This story was originally posted back on March 11, and it seems to be coming true!.  Since Bedard started the season losing his first four starts, he has gone 3-0 over his next six.  During this stretch, Bedard has allowed just 6 earned runs in 39.1 innings of work, while striking out 35 and walking just 9!  He also went on a run of 20 innings pitched without giving up a run.  Part of his success has been keeping the ball in the park.  During his 0-4 start of the 2011 season, Bedard surrendered 7, yes 7 home runs in just 18.2 innings.  He has only allowed 1 long ball since April 20th and it was during his last start on May 31.

Bedard is currently just 51% owned in Yahoo leagues and should seriously be considered if you are looking for help in your rotation.  Remember, this guy once struck out 221 batters in a single season and has not finished a season with an ERA above 3.76 since 2005!  If you think you could use him, leave a comment and we will let you know if you are making the right move.

It sounds like Erik Bedard is healthy again and ready to make an impact for the Mariners in 2011.

The Olympian
PEORIA, Ariz. - Perhaps it is now realistic to expect Erik Bedard to pitch in a major league game this season.
The talented left-hander has battled shoulder problems for the past three seasons, and he hasn’t pitched for the Seattle Mariners since July 25, 2009.
But with each Cactus League start, it’s becoming apparent that Bedard will be in the Mariners’ rotation come opening day.
Bedard had his third straight pain-free outing of the spring Thursday, allowing one run on three hits in 2 2/3 innings. He struck out two and walked one.
Pitching for a terrible Orioles team in a offensive heavy AL East, Bedard posted back to back years of 15-11 3.76 ERA with 171 K's in 196 IP, and 13-5 3.16 ERA with 221 K's in 182 IP with a 1.09 WHIP.  Those are the numbers he posted in 2006 and 2007 respectfully. He only pitched 15 games in both 2008 and 2009 and was a combined 11-7 with an ERA around 3.20 and a 9 K/9.  He missed all of 2010 with injury.  But he's back pitching again and claims he feels fine.  Lets be honest when Bedard is pitching and is healthy he is a great pitcher and one of the best in baseball.  However can he stay healthy in 2011? He hasn't shown he can stay healthy in 4 years now, so he's going to have to prove all the critics wrong.

IF he does stay healthy then I believe Bedard can be a top 10 starter in the MLB, and a must have in fantasy.  A question for the readers - How early of a pick do you risk using to take a chance on Bedard?  He's a high risk high reward guy.  Won't get a lot of run support in Seattle but wow King Felix and Bedard is a nice 1-2 punch the Mariners have been dying to see last a full season.(Obviously we had no idea who Prince Pineda was!)

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  1. random commenter6/5/11, 12:08 PM

    I'm a huuuge Bedard fan. For the last three seasons, it has been frustrating but most of all, sad to have seen him battling the scariest of shoulder injuries. I am elated to see that his resiliency has been rewarded with a - so far - successful return to the majors. It is likely that he won't ever reach his fullest potential after enduring three surgeries, but just to be back and contributing positively is a major triumph. A solid pitcher is quite valuable; he can be as much.

    That stated, the specter of injury is ever present, especially with the type of injury he is recovering from. I haven't done a rundown of all SP pitchers returning from torn labrum surgeries, but of those who come to mind many if not most have needed time on the DL their first year back (I'm thinking in particular Jeff Francis and Aníbal Sánchez). Then my question is: Is it possible for Bedard to go through the season without being forced to have down time? Is it realistic to expect (or even hope) for twenty-five to thirty starts from Erik in his recovery year? (I would have liked to ask this of your Team PT Dana, but didn't see where I could have done so.)

  2. Hey thanks for the comment, I will forward this to Dana and see what her thoughts are

    How do we get back in touch with you?

  3. random commenter6/5/11, 1:33 PM

    Thanks for the reply!

    Can you add me on Twitter? @amariselv. Just so that I can DM you my email address. Thanks!