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Fav QB Matchup – Cam Newton vs Jacksonville – Back to Back 400 yard games should be backed up with another 300+ yard game against the Jaguars.  Newton has been impressive in his first two starts, and deserves a win. 
  • They did get the win, but the weather was horrendous and led to a 18/34 for just 158 yards with a TD.

Fav RB Matchup – Jahvid Best @ Vikings - The Lions are commited to the run game, and even when the do decide to pass, Best is averaging 5 catches and 6.5 targets a game.  The Vikings have allowed 17 completions for 2 TDs to RBs and 3 rushing TDs over the first two weeks.
  • 5 catches for 74 yards and 12 carries for 14 yards.  Was in and out of the game with bumps and bruises.

Fav WR Matchup – Mike Wallace @ Colts – The Steelers returned to form last week and Mike Wallace was in the mix.  Look for Big Ben to hit him up on big plays as the Colts are just horrible.
  • Carrer high 144 yards on 5 receptions, TD

Fav TE Matchup – Jason Witten vs Redskins - With no Miles Austin and possibly no Dez Bryant, Jason Witten becomes the spotlight receiver.  With 14 targets last week, Witten could see 20 passes come his way this week!
  • 6 catches for 60 yards and 9 Targets

Fav DEF Matchup – Detroit Lions @ Vikings - The Vikings can only run the football.  The Lions have the personel to stop the run.  If the Lions also decide to keep the ball on the ground for the majority of the game, this could be over in less than 3 hours. 
  • 20 Points allowed, 4 sacks

Upset of the Week (1-1)
Washington Redskins @ Cowboys

Pick 6 (7-5)
Lions @ Vikings
Patriots @ Bills
Browns vs Dolphins
Titans vs Broncos
Ravens @ Rams
Steelers @ Colts

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  1. Pistol Pete9/20/11, 6:14 PM

    Thanks for the help last week guys led to a big win for me

    Not sure who to start this week at the flex....Joseph Addai or Brandon LaFell PPR League....also does anyone know any more info on Felix Jones' shoulder injury and if i should start him this week

  2. http://fantasynews.cbssports.com/fantasyfootball/players/playerpage/565804/felix-jones

    Says his injury is manageable and honestly on paper he sounds like a much better option than Addai and LaFell.

    LaFell is Newton's 3rd 4th or even 5th option depending on who is on the field.

    Addai has averaged 4.7 yards a carry, but is splitting time with rook Delonie Carter and they are going up against the Steel Curtain this week.

  3. Mean Machine9/21/11, 9:58 AM

    Trying to make a trade with team that just lost jaamal charles. not sure what to offer. I'm trying to offer dexter mcluster along with either brandon jacobs and/or sims-walker, for beanie wells/ahmad bradshaw/mike tolbert/delone carter/marion barber. the other team's wide receivers are miles austin and randall cobb (austin is out). who do you think i should target in this trade? Thank you

  4. Christopher Clark9/21/11, 9:59 AM

    aLRIGHT, YOUR ADVICE got me a victory last week! Thanks! Now I am here again. Who to start in my PPR

    3 WR: AJ Green, Mike Williams (TB), Dwanye Bowe, Devery Henderson , Lee Evans,.

    2 RB: Tolbert, Ryan Mathews, Mendenhall, Fred Jackson,
    TE: Vernon Davis or Marcedis Lewis

    Then out of those players not selected which one should I use for my flex.

  5. Well why would he trade Beanie/Bradshaw/Tolbert for a backup RB and a WR3(in fantasy)? I dont think you have much trade power with the packages you are offering.

  6. WR1 - Green
    WR2 - Bowe
    WR3 - Henderson

    RB1 - Mendenhall
    RB2 - Matthews

    TE - Davis

    Flex - Tolbert

    Tough on Tolbert/Jackson .....Jackson will clearly gain more yards on the ground, but Tolbert has that advantage of PPR. FJ is playing against the Pats and they shut down the Chargers last week. I think its save to say they can handle the Bills, while the Chargers could really light up the score board against the Chiefs.

  7. Mean Machine9/21/11, 10:14 AM

    What if i offered Ben Tate and McCluster what could i ask in return?

  8. Once again he has 3 good options at the RB position, so not a good trade for him. If you had a better WR to trade and were looking for a RB then you would have a trade.

  9. Mean Machine9/21/11, 10:44 AM

    Okay thanks

  10. I need help picking my RB's in my 10 man PPR league. I lost Jamaal Charles. Here are the backs I have to choose from. I need a RB2 and a Flex-RB

    RB1 = Hillis
    RB2 = Benson (replacing charles)

    Who should I have as my flex in a PPR league, Felix Jones or Dexter McCluster and why?

    Now for my other 12 man NON PPR league who should I start at RB and RB/flex

    RB1 = Gore
    RB2 = Tate
    Flex = Hightower

    I imagine I will stay with that line up, but just incase, i have Bush, Foster and Thomas Jones on my bench, should I play any of those instead?

  11. Christopher Clark9/22/11, 2:24 AM

    Okay now I need help with a different PPR team

    WR: Maclin, Reggie Wayne, Lance Moore, Nate Burelson, Jordy Nelson

    RB: Chris Johnson, Tolbert, Ryan Mathews,
    TE; Todd Heap, Marcedes Lewis, Gronkowski, Vernon Davis

    Then out of those players not selected who gets the flex? I am thinking Maclin, Wayne, Burelson, then Johnson and Mathews, DAVIS, and Gronkowski at flex, or maybe tolbert?

  12. Sethius -

    Felix Jones, if healthy, should be the better option. With the potential for Bryant to miss Monday nights game along with Austin and half a Tony Romo, the Cowboys would be wise to run the ball and control the game. Plus Jones is highly capable of catching out of the backfield.

    McCluster will see the field a lot this week against the Chargers. He will be in on all passing situations and split carries with Thomas Jones. However, Jones will get all of the short yardage runs including goal line stuff. I am not sold on McCluter as a RB just yet.

    Non PPR
    Hightower is probably your best bet.

  13. Chris

    Yeah your TE's are making it difficult. Gates has been so disappointing early on(8 catches for 74 yards) and Gronkowski is now the only TE on the Pats so most of Hernandez' targets should end up in Gronkowski's hands.

    I don’t really want to say this but sitting Gates and playing Tolbert might be the best option. Gates only has 3 less targets, but it is so much easier to get the ball to Tolbert than it is to Gates. I would do as much research as you could on why Gates has been underachieving before benching him though.

  14. 10 Man PPR and I need help with 2 WR, 2 RB, a flex, and TE pick.

    WR - Britt, D. Jackson, P. Harvin, J. Nelson, D. Nelson
    RB - Mendenhall, Tolbert, Greene, McGahee, BenJarvus
    TE - Winslow or Keller.

    Well, Jackson was a must start, but is Maclin pushing him to a WR2? BUF has Nelson showing some huge potential. Is he worth the WR2 or flex, especially against NE? I'd get excited about J. Nelson and his two consecutive performances, too, but with one reception last week (albeit it a long on for a TD) I'm looking for better options.

    Lastly, Winslow or Keller? I just picked up Keller this week and I'm feeling ready to jump on that bandwagon.



  15. JSHAN

    Keller is a must at the TE

    Jackson and Britt are musts as well at the Wr

    RB I would play Mendy and Tolbert. Not Greene bc the Jets have not run the ball effectively yet.

    Flex should go to one of the Nelson WRs

    Jordy is clearly on the better team with the better QB and is second on the team in targets(10). David is second in targets(19) for the Bills as well.

    Division games are never clear and with the Bills/Pats Pack/Bears both division games, its a real toss up.

    All that being said, the Pats have the second worst Pass D in the league(only behind the Packers)so I would play David Nelson. Plus there is a better chance the Bills fall behind early and are forced to pass before the Packers are trailing the Bears.

  16. Ingram or Addai?

  17. need help with ppr wr start 2 out of D. Nelson, Meacham, Burleson, Boldin

  18. who to start in week 3 at TE Clark or Celek?

  19. I just cant see playing Ingram when two other RBs are seeing the field as well. At least Addai is splitting carries with just 1 other RB

  20. David Nelson and Nate Burleson are the safest of the 4.

    Boldin has not had 5 catches in a game since December 5 2010 and before that is was Nov 1 2010.

    Robert Meachem is not consistant

  21. Celek and Clark are both in similar situations. Great catching receievers who are not looked at by their new QBs. I would have to give Clark the nod as it seems the Eagles only look for the big play with Vick under center.

  22. Is this the week? I have been pretty disappointed with Ryan Grant, last week roy helu looked good. Do i make the switch this week, or should i still wait until he proves more reliable? I could also switch around my flex and play Emmanual Sanders or Anthony Armstrong.

    very deep league with lots of starters thats why im asking about these players.

  23. Helu is probably a better play than Grant. If those 2 WRs are your only other options you're in for a tough week.

  24. I'm in a PPR league and need a gut check on some choices. As in do you agree?

    WR: Starting Welker and R White, bench Stevie Johnson and Wayne

    QB: Starting Stafford, bench Fitzpatrick (note: my opponents #1 WR is Megatron, thought by starting Stafford I could minimize his impact)

    TE: Starting Kellen Winslow, bench Fred Davis (honestly Davis looks better, but I am wary of being oversold on the "hot" hand)

    What do you think? Thanks Michael

  25. This is a repost of the 3:35 above. lets make it simple here's the team, pick the starters. Its a ppr (1 pt) and return league (20yds = 1 pt). Here's the team

    QB: Stafford, Fitzpatrick
    WR: Wayne, White, S Johnson and Welker
    RB: Forte, Sproles, Reg Bush, Helu, and Dexter McCluster (who has WR/RB joint designation.)
    TE: Davis and Winslow.

    Need QB, 2RB, 2WR, TE and Flex

    help please... Michael

  26. QB - Gotta go with Stafford, Lions are putting up 40+ points in each of the 1st two games and they dont look like they're going to slow down. Fitzpatrick will have to throw a lot but Brady will move the Pats offense all game and control the clock as well.

    WR - Welker and White. Cant sit Welker at this point as Brady is throwing at a record pace and he loves Welker. White has started off slow and doesn't have a good track record against TB but he's still Roddy White. Hard to trust Wayne, well not Wayne but Collins and you have much better options at the moment. Johnson might be quiet in this one. Bills will have to throw to keep up with Brady but the Pats will look to take him out of the game.

    RB - Forte and Sproles. Forte is the Bears offense and in a PPR league he's one of the top performers. Sproles might as well be a WR but he's also getting carries in a crowded NO backfield, but Brees loves to dump it off to the speedy little guy.

    TE - Winslow. Tight ends are so hit and miss on a week to week basis (ex - Gates shut out last week), and Winslow is the better of the two with a better chance of making something happen.

    Flex - Can go with either Wayne or Johnson. Like I said if you trust Collins then Wayne's your guy. Fitzpatrick will have to throw a lot but I don't know if the Pats will let Johnson beat them. It's a toss up. Either one can have a big game, or they both can be quiet. But they are both better choices than Bush, Helu, McCluster and Davis in my opinion.

  27. Flex for PPR.

    Is Green-Ellis gonna run over the Bills soft run DEF or is David Nelson gonna tear up the Pats weak pass DEF?

  28. 2 RBs: chris johnson @ DEN/ green-ellis @ BUF/ matt forte @ GB

  29. David Nelson is a better play over BJGE

  30. Chris Johnson and Matt Forte should never sit