Is anyone interested in playing fantasy baseball? Send me an email

We will do it two ways
1.) We will do a Yahoo league
2.) I need volunteers to join OUR fantasy baseball league. After we draft you never have to change your roster. You will be allowed 1 free agent move before and after the all star break and it must be position for position. Trading works the same way you need to trade a C for a C and a SS for a SS.

WTFS Fantasy Baseball

You have a starting team and a backup team

3 OF
3 SP

Which ever player has more points moves to your starting team. It is a rotisserie league based on the following stats

R - 2pt
1B - 1pt
2B - 2pt
3B - 3pt
HR - 2pt
RBI - 2pt
BB - 1pt
SB - 1 pt

Starting Pitchers
W - 5pt
IP - 2.5pt
K - .5 pt
ER - (1 pt)

Email me if you are interested in helping us develop this league.

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