We Talk Fantasy Sports: July 2011 We Talk Fantasy Sports: July 2011

Friday, July 29, 2011

How to Replace Rickie Weeks

7/29 UPDATE -
Weeks suffered torn ligaments in his left ankle in what was termed a severe sprain, and head trainer Roger Caplinger said Weeks would be lost for two to six weeks.
Another day and another top player is joining the 15-Day DL club.  Last night, Rickie Weeks injured his ankle while attempting to leg out an infield single.  So for the next two weeks(and possibly the rest of the season), you will need to replace him in your lineup, and you have some good options.

Friday, July 22, 2011

Carlos Gonzalez Watch - Inflammed Ligaments - 15 Day DL

Carlos Gonzalez has joined the 15-Day DL club
What it means to the Rockies, according to Purple Row

UPDATE - ' Carlos Gonzalez has inflamed ligaments in his right wrist, which seems about the best possible news the Rockies could have gotten

CarGo took an early shower today and will undergo an MRI on his right wrist.  Keep it here for the latest and greatest updates!

Thursday, July 21, 2011

Stephen Drew Out for Season - Fractured Ankle


Last night, Arizona Diamondbacks SS, Stephen Drew, fractured his ankle on a play at the plate and is done for the season.  Drew was tagging up from third on a sliding catch made by Ryan Braun.  Braun hit the relay man who gunned down Drew at the plate, which was perfectly blocked by Jonathan Lucroy.

This is very similar to the situation early in the year when Buster Posey was steam rolled by Scott Cousins.  If Cousins slides, maybe Posey is still playing today.  But if Stephen Drew runs through Lucroy, maybe he scores and fantasy owners aren't forced to find replacements for top players at weak positions.

I still believe that the runner should always try to crush the catcher, as that is the only way you will ever be safe.  I mean safe to score a run, not safe from injury.  This is proof that sliding DOES NOT prevent injuries.

Anyways, the important thing here is that SS is such a weak position that Yunel Escobar(74%) is the best available that is under 75% owned.  If you have deep pitching, don't be afraid to trade for someone you like better the these limited options.  There is better quality FA pitching than hitting at ANY position.

Others available:

Player% Owned
Emilio Bonifacio52%
Alexi Casilla16%
Erick Aybar68%
Alcides Escobar28%
Marco Scutaro11%
J.J. Hardy64%

Monday, July 11, 2011

AL East Preview - Mid Summer Classic Update

*Predictions are from Opening Day

2010WL2011 Predictions WL
x-Tampa Bay9666x-Boston9765
y-New York9567y-New York9171
Boston8973Tampa Bay8577

Opening Day Questions
Can the Red Sox win 100 games?
  • All Star Break - Absolutely
Can the Yankees back end of the rotation keep up with the Red Sox?
  • All Star Break - They have done their job so far; Yankees sit just 1 game back of the Red Sox
How much will Tampa Bay miss Crawford/Pena/Garza?
  • All Star Break - The Rays are 8 games over .500, all 3 players are having a bad year, so NO.
Was Jose Bautista for real last year?
  • All Star Break - Apparently yes, first player with 30 HRs before All Star Break since ARod in 2007.  I am still confused by this massive turnaround.
Are the Orioles going to prove they are ready to compete?
  • All Star Break - 18 games out of first and 16 games under .500, no where near ready to compete.
Second Half Questions
Will the Red Sox starters all be healthy at the same time?
When does ARod return?
Can the Rays offense step up and take the Wild Card?
How many home runs does Jose Bautista finish with?
Who is available in Baltimore?

NL East Preview - Mid Summer Classic Update

*Predictions are from Opening Day

2010WL2011 PredictionsWL
New York7983New York7884

Opening Day Questions
When will Chase Utley return to the Phillies lineup?
  • All Star Break - Returned May 23, and has played in 41 games.  He is hitting .280 and has 4 HRs, 18 RBI and 22 runs scored.
Does Freddi Gonzalez fit in Bobby Cox shoes?
  • All Star Break - It seems as though he fits perfectly into Bobby's shoes.  The Braves are 3.5 games behind the Phillies and lead the wild card.  He has utilized his young bullpen beautifully and has created one of the leagues most feared 8-9 combos in Venters and Kimbrel.
Will the Marlins young studs withstand a full season?
  • All Star Break - Logan Morrison, Chris Coghlan, Hanley Ramirez and Josh Johnson have all spent time on the DL.
How many games will Carlos Beltran play this year?
  • All Star Break - He actually leads the team in games played with 89 
Is 2012 the year of Strasburg/Harper?
  • All Star Break - It does not look like the Nats will let Harper play in the bigs this season, and Strasburg MIGHT play in September, but I think that would be a big mistake.
Second Half Questions
Does Philly make another surprise acquisition?
Where is Dan Uggla?
Does Josh Johnson return to Cy Young status in 2011?
Will Wright, Santana, and Davis return before the Mets clear house?
Do the Nats have the ROY(Espinosa) and CPOY(Morse)?

AL West Preview - Mid Summer Classic Update

*Predictions are from Opening Day

2010WL2011 PredictionsWL
x-Texas9072x-Los Angeles8973
Los Angeles8082Oakland8181

Opening Day Questions
Are the Angels ready to return to the best in the West?
  • All Star Break - Even without Kendrys Morales, the Angels are just 1 game behind the Rangers.
How much will Texas miss Lee/Guerrero?
  • All Star Break - The offense has not skipped a beat  as Adrian Beltre has done more than fill Guerrero's shoes, while the Pitching staff has not been great, but the Starters have been getting the job done, its the bullpen that needs some help.
Did Oakland pick up enough offense to compete?
  • All Star Break - No, 12 games out at the All Star Break is evidence enough.  The pitching has been great as usual, but they can not hit.
Will Seattle trade Ichiro or worse King Felix?  Why not both?
  • All Star Break - Ichiro has the highest average on the team proving he can still play, but there have been little to no rumors about the aging outfielder.  King Felix and Prince Pineda seem to be an inseparable pair, but the rumors will be flying soon about Hernandez.
Second Half Questions
Can the Angels have Co Cy Young award winners?
Who will step up and become the Ace of the staff?
How many prospects will the A's collect at the deadline?
Can Seattle acquire some bats to compete for the AL West title?

NL West Preview - Mid Summer Classic Update

*Predictions are from Opening Day

2010WL2011 PredictionsWL
x-San Francisco9270x-Colorado9171
San Diego9072Los Angeles8577
Colorado8379San Francisco8379
Los Angeles8082Arizona7488
Arizona6597San Diego7389

Opening Day Questions
Is CarGo the best outfielder in all of baseball?
  • All Star Break - Not this year, Matt Kemp is.  Carlos is batting .350 over his last 30 games though, so he still could be the best by the end of the season.
Can Kershaw win the Cy Young?
  • All Star Break - Absolutely, as long as Cliff Lee and Roy Halladay aren't pitching for the Phillies
Was last year a fluke in the Bay Area?
  • All Star Break - They currently have a 3 game lead in the West and are doing things EXACTLY like last year.  All pitching, zero hitting.
Can the Diamonbacks young staff keep the team competitive?
  • All Star Break - Arizona is actually 6 games OVER .500, thanks to Ian Kennedy, Dan Hudson Joe Saunders, and Josh Collmenter.
Who will drive in the runs for the Padres?
  • All Star Break - Ryan Ludwick has done a great job so far, but unfortunately he is the only one.
Second Half Questions
Are the Rockies ready for another late post season push?
Can Matt Kemp win the Triple Crown?
Who can beat the Giants bullpen?
Where will the Bullpen help come from?
Where will Heath Bell land?

AL Central Preview - Mid Summer Classic Update

*Predictions are from Opening Day
2010WL2011 PredictionsWL
Kansas City6795Kansas City61101

Opening Day Questions
Will Morneau be Morneau?
  • All Star Break - Yup, and back on the DL he goes!
What impact does Victor Martinez have on Miguel Cabrera?
  • All Star Break - Apparently Cabrera has a bigger impact on Martinez.  Have you seen these guys run walk out ground balls?!
Can Adam Dunn lift the Sox to the top of the division?
  • All Star Break - Let Adam Dunn to get a hit first
When will Grady Sizemore be traded?
  • All Star Break - Multiple trips to the DL this season already plus the emergance of Michael Brantley, I think once Shin-Soo Choo returns, Sizemore will be on the block.
Which prospect will live up to their potential?
  • All Star Break - Alex Gordon, Aaron Crow, Eric Hosmer, Mike Moustakas
Second Half Questions
Did the Twins wait to long to turn their season around?
Outside of Verlander, do the Tigers have enough pitching?
Will Ozzie Guillen last the rest of the season?
Can the Tribes pitching keep them in the hunt?
Will the Royals youth spark a playoff run?

NL Central Preview - Mid Summer Classic Update

2010WL2011 PredictionsWL
St. Louis8676y-Milwaukee8874
Milwaukee7785St. Louis8379

Opening Day Questions
Is Cincinnati ready to repeat?
  • All Star Break - Just 4 games out at the moment, they have the talent to win it
How many games will Grienke/Gallardo/Marcum combine to win?
  • All Star Break - 24, so far so good
Is St. Louis going to trade Pujols?
  • All Star Break - Def not since they are the division leader
Will Matt Garza dominate the weak NL Central?
  • All Star Break - No, 2-3 with a 5.28 ERA in 7 starts; just 39.2 innings
Can you name the Astros starting rotation?
  • All Star Break - Wandy Rodriguez, Bud Norris, JA Happ, Brett Myers.........
Plenty of talent on offense, but where is the pitching in Pittsburgh?
  • All Star Break - Yeah, completely flipped the script on us
Second Half Questions
Can Dontrelle Willis be a factor in leading the Reds to the Playoffs?
Can Fielder and Braun keep up their MVP seasons?
Will Pujols, Holliday and Berkman stay healthy?
Will the Cubs have a fire sale?
Will this be the worst season in the Astros franchise history?
Can the Pirates prove the first half was legit?

Washington Nationals- Fantasy Fillers

I am not talking about the Good Ol' Days of Vladimir Guerrero, Jose Vidro, Orlando Cabrera, Rondell White, and Pedro Martinez.  Even without Strasburg, the Nationals have kept themselves relevant with outstanding play from mostly undrafted players.

Friday, July 8, 2011

Pittsburgh Pirates - Fantasy Fillers

I am not talking about the Good Ol' Days of Barry Bonds, Andy Van Slyke, Jeff King, and Doug Drabek.  These Pirates are stealing wins left and right, and are ready to win the NL Central.

Wednesday, July 6, 2011

San Diego Padres - Fantasy Fillers

I am not talking about the Good Ol' Days of Tony Gwynn, Derek Bell, Andy Benes and Andy Ashby . This new look Padres team is filled with potential, and plenty of pitching.

Tuesday, July 5, 2011

New York Yankees - Fantasy Fillers

I am not talking about the Good Ol' Days of Babe Ruth, Joe DiMaggio, Mickey Mantle, and Whitey Ford. The power house Yankees have plenty of unowned options to help you win your league.

Pablo Sandoval might be sitting there on Waivers, waiting for you!

Update(7/5): Since Pablo has returned, he has only ONCE gone hitless in a game, and has 5 multi hit games.  He is currently only 87% owned in Yahoo leagues, so there is a good chance he is still available in your league.  Only Adrian Beltre, Daniel Murphy, Danny Valencia, Mark Reynolds, Jose Bautista and Aramis Ramirez have been better over the past 14 days, and Sandoval is a safer bet than half of those guys.  Let us know who you would have to drop in order to pick up Pablo and we will let you know if its a smart move.

Player% OwnedH/AB*R1B2B3BHRRBISBBBFan Pts
Aramis Ramírez - ChC - 3B93%19/52148407120183
José Bautista - Tor - 3B,OF98%15/47125406100877
Mark Reynolds - Bal - 3B83%1458094107121972
Danny Valencia - Min - 3B10%17/5399413130070
Daniel Murphy - NYM - 1B,2B,3B,OF40%20/53814501130169
Adrián Béltre - Tex - 3B98%16/52108404110268
Pablo Sandoval - SF - 1B,3B87%20/618980391268

Friday, July 1, 2011

Cleveland Indians - Fantasy Fillers

I am not talking about the Good Ol' Days of Manny Ramirez, Omar Vizquel, Kenny Lofton, Albert Belle, Charles Nagy and Orel Hershiser. The new look Indians were built by trading their top players and starting from scratch.

Kobe Bryant Announces Retirement