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Week 9 Injury Report

KeithyP's Favs of the Week
Fav QB Matchup - Aaron Rodgers vs Cowboys - Just take a look at the last few games the Cowboys have played.  Giants and Jaguars, yes the Jaguars killed the boys in the air.  Rodgers is set to blow up after being shut down by the Jets. 
27 completions for 289 yards and 3 TDs
Fav RB Matchup - LaDainian Tomlinson @ Lions - Detroit allows 5 yards a carry and 130 yards a game.  Perfect matchup for LT and the Jets.  The Jets got shut out and shut down last week, but DO NOT expect that to happen again this season. 
15 carries for 55 yards 6 catches for 47 yards
Fav WR Matchup - Roddy White vs Bucs - Tampa Bay is 3rd in the league against the pass, however, they have allowed 12 TDs, and Roddy White is yet to have under 69 yards and less than 5 catches a game.  Plus the Falcons are coming off a BYE.
4 receptions for 49 yards (left game during 1st qtr returned after half)
Fav TE Matchup - Jason Witten @ Packers - Witten had his best game of the season week 8 with Jon Kitna taking snaps(10 catches for 97 yards and a score) and had 95 yards on 9 receptions and a score week 7 when Kitna filled in for the injured Tony Romo.  The Packers have a great defense but the Cowboys will probably throw the ball 50 times this game.
3 recetions for 44 yardes
Fav DEF Matchup - Patriots @ Browns - The Patriots have done a good job containing the run allowing just over 100 yards a game on the ground.  The Browns have no passing attack and have a rookie QB, Colt McCoy, going up against a Bill Belichick defense.  Expect the Pats to blow out the Browns by confusing the young QB with different defensive schemes.
34 point allowed 1 fumble recovery 0 sack 0 INTs
KeithyP's Upset of the Week(3-5)
Chiefs @ Raiders

LiLbRo's Favs of the Week
Fav QB Matchup - Eli Manning @ Seahawks - Seattle gives up 260 yards per game through the air and only have 6 picks, but they rank in the top 10 against the run.  With that said, I still think Bradshaw and Jacobs will have success but it will only make it easier for Eli to hook up with his main guys Nicks, Smith and Manningham.  Seattle looked awful against the Raiders and it only gets tougher with Eli and company coming into town with a well balanced offense.
21 completions for 290 yards and 3 TDs
Fav RB Matchup - LaSean McCoy vs. Colts - Theres a lot of factors in favor of McCoy to be successful here against the Colts.  The Colts give up over 130 yards on the ground and if anyone saw Arian Foster run against them in two games this year they now how easy it is to run.  With Desean Jackson possible out again this week, and Vick coming back from injury as well as the Eagles wanting to keep Peyton off the field, means a lot of touches for McCoy.
16 carries for 95 yards
Fav WR Matchup - Greg Jennings vs. Cowboys - The Cowboys are a lost cause at this point in the season and the defense showed it last week.  David Garrard was nearly perfect throwing 4 tds, and the success that Mike Sims-Walker had should be encouraging for Jennings.  If the Dallas Defense fails to show up again then it could be a lot of passing (since GB doesnt run much to begin) and Jennings has the speed to catch a couple bombs here.
7 recpetions for 80 yards 1 TD
Fav TE Matchup - Antonio Gates @ Texans - Well I'm back on the Gates bandwagon. Averaging 82 yards per game which includes the 12 yard game where he got hurt, the 6-4 260lbs Gates has scored in 7 out of 8 games and has 2 multiple TD games.  Its clear teams cant cover him, and he now faces his easiest matchup of the year.  Houston is giving up a leagues worst 299 yards per game through the air and has allowed 16 TDs.  Another 6 catch 100+ yard 2TD game would not surprise me at all here.
Did not play
Fav DEF Matchup - Vikings vs. Cardinals - The Cards are -9 in turnovers this year with their 12 INTs and 11 fumbles.  Yes their offense came on last week against TB but they still managed to turn the ball over 4 times which led to 2 defensive TDs.  The Vikings are top 10 in defense so dont expect the Cards to score much especially if they find themselves turning the ball over in this one.
24 points allowed(1 kickoff return, 1 fumble recovery) 6 sacks
LiLbRo's Upset of the Week(4-4)
Texans vs. Chargers

Consensus Pick5(25-15)
Jets @ Lions
Patriots @ Browns
Saints @ Panthers
Packers vs. Cowboys
Steelers @ Bengals

Practice Squad -
QB - Chad Henne @ Ravens - 22 completions for 231 yards 3 INTs
RB - Ryan Matthews @ Texans - 9 rushes 42 yards 1 Fumble
RB - Cedric Benson vs Steelers - 18 rushes 54 yards 1 TD
WR - Mike Williams vs Giants - 2 receptions 25 yards
WR - Miles Austin @ Packers - 2 receptions for 16 yards
WR - Larry Fitzgerald @ Vikings - 7 receptions for 102 yards
TE - Dustin Keller @ Lions - 4 receptions for 59 yards
K - Jay Feely vs Vikings - 1/1 FGs(22yds) 3/3 XP
DEF - Eagles vs Colts - 24 points allowed, 2INTs, 3 sacks

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  2. With Chris Johnson and Ryan Torain on bye, who should I start at RB...S. Greene or D. Sproles?

  3. Greene against the Lions

    The Chargers will still throw the ball even if they have only 1 healthy WR who was drafted(Crayton)

  4. Cutler @ Buf or Favre vs. Ari?

  5. Favre has done nothing when he is healthy and he is nowhere near being 100%. I would keep an eye on his situation but I do not suggest starting him this week.

    Cutler @ Buf is not a bad option

  6. Now that Sidney Rice is practicing, when, if ever, would it be a good time to pick him up?

  7. Plagued with byes this week, but I've got a few options I'd like to hear some opinions on.

    QB - E. Manning
    WR - Calvin Johnson, M. Manningham
    RB - R. Mendenhall, D. McFadden
    TE - K. Winslow
    W/R - Jahvid Best

    I've got M. Vick, but I like Manning's matchup over SEA better than Vick v. IND. Am I right to be a little timid on Vick's first game back?

    Also, I can easily replace Manningham with several Free Agents. Who to choose?

    Manningham v. SEA
    S. Breaston v. MIN
    D. Woodhead v. CLE
    P. Crayton v. HOU

    I lost K. Britt for what looks to be a few weeks. Also, I've got Santana Moss and B. Lloyd on byes. I can fill in for the week or pick long term.

    Remaining bench: C. Cooley(TE), R. Bush(RB).

  8. @ Anonymous - If you have a player on your roster who is just taking up a bench spot and you dont have a use for him, I would pick him up and hold onto him and hope for the best.

  9. @ Jason S - Yes Eli is a better option then Vick, especially coming off an injury and possibly without Desean Jackson. And if you dont want to roll with Manningham, Danny Woodhead has a great match-up against Cleveland.

  10. Ok so I reclaimed 3rd place in the 10 man PPR league which is great. I move on to 5-3. Of course, like all weeks past, this one is crucial. I'm playing the #1 guy in my league who happens to have players like (arian foster, gates, roddy, and big ben) on his team. So my optimal lineup has got to play...lemme know the game plan and why you feel that way.

    QB - Brady
    WR - Harvin, Breaston, Williams (TB), Crayton, Branch, Collie (injured)
    TE - Hernandez, Tamme
    RB - Rice, Hillis, Benson, Sproles, Torain(bye),Bush(injured)
    K - Carpenter
    D/ST - New England

    Here is how our starting lineups will be set up so fill in the blanks for me..


    I feel great about the Tamme pickup...I snagged him after the long 22 yd catch on Monday. After I knew Peyton had his trust I knew he would be my savior (I lost Dallas Clark, yeah.)But how is Harvin's value and is Crayton a no brainer play this week? I also scouped up Sproles...he's been rocking in PPR leagues and he is playing Texans...kinda exciting play there. Lemme know what you guys think...and thanks for all your week to week help.


  11. Okay, so I have a trade proposal. Here's my roster:

    QB's - Fitzpatrick, Campbell (I know. Terrible)
    WR's - C. Johnson, H. Ward, M. Williams (TB),E. Royal, M. Floyd, V. Jackson
    RB's - C. Johnson, J. Best, R. Torain, M. Bush
    TE's - A. Hernandez, J. Tamme
    K - M. Crosby
    DEF - New Orleans
    D - James Anderson

    His Roster:
    QB's - Brady, M. Ryan
    WR's - D. Branch, M. Colston, M. Austin, B. Lloyd, Ochocinco
    RB's - L. Blount, M. Turner, P. Hillis, K. Moreno, R. Bush
    TE's - Z. Miller
    K - Tynes
    DEF - Pittsburgh
    D - J. Meyo, B. Cushing

    I proposed a joke trade to him to get Ryan, and he countered with:

    Ryan, Turner, and Lloyd for Chris Johnson.

    I definitely don't need Lloyd, but I am in pretty desperate need of a stable QB. Should i take it?

  12. @ Olliver -

    QB - Brady
    WR - Harvin
    WR - Crayton
    WR - Breaston
    RB - Rice
    RB - Hillis
    TE - Tamme
    W/T - Branch
    W/R/T - Sproles
    K - Carpenter
    D/ST - Patriots

    I did not play Hernandez as his number have come way down since the bye week. He has 17 targets in the last 3 games(including an OT period) and has yet to score a TD.

    I did not play Benson either because the Bengals seem to have fallen in love with the pass and are barely gaining over 100 yards a game on the ground. Benson is only averaging 3.8 yards a carry and only has 2 TDs.

    Good luck!

  13. @ Zactus -

    Is there a trade deadline?

    I would wait just one week for CJ2K with Moss now joining his squad. Teams will have to worry about him down the field and that should open up lots of space for CJ. Plus Moss is one of the best blocking WR in the game.

    I like what Fitzy does in Buffalo and I think he can match points with Ryan.

  14. you wouldnt play mike williams this week? hes projected to do really well..

  15. Well I really see Crayton putting up big numbers as the #1 WR this week for the #1 Passing game against the leagues worst passing defense.

    And you are not NOT going to play Percy Harvin

    That leaves you with Branch Breaston and Williams and I meant to put Williams not Branch in as your Flex.

    I do not like Branch to begin with and his hamstring is bothering him, plus he only has 5 catches the last 2 games for 60 yards

  16. I'm thinking about dropping Roy Williams DAL for Patrick Crayton SD. What do you guys suggust?

  17. ...or is James Jones gonna to be a better long term WR then Crayton?

  18. Def Drop Roy Williams (granted I picked him up the week before Romo got hurt) but yeah drop. No Romo means no RoyW.

    Patrick Crayton is a great play this week so pick him up and see where it goes from here

  19. chil1933 said...
    Trying to decide between Percy Harvin, Steve Johnson Buf or maybe even Blair White at WR and Jacob Tamme or Zach Miller at TE thanks.

    November 4, 2010 1:13 PM

    I am assuming you meant this comment for this post

    Play Steve Johnson and Jacob Tamme

  20. Oops sorry did not see Percy Harvin......If you have space for both play both

  21. Which Titans WRs should be picked up from waivers? Britt (out 4 weeks), Gage, or Washington?

  22. I need to pick two RB's. L. Blount @ ATL, R Mathews @HOU, or Stewart vs NO? Please pick 2, and why?

  23. Also, should I start James Jones vs Dal? Or Mike Willaims @ NYG? And why?

  24. @ Anonymous -

    The Titans have a bye so dont bother picking up any of them this week unless you have an open roster spot

  25. @ Sethius -

    Pick up Blount he has played extremely well the past 2 weeks and is a main reason the Bucs are playing so well and Coach Morris will continue to reward him with touches

    Also take Ryan Matthews since the Chargers are down to their undrafted Wr squad. I still believe the will toss the ball around but they might to establish a run game first to free up the receievers.

    Charlie Whitehurst is leading the Seahawks against the stingy GMen D so do nto even think about playing MWilliams. James Jones against the crappy Dallas D is the much better option

  26. So hard not to start Stewart though, since he got 14 pts on them earlier this year, but HOU does suck on D. ahh decisions.

  27. Sethius just do your research and what your gut feeling is

    The more you think about it the greater chance you have of making a mistake! You like Stewart play Stewart

  28. Whoever i start will do worse... just one of those seasons!

  29. At running back should I start Shonn green vs Lions, Jon Stewart vs N.O or Fred Jackson vs Chicago. Standard League

  30. Collie is back. How should I incorporate him in my lineup.

    3 WR
    1 W/T
    1 W/R/T

    M Williams (TB)

    Also Sproles possible for flex

    Is harvin a play this week if he is healthy? Also picked up Sydney Rice off of the wire...good move? Thanks guys and sorry for having to ask for a lineup again lol

  31. Okay, Best or M.Bush at RB2. Then Hernandez or Tamme at TE?

  32. @ Anonymous - Play Greene

    The Saints will take the lead early and for the Panthers to throw the ball

    The Bears run D is to good for FJack to be worth a start over Greene

  33. @Olliver-

    I would still keep your roster as if COllie is not playing

    He has a bad thumb that might not last the whole game

    Unless you are confident you can win with a low scoring WR I would sit him

  34. @ Zactus

    Best against the Jets is a terrible matchup and I really like Jacob Tamme

    He is a similar player to Clark and everyone would play Dallas Clark if he was healthy so Tamme is a great play

  35. Even if Harvin is a start this week is he gonna be putting up strong enough numbers to keep in my lineup? I have Patrick Crayton on the bench who i'm thinking about starting, what do you think?

  36. Bye week problems... so I have to turn to Free Agents... I need a Flex (RB/WR) to fill, and the best options out there are:
    D. Sproles or P. Crayton... what's the best option?

  37. Out of these 3 RB's which 2 should I start...Beanie Wells, Brandon Jacobs or Knowshon Moreno???

  38. This comment has been removed by the author.

  39. got a good problem to have, but its driving me nuts, got too many good players to choose from:
    QB: Vick
    WR: Ward
    WR: Nicks
    RB: AP
    RB: Foster
    TE: Witten
    FLEX(QB/RB): McCoy
    BN: Roethlisberger
    BN: Schaub
    BN: LT
    BN: Woodhead
    BN: MJD (BYE)
    BN: Vernon Davis (BYE)

    Im debating between:
    1) Ward/Woodhead....a Rb that could be put in as a WR, sounds too good
    2) Ben/McCoy/LT/Schaub
    Please help asap