We Talk Fantasy Sports: August 2010 We Talk Fantasy Sports: August 2010

Monday, August 30, 2010

UPDATED Fantasy Football 2010 - KeithyP's Sleepers and Fantasy Forget Abouts

Sleepers(Mid - Late Round Selections)

Jerome Harrison - With no veteran backup, expect Harrison to handle most of the RB duties. Yahoo(108-2) ESPN(77-5)

UPDATED Fantasy Football 2010 - LiLbRo's Sleepers and Fantasy Forget Abouts

Sleepers(Mid-Late Round Selection)

Matt Moore - Moore took over the QB duties in Carolina when Delhome got injured, and helped the Panthers finish the season winning 4 of the last 5 games.  He threw 8 TDs and 2 picks including back to back 3 TD 0 INT games. Yahoo(122) ESPN(NotDrafted)

Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Vikings Trade for Camarillo

The Minnesota Vikings have traded Benny Sapp to the Miami Dolphins for WR Greg Camarillo.  This comes a day after the Vikings find out they will be without leading receiver Sidney Rice (hip surgery) for half of the 2010 season, and already without Percy Harvin with migraines.  Minnesota also signed Javon Walker yesterday who has 41 catches over the past 3 seasons (19 games).  Walker had his best years in Green Bay with Favre throwing to him.  In 2004, he had 89 catches for 1382 yards and 12 TDs.  Camarillo will be a nice fit as he has very good hands.  He has 105 catches over the past two seasons in Miami, but failed to score last year on 50 catches.  Camarillo and Walker might help fill the void for the lack of WRs Favre will have to start the season, but will still miss Rice and Harvin (if he cant go) terribly.


Tuesday, August 24, 2010

INJURY REPORT Sidney Rice has Hip Surgey

According to ESPN, Sidney Rice had successful hip surgery and will miss the first half of the season.  This is huge news in fantasy land.  Click the link to read the story.

Thursday, August 19, 2010

Percy Harvin Collapes At Practice

Percy Harvin collapsed at practice and was taken to the hospital by ambulance.  Harvin has had a history of migraines and other illnesses since being drafted by the Vikings.

NFC West Preview

NFC WestPredicted RecordLast Years Record
AFC West Preview
AFC South Preview
NFC South Preview
AFC North Preview
NFC North Preview
AFC East Preview
NFC East Preview

Tuesday, August 17, 2010

He's Back!...Again

Well it didn't take long for Favre to come out of retirement, for what seems like the 5th year in a row.  Less than a month ago declaring he was done with football, it appears Favre will be playing in 2010.  This is good news for fantasy players.  Guys like Sidney Rice and Visanthe Shiancoe value significantly  increase.  Favre is absolutely a top 10 fantasy QB, and should put up some nice numbers on a very strong Vikings team.

NFC South Preview

AFC NorthPredicted RecordLast Years Record
AFC South Preview
AFC North Preview
NFC North Preview
AFC East Preview
NFC East Preview
AFC West Preview
NFC West Preview

Monday, August 16, 2010

Derrick Ward On His Way Out Of Tampa?

Derrick Ward had impressive years as a back up for the New York Giants and was rewarded with a 4-year $17mil deal by the Buccaneers once he hit the open market.  Not much more than a year later, Ward looks like he's on his way out of Tampa Bay.  In 2009 Ward only had 114 rushes for 409 yards and 1 td, not exactly living up to his contract.  On Saturday he only picked up 20 yards on 12 carries and Head Coach Raheem Morris was not happy with his body language and effort.  The story here.

UPDATED Fantasy Football 2010 - They Come In Pairs

If you draft a RB who is injury prone its always a good idea to draft their backup JUST in case.  The following are duos who come in pairs due to injuries, split time, or soon to be a change in the depth chart

Michael Turner and Jason Snelling

Frank Gore and Glen Coffee
Frank Gore and Anthony Dixon
Frank Gore and Brian Westbrook

Ryan Matthews and Darren Sproles

Shonn Greene and LaDainian Tomlinson

Kevin Smith and Javid Best

Fred Jackson and CJ Spiller

Marion Barber/Felix Jones and Tashard Choice

Michael Bush and Darren McFadden

Joseph Addai and Donald Brown

Brian Westbrook Signs With 49ers

The San Francisco 49ers have signed veteran running back Brian Westbrook to a 1-year deal.  Less than a week after getting word that 2nd year player Glen Coffee was retiring, the 49ers have replaced him.  This is a nice move for the 49ers, as they have two proven running back now, with Gore and Westbrook.  Westbrook has suffered from concussions throughout the years and he might not be able to play through another one.  Don't let this scare you away from Gore as he will still get the bulk of the work, as Westbrook has to prove his health first before they will give him the touches.  The story here.

Monday Quick Notes

  • Tim Tebow looked strong in his first preseason game, going 8-13 for 105 yards through the air and added 10 yards a score on the ground.
  • Larry Fitzgerald sprained his MCL but should be ready for the season opener.
  • Fred Jackson will be out 4-6 weeks with a broken bone in his left hand and Marshawn Lynch will miss 3-4 weeks with an ankle sprain.
  • Brian Westbrook could land in St. Louis, Washington or Minnesota.
  • The Seahawks have traded Kentwan Balmer to the 49ers.
  • 9 year veteran Aaron Schobel retires.

Sunday, August 15, 2010

Ben Tate Out For Season

Rookie Ben Tate will miss his 2010 season, after breaking his ankle last night in his first preseason game.  This is an awful thing, as Tate looked to have a shot for the starting job in Houston.  It now looks like it will just be Arain Foster and Steve Slaton competing for carries all year.

Saturday, August 14, 2010

Sophomore Slumps

Players who will avoid the Sophomore Slump


Mark Sanchez- In an offense that does not rely on the pass, Mark Sanchez showed that he has all the potential in the world. He just needs to mature and trust himself, his line and his receivers, which he has many of. Braylon Edwards, Dustin Keller, Santonio Holmes, Jerrico Cotchery, Shonn Greene and LT. Not to many QBs have that many options which should allow Sanchez to increase his Fantasy Value this season.

Can Vick become a fantasy stud again?

It wasn't very long ago Mike Vick was an impact player on fantasy teams, as he ran circles around defenses.  He also has a pretty good arm too.  With McNabb out of Philly, and Kevin Kolb getting his first chance to be a NFL QB, Vick will be breathing down his neck trying to once again be a difference maker in this league. 

Huge opportunity for CJ Spiller

It's make or break for CJ Spiller this preseason and he will have plenty of playing time to show it.  Fred Jackson injured his hand in the 1st half of last night's preseason game and will miss the remainder of the preseason.  Also Marshawn Lynch suffered an ankle injury and there is no word on when he will return.  CJ Spiller should be the featured back for the rest of the preseason, and will get plenty of touches to prove what he can (or can't) do in the NFL.

Glen Coffee Retires

Glen Coffee the back up to Frank Gore, has not showed up for practice the past two days.  There's a good reason for it, he has retired.  The 49ers drafted Coffee in 2009 in the third round.  Rookie Anthony Dixon and not Michael Robinson will now be the back up to Frank Gore, but shouldn't impact either fantasy value.  No story out on why he's decided to make this choice, but as soon as the report is out we will post it here.  For more on this click here.

Friday, August 13, 2010

NFC East Preview

NFC EastPredicted RecordLast Years Record
AFC North Preview
NFC North Preview
AFC East Preview
NFC South Preview
AFC South Preview
AFC West Preview
NFC West Preview

Brandon Marshall To Change Sports?

Just saw this article and thought it was pretty funny.  With the threat of a lock out for the 2011 NFL season, newly acquired Miami Dolphin Brandon Marshall says he would go straight to the NBA.  He would like to get a try out with the Denver Nuggets and of course the Miami Heat.  It doesn't surprise me that he would choose basketball, being that he's 6-5 and extremely athletic.  He also said he would sign for the league minimum so he wouldn't cost much for a team to add him to the roster.  Full story here.

Thursday, August 12, 2010

Looking Back at Last Season

The following is the draft recap of last years Finals matchup in my 12 team league.  Then you will see what the teams final roster looked like during the Championship week

Sixty Eight Draft
1. (1) Adrian Peterson
2. (24) Aaron Rodgers

You Aint Goin' Anywhere

We're going to take a look at the running backs this year you need to avoid at all costs.  Regardless of the running back, there are just some defenses who will not allow you to run on them.  Having a running back that can't rack up the yards in fantasy football is absolutely useless and a complete waste of a draft pick.  So let's take a look of those running backs I would advise to stay away from this season...

Runnin' Wild

Lets face it, its nearly impossible to win your league when you don't have good running backs, or ones who have the schedule in their favor.  Yes it helps to have a Drew Brees or a Peyton Manning as well but besides the top 3 or 4 quarterbacks, the rest of the QB's selected will ultimately put up similar numbers each week.  So each year you face the dilemma during your draft when you want to draft a running back who faces the most amount of weak defenses throughout the year. Lets take a look at the running backs this year who can post some huge stats more than a couple of times this season... 

Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Fantasy Football 2010 - Top 36 WRs

The Best of the Best
1. Andre Johnson - No better combo in the game right now than Johnson and Schaub. Johnson has the size speed and strength to be the best WR in the game and he showed it last year.

2.Randy Moss - Getting up there in age, but he's still Randy Moss. Expect the Brady of old this year which will mean monster numbers for Moss.

3.Reggie Wayne - Hard to not put up big numbers as the #1 WR in Peyton Manning's offense. They're a great duo and get it done week after week.

Monday, August 9, 2010

Fantasy Football 2010 - Top 12 Ds

1. New York Jets - Ranked the #1 defense last year, the Jets are the clear #1 to start the 2010 season, after acquiring Jason Taylor and Antonio Cromartie, drafting Cornerback Kyle Wilson and getting Kris Jenkins back healthy.

2. Minnesota Vikings - With Jared Allen back leading the defense, expect the Vikings to be in the leaders for sacks again and force turnovers.

3. Baltimore Ravens - They are an defensive nightmare for every team.  They bring the blitz consistently and force the quarterback to throw picks.  As long as Ray Lewis is lined up as a linebacker the Ravens defense will get it done.

Fantasy Football 2010 - Top 12 Ks

1. Mason Crosby - The Packers have a powerful offense who get the ball down the field in a hurry which leads to lots of points. Crosby is usually out there kicking extra points or field goals on just about every drive.

2. Stephen Gostkowski - Gostkowski is one of the most accurate kickers in the league. Benefited last year to an offense who stalled when it got close to the end zone, but this year the offense should be back to what it once was and that means lots of points for the Patriots.

3. Nate Kaeding - Kaeding has gotten it done since he got into the NFL. He can kick from deep with accuracy. There will be plenty of chances for Kaeding this year.

Fantasy Football 2010 - Top 12 TEs

1. Dallas Clark - When youre the favorite option for the best quarterback in the game, its hard not to put up monster numbers. Peyton loves throwing to Clark as he catches everything. Expect nothing less than the usual 75-90 catches 1,000 yards 8-10 tds.

2. Antonio Gates - In a pass first offense and Phillip Rivers #1 option out to start the year, Gates will see a lot of passes his way. Being 6-4 260 hes a huge target near the end zone. Over the last 6 years he's scored at least 8 tds so why expect anything less in 2010.

3. Tony Gonzalez - The guy is a wide reciever in a tight ends body. Over the past 3 seasons he's averaging nearly 93 catches a year 1032 yards and 7 tds. He's on a very good Atlanta offense and Tony G has played in 206 of 208 games in his career so he's out there every sunday.

Fantasy Football 2010 - Top 24 RBs

1. Chris Johnson - Fastest man in football, we all know what to expect from him. Not only is he shooting for 2,500 yards and Eric Dickerson's record, but he wants that MVP trophy, after feeling robbed by not receiving a single vote last season. With his mindset like that, expect big things from Johnson in 2010.

2. Adrian Peterson - Favre's decision to play this season will impact AP's value this season. If he does retire there is no doubt AP will be the focus of the offense and will see more carries, but defenses will stack the box and focus on shutting him down each week. However if Favre returns AP's value increases because the Vikings will be able to keep defenses off balance and can mix the pass and run well. As long as the fumbles are down Adrian Peterson should be another monster for fantasy owners.

3. Maurice Jones-Drew - MJD is an amazing talent and the #1 option on his team. Not only is he a threat running the ball but is one of the best receivers with great hands out of the back field. In his first four seasons he is averaging 50 catches a season. His small frame and quickness makes it difficult for defenders to bring down, so expect another 1,000+ yards, 10tds and 50 catches for MJD.

Fantasy Football 2010 - Top 12 QBs

1.Aaron Rodgers - Since taking over in GB, Rodgers has done nothing but impress and quickly made Packers fan forget about Favre. In 2 full seasons he has averaged 345 completions, 64% of passes completed, and 29TDs. He was sacked 50 times last season and you have to assume that number will be cut in half and he will have more time to find Jennings Driver and Finley open down field. Rodgers is the Top Dog at the QB positions this year.

2.Drew Brees - Coming off the Super Bowl Victory, Brees and the Saints are expected to do big things. With the emergence of Pierre Thomas in the backfield, teams now have to worry about the Saints run game, while figuring out how to control Brees and the Saints wideouts. Putting up back to back 34TD seasons, you can figure for 30 more this year.

3.Peyton Manning- His 393 completions and 68.8% of passes completed last year were the highest in his 12 year career. He showed us last year that HE is the reason that receivers around him are so great. Austin Collie and Pierre Garcon were both labeled "Who the F is That" last year. With Anthony Gonzalez returning to the field Peyton gets yet another option to throw to along side #1 TE Dallas Clark and Top 5 WR Reggie Wayne

Kobe Bryant Announces Retirement