We Talk Fantasy Sports: January 2012 We Talk Fantasy Sports: January 2012

Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Top 50 Fantasy Basketball Players - January 2012

It is based on the following scoring system:

Points = .5
Offensive Rebounds = .75
Defensive Rebounds = .5
Assists = .75
Steals = .75
Blocks = 1
Turnovers = (-.25)

Sunday, January 29, 2012

Fantasy Basketball Week 6 (1/29 - 2/4)

Pickup of the Week:
Kemba Walker (70% Yahoo) - 12 points, 4 rebounds, 3 assists (16 points, 7 rebounds 4.6 assists last 5 games)

Teams Playing 5 Games:

Detroit Pistons (4-17) - The Pistons are the proud owners of the worst offense in all of the NBA.  Ok so maybe they are not proud but they do have a back-back-back to look forward too with 3 road games starting in Milwaukee and ending against the Knicks and Nets.  After a night off they get to host the Bucks and Hornets.  Greg Monroe is still having a breakout season and is averaging 15.8 points and 9.5 rebounds on the season.   Rookie Brandon Knight has been giving fantasy owners a little bit of everything putting up 13 points, 3.7 rebounds and 3.5 assists a night.  Over his last 5 he has raised his averages to 14, 4 and 4.

Memphis Grizzlies (10-9) - Memphis has lost 3 in a row after winning 7 straight.  They are averaging just 86 points/night during this losing streak.  With matchups against the Spurs, Hawks, Thunder and Celtics, you can expect this trend to continue.  The only saving point this week might be their matchup against the uptempo Nuggets.  Marc Gasol has been filling the stat sheet the past 5 games with 15 points 10 rebounds 3 assists and 2 blocks.  However during that span he has been shooting below 50% from the field. 

Everybody else plays 4 games except for the Atlanta Hawks, Charlotte Bobcats, Cleveland Cavaliers, Golden State Warriors, Los Angeles Lakers and Sacramento Kings who play just 3.

  • The Chicago Bulls play all 4 games on the road
    • The Charlotte Bobcats play all 3 on the road
Schedule info courtesy of Basketball Monster

If you have any roster questions don't hesitate to leave a comment!

Friday, January 27, 2012

Fantasy Basketball Week 5 (1/22 - 1/28)

1/27 - Andrew Bogut has a fractured ankle and there is no timetable for his return.  Just like Eric Gordon, unless you have a roster spot for Bogut, its time to let go.  At the moment, Samuel Dalembert is the only top 25 center who is under 80% owned, so if he is available he should be your first option.  After that you have Emeka Okeafor(76%), Boris Diaw??(74%), and DeJuan Blair(59%).  The Bucks have yet to play since the news, but it would make sense for Drew Gooden to see most of Bogut's minutes.  Gooden is just 20% owned in Yahoo leagues so he is also a solid replacement.  But do not expect a fast start as tonight they face the Bulls in Chicago, before hosting the Lakers on Saturday.

1/26 - Eric Gordon is set to miss at least 3 more weeks.  With this news, unless you are in a dynasty league, or have an IR roster spot, IT IS TIME TO MOVE ON.  Gordon, when playing, is nearly impossible to replace via the waiver wire, but there are no other options.  6 weeks from now the season will be nearly over.  Gerald Henderson is still just 74% owned in Yahoo and if available is the best option.   Right behind him though is Louie Williams(73%) who has SG eligibility.  Behind those two are two rookies who are really PGs with SG eligibility:  Kemba Walker (66%) and Brandon Knight(59%).  Kemba has been hot these past 2 weeks, but you have to remember that starter DJ Augustin has missed games. 

1/25 - Luol Deng is going to be out for a "while."  He has torn ligaments in his wrist and there is no real timetable for him yet.  Deng has been a top 5 SF all season so replacing him will be hard.  Ronnie Brewer got the start in his place on Monday night and put up 11 points and 5 boards.  However, we like Shawn Marion (72% owned) as he has been the next best thing that is most likely still available in your league.  If Marion is gone look for Tayshaun Prince(50%).  If you league is REALLY deep, and both of those guys are gone, Trevor Ariza(62%) has returned to action and is putting up 14.5/5.5/4.3 with 2.5 steals in nearly 40 minutes a night!

If the NBA Playoffs started today, the Boston Celtics and Portland Trail Blazers would not even be in them, but the Cleveland Cavaliers would!  This season continues to be impossible to figure out and oh yeah, the 7th and 8th seed in the East are currently a combined 12-19!  Kevin Love for MVP

Pickup of the Week:
Andre Miller (70% owned Yahoo) - 10 points, 6.6 assists, 3.5 rebounds, 1.3 steals

Past His Prime?
Paul Pierce (99%) - 14 points, 4 rebounds, 4 assists, 38.4 FG %, 2.6 turnovers

Teams Playing 5 Games:

Charlotte Bobcats (3-13)
  • The Bobcats continue to struggle as everyone expected.  Gerald Henderson continues to be the leading scorer on the team while shooting 47%.  The problem is that he is only scoring 15.5 points per game so when all is said and done the Bobcats finish with about 90.  Some might say that they miss Corey Magette, but I doubt his 30% FG% would help.  DJ Augustin is having his best year and has improved in all categories except shooting percentage.  However, he is being more aggressive and attempting more shots which has led to more points and also more assists.  They might play 5 games this week, but their schedule is not all that tough.  With home games against the Knicks and Wizards and road games against the Nets, Wizards and 76ers, fantasy owners of certain Bobcats can hope that the team takes advantage of what could be a big week.

Thursday, January 26, 2012

Stat Grabber - Andrew Ericksen

The Stats We Like


Marc Gasol - 1/21 vs Sacramento

8-11 Field Goals, 1-1 Threes, 3-3 Free Throws, 20 points, 11 rebounds, 5 assists, 6 blocks, 1 steal, 0 turnovers

  • In an absolute shellacking of the Kings, Marc filled the stat sheet in every way possible, even hitting his first three of the season. The standout stats are obviously the 6 blocks and 8-11 field goals, but notching 5 assists with 0 turnovers is something you've got to love. He’s ranked above his brother right now for the season, and rightfully so.

Despite the absence of league MVP D-Rose, the Bulls keep on rolling, entering the week with a league-high 15 wins. On the other end of the spectrum, the Wizards found their own star point guard putting on quite the show this past week, leading to the team's second win, a shocking victory over Oklahoma City in which Wall posted 25, 8, and 7. But we've got lots of other stats to cover from 1st place Chicago to 30th place Washington and everyone in between

21, 7, 6
  • Derrick, who? Bulls PG CJ Watson has been filthy good in Rose's absence - no offense to the game's best PG, just wanted to get your attention. With 21 assists, 7 threes, and 6 steals in his 3 starts, CJ's showing what he can do in a starting spot in the NBA; sort of has a resemblance to the way Ty Lawson flourished in Chauncey's absence in Denver before turning into a valuable fantasy player himself. Don’t pick him up yet, but will be a great spot start whenever Rose takes the night off.
  • Three point percentage so far this season from Warriors SG Brandon Rush, good for third in the league behind Thabo Sefolosha who shoots about half the three balls Rush does and Ray Allen whose currently at the best percentage clip of his career. At 25 minutes per game, Rush's averages so far this season don't jump out at you, but he's an extremely versatile swingman whose shooting the best ball of his pro career right now. Give him an extra 5-10 minutes a game, and those 0.9 blocks per game and 0.7 steals per game could see some nice increases. (Love this, exactly what I wanted you do with the extra insight)
  • Average minutes per game from Pistons F Tayshaun Prince in his last 5 games. Owned in less than 50% of yahoo leagues, Prince has scored at least 20 points in 3 of his last 5, while adding some nice threes, blocks, and steals. There could be a lot of variety in playing time for the Pistons this season, but Prince's recently signed 4-year, $27 million contract would make one think that the team would like to see him stay on the court. If he can continue at this pace, he will find his way on many fantasy teams going forward. If you have an open spot, he isn’t the worst way to use it.
41, 8, 4
  • Combined rebounds, blocks, and steals in the last three outings for Nets PF Kris Humphries. If you're looking for someone to do your dirty work for you, look no further. Humphries has also been scoring in double figures pretty regularly, shooting right around 50% from the field this season. Hump is one of those guys that can quietly carry fantasy teams in defensive categories.

Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Stat Grabber - Andrew Ericksen

Stats We Like
Ok Kobe, we get it. You're still one of the league's best and I don't think anyone's talking about those sore wrists or whatever anymore, but how about the battle for Los Angeles?  Clippers showing some feistiness with Chris Paul going off big time! Paul, Bryant and Durant were the top 3 in yahoo standard per-game scoring this past week, but a nice couple additions to the top ten this week. We had Greg Monroe posting his first career 30 point effort and Kyle Lowry coming back from injury in a big way.  If you're looking for some key players to watch or just for some general stat-facts, Stat-Grabber's got the answers for you:

  • 172 
    • That Kobe guy can score. With 40 or over in 4 straight now, Bryant has tallied a whopping 172 points in a blink of an eye.  Coming off his lowest points per game total since 2004 last season, there were a lot of doubters out there, but Kobe's loving the opportunity to prove them all wrong.

  • 21, 8
    • Thank you Rick Adelman.  I sincerely thank you on behalf of all the owners of the rookie Spaniard - who finally made it over to the Americas to brandish his quick and clever game of basketball - for finally installing PG Ricky Rubio into your starting 5.  In his first two NBA starts, Rubio has totaled 21 assists and 8 steals.  I don't care if you're in a small 4 team pool or a 5 player roster league or whatever, but for some reason Rubio is owned in only 84% of yahoo leagues right now.  Do yourself a favor and if you're in part of the 16%, go and get yourself one of the league's most promising point guards as quickly as the sneaky point guard can throw an oop to fellow rookie Derrick Williams - and that means quick! Run! Seriously.

  • 43, 9
    • Total rebounds and blocks from Rockets C Samuel Dalembert in his last 4 games (3 of which were Houston victories).  Owned in 61% of yahoo leagues, Dalembert looks to be the man in the middle for the Rockets. With Scola's weak rebounding in the PF spot, look for the solid big man numbers to continue for Sammy, but don't count on too many 20+ scoring outings like the other night against his former team, Sacramento.

Sunday, January 15, 2012

Fantasy Basketball Week 4 (1/15 - 1/21)

The first month of the NBA season has provided little excitement with poor offensive performances, and many injuries to big name players.  Much like the NFL had the shortened offseason workouts due to the lockout situation, the NFL saw a ton of star players miss multiple weeks as well.  While I believe this is just bad luck, it is not unreasonable to say that the lockouts hurt both leagues.

Pickup of the Week:
Gerald Henderson (70% owned Yahoo) - 14 points, 5 rebounds, (3) 20 point games, 45% field goals

Past His Prime?
Channing Frye (88%) - 9 points, 7 rebounds, 23 minutes, 35% 3pt, (1) 15 point game

Teams Playing 5 Games:

Denver Nuggets (8-4)

Friday, January 13, 2012

The Franchise Changer - Jon Matthews

When Steve Carell left The Office, we all thought it was over. NBC made an unbelievable decision to have Will Farrell replace him for a few episodes and then had James Spader take on the full-time position. This move was franchise changing. It changed the culture of the show from a comedic standpoint, as well as retaining most of their current fan base. When things start to get stagnant, or a period of adversity is reached, a franchise changing decision is the boom or bust move that determines the success or failure in your future. In this case, it is clear that James Spader (Or Ed Helms for that matter) is not meant to sit in the office for the now very famous role of Michael Scott.

The Jets have just had the most disappointing season since Ryan’s tenure began. As usual, Rex Ryan kicked off the year with his Super Bowl aspirations. Where he went wrong was giving both Mark Sanchez and Santonio Holmes captain tags. They were the most immature players on the team, and they hurt more than helped at the leadership positon. Holmes especially is a me-first player that seems more concern with accruing stats than wins. He has already worn out his welcome in one city, and on his way to doing it in another. This was a worse decision than Universal Music Group giving William Hung (American Idol Reject) a three-album deal including “Hung for the Holidays”.

The season started off well. There was up’s and down’s, but they found ways to win. Later in the season, the team flamed out and neither of their captains were around with a match or spark. They had two three game losing streaks, and they controlled their own playoff destiny with the last three games. Win and they were in. Sanchez couldn’t get anyone the ball. When he did, the receivers were dropping them or they’re overthrown. His passing mechanics looked worse than John wall’s opening pitch at the Nat’s game.

They Drippin' Swagu! - Jake Magnusson

It's early I know, but I see some teams looking to pop. The Sixers, Magic, Hawks, Celtics, Blazers, Spurs, Suns, and Jazz are feelin it.

Led by Marcin “The Martian” Gortat averaging 12.7 ppg, Phoenix is making the sun come out in January. The Suns have kept the scoring going while playing stingy defense. Eight players are averaging almost 10 pts. per while Gortat and Markeef Morris swallow up 13 of 42 rebounds per game. Reenergized by new cast members, the Suns could potentially challenge for a playoff spot.

The chippy Utah Jazz are causing problems for teams looking for an easy win. Jazz and mean do not belong together in a sentence, but tell that to Paul Millsap and Al Jefferson. The two bouncers push you around all game on both ends of the court and when they want to take a break they kick it out to Devin Harris and Gordon Hayward. The inside out action wears down opponents and the task becomes that much more brutal when teams have to scratch and fight for rebounds to stay in games. It took 40 pts. from Kobe to do it and the next 10 teams aren’t the Lakers.

For the rest of the article, click here!

Fantasy Basketball Week 3 (1/8 - 1/14)

1/13 -
When I looked last night, Zaza Pachulia was only 8% owned in Yahoo leagues.  This morning he is up to 12%.  He is a SOLID replacement for the injured Al Horford who is pretty much out for the season.  As a starter in his career, Pachulia has averaged 11 points and 8 rebounds while getting 28 minutes.  If you are looking for other options check out Anderson Varejao(76%) and Amir Johnson(60%).

Pickup of the Week:
Jeff Teague (70% owned Yahoo) - 11 points, 6 assists, 2 steals, 46% shooting

Past His Prime?
Lamar Odom (85%) - 7 points, 5 rebounds, 1 assist, 29% shooting, 17% 3pt

Team Playing 5 Games:
  • Charlotte Bobcats
    • The are currently the worst defensive team in the league giving up over 105 points/game.  With games against the Knicks, Hawks and Warriors this week, you can expect them to continue to be the leagues worst defensive squad.  That being said, they have 6 guys avg 10 points a night and newly acquired Byron Mullens has avg 14 pts the last four contests on 53% shooting.  They finish the week with a back-back-back starting in Atlanta, and ending with the Pistons and Warriors at home.
  • Chicago Bulls
    • They are currently the second best defensive team in the league giving up just 88 points/game.  They also have a back-back-back with a road game in Minnesota sandwiched between home contests against the Pistons and Wizards.  Rip Hamilton has been pretty disappointing early on scoring just 12 a game while getting 30 minutes of playing time, but has been battling a groin injury, which has kept him out of 4 of the last 5 games.  His mid range jumper is falling 47% of the time, but the 3ball(28%) is not there.
  • Los Angeles Lakers
    • Andrew Bynum has returned and is proving he is one of the dominate post players in the league.  In his 45games he is scoring 19 points on 57% shooting and pulling down 16 rebounds while blocking 2 shots a game.  He is getting to the line twice as many times a game over his career average.  Lets not forget, he is just 24 years young.  He should continue to dominate this week with matchups against the Grizzlies, Suns,Cavs at home, Utah and Clippers on the road.

Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Stat Grabber - Andrew Ericksen

  • 60.1
    • LeBron James's field goal percentage through 8 games - 12 percent higher than his career average.  Only attempting one three pointer on the year so far, I wouldn't be surprised if this number remains pretty steady throughout the season.
  • 42
    • Amount of three point attempts through eight games from Timberwolves F/C Kevin Love, shooting at 40.5% from deep.  He put up a similar percentage last season but attempted 2.9 a game as opposed to the 5.25 clip he's at so far this season.  Great news for Love owners.
  • 7.01
    • Blocks per 48 minutes for Celtics rookie C Greg Stiemsma, leading the league (next two are Biyombo at 5.2 and McGee at 4.8).  His minutes have been too inconsistent so far to highly consider him as an option, but with fragile big men Jermaine O'Neal and Chris Wilcox being the only other Centers at Boston's disposal, keep an eye on Stiemsma, who had a whopping 6 blocks in his 20 minute NBA debut against New Orleans.

Friday, January 6, 2012

Fantasy Basketball Week 2 (1/1-1/7)

1/6 -
  • Hornets Eric Gordon to miss 2-3 weeks with knee issues.  This isn't really news for Gordon owners as he has played in just 2 games for the Hornets.  But if you are struggling and need to replace Gordon, I would look to trade him before dropping him.  If your league does not have a roster spot for injured players you should move him asap.  There are too many games played per week in this shortened season.

1/4 -
  • Grizzlies PF Zazh Randolph has a torn MCL and could miss up to 8 weeks!  Memphis is close to acquiring Marreese Speights in a 3 team trade but he is not the answer for your fantasy team.  Clearly ZBo is a top PF and replacing him is nearly impossible, but here are a couple of players that can keep up:
    • Al Harrington (74% owned Yahoo) - Playing for the high scoring Denver Nuggets, Harrington has been a nice surprise early on.  15 points and 6 boards never hurts your fantasy team.  Plus he is one of the few PF/C who can drain the 3.
    • Jonas Jerebko (43%) - The kid from Sweden is playing 34 minutes a night and has the ability to do what he did against Indy (20/12) every night!  Outside of Greg Monroe nobody on the Pistons rebounds so expect the stat sheet to read double digits there quite often.
1/3 -

The Boston Celtics started the season 0-3 for the first time since the 06-07 season, the year before they got Kevin Garnett and Ray Allen.  They absence of Paul Pierce seems to be having the same affect that Peyton Manning has had on the Indianapolis Colts this season.  It is truly amazing to see how much one player can affect a team.  As much as I dislike Paul Pierce, his leadership and play making ability are clearly missed.

Pickup of the Week:
Spencer Hawes (71% Owned Yahoo) - 12 points 12.5 Boards 4 Assists 1.8 Blocks 67% FG

Past His Prime?
Steve Nash (100%) - 8.2 Points 7.8 Assists 4 Turnover 30% FG

Team Playing 5 Games:
  • Atlanta Hawks
    • After back to back 15+ point wins last week over the Nets and Wizards, the season finally begins for the Hawks.  They will face both the Miami Heat and the Chicago Bulls twice with each team getting home games.  They end the week with a back-back-back, two on the road.  Are they REALLY going after Dwight Howard?
  • Charlotte Bobcats
  • Chicago Bulls
    • The Bulls are known to be a defensive team, and are currently ranked 15th in the league allowing 96 points.  Two games against the Hawks this week won't help and neither will facing Dwight Howard's Orlando Magic.

Kobe Bryant Announces Retirement