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Fantasy Basketball 2012 - Reviewing PF Rankings

While Paul Millsasp proved to be a top 5 PF this season, we are most upset that we disrespected Antawn Jamison.  The veteran deserved more respect than 28th best PF before the season began and he earned it, finshing in the top 10 and proving to be more durable than some of the up and coming young talent in the league.

How Were Fan Pts Scored?

Players Stat CategoryValue
Points Scored (PTS)0.5
Offensive Rebounds (OREB)0.75
Defensive Rebounds (DREB)0.5
Assists (AST)0.75
Steals (ST)0.75
Blocked Shots (BLK)1
Turnovers (TO)-0.25

End of Season
61Josh Smith (Atl - SF,PF) 100%6635:17:001239136496257931151641306
32Blake Griffin (LAC - PF,C) 99%6636:13:00136821849921054481501305.5
73Kevin Love (Min - PF,C) INJ 86%5539:03:00143222650811147281281254
44Pau Gasol (LAL - PF,C) 100%6537:21:00112918349523837881421208
185Paul Millsap (Uta - PF) 99%6432:51:001061180383150118521121082
226David Lee (GS - PF,C) INJ 83%5737:15:00114717137416254221491035.5
27Dirk Nowitzki (Dal - PF) 100%6233:31:0013424637313642301171026.25
118LaMarcus Aldridge (Por - PF,C) INJ 73%5536:16:00119115029213451451111010
169Kris Humphries (NJ - PF) 88%6234:52:00855233448905074119975.5
2810Antawn Jamison (Cle - SF,PF) 91%6533:03:001118123285131514390950.75
1011Kevin Garnett (Bos - PF,C) 96%6031:10:00947664281755661107944.5
912Carlos Boozer (Chi - PF,C) 95%6629:33:009911144501256324115942.25
1713Tim Duncan (SA - PF,C) 93%5828:11:00895110410132388897926.25
514Chris Bosh (Mia - PF,C) 98%5735:08:001025943581035145117893.25
1515Luis Scola (Hou - PF,C) 89%6631:18:0010251223061403524153874

Stats via Yahoo Fantasy Basketball

* - Rookie
** - New Team
*** - Breakout Season

1Amare StoudemireNY
2Dirk NowitzkiDAL
3Blake GriffinLAC
4Pau GasolLAL
5Chris BoshMIA
6Josh SmithATL
7Kevin LoveMIN
8Zach RandolphMEM
9Carlos BoozerCHI
10Kevin GarnettBOS

11LaMarcus AldridgePOR
12Lamar Odom**DAL
13David West**IND
14Elton BrandPHI
15Luis ScolaHOU
16Kris HumphriesNJ
17Tim DuncanSA
18Paul MillsapUTAH
19Tyrus ThomasCHA
20Andray BlatcheWAS
21J.J. Hickson**SAC
22David LeeGS
23Ed Davis***TOR
24Jason ThompsonSAC
25Tyler HansbroughIND
26Taj GibsonCHI
27Serge IbakaOKC
28Antawn JamisonCLE
29Drew GoodenMIL
30Brandon Bass**BOS

Last years PF stats
  • 5 PFs scored 20+ points/game
    • 34 scored 10+ points/game
  • 6 PFs grabbed 10+ rebounds/game
    • Only Reggie Evans did not average a double-double
  • Pau Gasol, Josh Smith and Tyrus Thomas led the way with 1.6 blocked shots/game
  • LaMarcus Aldrige took the most shot attempts/game
  • Channing Frye and Ryan Anderson each shot over five 3s/game
  • Blake Griffin led all PFs in free throw attempts/game
    • Only made 64% of them

Stats provided by HoopsStats

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