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Top 15 MLB Teams for 2011
15. Los Angeles Angels
14. Oakland Athletics
13. Detroit Tigers
12. Tampa Bay Rays
11. Colorado Rockies

10.Cincinnati Reds
9. Atlanta Braves
8. Minnesota Twins
7. Milwaukee Brewers
6. Chicago White Sox

5. New York Yankees
4. Texas Rangers
3. San Francisco Giants
2. Boston Red Sox
1. Philadelphia Phillies 

How do you guys feel about this list? Any comments, questions or complaints? Lets us know!

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  1. As die hard Met fans we wish! But sadly no, not top 15 to start the year. Hopefully things change as the season begins and gets going!

  2. you guys r stupid... tigers are more like a top 5 team this year

  3. Thanks for you input!

    However we did not make this list, we got it off, and can you please explain why the Tigers are a top 5 team this year?