Thursday Night Football
November 1, 2012
Kansas City Chiefs @ San Diego Chargers
8:20pm EST on NFL Network

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The St. Louis Rams, New England Patriots, New Yok Jets and San Francisco 49ers are on a BYE this week

Bye Week Impact
QB: Tom Brady
RB: Stephen Jackson, Stevan Ridley, Shonn Greene, Frank Gore
WR: Wes Welker, Brandon Lloyd, Jeremy Kerley, Michael Crabtree
TE: Rob Gronkowski, Aaron Hernandez, Dustin Keller, Vernon Davis

If we have given you a suggestion as to who you should play, please reply on Monday or Tuesday and let us know what you did and if it worked!  

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QB Match-ups to Avoid

Joe Flacco @ Browns - Flacco is averaging just 21 completions per game and 266 yards.  He has been a major let down this season and the Browns have held Philip Rivers, Andrew Luck and Andy Dalton to just 50 points in the last 3 weeks. 

Ryan Fitzpatrick @ Texans - The Texans have allowd 7 passing TDs in their last 2 matchups with Aaron Rodgers and Joe Flacco.  After a BYE week you can expect Wade Philips will be extra prepared to stop the Bills passing attack in order to keep their two stud RBs in check. 

RB Match-ups to Avoid

Chris Johnson vs Bears - Johnson has been averaging over 4 yards per carry the last 3 games, but that was against the Colts, Bills and Steelers.  The Bears are the #1 rush defense in the league and are allowing just 77 yards per game.

Adrian Peterson @ Seahawks - Adrian Peterson has been a huge draft day steal in many leagues and he recovered from knee surgery WAY faster than anyone, except himself, expected.  However, the Seahawks have proved to be a TOUGH defense and with the struggles in the Vikings pass attack recently, the Seahawks can focus soley on stopping AP, while trusting their secondary to cover their men.

Rashad Jennings vs Lions - Jennings is averaging less than 3 yards per carry in his 2 starts since MJD went down.

WR Match-ups to Avoid

Stevie Johnson @ Texans - The only receiver on the Bills that most casual NFL fans can even name, the Texans game plan will focus on making other receivers beat them while shutting down Johson.  Don't expect to see his 1st 100 yard receiving game of the year this week.

Nate Washington vs Bears - The Bears defense has a better chance of scoring this week than Nate Washington does.

TE Match-ups to Avoid

Jermichael Finley vs Cardinals - The Cardinals have allowed just 5 TE receptions in the last 3 weeks, while the Packers have just 8 TE receptions the last 3 weeks.

Brandon Meyers vs Buccaneers - The Bucs continue to surprise everyone and have started to become a wildcard in the NFC playoff race.  They have held 3 of their last 5 opponents to under 20 points and add that to the fact that Meyers has yet to score a TD this year, its best to keep him on the bench.

DEF Match-ups to Avoid

Eagles @ Saints - It is never good to start a defense against a Drew Brees' led offense.

Cardinals @ Packers - Alex Smith looked like Johnny Unitas on Monday Night Football against the Cardinals.  That should be a confidence booster for a QB god like Aaron Rodgers.

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  1. Should I start McFadden vs TB or McGahee vs Cin in PPR league, and why?

    1. Please ignore that last comment.

      Go with McGahee against the Bengals

      The Broncos offense is on a roll and the Bengals have to much to worry about with Peyton Manning. Broncos should get a big lead, and use the clock in the 2nd half

  2. That's what I was thinking as well. Also in another PPR league should, who should I used as my RB2 and Flex? Murray, BJE, Fred Jackson, Donald Brown or Alex Green for RB2 and for flex any of those RB's or Antonio Brown or Torrey Smith. I want to use Murray but that scares me coming back from injury. Also, as my FLEX player who should I use out of all of those guys including the two WR's?

    1. RB 2 - Murray coming back from injury is scary, Fred Jackson vs the Texans isn't that great of a matchup, Donald Brown is splitting carries with Vick Ballard and Alex Green has rushed for 2.4 yards per carry the last 3 weeks over 64 carries. Go with the LawFirm BJGE

      Antonio Brown has gone 7, 4, 7, 4 in receptions since the bye. It looks like he is in for a big week and the way Big Ben has been playing, its hard to not start him. His ability to stand and deliver in the pocker it going to be huge against the Giants front 4. I am a Giants fan, but even i know that QBs seem to evade us quite easily and usually they end up completeing those scrambling passes.

      So Flex it with Antonio Brown

    2. I had Brown as my Flex, so I agree there. Just not sure about BJE because he has sucked hard lately and they'll def be playing from behind and he gets no receptions. I know the Bills will be playing from behind but Jackson is a big factor in the passing game and gets the goal line carries. I'll have to read up throughout the week.

  3. Also should I go with Vick against NO or Roth against NYG? Roth's been playing great but NO's def sucks.

    1. its impossible to trust Vick at this point. Go with Big Ben

  4. If Nelson can't play should I go with Titus Young or Mike Williams?

  5. Pistol Pete11/2/12, 3:59 PM

    RG3 or Peyton Manning? and Nate Washington or Mikel LeShoure?

    1. Gotta go with RG3 against the Panthers and Leshoure against Jags....great matchups

  6. I traded Julio Jones and BJE for Forte and Stevie Johnson in my PPR league. My other WR's are Calvin Johnson, Antonio Brown and Torrey Smith so I had a WR to spare because my RB's suck. They are Jennings, Murray, Jackson, Green, Brown and LSH. Do you think this is a good trade considering how weak I was at RB. I had to make a move b/c I am 3-5 but in 7th and 6 people get in the playoffs. Now my starting line-up will be.

    WR - C Johnson
    WR - S Johnson
    RB - Jennings
    RB - Forte
    Flex - Murray (when he returns, Brown until then)

    Also, any word on the who I should play if Nelson can't go? Titus Young or Mike Williams in PPR (diff league)

    1. Sorry working off my phone since Sandy knocked out internet here in CT. I wouldn't have made the trade but understand why you did. And Titus Young sa top wr at the moment so go with him. Who is playing over m Williams