Bye Weeks - Ravens, Browns, Cowboys, Dolphins, Rams, Redskins

Key Fantasy Players on Bye:

Joe Flacco
Tony Romo

Ray Rice
Peyton Hillis
Felix Jones
Daniel Thomas
Stephen Jackson
All Redskins

Anquan Boldin
Dez Bryant
Brandon Marshall
Santana Moss

Ed Dickson
Jason Witten
Fred Davis

Have a dilemma at RB/WR? Can’t figure out which player to start? Leave your question in the comment section and we will hook you up with the right answer!

If we have given you a suggestion as to who you should play, please reply on Monday or Tuesday and let us know what you did and if it worked!

Fav QB Matchup – Kevin Kolb vs Vikings  - The Vikings can not stop the pass and the Cardinals and Kolb will take full advantage of that.  With Larry Fitz, Early Doucet and veteran Todd heap leading the way, Kolb could see 300 yards in Week 5.

Fav RB Matchup – Ahmad Bradshaw vs Seahawks - Bradshaw is only seeing about 14 carries a game, but is involved in the passing game now with 14 catches in the last 3 games, averaging 97 total yards.  Playing a Seahawks team with the leagues worst offense, the Giants should be on the field plenty, and Bradshaw should see a bountyful of second half carries.

Fav WR Matchup – Julio Jones vs Packers  - It is safe to assume the Falcons will be playing from behind, and Jones is coming off an 11 catch, 17 target game.  If Jones finds the endzone this week he will put up nice numbers.

Fav TE Matchup – Jermaine Gresham @ Jaguars - The Bengals should be set up with lots of short yardage red zone situations this week as Cedric Benson runs over the Jags defense.  Look fro Gresham to get multiple looks near the endzone.

Fav DEF Matchup – Titans vs Steelers - A banged up Big Ben means big numbers for the Titans defense.  A bunch of sacks and silly mistakes by the Steelers QB should equate to a nice fantasy day. 

Upset of the Week (2-2)
Titans vs Steelers

Pick 6 (18-6)
Cardinals vs Vikings
Bengals vs Jaguars
Saints @ Panthers
Chargers @ Broncos
Giants vs Seahawks
Eagles vs Bills

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  1. Christopher Clark10/5/11, 9:50 AM

    Ok, Got the win last week, even though I started Marques Colston and benched Tolbert. You just never know if Tolbert will get the carries or not. 3WR, 2 RB, TE, Flex

    WR: Duane Bowe, Colston, Devery, AJ Green, Mike Williams (TB) Johnny Knox

    RB: Fred Jackson, Ryan Mathews, Tolbert, Mendenhall
    TE: Vernon Davis, Pettigrew

    I am thinking Bowe Green, Williams(?), Mathews, Jackson at RB, and Vernon at TE with Tolbert at Flex?

    Or I could go with Bowe, Green, Colston.. and rotate Williams to my flex and bench Tolbert. Or I could have a TE in the flex position.

    What do you gusy htink??

  2. WR - Bowe
    WR - Colston
    WR - Green
    I really like his skill set and Mike Williams is having some difficulties in TB.

    RB - Jackon
    RB - Matthews

    TE - Pettigrew
    I just like the Lions offense so much more than the Niners

    Flex - Tolbert
    The Chargers throw to Vincent Jackson or the RBs so Tolbert is a must play each week

  3. Hey guys! I haven't posted since last season, but I'm glad to be back, and need A LOT of help on this decision.

    Currently I'm 4-0 and number 1 in my league, but with the bye's this week, I am going to struggle against a team with the most fantasy points thus far (3-1) and in second place. We are in a 10 team PPR league (.5/reception).

    Starting Lineup:



    QB- Stafford, Newton
    WR - Wallace, Bryant (bye), Holmes, AJ Green, Victor Cruz, Lance Moore
    RB - Rice (bye), McCoy, Bradshaw, Ingram
    TE - Olsen, Hernandez (out)
    K - Kasey
    DST - Tennessee

    I have 2 big concerns. The first being the QB. I am continuing this trend of getting burned by Cam Newton riding my bench while still struggling to accept he is a must start. I think I am there. But Stafford has a very favorable match where Newton torched them last week. Insight? If I roll with Newton, should I put Stafford on the block??

    Concern 2. Is Victor Cruz a reasonable start this week with due to my bye? Lance Moore or Ingram in flex?

    Thanks guys, you always help out

  4. Welcome back.

    QB - Stafford is a must start each week. Newton will be a nice fill in during the Lions bye week. Also great trade value.

    WR - Wallace
    WR - Holmes
    WR - Green

    RB - McCoy
    RB - Bradshaw

    TE - Olsen

    W/T - Moore

    W/R/T - Cruz

    I am not a fan of Mark Ingram the fantasy player

  5. Christopher Clark10/6/11, 1:28 AM

    Ok, I need 3 WR, 2 RB, 1 TE and a Flex for my PPR league.

    WR: Reggie Wayne, Jordy Nelson, Maclin, Sidney Rice Lance Moore, Nate Burelson, Miles Austin

    RB: Chris Johnson, Ryan Mathews, Tolbert
    TE: Vernon Davis, Gronkowski, Marcedes Lewis Fred Davis.

    Jets or Giants Defense?


  6. I hope you are not having a tough time deciding between the Jets and Giants....Just ask yourself who YOU would rather face...Tom Brady or Tavaris Jackson...

    WR - Maclin
    WR - Moore
    WR - Nelson

    RB - CJ
    RB - Matthews

    TE - Gronk

    Flex - Tolbert

    I love Jordy Nelson but he can be a nightmare if he doesnt score a TD.

    Vernon Davis is a freak but his QB stinks.

  7. Need a little help for my NON PPR league and who I should start

    QB - Orton or Hasselbeck?

    WR - Wayne

    WR - Denarius Moore or Jacoby Jones

    RB - Foster

    RB - Gore

    TE - Shiancoe or Jared Cook?

    Flex - Ridley or Isaac Redman?

    And why should I start who you pick?

    In my PPR league I need help at flex

    QB - Manning

    WR - Nicks

    WR - Lloyd

    RB - Benson

    RB - Stewart

    TE - Graham

    Flex - McCluster, Jacoby Jones or Knox?

    And why?

  8. would you make this trade? Daniel Thomas and Stevie Johnson for (Michael Vick or Cam Newton) and Mark Ingram. which quarterback would you pick?

  9. @ Sethius - Orton will have a better day than Hasselbeck. Hasselbeck lost Britt for the year and now the Titans will focus on getting Chris Johnson going, and make him earn that contract. They are playing the Steelers who do not have the same Steeler defense we are used to, especially with James Harrison out with a right orbital fracture. Orton will have to throw all day to keep the Broncos in the game against Philip Rivers and the Chargers. I think a 17-10 game is likely for the Titans/Steelers but the Broncos/Chargers will be high scoring, somewhere along the lines of 34-24 which means more points for Orton.

    Wayne - Even though its not Peyton throwing him the ball he's still Reggie Wayne.

    Jones - With AJ out, Jones is the new go to guy for Schaub

    Gore & Foster

    Cook - He was hyped at the begining of the year to be a sleeper but we still have yet to see it. This could be the week with the Titans going with a new game plan.

    Redman - Only go Redman if Mendenhall is out. If not go with Ridley. The only reason I dont say Ridley either way is because Woodhead and Green-Ellis are still in the mix and you never know who will have the hot hand.

    In your PPR league gotta go with Jones. Like I said he will be the go to guy with AJ out. Look for Jones to put up big numbers.

  10. @ Anonymous - It's hard to say which group of players makes your team stronger without seeing your whole roster. Post your roster and I can help you out.

  11. Kolb
    Greg Jennings
    Stevie Johnson
    Arian Foster
    Felix Jones
    Jason Witten
    Daniel Thomas
    Eric Decker/ Dexter McCluster/ Brandon Jacobs/ Ryan Torain

  12. @ Anonymous - Honestly I would not. You have two solid WR in Jennings and Johnson. You trade Johnson then you downgrade your WRs by a whole lot. Kolb is a good QB and he will put up the numbers eventually. He will end up having a better year than Newton. Vick is always hurt so he's not even worth it. Stick with what you got. Foster and Jones will help you get it done. Ingram is splitting time with Sproles and Thomas so he's hit or miss week by week.