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Fav QB Matchup – Aaron Rodgers @ Panthers – Cam Newton will not want to remember this game as he goes 3 and out nearly every possession.  That leaves Aaron Rodgers plenty of time to find his receivers and light up the score board in a lopsided win. 
  • 308 yards, 2 TDs is nice but could have been better.

Fav RB Matchup – Shonn Greene vs Jacksonville – Even though the Jags beat the Titans last week, they are in for a long season.  Greene and Sanchez should have no trouble walking the ball down the field.  The Jets should return to the run and Greene could easily rack up 100 yards in this game, and probably match his season total in TDs from last season…..2.
  • A 32-2 beat down of the Jags lead to a mediocre day for Greene.  He only took his 16 carries 49 yards, but a TD saved his fantasy day.

Fav WR Matchup Greg Jennings @ Panthers – If Aaron Rodgers is having a field day, Greg Jennings will be the benefitiary.  Jennings will put the team on his back.  He will do it for Green Bay.  The Cardinals last week put up over 300 passing yards on just 18 completions, with longs of 70(Doucet), 48(King) and 34(Fitzgerald).
  • Jennings was targeted a team high 8 times, but only caught two balls.  Luckily a TD saved his fantasy day.

Fav TE Matchup Jimmy Graham vs Bears – The Bears can still put a ton of pressure on QBs and Drew Brees is wise enough to avoid holding onto the ball.  Graham should see a lot of check downs, and should be able to out run the Bears LBs.  Matt Ryan threw for 319 yards(47 attempts) against the Bears last week, and TE Tony G was second on the team in targets(7).
  • 6 catches for 79 yards, Graham was second on the team in both Targets(7) and Receptions(6) behind only RB Darren Sproles.  He was also second on the team in yards behind Devery Henderson's 103 on just 3 catches

Fav DEF Matchup Pittsburgh Steelers vs Seahawks – Marshawn Lynch might run right through the Saints defense, but good luck running past a Jerome Harrison/Troy Polomalu tackle.  The Seahawks might not even have 150 total yards in this one.  Sacks will be easy to come by in this one.  Do not let last weeks debacle against the Ravens distract you.

Upset of the Week (0-1)
Tampa Bay @ Vikings

Pick 6 (3-3)
Steelers vs Seahawks
Ravens @ Titans
Raiders @ Bills
Packers @ Panthers
Cowboys @ 49ers
Texans @ Dolphins

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  1. Thanks for the help last week. I pulled off a crushing win, 158 to 107.

    I'm looking to keep the same lineup this week, but again, I'm waffling over my flex.

    QB - Brady
    RB - Mendenhall & S. Greene
    WR - D. Jackson & K. Britt
    TE - K. Winslow
    W/R - ???

    Last week we agreed on P. Harvin in the flex position and he did well enough. However, considering injuries and performances, I could play....

    L. Tomlinson - He didn't have many carries, but Sanchez looked him up quite a bit and LT showed he still had the goods with the yards he was able to post after the reception. (Opp - JAC)

    W. McGahee - Moreno, too soon to tell, may be off this week with an injury. If so, is it worth putting in McGahee over my other options? (Opp - CIN)

    B. Green-Ellis - Although Woodhead saw more action (actually, almost all of it), BJGE is supposed to be their goalline RB and Brady is definitely taking NE down the field so the opportunities are going to be there. (Opp - SD)

    M. Tolbert - I know every week will not be like week one, but Tolbert shined big time. And like BJGE, he's a goalline RB. (Opp - NE)

    L. Moore - Here's a true wildcard. No week1 performance to go off of, unless you wanna look at how Brees utilizes a lot of his WRs and does it well. And Moore is to be their WR1.

    I'm open to your thoughts, but I'm leaning more towards LT slightly over Harvin in the flex this week.

    Thanks again,


  2. In order I would go:

    Tolbert - Just a huge PPR threat and against the Patriots we should see a TON of points, but check on his health.

    Harvin - Without that kick return, he would have been a waste and nothing positive came out of the Vikings pass game last week.  But he is still a threat to score every time he touches the ball.

    Tomlinson - Jets will get back to the run and LT see the field enough and once again is a PPR +

    Mcgahee - Only if Moreno is out.  He did not get enough action Wk 1.

    BJGE - Not sure why Woodhead was used more but Danny is clearly the favorite in NE.

    Moore - coming off the injury if he plays, Meachem/Henderson, Jimmy Graham, Sproles out of the backfield, than Moore.

  3. Pistol Pete9/13/11, 4:25 PM

    Im not to sure who to start this week... can you just tell me if i should replace some of my starters and start someone from the bench...here are the players on my team

    Aaron Rodgers
    Andre Johnson
    Vincent Jackson
    Malcolm Floyd
    Felix Jones
    Mark Ingram
    Rob Gronkowski
    Joseph Addai

    Joe Flacco
    Darren Sproles
    Steve Breaston
    Lance Kendricks
    Johnny Knox

  4. Ok, Another season underway! I have a concern with who to start for my WR's. I had Colston but now he is hurt. Right now I have

    Starting: Dwane Bowie, Mike Williams

    Bench: Johnny Knox, AJ green, Steve Breaston, Lee Evans

    Also for my #2 RB, Fred Jackson, or Ryan Mathews?

  5. Also for my flex in another PPR league, what wouild you do: Gronkowski, Mark Ingram, or Ryan Mathews?

  6. Who should I start at flex in my 10 man PPR league. My starters are:

    QB - Roethlisberger
    WR - Nicks
    WR - Lloyd
    RB - Charles
    RB - Hillis
    TE - Graham

    Who should I start at flex, Benson of Felix Jones, and why?

    My other league, who should I start at RB and Flex in a 12 man NON PPR league

    QB - Roethlisberger
    WR - Wayne
    WR - Marshall
    RB - Gore
    RB - Foster
    TE - Witten

    I have Tate to back up Foster if he is out, however who should I use at flex and why, Hightower or R. Bush, and why?

  7. @PistolPete - Is this a PPR league? If so you might want to start Sproles instead of Addai at your flex. Only because he had 7 catches last week and it's a high powered offense compared to a Colts offense that is clearly going to struggle without Manning, especially the run game which was not very good with him. Other than that your lineup looks pretty solid for week 2.

  8. @Unknown - Is the league with Colston a PPR as well? Do you only use 2 WRs or do you need a 3rd out of the guys you have on the bench? IF thats the case than go with Lee Evans. Yes I know he failed to make a catch but it was his first game with Flacco and the chemistry between them will start to build as more teams double up Boldin.

    As for other league, I'd have to go with Gronkowski after seeing what he and Brady did Monday Night

  9. @Sethius - Start Felix Jones. He is explosive and can bust off a huge run at anytime with his speed. Romo loves to dump it off to his backs and Jones can have games where he catches 5-8 balls a game. He will face a much easier defense this week so his numbers should see a huge increase in production.

    Also I would go with Bush over Hightower. Bush got 11 caries, which in a normal game should be around 17 but because of the pace of that game they took some carries away, but look what he did on the recieving end - 9/56/1. Thats a pretty good fantasy line. They play the Texans this week with an offense similar to the Pats, lots of passes and score in a hurry. We can see similar numbers for Bush this week.

  10. Christopher Clark9/14/11, 11:26 AM

    LilBro, yea my league is a 3 WR PPR league. I picked up Devery Henderson last night, would you start Lee Evans over him?

  11. Chris do not start Evans over Henderson!

  12. Christopher Clark9/14/11, 12:10 PM

    Thats What I figured, was just checking however :)

  13. Christopher Clark9/14/11, 12:14 PM

    For my Flex in a PPR would you go with Burelson or Gronkowski?

  14. Eddie Machete9/14/11, 10:44 PM

    Hey guys thanks for solidifying my picks last week, I came out with a win.

    I guess the only question I have is Hightower or Jacobs at my flex. Why do you think the Giants only gave the big man 6 carries?

  15. @ Chris -  I would play Gronkowski.  They will both see similar targets, but Gronk is more likely to score a TD.  And if it is anything like last week for the Chiefs, the Lions could be running the ball the entire second half.

    @ Eddie -  Last week for a lot of teams was odd with the Pass:Run.  The Giants were picking up yards on the ground but insisted on throwing the ball. 

    Jacobs will see some more action this week with the Rams in town, but Hightower is the better option. HTower was and will be given every opportunity to prove himself as the #1.

  16. Pistol Pete9/15/11, 4:56 PM

    Should i start Mark Ingram or Joseph Addai this week?? PPR league

  17. any thoughts on dexter mccluster?

  18. Mean Machine9/16/11, 9:24 AM

    I need to pick two out of these players: Brandon Jacobs, Braylon Edwards, Daniel Thomas, Dexter McCluster, Sims-Walker, Ben Tate, Brent Celek, Domenik Hixon. Any suggestions?

  19. Pistol, I would play Addai against the Browns. Ingram vs the Bears scares me, even with Turner picking up 100 yards last week against them. Plus there are two other RBs stealing carries on the Saints

  20. What about McCluster? Playing instead of who?

  21. Mean Machine, Ben Tate and Domenik Hixon are playable if Foster/Nicks are out. Tate is still a good option even if Foster plays McClustet is the only other option in that bunch.

  22. Back Again!

    Ok so Steven Jackson looks like hes going to be out. I have Felix Jones and picked up Ben Tate from FA. Who would be a better start?

    Also, I dont know if I should start Matt Ryan against a vastly improved Eagles secondary, But I think Im still going to throw him out there. Its prob going to be a shootout but I have Joe Flacco as my backup. Keep Matty Ice in or start Flacco?

    I also picked up STL. Brandon Gibson from FA. Sidney Rice is injured for me and I dont want to start Mike Thomas against the Jets. You think it's better to roll with Thomas or stick with Gibson as my WR3?

  23. Felix Jones is a better play as Foster will steal work from Tate.

    Matt Ryan vs Joe Flacco is a really tough decision. Obviously you can not expect the same results from week 1 in either quarterback. You should not be afraid of the Philly D yet as the Rams dropped a TON of wide open passes and they are not he Bears D that "contained" Ryan last week(319 yards). He completed 66% of his passes and if one of the passes went for a score, he would of had a nice fantasy day. I would absolutely slot Ryan in at QB. FLacco's advantage last week was field position.

    Do NOT play Mike Thomas. With no Mercedes Lewis and no Jason Hill the Jaguars only have 1 real WR option and he will be STUCK on Revis Island.

  24. Christopher Clark9/18/11, 12:56 PM

    Hey, looks like Lance Moore will play. I am in a PPr league and am wondering if I should switch Gronkowski for Moore in my flex position.

  25. The advice was sound, DeSean Jackson was not.

    Considering my team, I think anyone would've put in the lineup I started. The question of which player to start in the flex position was a wash. All my options produced relatively the same amount of points, withing three points of each other. What killed me was D. Jackson.