An average player on a good team or a good player on a bad team?

This weeks argument is Brett Gardner vs. Ichiro Suzuki

Why Brett Gardner:

Why Not Brett Gardner:

  • Yankees are loaded with veteran outfielders and since Brett does not have the stick they do, DH is not really an option for him.
  • He is starting in LF but Andruw Jones will see a lot of playing time against lefties be it for Granderson or Gardner.
  • He hits in the bottom of the lineup and behind slower runners so his double with a man on first might not net an RBI.

Why Ichiro Suzuki:

  • Pretty much a lock for 200 hits.
  • Ichiro will see more AB in a season which gives him a greater chance to produce.
  • ...This is Ichiro we are talking about.

Why Not Ichiro Suzuki:

  • Will turn 37 this season and is no longer a threat to hit .350.
  • The lineup behind him is not that good and Ichiro needs to score runs to retain his value. 

So who would you rather have?

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  1. I'd have to take Gardner. Like you said he wont require you to use a high draft pick on him, and although Ichiro plays on a terrible team with no offense, he's still most likely going to be taken before the end of the 5th round. Ichiro can get all the hits he wants, but with no protection behind him, he's not going to score and will be stranded most of the time. Gardner on the other hand will bat 9th, but when you have Jeter and company after him he's basically a lead off hitter. He'll slap the ball around, steal bases and score because of the run producers in the Yankees lineup. You don't have to worry about Gardner and Ichiro driving in runs, because that's not their game. Their game is to get on base, steal and score, and Gardner has the advantage being on a better team.

  2. I personally don't like Gardner, so I'm going to lean Ichiro. I don't know if Ichiro can't hit .350. He had more infield singles last season than his previous 5. So he is still more than capable of getting to that mark, he will just need some help getting there.
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    Its not a question of whether Gardner is better then Ichiro, i think we can all agree that Ichiro at age 50 will still be better than any Brett Gardner.

    I just still can not get myself to draft Ichiro so high when there are other players with more value, in my opinion. The outfield has become just so weak of a position that if you dont get Ryan Braun you can fill in with these lesser players on better teams.