NFL Season and Fantasy Football Kick Off
Wednesday September 5th
Dallas Cowboys visit the Superbowl Champion New York Football Giants 
8:30pm EST on NBC

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Fav QB Matchup - Jay Cutler vs Colts
The Colts did nothing to help a terrible defense returning from last year (Vontae Davis should scare me?).  They allowed opponents to complete over 70% of their passes and QBs finished with a 103.9 QB rating on average.  With Brandon Marshall and Michael Bush added to the offense, Cutler has more than enough weapons to dismantle the Colts secondary.  Plus the Colts only picked off 8 passes last year so Cutler can get away with his usual risky throws.  We know the Bears pass protection is horrible but the Colts couldn't even muster 30 sacks last season.  On top of all that, the Bears defense should keep the Colts offense off the field for most of the game.
  • He started slow, but Cutler settled down and hooked up with Marshall 9 times for over 100 yards and a TD, while targeting him 15 times!  21 completions, 333 yards and 2 TDs looks good week in and week out for a QB regularly drafted as the 10-14 QB. 

Fav RB Matchup - LeSean McCoy at Browns
Shady McCoy is a top 5 running back and the Cleveland Browns were 30th in rushing yards allowed last season.  The Browns were also a top 5 passing defense last year so the Eagles game plan will absolutely be built around the run for Week 1. 
  • Shady took 20 carries 110 yards but did not find the endzone in a disaster of a football game that saw 91 PASSING ATTEMPTS!  McCoy did catch 6 of his 9 targets.

    • Honorable Mention: DeAngelo Williams / Jonathan Stewart vs Buccaneers 
      • UPDATE: Jonathan Stewert injury leaves him up in the air for week 1. 
        • If either one was guaranteed the full work load, then they would be the Tampa was dead last in yards allowed on the ground and allowed 26 rushing TDs, 7 more than the next worse teams(Colts/Bills).  Plus Cam Newton is always there stealing Red Zone TDs.
          • 6 carries for -1 yards, I still blame the coaching staff

Fav WR Matchup - Malcom Floyd at Raiders
Floyd and Rivers really got in rhythm as the season ended last year scoring in 4 or the last 5 games.  Over that span Floyd racked up 24 catches for 455 yards.  Floyd is so hit or miss and probably won't even be started in 90% of leagues, but if there was ever a chance to have a breakout season, this would be the year.  Also, the Raiders were terrible defending the aerial attack last year (only the Vikings allowed more TDs to WR) and Floyd caught 7 passes the final game of last season against them.
  • 4 catches for 66 yards and a TD.  He also make a highlight reel sideline catch.  As a WR3 if Floyd can produce at this rate, fantasy owners will be thrilled.

Fav TE Matchup - Greg Olsen vs Buccaneers
With Jonathan Stewart a question for Week 1, I really like Greg Olsen as does head coach Ron Rivera.  With a ton of focus on the TE in the Panthers offensive scheme this year, Olsen should be poised for a huge season, and what better way to start then with a big week 1 matchup against a mediocre defense.  The Bucs were the leagues worst run defense last season and if they try to force the Panthers to throw, Olsen will be the beneficiary.
  • Olsen caught 6 of his 7 targets but they went for just 56 yards and he failed to score.

    • Originally had Dustin Keller vs Bills here as the Bills were the leagues worst TE defense last season, but a hamstring injury has Keller in question for Week 1.
      • Mark Sanchez had the game of his life and the Jets scored 48 points!  Keller was targetd just once and you have to believe he was not 100%
Fav DEF Matchup - Bears vs Colts
A vicious Bears defense going up against a rookie QB sounds like a fantasy match made in heaven for Chicago owners!  I wouldn't be the least bit surprised if the Colts get shut out and Luck looks like the biggest bust in football history, only to bounce back and have a decent rookie campaign, beating all of the negative media after his first NFL start.  But yeah the Bears defense SHOULD dominate this one.
  • The Bears as a team allowed 21 points but Jay Cutler threw a Pick Six so the defense only allowed 14.  They sacked & picked off Andrew Luck 3 times and recovered 2 fumbles! 

Upset of the Week
49ers @ Packers

Pick 6
Bears vs Colts
Falcons @ Chiefs
Eagles @ Browns
Saints vs Redskins
Lions vs Rams
Patriots @ Titans

Things to look for:

Colts @ Bears - How many snaps will Matt Forte see?  If the Bears go up big early, does Michael Bush play the entire 4th quarter? 
  • A 16/12 split in carries favored Forte but Bush scored 2 of the 3 rushing TDs for the Bears.

Falcons @ Chiefs - Will Atlanta come out slinging the ball or will they establish their run game early on?
  • 31 passes to just 23 rushing attempts.  Matt Ryan scored 4 TDs (3 passing, 1 rushing).

Jaguars @ Vikings - How many snaps will Adrian Peterson see? 
  • All Day AP carried the ball 17 times for 84 yards, including a 20 yard run and scored twice!

Redskins @ Saints - Can RG3 show signs of greatness against a weak defense?
  • YUP

Bills @ Jets - How many snap will Tim Tebow see and will they all be in the Wildcat formation?
  • Tim Tebow was NOT the story of this game for the first time in his NFL career.  Mark Sanchez was the games most valuable player. 

49ers @ Packers - Can the NFC runner-ups upset the NFC favorites?  Will this game be as good as last years Saints Packers Week 1 matchup?
  • They did and the game was no where near as good as last years opener with the Saints but still a good one.

Seahawks @ Cardinals - Will the starting QB for either team take the teams final snaps?
  • John Skelton left the game with an ankle injury which lead to Kevin Kolb leading the Cadinals on the game winning drive! 
Panthers @ Buccaneers - Passing attempt over/under 30 ? Leave your answer in the comment section! 
  • Someone who was able to watch this mess of a game is going to have to explain to me why the Panthers had a 33/13 pass to run ratio in BAD weather.  Combined pass attempts with the Bucs was 57!

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  1. Should i start Anquan Boldin or Robert Meachem as my WR3?

    1. Well, I LOVE Meachem long term this season, but Week 1 I would say start the safe play with Boldin.

      What are your league settings though? In a non PPR Meachem might be the better play as he has that 2 catch 99 yard potential with a TD.

      Boldin is a 4-6 catch guy for 40-75 yards and may not score ya know?

  2. Thanks for the reply. i play in a ppr league and i agree with you about week 1 going with Boldin and seeing what Meachem can do before starting him. On a side note, Do you see any fantasy value in Braylon Edwards, Earl Bennet or dexter mccluster?

    1. Any value right away or by Week 16?

      I like Earl Bennett best followed by McCluster then Edwards.

      I dont want any of them on my team ever though unless its a deep league or injuries

  3. Should I start Matt Ryan or Rivers this week? Also, I change my def every week based on matchups. Should I go with the Jets or Pittsburgh this week, and why?

    1. Matt Ryan is one of my favorite QBs this year so he is a must start each week. Rivers killed me in so many leagues last year I don't like him this year, plus he lost Vincent Jackson. Also, I would probably start the Jets vs Bills over Pitt vs Peyton Manning and the Broncos.

    2. The Bills and Vikings are also available at DEF. Should I still stick with the Jets or do you like one of those two better?

    3. Unless you want to keep rotating your defense week in and week out I would just stick with your two teams, play the jets this week and leave the Steelers in until their Week 4 bye when you play the Jets against the 49ers and then leave the Steelers in for the rest of the season until you are not happy with their matchup

    4. I always rotate my defenses based on match ups. It's worked well for me for the past 4 years. I'll stick with the Jets for this first game, while their offense sucks, their first team defense has done well this preseason.

  4. in a ppr league. need 2 at WR , 2 at RB, and one RB/WR at Flex. Not crazy about some of my week 1 matchups who would you choose?

    RB: Sproles, Green-Ellis, Bensen, D Wilson, and Gephart
    WR: Welker, Roddy White, Antonio Brown, Torr3y Smith and N Washington

    thanks starboy340

    1. Starboy340 ... welcome to the family.

      RB - Sproles
      RB - Green-Ellis
      WR - Welker
      WR - White
      RB/WR - Torrey Smith

      Ced Ben against the Niners D in his first game with the Packers just seems like to much of a risk.

      David Wilson is the backup and might not even see 10 carries

      Gerhart and the Vikings against the Jaguars is an OK matchup but the Jags D is better than people think and I just see this as being a low scoring game.

      You have an awesome group of receivers but I am not sure how you can sit Welker or White for Brown or Washington.

      Torrey Smith is the best remaining player and gets the RB/Wr slot. Althought you can put Brown there if you desire and still be happy.

      Make sure you stop here each week and give us feedback!

    2. ty for your response. I've actually got a multi-level follow up question. Firstly I do value your perspective, but I have made up my mind to start Gerhart over Green-Ellis. I know Balt has had a lot of injuries, but as much as I like Green-Ellis (i drafted him 5th) and as tough as Jacksonville is, my gut says Gerhart in game 1. You have my full permission to tell me what a fool I was after the Law Firm goes big!

      question 1. on my roster I have Nate Washington, he was a pick based on lots of targets last year; and with Britt out he may get 10 more in week 1. none the less I see him as the weak link in my WR group given the other four and as of today I view him as expendable if I want to grab someone off the waiver wire. do you agree, or no?

      second. week 1 in my league matchup looks like a close one for me. my projected points are slightly ahead of my opponent (my son-in-law, talk about serious bragging rights!) and I am looking at San Diego. Ronnie Brown is available in my league. Given my cast of characters would it be worth to let Nate go to pick up Ronnie Brown to use as my flex? or am I just overthinking this beyond belief!


    3. You are absolutely over thinking but that is what fantasy football is all about!

      If you like Gerhart then play him, nothing wrong there just make sure you remember to come back on Monday and leave a post that says "Dear We Talk Fantasy Sports....I am sorry for not listening to you....ETC" JUST KIDDING.....

      I would NOT go after Ronnie Brown and let go of Nate Washington because once Ryan Matthews returns...which is ahead of schedule...Brown has zero value.

  5. Pistol Pete9/4/12, 10:55 PM

    Should I replace any of my starting players with a bench player?? or keep it how it is? 1 QB, 2 RB, 3 WR, 1 TE, 1 Flex(WR, RB or TE), 1 DEFENSE

    QB:Peyton Manning
    RB:Chris Johnson, Steven Jackson
    WR:Larry Fitzgerald, Demaryius Thomas, Torrey Smith
    TE:Antonio Gates
    FLEX:Nate Washington
    KICKER:Garrett Hartley
    DEFENSE:Houston Texans

    BENCH:C.J. Spiller, Robert Griffin III, Jared Cook, Mikel Leshoure, Brian Quick

    Help would greatly be appreciated

    1. Your lineup looks exactly the way mine would if that was my roster. How many teams are in your league ?

    2. Pistol Pete9/6/12, 3:12 AM

      12 teams

  6. Hey fellas, back for another season, I need an WR2 and a flex out of these players. Non PPR: Torrey Smith, Justin Blackmon, Pierre Garcon, Ahmad Bradshaw, Jonathon Dwyer.

    1. Sorry for the late response! I hope you had Bradshaw in your lineup!

      That being said I will answer your question assuming here was not and is now not an option

      WR2 - Torrey Smith and is probably a better option in non PPR leagues so keep him in there until we see a solid reason to not like him

      Flex - non PPR gotta go with a RB and this week Dwyer

    2. hey, no worries, I was fortunate enough to put Bradshaw in as my flex, and I've been leaning towards towards Smith. Wish me luck!

  7. 10 Person PPR

    QB: Vick
    WR: Cruz, Wallace
    RB: McCoy, DMurray
    TE: Gronk
    FLEX: Deangelo Williams.

    BENCH: Donald Brown, Heyward-Bey, Nate Washington, Boldin, Helu & Royster.

    I'm itching to get Nate Washington into play this week against the weak NE pass D. However, with Stewart questionable, Williams looks to good to pass up against TB Def. So, assuming Stewart's injury keeps him out, should I go Washington over Wallace in my WR2 slot?

    Wallace's hold out has me skeptical.

    It's good to be back. All your insight is welcome and appreciated.


    1. JSHAN what up!

      Honestly, DeAngelo Williams is an awesome play IF Jonathan Stewart is out.

      Mike Wallace on the other hand is an extremely questionsable start this week. I LOVE Nate Washington and would absolutely start him over Wallace.

      The pros over at CBS agree

      Nate Washington
      Catches (Yards) Fantasy Points
      5.3 (74.3) 11.2

      Mike Wallace
      Catches (Yards) Fantasy Points
      3.7 (67) 7.8

    2. I've been doing the research and saw the same. Not only am I concerned he'll be behind the curve on the playbook, but he'll also be bait, pulling coverage off of A. Brown (which I definitely enjoyed as an A. Brown owner last year).

      Thanks, I think I just needed the nudge to shake the Week 1 jitters.


  8. So I have RBs Jennings & Mendenhall. Dwyer is available. Should I switch him for one of these?

    1. Hey Jonelle, yes drop Jennings! He got hurt last week and MJD is back so Jennings is pretty much useless for now.

  9. Thank! I heard he got hurt...just couldnt tell the severity of it.