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Thursday Night Football - San Francisco 49ers @ San Diego Chargers

Week 15 Injury Report 

Steve Smith(NYG) Out For The Season
Rex Grossman to Replace McNabb at QB??
Vikings Sign Patrick Ramsey

KeithyP's Favs of the Week
Fav QB Matchup - Philip Rivers vs 49ers
19/25 for 273 yards 3 TDs 0 INTs
Fav RB Matchup - Peyton Hillis @ Bengals
14 carries for 59 yards. 2 catches for 23 yards.
Fav WR Matchup - Reggie Wayne vs Jaguars
5 catches for 34 yards
Fav TE Matchup - Jason Witten vs Redskins
10 catches for 140 yards and a TD.
Fav DEF Matchup - Bears @ Vikings

KeithyP's Upset of the Week(6-8)
Saints @ Ravens

LiLbRo's Favs of the Week-
Fav QB Matchup -Peyton Manning vs. Jaguars
29/39 for 229 yards 2 TDs 0 INts
Fav RB Matchup -Darren McFadden vs. Broncos
20 carries for 119 yards. 4 catches for 39 yards.
Fav WR Matchup - Wes Welker vs. Packers
3 catches for 42 yards
Fav TE Matchup - Kellen Winslow vs. Lions
4 catches for 46 yards.
Fav DEF Matchup - Steelers vs. Jets
20 points allowed 1 sack

LiLbRo's Upset of the Week(6-8)-
Eagles @ Giants

Consensus Pick5(47-23)
Chargers vs 49ers
Browns @ Bengals
Falcons @ Seahawks
Patriots vs Packers
Bears @ Vikings

Practice Squad-
QB - Tarvaris Jackson @ Bears
RB - Brandon Jacobs vs. Eagles - 12 carries for 34 yards
RB - LaDainian Tomlinson @ Steelers - 11 carries for 49 yards. 1 catch for 6 yards.
WR - Derrick Mason vs. Saints - 1 catch for 42 yards
WR - Eddie Royal @ Raiders - 0 catches
WR - Greg Jennings @ Patriots - 4 catches for 30 yards and a TD
TE - Tony Moeaki  @ Rams - 3 catches for 25 yards
K - Jeff Reed @ Chargers - 1/1 xp, 0/0 fg
DEF - Seahawks vs. Falcons - 28 points allowed, 1 sack, 1 INT

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  1. Jonathon Stewart, Ray Rice or McCoy - pick one.

  2. @ Anonymous - Rice hasnt hit the century mark since week 5 when he scored 2 of his 3 TDs this season. The Saints defense is above average so I would avoid him. The Cards have the worst run defense in the league and the Panthers don't throw the ball much so Stewart is in line for a big game. However if this is a PPR league then I would start McCoy. He is so explosive and is a threat to bust out a long TD run at any point because nobody can catch him in the open field, not to mention he's in the top 10 in the NFL in catches. So if its PPR go with McCoy, if not go with Stewart.

  3. Stewart has the easiest matchup, and but on the worst team and is not a PPR threat

    McCoy killed the Giants earlier this season, but he the stats were deceiving as he had a 50 yard TD run. So his other 13 attempts went for 61 yards. Still an average of over 4 but he only had 14 rushing attempts. He did catch 5 passes out of the backfield but for a measly 29 yards. McCoy has not had more than 16 rushing attempts since week 6 and it was the only time he ran more than 20 times. He is a real threat in a PPR. I just can not see him having a HUGE game against this Giants D that is looking stronger each week.

    Ray Rice is having a very dissapointing season even though the Ravens are playing so well. Rice has only broke 100 yards once this season against the Broncos. Actually that was the only game over 87 yards this season! Rice is also a good PPR threat as he has 5 or more catches in 4 of the last 6 weeks. The Saints defense has been much improved and has not allowed many points, 5th in the league, but they have allowed 12 rushing TDs, 22nd in the league.

    I think you need to choose between McCoy and Rice. I would go Rice. What does everyone else think?

  4. Sorry for the grammatical errors

  5. Based on this list of WRs, how would you rank them to start for Week 15: Vince Jackson, Larry Fitzgerald, Brandon Lloyd, Marques Colston, and Jeremy Maclin. Thanks

  6. Second Anonymous, are you the first poster too??

    Please just use a name so we can have a better understanding of who we are talking to, thanks!

    Colston - Amazing Talent on incredible offense with the second best QB in football(Peyton)

    Jackson - Has Philip Rivers and mad skils

    Maclin - Real Threat but only second season(22 years old)

    Fitzgerald - Top 5 receiver when he has a QB

    Lloyd - Sucks

  7. @ Anonymous - Colston, Jackson, Maclin, Lloyd, Fitzgerald

  8. Hey - thanks for the quick responses. Def needed the 2nd/3rd opinions esp re: Jackson. P.S. I am not the first anonymous.

  9. @ Lena - No problem! And thanks for signing in with your username, we appreciate it!

  10. Pick two in a PPR league. Stewart, Blount, or Torain, all good matchups.

  11. I posted the one about Stewart, Rice and McCoy. I should have mentioned it's not a PPR league. My thought was playing the matchup with JStew against the worst run d in the league. Love McCoy over Rice, but just not sure either one hits pay dirt next week. Thanks for your thoughts.

    Have another question. Pick three WRs from White (obvious), Wallace, Maclin, Austin and VJax. Thanks guys.

  12. I would be thankful for some advice..at QB would you go Schaub vs TEN or MRyan vs SEA ? .. and at RB i am solid but its the playoffs and i cant miss..pick 3..LBlount vs DET, RMendenhall vs NYJ,Fred Jackson vs MIA,MTolbert vs SF,FJones vs WASH,MForte vs MIN ?

  13. Ray Rice or Knowshon Moreno at my RB? also Andre Johnson, Malcom Floyd, Deion Branch, Brandon Marshall, Danny Woodhead, or santonio Holmes as my 3 wr's?

  14. @ Sethius - Stewart and Blount. I feel like the Redskins will be trailing most of the game against the Cowboys who put up points, and will shy away from the run game for that reason.

  15. @ Dan - White obvious choice, Maclin and I think this is the week Jackson breaks out. Austin has been a ghost since Kitna took over, and Wallace is so hit or miss. The good thing with Jackson is that he's on a Charger offense who loves to throw. Same goes for Maclin, but McCoy should see the carries, especially in the 2nd half.

  16. @ Anonymous - After seeing what Schaub did last week, I'll take him. I see the Falcons running all over the Seahawks and not throwing too often. And going off matchups go with Blount, Tolbert and Jones, especially in a PPR league.

  17. @ Anonymous - Go with Rice. The Broncos are just so bad, and Moreno can be hit or miss. If its a PPR league you should get some points as Rice is involved in the pass game. Then go with Andre Johnson, Deion Branch, and Malcolm Floyd. Cant trust Holmes or Marshall as the Jets and Dolphins pass game (or should i say offense) has been non existent lately. And avoid Woodhead because your starting Branch.

  18. Yeah, I'm beginning to like VJax a lot more considering they're saying Gates is not going to play so it's basically Floyd and Jackson. Think I may have to put him in there as my WR#3. Thanks for the advice.

  19. Here's another one for you guys. Kitna or Ryan this week? Have Ryan and White, but wondering if I should go Kitna since ATL could get up early on Seattle and run like crazy like they against Carolina last week. Thoughts?

  20. Hey guys I need help - second round of playoffs 12 team ppr league. Finished with number 3 overall seed facing 7 seed.
    QB-Vick RB-L McCoy RB- J Charles WR Fitzgerald WR knox TE Tamme
    Flex -T. Choice DEF-Falcons @ SEA IDP- Tulloch BENCH- Driver, R. Moss, Bess, Addai, Eli, Jets and Giants Def.

    Not comfortable with Knox this week b/c of Bennett emerging or Choice b/c of autograph (u think he is in doghouse?) Waiver wire yields me Blair White, Michael Jenkins, Anthony Armstrong, or Nate Burleson Also need help with Def. pick for the week. Thanks guys

  21. 1)Two Rbs- Torain, blount and bradshaw

    2)three wrs - im going with floyd, djax, and garcon

    I do have branch and britt as well, do you agree?

    3) zach miller, owen daniels, or boss? I think zach might be back!


  22. Joe Webb (3rd string QB for the Vikings) can play WR as well in Yahoo leagues. Do you think he should start for me as one of my WR's this week if he is going to start? My 3 WR's right now are Andre Johnson, Deion Branch and Malcom Floyd.

  23. @ Dan -

    The Redskins are terrible too and the Cowboys are trying to restart their running game with Felix Jones and Tashard Choice as they did in week 13 against the Colts(22 Carries for Jones, 19 carries for Choice)

    I would def Play Matt Ryan as he might be able to throw 2 quick TDs and then keep his compeltion rate nice and high and not have to force throws and create turnovers. Plus he has Roddy White!

  24. @ Smitty - Why would you NOT pick up Blair White and why is he even available in your league!!!

    Here is how I would play your lineup
    QB - Vick
    RB - McCoy
    RB - Charles
    WR - Fitzy
    WR - Bess(White if Collie does not play)
    TE - Tamme
    Flex - Choice
    Def - Falcons (What a matchup!)
    IDP - I know nothing about these types of leagues

    I know people are down on the Dolphins offense but last week was just such a terrible game for both teams. Henne is better than 5 completions especially against the Bills.

  25. Sidney Rice or Mike Williams (SEA) as WR3 in a PPR league?

    Also, if Rodgers can't go would you go with Jason Campbell or Kerry Collins?

  26. @ Mark

    1.) Bradshaw and Torain. Bradshaw and the Giants offense are in beast mode and Torain tore it up last week. The Cowboys are just an average Run D so Torain should have a nice day. If I am starting a football team I would probably take Blount over Torain but based on his matchup and how well he ran last week, I give Torain the start.

    2.) I think you got the Wr's correct, even though Britt and Collins were on the same page earlier in the season(7 catches for 225 yards 3 Tds week7).

    3.) Zach Miller has been useless this season. Owen Daniels as well. Boss is putting up numbers with the Giants crop of receivers unable to stay healthy. Give Boss the go.

  27. @ G

    Do not play Joe Webb over any 3 of those WRs. Who knows what the Vikings are going to do this week against the Bears. The only player worth a start on the Vikings is AP. Sidney Rice can be a stretch if you are hurting at WR but I would not play Joe Webb in the playoffs of Fantasy Football.

  28. @ Sethius

    Those are two tough decisions. I just can not see the Vikings passing the ball enough to warrant a start unless you had NO other options at WR. Mike Williams has put up some numbers this season and all signs point to him playing so I would play him. But keep your eyes open on any news that comes out surrounding his health.

    As for your QB situation, go with Collins. The Raiders may not even have to throw the ball once with McFadden and Bush running all over the Broncos. Collins and the Titans may fall behind the Texans early and force Collins to attempt nearly 30 passes. With Britt back and Moss on the other side, AND having to worry about containing Chris Johnson, I think Collins could put up some Fantasy Points

  29. Ok what about John Kitna instead of those two? I just saw he's available.

  30. Kitna has been pretty bad overall the past 4 weeks.

    Kitna Average Last 4 Games
    217.25 Passing Yards
    22.5 Completions
    31.75 Attempts
    1.5 TDs

    Pretty basic and that is with a 313 yard game and a 3TD game. I think Collins can put up those numbers. Like i said earlier I REALLY think the Cowboys will try to run run run against the Redskins.

  31. Hey guys, i made it to the second round and i'm trying to decide on rb's and a flex this week. Need 2rb's. I have Cedric Benson, Ronnie Brown, Ryan Torain, Tashard Choice, Jahvid Best and Christopher Ivory. Right now i have Brown and Torain penciled in. For flex i have the above rb's, Austin Collie if he starts and Danny Amendola. I hope Collie Starts but, I have Stevie Johnson and Calvin Johnson at start for wr. Thanks again.

  32. At RB I would avoid Ronnie Brown. He has only reacorded 80 yards twice, and yet to go over 85 yards. He has been such a dissapointment this season.

    Play Ryan Torain,and Benson. If there is no Austin Collie this week, play Chris Ivory. Amendola only has 20 catches in the last 4 weeks (1 last week) so I think I would avoid him against the KC Chiefs.

    If Collie plays this week give the start toIivory

  33. Sorry about that last sentence I was editing and forgot to delete that line

  34. I know you guys commented on Joe Webb earlier. But is he worth a grab? Either going with Bess or White(if collie doesnt play). A bad day at QB is still a decent day at wr, right? Thanks

  35. Is he worth a start at WR? Probably but this isnt week 2 of the regular season, its the playoffs. Not a good week to take a chance. Give Bess/White the go and know you went into the game giving your team the best chance to win.

    The Vikings signed Patrick Ramsey so they may even split snaps

  36. Guys its me again... so with collie coming back is garcon still a good play this week? I am heavily leaning towards britt (u were right he had great chemistry with Kerry Collins earlier this year and its against the Texans!)

  37. @ Mark - With Collie back, that just takes targets away from Garcon. Go with Britt. Texans can't stop the pass and he's been great with Collins under center. Moss will most likely draw attention from the defense but we all know he isn't taking catches away from Britt.

  38. #2 seed now in the Semi's...need to figure out what 3 running backs to go with this week. I have Turner, Bradshaw, Best, LT, Tashard Choice and Hightower. Which of those 3 would you suggest starting?

  39. Nice call on VJax! 30 points is a nice start to the playoffs. I thought he might do well, but not explode like he did.

  40. @ Nick

    Play Hightower! Beanie Wells has been knocked out of the starting RB position and Hightower is taking advantage. The last two weeks he has 33 carries, 229 Yards, and 2 TDs. He is averaging over 5 yards a carry on the season.

    Obviously Play Turner and Bradshaw

  41. Have another dilemma...we play 2 starting QB's as well...i had Rivers last night, Orton is my other. sounds like he might not even get the start this week...McCoy and Collins are basically the top FA's left...would you suggest picking one of them up to start instead?

  42. Yeah def pick up collins mccoy will only throw 20 passes max. Collins has much better receivers

  43. Alright fellas, made it to the championship game. Now I have a couple situations I'd like to run by you. The first, do I stick with Matt Ryan against the Saints (also have Roddy White) or do I take my chances with someone like Kitna or dare I say it, Tim Tebow?

    And then pick three WRs from Roddy White, Vincent Jackson, Mike Wallace, Miles Austin and Jeremy Maclin.

    Look forward to reading your thoughts.

  44. Congrats on making the Championship Dan, hope we helped!

    Matt Ryan is such a safe play for 15-20 completions and nearly 2TDs. I do not know what the scoring is in your league, but that is probably somewhere around 15-20 points for you.

    Tebow may not put up the numbers passing but in any goalline situation he could easily scramble for an easy TD and help you out that way, IF he gets the start, which I think he will.

    Kitna could be worth looking at but I just would feel SO much safer with Matt Ryan in a championship game.

    Roddy White obviously must play, Vincent Jackson also must play.

    Mike Wallace vs Panthers plays Thursday night so you have to make the decision on him quickly. Last 3 weeks he has atleast 5 catches and over 75 yards. I would say he is a nice play against a terrible team.

    I would avoid Miles Austin as he has yet to catch 5 balls since week 8.

    Maclin is interesting as they play the Vikings on Sunday night, but he is super inconsistant and only has eclipsed 100 yards twice this season. It is hard to ignore the 10 TDs though. I just do not really understand who the Vikings are on D and tonight wont really be a fair game to judge based on the conditions of the field.

    My suggestion is use Ryan, White, Jackson and Wallace.

    Good luck and let us know if you win!!