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Monday, April 16, 2012

Daily Debate: Peyton Manning vs Eli Manning

Welcome to the second installment of The King of Sports Blog's Daily Debate! For the next two weeks I will be posting a blog post every morning and expect all of you to weigh in on Twitter (@brad_wolff), FaceBook (The King of Sports Blog Fan Page), or comment below which player you believe is better. Unlike today's debate, the two players may have played in different generations or I will be comparing one player in their prime against a current player.
To tweet your vote, put a period (.) and then put @brad_wolff, space, T2, along with your reason. Today is T2, tomorrow is T3, and so on.
On FaceBook, comment below my post with your answer and reason.

Daily Debate: Peyton Manning .vs. Eli Manning
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