Thursday Night Football
September 20th, 2012
New York Giants @ Carolina Panthers
8:20pm EST on NFL Network

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Fav QB Matchup - Tony Romo vs Tampa Bay BuccaneersAfter Eli Manning just torched the Bucs for 500 passing yards, Romo and Co. must be salivating at the chance to line up against this defense.  They were contained by a really good Seahawks defense last week and should explode for a ton of points this week. 

Fav RB Matchup - Alfred Morris vs Cincinatti Bengals
The rookie has now rushed the ball 44 times for 185 yards and 2 TDs (both in wk1).  The Bengals defense comes to town this week after getting dominated by another rookie RB out in Cleveland, Trent Richardson.  The Redskins offense is much better than Cleveland and should move the ball down the field at will, while doing most of it on the ground. 

Fav WR Matchup -  Brandon LaFell vs New York Giants
The Giants secondary continues to get torched on big plays.  With so many injuries in the secondary and replacements filling in, opposing receivers have had back to back BIG games.  With Corey Webster likely to be matched up with Steve Smith all game, LaFell should be able to beat most of the other CBs deep down the field.  If you haven't heard of LaFell before, remember Kevin Ogletree on opening night?  Yeah no one knew who he was either.

Fav TE Matchup - Brandon Pettigrew @ Tennessee Titans
The Titans have allowed 20 catches and 5 touchdowns to opposing TEs in just 2 games!  And Dante Rosario scored 3 times last week!  If you own Pettigrew get him into your lineup ASAP!

Fav DEF Matchup - San Francisco 49ers @ Minnesota Vikings
Adrian Peterson & Percy Harvin owners beware!  This is the worst possible matchup for any team and this week might be a good week to keep this guys out of your lineup!  They have allowed just 127 rushing yards after two weeks, and granted they were against the Packers and Lions, they also only allowed 41 points too 2 of the leagues premier offenses.  Good luck Minny.

Upset of the Week (1-1)
Rams @ Bears

Pick 6 (7-5)
Cowboys vs Bucs
Lions @ Titans
Colts vs Vikings
49ers @ Vikings
Steelers @ Raiders
Packers @ Seahawks

Things to look for:

Giants @ Panthers - Which Panthers WR will have a career day?  If Ahmad Bradshaw does not play, will David Wilson get a chance or does Andre Brown back up his week 2 performance?
  • The Panthers looked terrible on both the offensive and defensive sides of the ball.  Andre Brown was the guy with a career day. 

Rams @ Bears - Can Sam Bradford and Danny Amendola continue hooking up as often as they have over the first two games?
  • The Bears did a great job containing Amendola who caught just 5 passes for 66 yards.

Bills @ Browns - Does C.J. Spiller have a third 120+ yard game in him?  Which Brandon Weeden will we see?
  • Spiller was able to haul in a 32 yard TD catch before leaving the game with a shoulder injury.  He rushed for just 16 yards on 4 carries.

Jets @ Dolphins - Reggie Bush now has 660 rushing yards in his last 5 games dating back to Week 15 last year.  Has he figured things out?
  • Bush looked great again rushing for 61 yards on 10 carries before leaving with a knee injury. 

Chiefs @ Saints - If the Saints don't beat the Chiefs, who have allowed 75 points in 2 games, they can't beat anyone.
  • And that is exactly what happened.  The Saints were up 24-6 at one point and coughed up the lead and eventually lost in OT.  Jamaal Charles rushed for 233 yards!  Don't count on the Saints in Pick'em anymore.

Lions @ Titans - Mikel Leshoure is back in uniform for the Lions after serving his suspension.  What can he bring to the table and where does that leave Kevin Smith?
  • Leshoure rushed for 100 yards and caught 4 passes leaving Smith sidelined.  Looks like Smith is a useless fantasy player now with Jahvid Best returning in just 3 weeks.  Go grab Leshoure if still available.

Eagles @ Cardinals - Hard to imagine but this might be the best defensive battle of the early season!
  • The Cardinals defense proved they are the best D in the league shutting down the Eagles offense and limiting them to just 2 field goals, sacking Vick 5 times and recovering 3 fumbles!

Patriots @ Ravens - Aaron Hernandez is out, does that mean Wes Welker is back in?  It seemed that way last week.  This will be the final decision maker for Welker owners!
  • We saw the return of Wes Welker on Sunday night with 8 receptions, 142 yards and 10 targets.  If you still want to get rid of Welker, now is the time to sell high! 

14 comments so far,Add yours

  1. Which players should I start this week??

    Peyton Manning or RG3?

    Torrey Smith or Donnie Avery?

    1. So far QBs have avg 31 fantasy pts against the Bengals, good for 4th worst, so I would go with RG3. The Texans are a much better defensive team and hold QBs to 9.3 fantasy pts per game aka the Best in the league.

      As far as Donnie Avery is concerned, I added him in a league but more as a bye week filler not a week 3 starter, even though he will probably have more consistancy than TSmith

  2. In a PPR league who should I start as my WR's this week? Definitely going with Roddy White, but who should my other two be out of Welker, Nelson, M. Floyd and S. Johnson.

    Also for my RB, should I keep McFadden in against Pitt or go with McGahee or Ridley? And why to both questions.

    1. With Hernandez out Welker should see a huge boost so go with him and Steve Johnson since Joe haden is still suspended! Jordy Nelson and Floyd are not the BEST PPR guys as they are big play deep ball guys.

      Def play assuming he was your 1st round pick. That is reason enough.

      Who is your other RB playing over McGahee or Ridley

    2. Rice was my first round pick. I got DMC in the second. My other RB is Bradshaw and he is out. I was thinking White, Welker, and Floyd because Floyd has done very well and this ATL vs SD game will be a shoot out. I'll give it some thought

  3. Starboy340 here. have tweaked my roster a little in PPR league.

    RB: Andre Brown, Benson, Gephart, Green-Ellis, and Sproles
    WR: Antonio Brown, Ogletree, T Smith, Welker and White

    need: 2 WR, 2 RB, 1 Flex

    1. WR - Roddy White
      WR - Wes Welker
      RB - Darren Sproles
      RB - BJGE
      Flex - Andre Brown

      Gotta love opportunity! Andre Brown looked great on Sunday and knows this is his only chance!

    2. curious, why do you like Welker over Antonio Brown? is it that theBalt pass defense has been more porous than Oakland?

    3. Because the Patriots move the ball MUCH better than the Steelers do and Welker is and has been the main reason why. the more the pats struggle the more they will have to fall back to what works....and what has always worked is Wes Welker.

  4. In my PPR league should I start Antonio Brown or Andre Brown at Flex? And why? I imagine you're going to say Andre by the above post, but anyway, who would you pick?

    1. haha yeah but only because I really do not like the Steelers offense and the Giants put up points and defenses need to worry about Nicks and Cruz and might not focus much on a 3rd string RB.

      that being said, i would not look at someones roster and say WTF is he doing playing Antonio over Andre

    2. also this seems like the week that Dwyer and Redman breakout and finally give the steelers a much needed run game

  5. Should I trade RB Donald Brown for RB Jaquizz Rodgers? Im thinking Rodgers can be a stud once Turner is out of the picture as a pass-catching RB out of the backfield.

    1. Not worth the risk at the moment, but if Quizz was a starting RB i would def want him over DBrown. I loved watching him play at Oregon State