While we are sure most owners were already prepared for this news, we're wondering what you did to replace him in your lineup.

Right after the injury occurred I scooped up Brent Celek (81% owned Yahoo) of the Philadelphia Eagles,  but had to sacrifice Cedric Benson (77%) of the Green Bay Packers.

Top Available TEs in Yahoo Leagues
Owen Daniels vs Miami Dolphins 72%
Jared Cook vs New England Patriots 67%
Greg Olsen vs Tampa Bay Buccaneers 65%
Dustin Keller vs Buffalo Bills 60%
Coby Fleener vs Chicago Bears 53%
Kyle Rudolph vs Jacksonville Jaguars 33%

Top Available TEs in ESPN Leagues
Brent Celek vs Cleveland Browns 64%
Kellen Winslow vs Arizona Cardinals 37%
Greg Olsen vs Tampa Bay Buccaneers 35%
Dustin Keller vs Buffalo Bills 35%
Coby Fleener vs Chicago Bears 29%
Jermaine Gresham vs Baltimore Ravens 28%

Which TE will you add and who are you dropping to add him?

Let us know in the comment section and don't be afraid to ask for help!  That is what we are here for!

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  1. I have Witten. Been waiting to hear what will happen. I don't have a backup and Greg Olson was just picked up. However Kyle Rudolph is available. Do I drop Mendenhall or Jacquizz Rodgers? H2H 12 team league.

    1. Honestly, I would drop Mendenhall before Rodgers but both guys will have limited touches due to volume in the backfield. But anyone available outside of Rudolph? Not a terrible add but what else is there?

    2. Heath Miller
      Scott Chandler
      Ed Dickison
      Zach Miller
      Evan Moore
      Mercedes Lewis (he was good two years ago)
      Tony Moeaki

      There are others, but it's getting slim. Let me know what you think.

    3. ok yeah out of that list, I would add Rudolph. But remember that he is a HUGE risk early on or at least until AP is back 100%

  2. So now I am hearing that Mendenhall is running very well and that Tomlin is leaving the door open for him to play. I hardly think he will play but I may not want to drop him. However, I had the last pick in my draft which means I get the first waiver pick obviously. I guess I will pick a TE on Sunday putting Rodgers or Mendenhall on waivers. Then I will pick them up later. The question is, should I waste my waiver pick on that?

    1. You HAVE to add a TE because it doesn't look like Witten is playing. Make the decision that you are ok with and make the move before it's to late!