up and produced while CAR's RBs have been injured.

    Disclaimer - just a poster, not a mod. These are just my personal opinions.

  6. Jason,

    I'd go with Kieland over Manningham. Kieland has become a workhorse, i believe he got 26 carries last week and had at least 4 catches on top of that. They're also playing Minnesota who sucks this year. I'm starting him. I just needed to decide between Goodson and Blount. My RB situation has sucked all year. In fact i have lost at least one player each week to an injury which has killed me. Every RB i have has gotten hurt, Ryan Grant, Ryan Matthews, Joseph Addai, Ryan Torain. I also lost Jermichael Finley for the year. Needless to say after winning my leagus superbowl last year, this year has been sub-par. I lost by two, two weeks ago b/c my RB AND kicker both got hurt.. wtf a kicker getting hurt? Very frustrating season. The only thing keeping my afloat is Rodger, Lloyd, Wayne, and Tamme. I have Mike Williams of SEA who was killing it too, but of course he's hurt too... can't catch a break.

  7. My initial roster was great before all the injuries.

    QB Rodgers
    WR Wayne
    WR Driver
    WR Lloyd
    RB Grant
    RB Mathews (got auto picked, lame)
    TE Finley
    K Janikowski
    DEF play the matchup

    now my line up due to injuries is

    QB Rodgers
    WR Wayne
    WR Lloyd
    WR Rice
    RB Williams
    RB Goodson
    TE Tamme
    K Janikowski
    DEF Cleveland for this week.

    Sure would of liked to have a healthy Ryan Grant as he had back to back 1200 yd seasons. But i literally haven't had 1 game this year where all my players played the entire way through without getting hurt. And that is my rant for the evening.

  8. Hey guys, i'll take care of you on the publicity. I put you out there through facebook which is mighty helpful. Here is my questions for my roster this week...Kyle Orton OR Joe Flacco??! this one is too tough for me to figure out myself, and i've been doing it all season and i'm wrong every time!! haha help me out guys

  9. @Olliver

    Collie is out and Blair White is getting his snaps so play White.

    QB - Manning
    WR - Harvin
    WR - White
    WR - Williams
    RB - Hillis
    RB - Rice
    TE - Tamme
    T/E - ? What is this supposed to be
    W/R/T - Sidney Rice
    K - Cundiff
    DST - Browns

  10. @ Jason

    Play Manningham over Williams. The Giants will throw the ball no matter who is starting at the WR positions.

  11. @SilverNBlack

    Thanks for the shout out on Facebook

    I would always play Flacco over Orton

    I am not a fan of Orton and Flacco has 11 TDs in the last 5 games.

  12. meant to put W/T instead of T/E..lol..sorry. so Keiland Williams?

  13. Well I would do some research on Breaston and Keiland Williams and see who's matchup you prefer. I am not a fan of any player on the redskins but this is a decision you should make.

    Breaston has put up 90+ yards in back to back weeks but has not scored

    Williams has only 39 rushing attempts in the past two games for a combined 157 yards with 2 scores(same game) and 10 catches for 77 yards over the last two weeks with 1 td(same game as the 2 rushing tds)

    I think the hype around Williams is that he had a 3 TD game and people think he can replicate that. I on the other hand do not think he ever will score 3 TDs in one game again for the rest of his career. But who am I?

  14. haha thanks...and i know where you're coming from. Would you prefer I play White/Tamme and Harvin/Rice over say Breaston taking a spot over White? Breaston does get the yards for sure, but Manning is the QB who will put it in your hands. Dang this is so hard. If I do play White and have to choose over Breaston and Williams I have a feeling that Keiland has a better shot at scoring more points with it being PPR and hes proven he can catch the ball...guess ill just flip a coin

  15. i need to pick up a player... either derek hagan (nyg) or james jones (gb). thanks for the help!!

  16. Anonymous I would go with James Jones as Hagan is not in the greatest situation right now believe it or not.

    They brought in Michael Clayton and Devin Thomas and are expect to play Travis Beckum out of the WR position today as well.

    Read it here http://www.giantsfootballblog.com/