An all or nothing power hitter or a guy who will hit the ball into the gaps and hits for average?

This week we have Adam Dunn vs. Billy Butler

Why Dunn
2010 Stats - .260 38HR 103RBI .356OBP .536SLG

  • 3 years in a row of 38+ home runs and over 100 rbi's. (average 38.6 and 102.6)
  • Averages 105 BBs the last 3 seasons
  • Hits in a strong White Sox lineup and has Konerko as protection
  • Hit into a total of 25 double plays in last 4 years
  • Only missed significant time in 2003
Why Not Dunn
  • Averaging 180 K's over the past 3 seasons
  • .250 career hitter
  • 2 SB and 2 triples over his last 3 seasons
  • Entering his 11th MLB season

Why Butler
2010 Stats - .318AVG 15HR 78RBI .388OBP .469SLG

  • Career .299 hitter (.318 in 2010, .301 in 2009) averaging continues to rise
  • 96 doubles over the last two seasons, only 181 K's
  • 183+ hits the last two seasons
  • Only 24 years old and has a LOT of potential

Why Not Butler
  • Not a lot of offensive helo in the Royals lineup
  • Kauffman Stadium is not a hitters ballpark
  • Hit into 32 double plays in 2010
  • No speed
For now I'm going with Dunn.  However Butler's potential has been hyped for a long time now and it seems like each year he's getting closer and closer to reaching it.  Unfortunately he plays in a tough ballpark to hit, and plays for an awful Royals team.  The Royals need to get him help in that lineup, or he has to move on to another team for him to reach his full potential.  With Dunn you know exactly what your going to get, 40 HRs 100RBIs and a .250 average.

So who would you rather have?

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  1. This isn't really even a question. If you're talking about countering Dunn's power with other stats, you need to look at someone better than Butler. Yes, he will hit way above Dunn, but he doesn't do much beyond that (and strikeout less, if that's a concern in your league). To counter Dunn's power, you'd need something more like a .340 hitter, if you're not bringing anything else to the table.

    Better yet, go with someone like Ichiro who also steals bases and has the potential to give you even more avg and some runs over Dunn as well.

    Dunn vs Ichiro is a lot closer than vs Butler.

  2. Fair argument. However when we do the "Who Would You Rather Have" we compare two players at the same position. For this comparison we are taking strikeouts as a negative into consideration. In the rotisserie league we play in, Butler finished with 70 more points than Dunn, and that's because Dunn struck out 121 more times than Butler. So Dunn is worth the risk because he has the potential to hit 50 home runs but Butler is the safe play.

  3. I am in a 10x10 h2h league and I would take Butler all day long. Dunn is overrated garbage in a 10x10.

  4. Yea I mean people don't really know about Butler all that much because he plays for the Royals. In a 10x10 he can come up huge for avg, obp hits, 2b, etc.