Must Haves

Alex Green RB (51% owned) - Yes Green might be on a pass heavy offense but the Packers put up points.  Green will see touches inside the red zone and we know the Packers get there often. Coach McCarthy said that Green will carry a full load.  In fantasy football if there's a starting RB out there you have to pick him up, especially on a great offense like Green Bay.

Josh Gordon WR (16% owned) - Gordon is a big play waiting to happen.  He has passed Greg Little and Mohamed Massaquoi on the depth charts, and he has formed a connection with Brandon Weeden.  In the last two games Gordon has 3 touchdowns of 71, 62, and 20 yards.  He's not going to rack up 10 catches in a game but he's a big threat to score a long touchdown each week.

Solid Pickups

Felix Jones RB (25% owned) - Jones would be a "Must Have" but it's unclear how much time DeMarco Murray will miss.  Rumor has it that Murray could miss up to a month.  Jones will be in line for the bulk of the carries and he is solid in the screen game.  Jones has a great match-up this weekend with Carolina who has given up the 6th most fantasy points to RBs.

David Wilson RB (25% owned) - Between the fumbling issue and Andre Brown breaking out, David Wilson was quickly in the Giants doghouse but he's clearly out now.  He's still only a backup but will see a handful of touches the rest of the way.  With his strength and speed, Wilson is a threat to break off a big run at any point, especially if he comes in fresh against a worn down defense.  Not to mention he's a great returner and could run a few back for you.

William Powell RB (31% owned) - Powell should take over as the main back in Arizona after out preforming La'Rod Stephens-Howling.  Arizona has an awful offense line but Powell did rush for 70 yards last week.

Donnie Avery WR (15% owned) - With Donald Brown out, the Colts are now even more of a pass first team.  Avery has seen 8 or more targets in every game this year.  Andrew Luck loves to look Avery's way and he should continue to see targets especially if teams start trying to take Reggie Wayne out of the game plan.

Domenik Hixon WR (38% owned) - Since Hakeem Nicks went out, Hixon has made a name for himself in the Giants passing game.  Anything thrown to him, he catches.  He has 15 catches in the last 3 games and once Nicks comes back and is able to play a full game, Hixon will still be a solid option.  With Cruz and Nicks seeing the top defensive backs, Hixon will be able to exploit whoever is on him.

Good For A Week

Matt Hasselbeck QB (7% owned) - With 6 teams on a BYE (Matt Ryan, Mike Vick, Peyton Manning, Phillip Rivers) Hasselbeck is a nice BYE week filler.  He's got a very good match-up with a dreadful Buffalo defense.  This could be a shootout and Buffalo is giving up the most fantasy points to QBs.

Josh Freeman QB (41% owned) - Similar to Hasselbeck, Freeman is simply a BYE week filler because he has a great match-up.  Saints put up a lot of points, but they also give up a lot of points.  Sounds like Freeman will have to throw a ton.

Players to Watch

Dustin Keller TE (24% owned) - The past few seasons Keller and Sanchez have had a great chemistry.  Keller is finally back and healthy and it will be interesting to see if that chemistry is still there and how long it takes for Keller to become a big part of the Jets offense.  Keep an eye on him as he's not safe to play yet.  With the TE position so hit or miss, Keller might be a big addition to your fantasy team in a few weeks. 

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  1. I just realized that my defense is on their bye week. The only two "good" options left in my league are...

    Indianapolis (against Cleveland)
    Jacksonville (against Oakland)


    1. Honestly, both teams have terrible matchups. Who else is available

    2. I know!

      St Louis (Green Bay) is available

      So is...
      Cincinnati (Pitt)
      Cleveland (Ind)
      Carolina (Dallas)
      But, I have players on those opposing teams and was trying to stay away from points being taken away from my defense if my offense players score...but I can pick one of those up if need be.

    3. I would say go with the Colts then. They have 10 more sacks than the Jags.

      However, Cleveland against the Colts is your best matchup

  2. Please pick two RB's for my PPR league:

    Jackson, Green-Ellis, Alex Green, or Blount? Yes, horrible options but Murray got hurt and someone snagged Felix before I could.

    1. I want to apologize for last week's disaster! 3 TDs from Jordy?!

      Fred Jackson Yes!

      BJGE against the Steelers is not a GREAT matchup but the best available back you have.

      Blount is a TD or bust and Green against a tough Rams defense

    2. Don't worry I stuck with Jordy. Haha

  3. Starboy340 here. need trade advice . have strong WR, but weak RB. in a PPR league

    WR: Antonio Brown, Welker, Roddy White, Torrey Smith, and Dominic Hixon
    RB: Sproles, BJGE, Ballard, Gerhart, Joique Bell

    is it worth trading Torrey Smith to get Stevan Ridley?

    my potential trading partner is loaded at RB: Ridley, CJ, LeSHoure, Richardson and FJax, and needs a WR. need to make a move fast before he picks one up off waivers

    1. yeah yeah, I would make that deal and don't see why he would reject it

      I know we told you not to trade Smith for Alfred Morris but I like Ridley a bit more than Morris going forward

    2. again PPR format. He said no because he has Boldin on his team and doesnt want 2 players from the same team/position. makes sense.

      His counter was either /Welker for Ridley/ which doesnt make sense to me. or /Leshoure for Antonio Brown/. I'm ambivalent. both are past bye weeks, but I look at Brown barring injury as good to go. Detroit has a tough schedule and what happens to Leshoure if Best returns?

      Is it worth the gamble? What do you think?

    3. i wouldn't trade welker at this point and I would also not trade Antonio Brown because unless you can play 3 RB at a time, Leshoure is not an upgrade over Sproles or the Law Firm.

      And if you can play 3 RB that means you can play 3 WR and Welker, White Smith Brown and Hixon are a GREAT combo to mix and match each week

    4. Your point is well taken in that I can rotate the WRs in the Flex spot.
      Our league is 2WR, 2RB, and a WR/RB Flex. My goal was not to replace one of my RBs but to add a third. RBs are hard to find on the waiver wire in my league but not so with WRs.

      My problem is next week. Law firm is on a bye, leaving me with one decent RB. and although Torrey is also on a bye I can use Welker White at WR and Hixon at Flex (or pick up D Moore, Gibson, etc).

      I have 3 reasons to take this trade by 10am today for Leshoure. First he will be the main RB for DET(and I could use him next week or have a 3rd RB in case of injury). Second I'm in a keeper league. I still have one more year where I can keep Sproles, Leshoure though could be very viable in that he was drafted round 12 and my league rules say that he can be kept for 3 years. Third my trade partner is 1-5 needs a WR badly this week(byes)and is playing someone who it would be helpful to me if he beats.

      Does that change the equation enough?

    5. If you are comfortable giving up Brown then you should do it yes. You have multiple WRs and you could use help at RB

      Plus its probably easier to find a WR replacement than a RB