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Friday, June 28, 2013

Top AAA Starting Pitching

Kyle Gibson has been called up by the Minnesota Twins for his first start on Saturday at home against the Kansas City Royals!

Anyone from your favorite MLB team on this list? Do you want them called up and pitching for your ballclub? Let us know in the comment section!

Greg ReynoldsLOUCIN902.501511108.0993230420661.10309.0
Sonny GraySACOAK753.02151095.1913732432981.29277.2
J.D. MartinDURTB942.97151091.010136301118601.31272.0
Kyle GibsonROCMIN753.01152292.2783331428791.14262.9
Matt ShoemakerSLCLAA694.491600104.111653521518881.28260.2
Sean O'SullivanTUCSD743.82160094.11054640627811.40258.7
Drew PomeranzCOLCOL814.20150085.2834040633961.35258.4
Chris RusinIOWCHC673.411511103.0944139721611.12257.5
Andrew AlbersROCMIN722.93151186.0843128823761.24252.0
Jarred CosartOKCHOU743.05151082.2612928443831.26247.9

Bruce BillingsSACOAK944.46140076.27644381130761.38242.4
Chad ReinekeLOUCIN743.12120086.28131301023541.20239.4
Omar PovedaGWNATL543.39150095.2863836731691.22238.9
Andrew WernerSACOAK795.83161097.112167631125681.50235.2
Kris JohnsonINDPIT732.80121080.1712525429581.24234.2
Chris HestonFRESF655.30161193.110860551236861.54234.2
Jason BerkenCHACHW673.78151088.0944137621671.31232.5
Jose AlvarezTOLDET542.78131081.0673025716841.02229.0
Ethan MartinLHVPHI835.03151078.2704644949731.51228.9
Brad MillsRRTEX712.97130078.2662926720551.09227.9

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Earned Runs Allowed - (1pt)
Strike Outs - .5pt

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