Thursday Night Football
September 13, 2012
Chicago Bears @ Green Bay Packers
8:20pm EST on NFL Network

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Fav QB Matchup - Cam Newton vs Saints
After seeing what rookie Robert Griffin III (19/26, 320, 2 TD, 40 rushing yards) did to this Saints defense in his first career start you have to assume a similar outcome for Cam Newton. Newton and Griffin III play almost identical styles of quarterback, and watching the Saints have trouble with the scrambling ability of RGIII you have to imagine Newton is salivating at the thought of this match up.  Expect Newton to bounce back and have a big game in week 2.
  • Cam had a super efficient game completing 70% of his 20 passing attempts for 253 yards and a score.  He also rushed for 71 yards and scored as well.

Fav RB Matchup - Adrian Peterson @ Colts
The Colts defense struggled against the Bears in week 1, but that didn't surprise anyone.  Matt Forte and Michael Bush had a field day finishing with a combined 122 rushing yards and 3 TDs.  It would have been worse if Jay Cutler didn't throw the ball 35 times.  Don't expect Christian Ponder to throw it 30+ times, but do expect Peterson (who rushed for 84 yards and 2 TDs against the Jags) to get 25 carries for well over 100 yards and multiple scores.
  • Peterson was contained and gained just 80 total yards on 16 carries and 3 catches.  He did not score

Fav WR Matchup -  Brandon Lloyd vs Cardinals
While most opposing defenses focus on shutting down or at least somewhat containing Gronkowski and Hernandez, Brandon Lloyd is still a true deep threat.  It isn't often the Patriots rush more times than pass (35 rush, 31 pass) and I don't expect it to happen against a pretty solid defense in Arizona. With that being said, Lloyd led the Patriots in yards with 69 and targets with 8 and I expect the Patriots to throw the ball more in week 2, which means Lloyd might be targeted 10+ times and should find the endzone.
  • Lloyd was targeted a team high 11 times and caught 8 passes for 60 yards.  He failed to score.  Not a terrible game in PPR leagues but killed all owners in non-ppr formats.

Fav TE Matchup - Antonio Gates vs Titans
In week 1 the Titans had no answer for the Patriots tight end's and got completely burned by them.  Rob Gronkowski had 6 catches for 60 yards and a TD, and Aaron Hernandez had 6 catches 59 yards and a TD.  With Gates size and athletic ability comparable to Gronkowski and Hernandez he should see a lot of passes coming his way, in what should be a big game for the Chargers tight end.
  • The Chargers TE did catch 3 TDs this week, expect it was Dante Rosario instead of Antonio Gates, who was a LATE scratch.  Would have been WONDERFUL to have had Gates suit up.  Word to the wise, play all TEs against the Titans!

Fav DEF Matchup - Bengals @ Browns
Well it wasn't pretty for Brandon Weeden in his NFL debut.  In front of the hometown fans Weeden finished 12/35 for 118 yards with 4 INTs, he also fumbled twice but the Eagles failed to recover both times.  The Browns go on the road and play the Bengals in what will be Weeden's first road start.  Not only will Weeden have to deal with a loud chaotic Cincinnati crowd, he'll also knows he's one more awful start from becoming Colt McCoy's backup.  With all these factors you have to imagine Weeden struggles again and the Bengals should cash in on a huge defense day.
  • While the Bengals did win the game, the defense had trouble stopping rookie RB Trent Richardson.  They did however help regain some points by recovering a fumble and recording two sacks and scored on a punt return.

Upset of the Week (1-0)
Ravens @ Eagles

Pick 6 (5-1)
Bengals vs Browns
Patriots vs Cardinals
Texans @ Jaguars
Redskins @ Rams
Cowboys @ Seahawks
Raiders @ Dolphins

Things to look for:

Bears @ Packers - Will the Bears use a run heavy offense to keep Rodgers off the field? Or will the Packers go up big early and force Jay Cutler to air it out?
  • The Bears lost Forte for a while and Jay Cutler looked SCARED and LOST.  At this point it is difficult to know how proficient they will be going forward.  The Packers defense looked intimidating for the first time in a long time.
Buccaneers @ Giants - Will the Giants offense shake off the rust and come out strong in week 2? Does David Wilson get a bigger workload or will his fumbling problem keep him in Tom Coughlin's doghouse?
  • It is quite clear Wilson is buried in the dog house!  Bradshaw left the game early and the majority of carries went to 3rd stringer Andre Brown. Eli lead the Giants as usual to a late 4th quarter comeback and the offense EXPLODED for 500 passing yards and 41 points

Jets @ Steelers - Can the Jets continue an uptempo offense against the Steelers D? Does Tebow get a chance to throw?
  • The Steelers shut down the high flying Jets and brought the entire football back to reality.  The Jets offense stinks.  Tebow did not attempt a pass.

Redskins @ Rams - Will RG3 come back down to earth, or does he have a repeat performance?
  • RG3 scored 3 times (twice on the ground) and it was the defense that was disappointing and dropped the ball in this one.

Browns @ Bengals - Will we see Colt McCoy take over the QB duties in Cleveland?
  • Brandon Weeden rebounded VERY nicely and proved to fans and ownership why they drafted him and gave him the starting gig.

Raiders @ Dolphins - Will we see Matt Moore take over the QB duties in Miami?
  • With tons of help from Reggie Bush, Tannehill lead the Dolphins to their first win of the season and the first of his career. 

Chiefs @ Bills - Both teams gave up 40 points in blow out loses to open the season, who comes prepared in this match up?
  • It is clear that the Chiefs will not be playing much defense this season as the Bills scored 35 points.

Saints @ Panthers - Will this match up be the highest scoring game of the week? Leave your answer in the comment section!
  • This game actually did end up with the second most points scored, behind the Giants Bucs game.

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  1. Who should I start at WR in my PPR league? Pick 3
    Roddy White, Jordy Nelson, Wes Welker, Stevie Johnson, or Malcolm Floyd and why?

    1. Never sit White Nelson or Welker...but Welker would be the guy to switch out if you wanted to.

    2. I agree with Keith here. Clearly you'll play White and Nelson every week. Keep an eye on the Welker situation as he was constantly switched out for Julian Edelman. If this continues you might want to take him out of your lineup later on in the year as Floyd should have a great year as the #1 WR in San Diego.

  2. Yea, it's hard for me to sit Welker but Johnson and Floyd are looking good this year. I'm also in another league that is PPR, should I start Antonio Brown or Torrey Smith in the flex?

    1. Your not the only one! I ranked Welker the #3 receiver this yaer. it is just so hard to imagine him having a bad year. But I say Smith over Brown. Flacco will hit him with the 40+ yard bomb each week and eventually it is going to go for a TD. You don't want to miss that!

  3. Back again. In a PPR league. After a minor switch at WR I have 5 starting quality WRs that can fill both my 2 WR slots and the Flex position each week.
    My problem is at RB. I have 2 playable RBs in Sproles and Ben Jarvis Green-Ellis (and yes I did start him, but still lost because I too had Welker!)
    Need to upgrade at RB, which means trade or waiver wire. Although I would love to trade an excess WR for an RB, last year in my league there were only 3 trades all year!
    If I go to the waiver wire I have to dispose one of the excess RBs the question for you is which one?

    Benson - he starts but could only muster 2 yds per carry with the opponents focusing on pass defense
    Gerhart - a sub, but is only a muscle pull from a full load behind a good offensive line
    D Wilson - similar situation to Gerhart, in limbo waiting for an injury to Bradshaw

    What do you think? starboy340

    1. Starboy, who would you be dropping for one of those RBs? In a PPR league Sproles is extremely valuable and Green-Ellis is finally on a team that will feed him the ball. You know he'll find paydirt almost every week too, as he had back to back 10+ TD seasons with that Pats (24 total).

      Honestly Benson isn't worth a start because the Packers throw the ball about 70% of the time, he's got other RBs to compete with and until he proves anything he's not going to be much help to anyone's fantasy team.

      Gerhart will only see playing time if Peterson gets injured again. He was supposed to carry the load against the Jags but Peterson proved he's healthy enough to do it on his own.

      As for David Wilson you have to wait and see how his situation plays out. He has a serious fumble problem and only had 2 carries in weeek 1 because he fumbled. He's in Tom Coughlin's doghouse right now and will have to prove he can hold onto the football before he's trusted again.

    2. I take it you think that Benson, Wilson and Gerhart can potentially be let go for a waiver wire pick. I am inclined to hold Gerhart because the upside could be huge come playoff time.

      On my leagues waiver wire the RB names with large net pickups are Alfred Morris, Dexter McCluster, Jonathan Dwyer and Kwonshon Marino.... none of the 4 excites me. what do you think? starboy340

  4. Well everyone knows that Redskins RBs are never a safe bet to get the majority of the carries under Mike Shanahan, but right now Alfred Morris is clearly the featured back. I would absolutely drop Benson or Gerhart for him if you can. He's got a great match up this week with the Rams and should put up similar numbers that he put up against the Saints (96 yards, 2 TDs). McCluster (not sure why he's considered a RB), Dwyer and especially Moreno are not worth picking up.

  5. Got a sticky quickie. Anquan Boldin, Randall Cobb, or Donald Brown in the flex position?

    JSHAN (is very disappointed in Deangelo Williams)

    1. honestly, I would go with Randall Cobb this week and take the HUGE gamble.

      With potentially no Jennings, it could actually be worse for Cobb as there is less WR focus for the Bears D and the Packers CAN NOT run the ball.

      Playing Boldin is always the SAFE move.

  6. Im iffy on Welker this week and I have Cobb sitting on my bench. Should I bench Wes and Start Cobb? LEAGUE FORMAT: 3 WRS, .5 points per reception. My other two wide receivers are Julio Jones and Hakeem Nicks.

    1. G i would say it is too early to sit Welker. The law of averages says that Welker is due for a HUGE game. I would rather play Welker than Cobb this week.

  7. In my slot this week: Jonathan Dwyer (RB-Pit; vs NYJ) or Kevin Ogletree (WR-Dal; vs Sea)

    1. If PPR play Ogletree if not go with Dwyer

  8. Not PPR. but I just realized that I have S. Greene. I wasn't sure about keeping him in with the Steelers D. If I took Greene out this week, I'd have to leave both Ogletree & Dwyer in - is that a super crazy idea?

    1. NO thats a great idea! Much like the way the Packers turned it around last night against the Bears, the Steelers D will do the same this week against the Jets. With Ryan Clark playing this week the Jets offense won't have nearly as much freedom as they did last week against the Bills

  9. starboy340: good news is that I lost on the waiver bid for Morris and still have Benson, go figure

    need to start 3 WR this week, 2 as WR, and 1 as Flex in a 1pt PPR league

    Wes Welker, Antonio Brown, Torrey Smith, Roddy White, and Kevin Ogletree.

    All the guru's are throwing lots of love at Brown with Revis out, but I have a lean to Ogletree in the slot position at Dallas. Which 3 would you use this week?

  10. Roddy White
    Wes Welker
    Ogletree deserves another chance this week as Romo looks his way quite often