A Top Prospect, or a Savvy Veteran?

It's the middle rounds of your draft and you are looking for a 3rd or 4th pitcher. 
Do you take Ryan Dempster or Madison Bumgarner?

Why Dempster
  • 3 years in a row of 10+ wins, an ERA under 4.00 and at least 200 innings pitched
  • Averages 189 Ks the last 3 seasons
  • Injuries have never been an issue
Why Not Dempster
  • Typically matches up with other teams aces
  • HRs allowed and ERA have jumped each of the last 3 seasons
  • Turning 34 this season

Why Bumgarner
  • All the potential in the world and is a 6'5 Lefty
  • Pitches at AT&T Park
  • Minor League record of 34-6 w/ a 2.00 ERA, 8.00 so/9 and 4.09 so/bb
  • Won 7 games last year in just 18 starts

Why Not Bumgarner

  • Giants offense is weak so little run support
  • You never know with young pitchers if they can handle a full season
  • Could have an innings limit/pitch count
I go Bumgarner all the way.  I always take the prospect with the upside.  You can find Dempster's via free agency.  Plus it makes you look like a genius if they pan out. 

So who would you rather have?

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  1. I'd take Ryan Dempster. You know exactly what you'll get out of him around 14 wins, a 3.50-3.70 ERA, 200+ innings, and 180-200 K's. Thats very hard to pass up. Playing on the Cubs I think is the only thing that keeps him from being an elite fantasy pitcher because he has hard picking up W's with no run support in Chicago.

    Sure Bumgarner is gonna be a good pitcher, but he's still very young and there's always that possibility of a sophomore slump when athletes hit a wall in their 2nd season. He too does not play for a team that scores many runs so I don't think he'll rack up the wins either. Not to mention he's most likely going to be on a innings limit this year so he will fall way short of the 200 IP mark that Dempster chases each year. If he wasn't so young and had more experience then I'd probably take Bumgarner but at this point in his career its far to risky to select him over a guy like Dempster