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Thursday Night Football - Colts @ Titans
Owen Daniels In, Todd Heap Out
Blizzard Postpones Giants @ Vikings to Monday Night 
Percy Harvin Could Miss Mondays Game
Matt Cassel Underwent an Appendectomy
Austin Collie and Brian Hartline Out Week 14
Alex Smith to Start for 49ers
Mike Goodson Sprains AC Joint 
Week 14 Injury Report

KeithyP's Favs of the Week
Fav QB Matchup - Matt Ryan vs Panthers
20/34 for 227 yards 1 TD 1 INT
Fav RB Matchup - LeGarrette Blount @ Redskins
15 carries for 68 yards
Fav WR Matchup - Roddy White vs Panthers
8 catches for 79 yards
Fav TE Matchup - Vernon Davis vs Seahawks
5 catches for 70 yards 1 TD
Fav DEF Matchup - Buccaneers @ Redskins
16 points allowed 2 sacks 1 fumble recovery

KeithyP's Upset of the Week(5-8)
Patriots @ Bears

LiLbRo's Favs of the Week
Fav QB Matchup -Aaron Rodgers @ Lions
7/11 for 46 yards 1 INT - Left game with concussion
Fav RB Matchup - Chris Johnson vs. Colts
22 Carries 111 Yards 1 TD 8 Catches 68 yards
Fav WR Matchup - Mike Wallace vs. Bengals
5 catches for 78 yards
Fav TE Matchup - Jason Witten vs. Eagles
7 catches for 69 yards 2 TDs
Fav DEF Matchup - Steelers vs. Bengals
7 points allowed 3 INTs 3 sacks 2 TDs

LiLbRo's Upset of the Week(6-7)
Raiders @ Jaguars

Consensus Pick5(44-21)
Packers @ Lions
Steelers vs. Bengals
Falcons @ Panthers
Saints vs. Rams
Jets vs. Dolphins

Practice Squad
QB - Carson Palmer @ Steelers - 20/32 for 178 yards 1 TD 3 INTs
RB - Jonathan Stewart vs Falcons - 18 carries for 133 yards
RB - Arian Foster vs Ravens -
WR -Malcom Floyd vs Chiefs - 4 catches for 51 yards 2 TDs
WR -Braylon Edwards vs Dolphins - 1 catch for 17 yards
WR -Mike Sims-Walker vs Raiders - 2 catches for 23 yards 1 TD
TE -Tony Gonzalez @ Panthers - 4 catches for 28 yards 1 TD
K - Graham Gano vs Buccaneers - 1/3 FGs 1/1 XP
DEF - Chicago Bears vs Patriots - 30 points allowed 3 sacks

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  1. I've got a great RB situation this week, except I want an opinion. Start 2 in a PPR league. L. Blount, J. Stewart, or Westbrook. So far I'm thinking Blount and Stewart cause Westbrook will prob split carries, but damn SEA's run def sucks.... what should I do?

  2. Well here it is...first round of the playoffs. I have some really great matchups, and also some scary ones...lemme know what you all think.

    QB - Manning
    WR - Rice,Harvin,Williams(TB),Collie,Breaston,White,Ford,Bess
    RB - Rice,Hillis,Bush,Starks,Choice
    TE - Tamme
    K - Hartley
    D/ST - Atlanta

    So I have been playing my week-to-week matchups with defenses and they seem to be working out good as I played St. Louis and they scored 15 points. I think Atlanta should do a good job of causing some turnovers. My big questions come with my receivers and a running back. Do I take the shot and play one of these time share backs like starks or choice? High risk high reward.

    Also in your opinion, how well do you think Manning will do this Thursday against Tennessee?

    Lineup is this:


    Thanks guys!

  3. To add to my previous post, go ahead and pick 2 out of these: Blount, Stewart, Westbrook, Choice, Starks. ESPN has Starks and Choice with higher projections then Stewart, I dont understand that. Please advise!

  4. @ Sethius - I never like going with a RB from GB because they are such a pass heavy team. But you have to go with Blount after a 100 yard performance against a good Falcons defense he now faces one of the worst defenses this week against the Redskins, who gave up 200 yards and 4 TDs to the Giants (Jacobs 103 2TDs, Bradshaw 97 2 TDs). Blount is similiar to Jacobs in size and Jacobs ran wild on just 8 carries so expect big things. I dont like Choice's or Stewart's matchup this week so I think you should go with Westbrook against the weak run defense of Seattle this week.

  5. @ Olliver -

    I think playing Choice as a flex player is a good idea. As long as Barber isn't playing he will deff get touches, especially after last week looking extremely rested and explosive. Its a tough week against Philly but as a Flex he can't really hurt you. Also don't worry about Peyton. He's still Peyton Manning and will figure this out. I expect him to bounce back this week, he's still throwing for yards and TDs but he should be good with his INTs this week.

  6. alright guys..time for Playoffs.
    Should I start Garcon, hines Ward, Sidney Rice, or Miles Austin. Pick two please.
    Also, for my flex should I start Blount, Thomas Jones, or someone I mentioned above?

  7. @ SilverNBlack - I think because of the extreme lack of run for the Colts Garcon is a must play. Peyton throws and throws and he racks up the yards and TDs (and some bad INTs) and you should also start Austin in what I think will be a shootout between the Cowboys and Eagles. Also with Bryant out more of his looks will go to Austin. Big Ben is still getting it done but with all his injuries I would shy away from Ward, and with Favre questionable with his shoulder I would not start Rice despite his big game with Jackson throwing to him last week, as the Giants have a great pass defense. Your flex should be Blount. He will run right thru the Redskins defense just like the Giants did last week.

  8. Woot made the playoffs in my rookie season. Now a few questions for my first playoff game. Heres my lineup and bench.

    QB Peyton Manning
    WR Calvin Johnson
    WR Steve Johnson
    RB Cedric Benson
    RB Christopher Ivory
    TE Jacob Tamme
    FLX Danny Amendola

    WR Austin Collie
    WR Percy Harvin
    RB Reggie Bush
    RB Ronnie Brown
    RB Tashard Choice

    I had thought of maybe benching Peyton and Tamme this week and maybe picking up Jason Campbell for the week and there are several good TE's available, just thinking Indy might try to run like they did against Jax earlier this season and Tamme hasn't done much the last few weeks.

    Starting lineup? and am i just thinking crazy about benching Peyton and Tamme for the week?

  9. @ Chil - Yes, yes you are crazy about benching Peyton! He's still Peyton Manning and your in the playoffs! He's a must start and so is Tamme. Colts have NO run game. I actually like the Danny Amendola start for you. They're playing the Saints and will need to pass all game if they wanna keep pace with the Saints offense. If not him then go with Choice who looked good last week. Other than that you should be good to go.

  10. Guys!

    i squeezed by into the playoffs... playing the top seed this week, but i wont go down without a fight!

    we have a two qb league, everything else is standard, well only two bench spots which keeps it crazy

    I have QB- big ben, freeman, brady
    RB- bradshaw and fred jackson
    WR- malcolm floyd, DJAX,

    1) I dont have much faith in big ben and am reluctant to start him
    2) I am going to drop hines ward... sidney rice is available but i DONT trust him... branch and driver are out there and are good plays this week in my eye.. which would you recommend?
    3) would you start either of my rbs this week?
    blount, ivory, choice, and dixon are on waivers ( I will most likely pursue them in that order)



  11. oh yeah, theres the streaky/disapointing guys like meachem, ocho, garcon, santana moss, steve smith (car) ... ooo! throw kenny britt into the above mix with branch/driver...

  12. @ Anonymous - 1. Big Ben has had at least 246 yards in his last 4 games, including two 3 TD games. He's going up against an awful Bengals team and defense. The Steelers should put up points and Ben even tho he's hurt should be very productive in this game. The Bucs will most likely run the ball the majority of the game, not giving Freeman much of a chance to have a big game. And of course go with Brady.

    2.Driver has not done much this year but did have 3 catches for 89 yards and a TD against the Lions in week 4 so he does have a good chance in this one. I would not pick up Rice because of Favre's injury and Jackson hasn't proven anything yet. They are also playing the Giants who are tops in pass defense. Branch is a good choice, as he's been very productive since rejoining the Patriots. So Branch or Driver would be the decision you gotta make.

    3. I would deff start Bradshaw. Might have lost his starting job but he still gets the majority of the carries and he had 97 yards and 2tds last week. Jackson might have a tough week going up against a tough Cleveland defense. I do like Blount and Ivory this week as they both should have big games.

  13. Playoffs, baby! YEAH! Okay, now down to business.

    QB - Vick v DAL
    WR - Calvin Johnson v GB
    WR - B. Lloyd v ARI
    RB - R. Mendenhall v CIN
    RB - D. McFadden v JAC
    TE - K. Winslow v WAS
    FX - C. Ivory v STL
    k - Hartley
    D - PIT

    I think the line up is pretty solid. My WRs are league leaders, so there's not much debate there. The same applies to my RBs.

    I'm iffy on my Flex and TE slots.

    QB - E. Manning v MIN
    WR - S. Rice v NYG
    WR - M. Manningham v MIN
    RB - F. Jackson v CLE
    RB - R. Bush v STL

    TE - I know Cooley is a fave among you guys, but up against TB Defense has me concerned. This is why I went with K Winslow.

    FLEX - Rice had a great game, but I don't like MIN offensive situation w/ Farve out (as mentioned in previous posts). BUF always plays from behind and that effects F Jackson. R. Bush isn't getting the numbers and he doesn't get the red zone touches. I'm thinking Ivory is the way to go.

    So, do I need to tweak this line up or leave it be?

  14. @Jason - Leave it the way it is! Cant get more solid than that. Ivory is a great flex play this week. 5 TDs last 3 games. The Saints move the ball easily and are always in the redzone and thats when Ivory gets his touches and punches it in. Good Luck!

  15. Thanks, I was hoping I nailed that one.

  16. pierre thomas vs chris ivery?

    I got Ivery, should I play him with Thomas practicing today (Wed)?

  17. @ Anonymous - Play Ivory. Sean Peyton already said Ivory earned his carries and will continue to get his carries even if Thomas is back. Dont let the return of Thomas scare you away from Ivory

  18. D - Cle or Atl?? riding the bandwagon of whoever is playing the panthers appears to be working at this point...

    Ivory (If PT doesnt play) or blount?


  19. garcon driver or branch?

  20. @ Matt Z - Buffalo can put up points even tho Clevelands D has been great this year. Go with ATL as the Panthers offense is awful. Also I think Ivory will have a good game regardless of Pierre Thomas' comeback. Coach Peyton already said even if Thomas is back Ivory earned his carries. But Blount is on a run first team against an awful Washington defense so roll with him.

  21. @ Anonymous - Collie is out again, and Colts have no run game. Go with Garcon

  22. I am in a must win this week to make playoffs (not like you guys have heard that before) and need an opinion on which RB to start.

    RB 1 is set : Michael Turner
    RB 2 is more of a ?

    D. McFadden or L. Blount.

    I'm leaning towards Blount who is coming off a strong week and the fact the the Jags had a nice say in turning off the allure of CJ earlier in the year. Is that the right call, or is there really no wrong answer here?

    Thanks for the help guys, you have been a go to on a weekly basis when I am in need of opinions or insight


  23. I have Roddy White and Dwayne Bowe but I can't decide on my third WR. I have Gaffney, Rice, and Harvin. Who do you think should get the third spot?


  24. @ Anonymous - Go with Blount. Jacobs (103yards, 2TDs) and Bradshaw (97 yards 2TDs) really exposed the Washington run defense. Blount resembles Jacobs in a big physical back and Jacobs looked great. Blount should have a lot of success against the Skins. McFadden is going up against a much better run defense and is also splitting time with Michael Bush who appears to be the go to back when they are near the goalline.

  25. @ Kelly - I would say Harvin, but he's dealing with migraines again and has missed practice this week due to it. At this point in the fantasy football season its too much of a risk putting him in their as he sat out most of last week with his migraines. I would also avoid Gaffney as he has failed to have 4 catches in his last 4 games and failed to reach 60 yards in his last 6 games. He only has 2 TDs this year. Sidney Rice looked like himself last week with Jackson in their. I dont like his matchup against a strong Giants secondary but out of those 3 he gives you the best chance to win.

  26. Fred Jackson, or Mike Tolbert

    My other RB is MJD

    Playoffs and I need to win that Jackpot!!

  27. @ Dana - Go with Tolbert. He's getting the start over Mathews and we all know Tolbert gets the goal line carries. KC is without Cassel in this one and is going with Brodie Croyle, so the defense will be able to focus on stopping the run, and KC shouldnt be able to move the ball very well, meaning the Chargers will have the ball on offense quite a bit and Tolbert should benefit from it.

    As for Jackson, hes facing a Browns defense that has surprised just about everyone. On offense the Browns kill a lot of clock pounding it on the ground with Hillis. Tolbert gives you the best chance this week.

  28. Should I start Lance Moore, Anthony Dixon, or Sims Walker in Nicks place with the weather conditions and concerns with Nicks not playing?

  29. Anonymous what kind of league is it? What is the value of a catch, receiving yards vs. rushing yards etc etc

    Nicks(if he plays) will not be affected by weather as the Vikings play in a dome.

    Dixon has a great matchup with the Seahawks

    Moore has 11 receptions in the last two week but only 75 yards and 1 td. I do not think he is a better start over Dixon

    I do not think you can take the chance on Nicks this week, even with the extra time off

    Go with Dixon

  30. It's almost game time, and I can't decide! :)

    a. San Diego or Baltimore on D? I was leaning toward San Diego w/Matt Cassel out, but Baltimore was good against Pit last week and got me 15 pts.

    b. Tashard Choice or Darren McFadden for RB?

  31. Sorry it is a PPR league. We get a point per
    reception and .25 per rush. We get the 1 point per 20 yards with rushing and recieving. I have westbrook also and have him in the lineup. If that changes anything let me know or I will probaly go with Dixon.

  32. Also Tampa Bay or Atlantla?

  33. @ Anonymous - I would go with Dixon over Westbrook because they will split carries but Dixon will get the goalline carries. With that being said, I'd then go with Lance Moore. Also play Atlanta's defense. Carolina is just awful.

  34. @ PowderPuff - I like Baltimore's defense for this week. Yes SD wont have to face Cassel but they have been hit or miss all year. Baltimore is always solid. Then I would go with Choice over McFadden. Choice will get his touches and the goalline carries. McFadden loses goalline carries to Michael Bush.

  35. I'm not sure what kind of a game Choice is going to have....but I'm so glad that I went with McFadden with the game he had today! :)

  36. @ PowderPuff - Thank god you did! I would have felt awful is that cost you a win. McFadden blew up this game with 3 LONG touchdown plays.