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Tuesday, May 15, 2012

What A Relief: Saves Earned in the Last 14 Days

In the past 14 days, 48 different relief pithers have earned saves. 17 of those pitchers had ERAs over 4, including J.J. Putz' 23.14, Addison Reed's 18.00, David Robertson's 10.80, & Frank Francisco and John Axford both with 10.13.

Putz, J.J.ARI0123.143211471522.1660040.5001.071
Reed, AddisonCHW0018.00533134603.0664250.3080.462
Robertson, DavidNYY0110.80431134713.1443060.3080.538
Francisco, FrankNYM0210.137642591205.1663060.3600.480
Axford, JohnMIL0110.13321155802.2531170.3330.533
Bell, HeathMIA209.006312181305.0554330.3810.619
Rodriguez, HenryWAS128.108632451126.2666090.2080.458
Marmol, CarlosCHC007.36511142303.2537060.1430.214
Sipp, TonyCLE005.796212071214.2333060.3500.600
Papelbon, JonathanPHI015.40552183715.0331080.1670.389
Balfour, GrantOAK105.406312071105.0333140.3500.550
Martinez, CristhianATL105.196213161218.2552040.1940.387
Hanrahan, JoelPIT004.76643214915.2333040.1900.429
Kimbrel, CraigATL004.50433153304.0222070.2000.200
Mujica, EdwardMIA004.50722215706.0332130.2380.333
Peralta, JoelTB024.507422461736.0331080.2500.708
Logan, BooneNYY004.268112791306.13311110.3330.481

On the contrary, Jonathan Broxton (5), Jason Motte (3), Fernando Rodney (3), Dale Thayer (3), Casey Jenssen (2), Scott Downs, Latroy Hawkins, Brandon League, Logan Ondrusek and Hudson Street earned saves without giving up a run in the past 2 weeks.

Broxton, JonathanKC000.00665205606.0002020.2500.300
Motte, JasonSTL000.00543203306.0000070.1500.150
Rodney, FernandoTB100.00543235506.1101060.2170.217
Thayer, DaleSD000.00643195506.0000060.2630.263
Janssen, CaseyTOR000.00322101103.0000030.1000.100
Downs, ScottLAA000.0021131100.2000010.3330.333
Hawkins, LaTroyLAA000.0011110000.2000000.0000.000
League, BrandonSEA000.00441111204.0002020.0910.182
Ondrusek, LoganCIN200.00521142204.1003010.1430.143
Street, HustonSD000.0021150001.2001030.0000.000

21 others also recorded at least one save, and did so while having an ERA in the 1.00-4.00 range.  Included in this group is Rafael Dolis of the Chicago Cubs.  Dolis has taken over the closer role for Carlos Marmol and has earned 3 saves.  The 2 earned runs he has allowed over the last two weeks came in a blown save opportunity against the Brewers when he allowed a game tying two run home run in the bottom of the 9th to Corey Hart.

Norberto, JordanOAK001.13621284508.0111080.1430.179
Johnson, JimBAL001.29654232517.0110060.0870.217
Hagadone, NickCLE001.50631192516.0112050.1050.263
Capps, MattMIN011.50663224406.0110040.1820.182
Padilla, VicenteBOS001.50511226806.0211040.2730.364
Myers, BrettHOU001.50644214506.0112130.1900.238
Cruz, JuanPIT001.59611184505.2114030.2220.278
Casilla, SantiagoSF011.69654235915.1312130.2170.391
Jansen, KenleyLAD001.80532173505.0111060.1760.294
Marshall, SeanCIN101.935312281214.2110070.3640.545
Guerra, JavyLAD001.93531185604.2112050.2780.333
Dolis, RafaelCHC112.08753264718.2322050.1540.269
Aceves, AlfredoBOS002.35532276607.22230110.2220.222
Hernandez, LivanATL102.705312361116.2224250.2610.478
Burnett, SeanWAS002.70421123503.1110020.2500.417
Valverde, JoseDET113.00663214716.0224170.1900.333
Nathan, JoeTEX003.00331124713.0111040.3330.583
Perez, ChrisCLE013.18665223505.2221040.1360.227
Fuentes, BrianOAK103.38522195805.1221040.2630.421
Soriano, RafaelNYY003.867322861107.0332060.2140.393
Rauch, JonNYM013.865212171204.2220030.3330.571

Here is a breakdown of each team who earned a save in the past 14 days, and how many pitchers they used to close out the wins.

Arizona Diamondbacks11
Atlanta Braves35
Baltimore Orioles14
Boston Red Sox24
Chicago Cubs24
Chicago White Sox13
Cincinatti Reds22
Cleveland Indians37
Detroit Tigers13
Houston Astros14
Kansas City Royals15
Los Angeles Angels22
Los Angeles Dodgers23
Miami Marlins21
Milwaukee Brewers11
Minnesota Twins13
New York Mets25
New York Yankees34
Oakland Athletics34
Philadelphia Phillies12
Pittsburgh Pirates24
San Diego Padres24
Seattle Mariners11
San Francisco Giants14
St. Louis Cardinals13
Tampa Bay Rays25
Texas Rangers11
Toronto Blue Jays12
Washington Nationals24

Stats from USA Today
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