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Wednesday, January 30, 2013

How the Rudy Gay Trade Will Affect Your Fantasy Team

The Memphis Grizzlies, Toronto Raptors, and Detroit Pistons made some noise around the NBA Wednesday night as they all agreed on a blockbuster trade that will clearly effect these franchises going forward, not to mention the rest of your fantasy season!

The Grizzlies, Raptors and Pistons agreed to a six-player trade Wednesday that sent star swingman Rudy Gay to Toronto.
The Grizzlies, in the midst of a money-motivated makeover, acquired forward Ed Davis and veteran guard Jose Calderon in the deal that also sent backup center Hamed Haddadi to the Raptors.
Memphis then shipped Calderon to Detroit for Austin Daye and Tayshaun Prince.The Grizzlies also received a 2013 second-round pick from Toronto as part of the deal.  ESPN
We'll start with the center piece Rudy Gay. Gay's fantasy value goes sky high, as now he'll be the leader of the offense in Toronto. Right now Gay is averaging 17.2 points, 2.6 assists, and 5.9 rebounds. Yes Gay was leading the Grizzlies in scoring, but he had to share the ball with Zach Randolph (15.8 points), Marc Gasol (13.7 points), and Mike Conley (13 points).  Going to the Raptors, Gay will be the main guy alongside DeMar DeRozan who is averaging 17.3 points this year.  With Ed Davis and Jose Calderon off the team Kyle Lowry is the only other healthy option to score for the Raptors, as Andrea Bargnani has yet to return from injury. I'll be shocked if Gay doesn't average 20+ points the rest of the season.

Glen Davis Suffers Broken Foot

Glen "Big Baby" Davis suffered a broken foot Wednesday Night against the New York Knicks. Davis who already missed 11 games with a shoulder injury, might now have to miss the raminder of the season, but we'll wait for official reports before we throw that out there.

The injury came early in the 1st quarter, and Glen Davis finished the night playing only 4 minutes, going 1-2 from the field for 2 points and 3 assists.  Clearly the Orlando Magic aren't going anywhere this season at 14-31, but Davis is a center piece to this team and will truly miss him.

Grizzlies Trade Rudy Gay to Raptors

In a deal that I honestly thought would never happen after the Grizzlies front office managed to get under the luxury tax threshold by dealing Marreese  Speights, Rudy Gay has been traded.  This is actually a pretty good trade for Memphis in that they get a tough defensive veteran in Prince who doesn't need the ball to be effective, while also adding a young PF who might allow the team to ship Zach Randolph elsewhere be it this season or the offseason, unloading that contract.  As for the Raptors, not a HUGE fan but I understand what they are attempting to do in grabbing a name like Rudy Gay.  The Pistons only make out here if they can resign Calderon, or he leads them to a playoff birth.  Prince did have a pretty big contract though so unloaded those locked in years can't hurt if Calderon walks.

The Raptors will send out Jose Calderon and Ed Davis for Gay and Hamed Haddadi.
The Pistons will acquire Calderon, with the Grizzlies receiving Tayshaun Prince and Austin Daye.
The Grizzlies will also receive a second round pick from the Raptors. - RealGM
Toronto now boosts a starting lineup of Kyle Lowry, DeMar DeRozan, Rudy Gay, and for now Amir Johnson and Aaron Gray until Andrea Bargnani and Jonas Valanciunas return.  I am not sure how the ball will be spread in Toronto but clearly all 3 guys have seen a decrease in fantasy value for the moment, but Rudy Gay should take the smallest hit followed by Lowry, with DeRozan seeing the largest decline, in my opinion.  If Kyle Lowry continues to be a ball dominating PG than his value goes back to its regular pre season value while Rudy Gay and DeRozan take the hit.  Gay is used to playing with a pass first guard in Mike Conley.  DeRozan has been averaging 5.6 assists over his last 5 games and with Gay on the floor next to him he should be able to continue keeping that tally, especially with Calderon gone.

The Raptors at just 5.5 games out of the final playoff spot and adding Gay to their roster DOES make them better on paper.  But trading Calderon & Davis is a big price tag if the team misses the playoffs.

Raptors Fans Reactions

Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Route 4 Sports: Super Bowl Box Pool

Our good friends over at Route 4 Sports have provided us all with a Super Bowl XLVII Box Pool.


To enter the $5 Pool, please go to SquaresPools.com, register for free, join a private pool and enter the following ID / Password

Don't forget to follow those guys on twitter @SportsProphet1 @fntsy365 and listen to their podcast!

Monday, January 28, 2013

Fantasy Basketball Week 13 Recap

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The Boston Celtics had an inspirational win yesterday afternoon, taking the defending World Champion Miami Heat to double overtime before edging out a 100-98 victory.  It was inspirational because they did it without All-Star PG Rajon Rondo, and did it even after learning that Rondo had indeed torn his ACL and would be sidelined for the rest of the season!  Mike explained how to "replace" Rondo yesterday.

It was a classic Celtics win in which they battled and scratched their way to points while playing lock down defense.  Boston had lost 6 consecutive games before yesterday victory but the rest of the season is looking very tough for the Celtics who currently are holding on to the 8th seed in the Eastern Conference with Philly, Detroit and Toronto just a few games behind.  The Washington Wizards are 7-3 in their last 10 games and got back John Wall just in time.  They might be second to last in the East, but they are less than 10 games behind the Celtics for that final playoff spot.  The Eastern Conference race is going to be fun to watch the rest of the way.

Sunday, January 27, 2013

Rajon Rondo Has Torn ACL - Out For Season

As if the Boston Celtics (20-23) season wasn't going bad enough, they just recieved the worst news possible - An MRI revealed that Rajon Rondo has suffered a torn right ACL and he will miss the rest of the season.

Rajon Rondo suffered a hyperextended right knee on Friday night in an overtime loss to the Atlanta Hawks.  The Celtics blew a 27 point lead in that game but unfortunately for them the news of Rondo was worse than that.

Rondo attempted to warm up for Sunday's game, but the injury did not improve. The team elected to scratch him and he traveled to New England Baptist Hospital for an MRI. The team revealed the news via its Twitter account during the second half. VIA ESPN
With Rondo done for the year, third year player Avery Bradley (35% owned in Yahoo) will take over as the starting point guard for the remainder of the season.  Bradley has never averaged 10 points or more than 1.8 rebounds and 1.4 assists in any season but at this point he is a must add in all fantasy leagues, especially if you are a Rajon Rondo fantasy owner.

Bradley will see his minutes increase and he will be relied on heavily to spread the ball around, which will increase his assist totals and having the ball in his hands for most of the game, you have to assume he will be averaging 10-14 points a game.

Other players you might want to add are - Jason Terry (56% owned), Leandro Barbosa (2% owned) Eric Bledsoe (26% owned), Ramon Sessions (56% owned), Luke Ridnour (49% owned), J.J. Barea (11% owned), Kirk Hinrich (28% owned)

Friday, January 25, 2013

ESPN Super Pick 'Em

ESPN's Super Pick'em challenges you to predict the outcome of twenty (20) prop matchups from the big game on Sunday, Feb. 3. Score the most points and you could win a great prize. Free to play, sign up now!

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You'll answer 20 questions, predicting what will happen in the big game in New Orleans. In addition to forecasting the eventual Super Bowl champion, you'll also be making picks on a variety of prop bets throughout the game, such as points scored in a quarter, the length of the longest scoring play and individual player performances.  For each of the 20 questions, you pick one of two options. But there's a twist: On some of the questions, one of the options is worth more points than the other. Play it safe, and you'll get some points, but if you get an "underdog" pick correct, you get extra points for your entry. It's not just about getting the most questions right. Instead, the player who racks up the most points through correct answers over the course of the game will win the prize.

Example of Prop Bets (Some are even worth 7 or 8 points!)
Which team will win the game? 
  • Baltimore Ravens 6 pts
  • San Francisco 49ers 4 pts 
What will be the length of the National anthem sung by Alicia Keys? 
  • 113 Seconds or Fewer 4 pts  
  • 114 Seconds or More 6 pts 

What will be the result of the coin toss? 
  • Heads 5 pts  
  • Tails 5 pts 

Thursday, January 24, 2013

Braves Acquire Justin Upton

In a seven player trade, the Atlanta Braves have acquired OF Justin Upton from the Arizona Diamondbacks.  Also coming to Atlanta will be 3B Chris Johnson who will have some BIG shoes to fill for Chipper Jones who has finally retired.  The Braves will ship a package to Arizona including 3B/OF Martin Prado, SP Randall Delgado, SS Nick Ahmed & P Zeke Spruill.  The Braves will also send 1B Brandon Drury to the DBacks.  The move will see the Braves with BOTH Justin and B.J. Upton, who the Braves signed early this winter to a 5 year $75 mil deal. 

The last 5 years has seen a DRASTIC shift in the National League East.  Just as soon as the New York Mets and Philadelphia Phillies were building a heated rivalry, the Washington Nationals and Atlanta Braves have now become the favorites to win the NL East & represent the National League in the World Series.

Wednesday, January 23, 2013

What To Expect from Edwin Encarnacion

It's time to welcome yet another member to the We Talk Fantasy Sports family. This time we welcome Jeff Rosenberg, @Jewish_Jeff.  Jeff is currently contributing to our good friend Hecman Hoops site, and will branch into the MLB here and write some great baseball post for us to enjoy.

In 151 games played in 2012 (career high), the Toronto Blue Jays’ 29 year-old 1B/3B Edwin Encarnacion put up career highs almost across the board.  His official 2012 line:

2012: 152 hits with a .280/.384/.557 line, 42 HRs, 110 RBIs, 93 Runs, 13 SBs

A huge breakout for the 29-year old, who ended up finishing 11th in the AL MVP vote in 2012.  So, what can we expect in 2013 from the now 30-year old entering his 9th year in the majors?  Would you believe me if I said, more of the same?

Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Grizzlies Trade Marreese Speights to Cavaliers

The Memphis Grizzlies have agreed to trade Marreese Speights to the Cleveland Cavaliers, along with Josh Selby AND Wayne Ellington, in return for Jon Leuer.  Yikes.  Seems like a HUGE package for Jon Leuer who didn't even see the court in Cleveland.  This is a great trade for the Cleveland Cavaliers as they fill in the void left by Anderson Varejao being out for the rest of the season while adding guards to their rotation.  Speights is going to see time in Cleveland, no doubt, so his fantasy value jumps just a tick.  This is NOT good for Tristan Thompson and Tyler Zeller however.  Both guys should remain the starters but will definitely see their minutes cut.  Wayne Ellington should also cut into Dion Waiters minutes.

Cleveland Cavaliers Fan Reactions

Memphis Grizzlies Fan Recations

Reducing payroll both short- and long-term has been a goal of the new Grizzlies ownership and led to other trade talks involving Rudy Gay and Zach Randolph over the past several weeks.    - Brian Windhorst ESPN

Monday, January 21, 2013

Fantasy Basketball Week 12 Recap

The Atlanta Hawks got off to a hot start this season, but have slowly come back down earth.  To make matters worse, after a 3-8 start to 2013, the Hawks have now lost "Sweet" Lou Williams for the season after he suffered a torn ACL and will miss the remainder of the season.  Lou Williams was the Hawks third leading scorer this season and they will now rely on Devin Harris (26% owned Yahoo), John Jenkins (0%) and DeShawn Stevenson (1%).  You should NOT head that direction.  If I were you (and I am because I lost Lou in one league) and you wanted to go down the path less traveled, I would look to add Knicks guard Iman Shumpert (14%).

Sunday, January 20, 2013

5 Great Fanthrowdown Plays for 1/21

Fanthrowdown has an NBA freeroll Monday afternoon, so you can’t find a better time to try out the new daily fantasy website. We love the games going on today, and really who doesn’t love multiple games on national television all day long? There are some very good matchups to love, and we will be playing these five players just about everywhere as we love their price.

Friday, January 18, 2013

Breaking Down the NFL Playoffs: Conference Championships

San Francisco 49ers @ Atlanta Falcons
NFC Championship
Saturday, January 20th, 2013 @ 3:00 PM ET on FOX

Mike - I think I owe an apology to Colin Kaepernick, as I thought he would be the downfall of the 49ers, instead he went out and set the NFL record for most rushing yards by a QB in a game. Woops.

With the 49ers coming into Atlanta, I think the Falcons will be somewhat prepared for what they are getting into with Kaepernick. They will use game tape from the Packers game and they just beat Russell Wilson who plays a very similar style of QB.  However after losing last year to the Giants in OT in the NFC Championship game last year I think the 49ers will be hungry to leave Atlanta with a W and get to the Super Bowl.

How to win ESPN Gridiron Conference Championship / Super Bowl Weekend

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Last week was a much better week I must say, and I stand behind all my choices. This weekend brings into play though two weekends combined so we must be careful. It all comes down to picking whomever is going to the Superbowl and who will put up the biggest numbers in two weekends combined. I didn't end up starting Colin Kaepernick last week and that made the biggest difference with many teams I believe as it was a huge fantasy performance. And I was pretty happy with the performance of Frank Gore and Arian Foster. This week also I won't be selecting a third option as after this week you won't be able to change your selections, so we will see how my overall picks fare. Let's take a look then:

Quarterback Position:

Tom Brady (NWE) MKT: 6.9

No gamble I think this week. Brady and company are ready for another Super Bowl run and it all comes down to picking who will generate the most points right? They have a tough task against Baltimore this week but I don't think the Ravens will put up enough points to keep up with the Patriots. Brady will be in the finals so it's only smart to pick him.

ESPN Hockey Challenge

Need a quick Crash Course on the NHL?

Already in another group?  Don't worry about it, just add your team to ours!

Fantasy Hockey is the toughest of all 4 major sports.  It is a little easier when it is a salary based league instead of a draft.  For those of you who would like to start following hockey a bit deeper and ease your way into Fantasy Hockey, here is a great way to do it!  Instead of being forced to know 3rd lines of of all NHL teams, you can pick and choose any player from any roster even if someone else also has them on their roster.

Put your best team on the ice during the 2013 NHL season. The objective is to build a roster of NHL superstars while staying under the $100M salary cap and score the most points. Compete against friends or other fans from around the world. Play now!

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So how does it work? Each player in the NHL is assigned a salary based on performance (the top skaters will start just under $9 million, the goalies closer to $12 million) and you are given $100 million to build a roster of six forwards, four defensemen and two goaltenders. You are trying to accumulate points from goals (one point), assists (one point) and wins (two points). Shutouts provide a bonus point for goaltenders and any defensemen on an NHL team that earns a shutout also earn a bonus point. It's a simple game, yet it has nuances that will force you to really test your NHL prognostication this season.  Each week you have the option to change your lineup, but here's the rub: A players' salary is not static for the season. It will rise and fall based on performance and demand. However, you can save money on a player so long as you keep them locked into your lineup. Clever, right? If you see an obvious sleeper at $7 million before the season, you can lock him into your roster and keep him at $7 million while everyone else is paying $9 million by the time they notice. - Sean Allen, ESPN

Thursday, January 17, 2013

A Look at FanThrowdown for Friday

Thursday night we made our FanThrowdown debut playing a few head to head games and we enjoyed it. The site is up and coming, and we have really liked it so far. From first glance at Friday’s player pool, it’s going to be challenging to pick a team, but we found some nice value plays after looking harder. It’s tough to find a lot when no injury updates are out, so we’ll be able to implement those plays tomorrow.

Fantasy Baseball Vision: Target & Avoid - AL East Edition

Our good friend Brett Barton (@BrettBarton_FBV) at Fantasy Baseball Vision will help you prep for your upcoming drafts. He will continue with the Target & Avoid series for each MLB team.  In it he will examine and breakdown sleepers, rookies and sophomores from each team and tell you what to expect. Follow him on twitter so you don't miss the Fix My Team segments and of course position rankings.

Baltimore Orioles
Target: Jim Johnson

The O’s veteran will have the Closers role sewed up with no competition as compared to last year. The reason is because he successfully closed out the year with 51 Saves in 12’. Not many will think he can replicate last year’s feat or that the O’s will contend again this year, especially with Toronto’s massive upgrade, that is to your advantage.  Well, I’m here to tell you the O’s will compete and Johnson will again be on the fringe of a top 10 Closer. He’s had back to back years with an ERA under 2.70 and my favorite stat prior to last year was his career numbers in save opportunities, though few its worth noting. They are sparkling as you will see: 0.79 ERA and a 2.8 K/BB ratio with a slash line against of .175/.221/.200 now compare that to Mario Rivera’s career slash line of .162/.205/.201 more than impressive.  Currently going in the 15th Rd at MDC he could anchor your bullpen this year. As always never go too early for Saves but don’t be left out either. Mid teens is late enough to grab your closers or if you are in an Auction draft he is worth a solid $8-9 this year. Look for a line of 3W 55K 2.87 ERA 1.11WHIP and 44 Saves.

NFL Draft - Needs and Options

The NFL regular season is over, and the draft order is set barring any trades.  As we start to get a clearer picture for the 2013 NFL Draft, we have put together a draft, listing the following for each team:
  • Draft Need
  • Best Option
  • Second Best
Please debate us if we have insulted your team or if you feel like teams need to go a different route in the comment section. 

This post will be updated every other week

Kansas City Chiefs
  • Geno Smith
New rumors that Andy Reid is going to be the Head Coach even further solidify this draft pick.  There is no way he would want to take over that team with Matt Cassel as his QB.

Wednesday, January 16, 2013

A Look at Wednesday's NBA Action

We have a sexy day of fantasy NBA tonight with ten games to tickle our pleasure. The value isn’t out there like usual, but with so many games going it’ll be easy to find enough guys to love tonight (that sounds kind of wrong, but we’ll move on).

Tuesday, January 15, 2013

A Look at Tuesday's NBA Action

Last night was a successful night from playing standards and we had some nice hits out of the 6 plays that we recommended last night. We considered Collison a play due to Ibaka being out while Liggins  wasn’t counted due to him not getting the start. As we tweeted earlier this morning, Nelson, Westbrook, and Tristan Thompson were huge hits putting up 147 between them. Evans, Thomas, and Collison on the other hand didn’t fare that well. Evans and Thomas missed value, but could have been much worse. Needless to say, it’s probably smart to stay away from Kings players for the rest of our lives.

Monday, January 14, 2013

NBA Plays for Draftkings 1/14

You know it’s going to be a great night of fantasy NBA when the freeroll can’t be seen on the front page of Draftkings without scrolling down. We have a nice eight games to choose from with some tougher value plays to pick from.

Fantasy Basketball Week 11 Recap

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  • Kings back court rotation
  • Injury news including: Ibaka, Manu, Lance Stephenson, and Varejao
  • What to do with some players who have been disappointing including Lowry and Ilyasova
  • Add/Drop recommendations

The face of Washington Wizards franchise finally returned from a left knee injury.  John Wall scored 14 points off the bench for the Wizards on Saturday night against the Atlanta Hawks in just under 21 minutes.  The thing I like most is that he took 5 free throw attempts which means he was not afraid to attack the basket, which is his strongest skill set.  Let's not forget who Wall is replacing in D.C., A.J. Price, Shaun Livingston, Garrett Temple, Jannero Pargo and Shelvin Mack.  This Wizards team is about to get a HUGE boost in tempo and points scored and everyone around Wall will see an increase in productivity.  Sure Bradley Beal and Jordan Crawford may not get as many shot attempts, but they should get better looks and shoot at higher percentages.  Martell Webster on the back door cuts will be getting the easiest layups he will ever attempt and Nene, Emeka and Seraphin will be standing alone under the basket for the easy dunk, as teams cover Wall driving the lane. 

Friday, January 11, 2013

Landshark Hockey: Fantasy Hockey Crash Course

Our new friend Chewy, from Landshark Hockey has a Fantasy Hockey 101 lesson for all of us trying to cram in as much NHL knowledge as quickly as possible.  If you're like most and haven't given much thought to fantasy hockey over the past 8 months (either out of self-defense, spite, or indifference), you may need a little help getting grounded before piecing together your fantasy squad this week.  So, here's a quick primer to get your mind back on important matters:

2011-12 RECAP

  • Last season was largely about the dominance of the Penguins (at least in the regular season).  Malkin and Neal were unstoppable.  Crosby was dominant as ever in half a season of action.  Jordan Staal played his way out of town with a career season.  Kris Letang would have been in the running for the Norris, had he stayed healthy.
  • Steven Stamkos ran away with the goal scoring title, pounding in another 60 tallies
  • Claude Giroux continued to show he deserves a spot among the elite, with a 93 point effort
  • Jason Spezza returned to star status, finishing 4th in scoring
  • Erik Karlsson was in a class by himself on defense, amassing 78 points and 19 goals

Breaking Down the NFL Playoffs: Divisonal Edition

Last week when breaking down the Wild Card Round, my big brother went 1-3 while I was a perfect 4-0. Don't be to hard on him though, he was never very talented so he always likes to root for the underdog!

Baltimore Ravens @ Denver Broncos
Saturday, January 12th, 2013 @ 4:30 PM ET on CBS

Mike - Just back in week 15, the Broncos went into Baltimore and embarrassed the Ravens 34-17. It was 17-0 at half and 31-3 at the end of the 3rd quarter.  This time the Ravens will go into Denver where the Broncos have only lost once this year all the way back in week 3.  Currently the Broncos are on a 11-game win streak where they are not only averaging 31 points per game, but they are only giving up 16 points per game on defense.  The Ravens offense is still struggling as they did beat the Colts last weekend 24-9 but only mustered 10 points during the 1st half against a below average defense.  Joe Flacco will be harassed all game by the Broncos defense led by Von Miller and Elvis Dumervil (combined 29.5 sacks). It's not likely that the Ravens will rely heavily on their run game with Ray Rice and Benard Pierce because the Broncos are 3rd in the NFL against the run.  Peyton Manning will pick apart the Ravens short handed secondary as they'll have a hard time containing Thomas and Decker, which will help open the run game for Knowshon Moreno who rushed for 115 yards and a TD against them back in week 15.  When the Ravens show blitz, Peyton will be ready and he'll audbile out into a play that will beat the blitz. Can't see the Ravens going into Denver and getting a W.Broncos win 35-23

Keith - Peyton Manning is 7-2 in his career against Ray Lewis' Ravens.  In those 9 games Manning has thrown for 18 touchdowns and just 5 interceptions.  Most of those games were played against the Ravens when they were the leagues most feared defense.  While many of those same players are still on the roster, this is the worst defense the Ravens have put together in a LONG time.  Not to say they are a terrible D, but the Broncos should not worry.  Another thing to watch is if Dannell Ellerbe is able to go on Saturday night and if he will be 100% come kick-off.  Most of Peyton's wins came as a member of the Colts, but Manning's game has not changed in Denver and this is the best defensive team Manning has ever had the pleasure of wearing the same jersey.  All signs point to a Broncos win, but I do not see it being more than a 10 points victory.  Broncos win 30-20


How to win ESPN Gridiron Divisional Playoffs Weekend

Pat has advice on this weekends AFC and NFC Championship games, but don't forget that the rosters lock through the Super Bowl!

Get in the action now:

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Wild Card weekend has come and gone and my first time with this ESPN pool was not horrible but I did miss the boat with a few picks. There were a few upsets and surprises last week with certain picks but none the less I was pretty happy with who I chose based on who was playing last weekend. I was surprised that Adrian Peterson didn't put up bigger numbers and even with Rodgers I was surprised the numbers weren't higher. But this week brings a whole new set of games and all new scenarios to go through. And as always if your ever interested and need fantasy advice and I'm not sleeping or working feel free to hit me up on Twitter @toughatthetop

Quarterback Position:

Aaron Rodgers (GNB) MKT: 6.8

I'm taking a gamble again this week. I think the San Francisco defense is one of the best but with the location of all the games this weekend I'm saying go with Rodgers based upon the weather and the fact that the running game still lacks in Green Bay especially against a defense that will stop you dead in your tracks even if your the best RB in the league. He still put up solid numbers last week and he can only go up from here on out.

Peyton Manning (DEN) MKT: 6.6

Ok I'll be the first to admit at the start of the fantasy season I totally overlooked this guy based upon what I heard and than formed a biased opinion because of his injury. I was wrong. Along with everyone else who didn't gamble on him. Manning put up huge numbers this year and it's only going to continue into the playoffs. He throws well under pressure and he's still got a healthy receiving core to throw to. I don't even think Ray Lewis has an answer for him. If anyone can put up higher numbers this week than Rodgers it'll be Manning.

Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Anderson Varejao Knee Surgery - Out 6-8 Weeks

After missing 10 games, the Cleveland Cavaliers have decided that Anderson Varejao needs surgery to repair a "a small longitudinal split in the vastus medialis."  In a post I wrote back in early December, the Cavaliers missed out on their chance to "dump" Varejao and his injury prone style of play while he was the hottest thing in basketball.  Clearly the Cavaliers are headed towards another top 5 lottery pick, but the only plus side to this is that rookie Tyler Zeller (5% owned Yahoo), who the Cavaliers traded 3 picks to acquire from the Mavericks, will be the starter until Andy returns.  I was a huge fan of the Cavaliers acquiring Zeller and loved watching him play for the North Carolina Tar Heels.  I always thought his game would transition nicely to the NBA, and so far he has done as good a job any rookie big man can do.  With the pressure off of his back to produce to earn minutes, Zeller should be a good fantasy option through the All-Star break.  In 10 games as a starter, Tyler Zeller is averaging 10.8 points, 6.5 rebounds and 1.3 blocks per game in 34 minutes.  He shoots just 40% from the field as a starter and just 43% on the season but his skill set and college numbers prove he is a much more efficient scorer than that as he shot over 50% in his last 3 seasons at UNC. 

Get To Know Him - Larry Sanders

The Milwaukee Bucks do not get a lot of nationally televised games, despite a young roster filled with a lot of potential stars.  Everyone knows about Brandon Jennings and Monta Ellis because they can score, as they take a ton of shots each night.  A guy that is really starting to break out of his shell and will soon become a household name is Larry Sanders.  I chose Sanders as my "Get To Know Him" because I feel that he is not getting the respect he deserves around the country for his outstanding all around play. It's very clear that the average basketball fan doesn't know about him because he's only owned in 70% of Yahoo fantasy leagues.  He's now in his third year out of Virginia Commonwealth but is finally starting and getting close to 25 minutes per night.

Raise your hand if you saw Sanders ranking 46th across eight categories thanks to 8 points, 8.4 rebounds, 3.0 blocks, and 54 percent shooting. Sanders leads the NBA in blocks per game, ahead of last year’s leader Serge Ibaka and three-time DPOY Dwight Howard. - NBA.com

Tuesday, January 8, 2013

A Glance at Wednesday's NBA Action

Wednesday gives us 11 games which means big time action on all of the fantasy sites. Sites like Draftkings put more games up and have bigger games on nights like this which can only mean one thing, more money. There are plenty of plays to like, so let’s run through some of them.

Monday, January 7, 2013

A Look at Tuesday's NBA Action

This Tuesday we have some interesting and intriguing matchups to look at with some key players being out. The Lakers and Rockets game has to be the most influential game to fantasy winners Tuesday night.

The losses of Howard and Pau have given life to Antawn Jamison once again. There has been a quote from D’Antoni floating around that has even said that World Peace might get some time at center! We’re not sure that has any negative change to his value due to the fact that his minutes should be up no matter what.

Fantasy Basketball Week 10 Recap

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  • Who benefits from KLove &a Mo Williams injuries
  • Strategies to help move up in the standings
  • Waiver Wire
The Holidays are over and the New Year has arrived, the only thing left to focus on is winning your Fantasy Basketball league and we are here to help!  Most of the injured stars have returned, but on Saturday night we lost Kevin Love AGAIN!  It appears Love will miss the next month or so and will be replaced by Dante Cunningham and Derrick Williams.  On Saturday night Cunningham was just 2% owned in Yahoo leagues but today he is 8% owned while Williams has jumped just 1% from 11-12.  Clearly Williams has fallen out of favor with both coaches and fans alike.

Sunday, January 6, 2013

5 Top NBA Plays for 1/7/13

Monday should be all about the BCS National Championship game, but for you degenerates out there we’re still here for you. The player pool and pricing is tough, so we probably won’t see us playing heavy money. There are players we do like and because of that we’re going to tell your our top five players (not necessarily the highest priced guy).

Breaking Down the NFL Playoffs: Wildcard Edition

Prior to the start of the NFL season, I predicted the outcome of each division as well as Wildcard teams, and end of season awards.  I nailed all four AFC divisions but failed to name the Bengals and Colts Wildcard teams.  Over in the NFC, the New Orleans Saints and the Philadelphia Eagles really let me down.  But to my defense, I did clarify that the Eagles can only win if Michael Vick & CO. stayed healthy, which they didn't.  I am proud to say that I, like everyone else, predicted that Tony Romo would continue to disappoint and the Cowboys would miss the playoff...AGAIN!  In the NFC North, I was right about the Lions and Bears BOTH missing the playoffs, but failed to even talk about the Vikings.  I underestimated the Falcons heading into the season, but they still have to prove themselves in the Playoffs.  They can go 16-0 every year for all I care, but until they win a playoff game, they have proved nothing.  And just as I said, the NFC West was taken by the 49ers while the Seahawks earned a Wildcard berth. 

Seattle Seahawks @ Washington Redskins

Sunday January 6th, 2013 @ 4:30 PM ET on FOX

Mike - If this game was being played in Seattle then this would be a no brainer, Seahawks win big at home.  However, this game will be played in D.C where the fans have waited a long time to host a playoff game.  This will be a battle of two rookie QBs who have big arms and great speed.  In all 5 of their loses this season which all came on the road, the Seahawks have lost by 7 or less points.  The Redskins have no lost since week 9.  In so many ways this game is so even. Similar QBs, similar RBs, similar WRs, but the one big difference is the defenses. The Seahawks rank 4th in total defense where the Redskins rank 28th.  If you watched the Sunday Night Football game between the Redskins and Cowboys, you noticed RG3 had a significant limp when he scrambled and didn't have the explosiveness he needed to take off for those long runs.  Between Seattles big edge on defense, and RG3 limited with his knee injury, the Seahawks will walk out of Washington victorious. Seahawks win 23-20

Keith - The Seahawks and Redskins have nearly identical teams and styles of play, but since this game is being played outside of Seattle, I will go with the Washington Redskins.  The Seahawks were just 3-5 on the road and Russell Wilson had 8 of his 10 interceptions on the road while throwing for just 9 TDs (17 at home).  Robert Griffin III and Alfred Moris will struggle to gain yards on the ground, but RGIII will run that option to perfection as usual and figure out the best way to beat the Seahawks.  Redskins win 24-20


Saturday, January 5, 2013

Kevin Love Re-Fractures Hand - Out 8-10 Weeks

Update: Love will have surgery and basically miss the remainder of the NBA regular season. Safe to drop him in all league formats minus keeper leagues. 

The Minnesota Timberwolves Kevin Love re-fractured his hand and will miss at least a months worth of NBA action.  We all know how terrible this news is to fantasy owners, but it's a million times worse for the Timberwolves franchise that has been plagued by the injury bug this season with Brandon Roy missing since November 10 and Chase Budinger the following night.

Friday, January 4, 2013

Daily Joust Wild Card Weekend Freerolls

We Talk Fantasy Sports has partnered with Daily Joust this weekend to offer a fun way to engage the NFL Wildcard Weekend.

There are 2 freerolls: One for Saturday's games and one for Sunday's action.

The system gives you $1,000,000 to spend on your roster. This is what makes it difficult. You have to spread this money out strategically attempting to put together the roster that accumulates the most points (points are driven by touchdowns, yards, etc.).

It’s free to enter, just click here to join. Or if you already have an account at Daily Joust, use this link for Saturdays Contest page and Sundays Contest page.

So I had a look at Saturday's freeroll and I am posting my results as a first timer with this system. It's pretty straight forward, you have your cap and each player is valued differently obviously with the main starts listed high so you will have to do some moving around to get an ideal roster put together. Let's take a look at what I drafted:

NBA All-Star Ballot - Third Returns

The NBA has released its All-Star ballots third returns & just like the first returns, the results are laughable.  For injured players and guys not performing like All-Star to receive votes really bothers me.  It is not only Basketball that does it, but it is much easier to highlight in the NBA. 


  1. LeBron James (Mia) 1,151,304
  2. Carmelo Anthony (NYK) 1,054,099
  3. Kevin Garnett (Bos) 390,751
  4. Chris Bosh (Mia) 362,973
  5. Tyson Chandler (NYK) 315,752
  6. Paul Pierce (Bos) 205,096
  7. Joakim Noah (Chi) 158,743
  8. Josh Smith (Atl) 131,508
  9. Anderson Varejao (Cle) 116,166
  10. Shane Battier (Mia) 107,190
  11. Amar'e Stoudemire (NYK) 104,109
  12. Andrew Bynum (Phi) 93,611
  13. Luol Deng (Chi) 90,736
  14. Brook Lopez (BKN) 76,695
  15. Jeff Green (Bos) 62,367
It's the same 15 guys from the first returns, and I have the same issues.  Andrew Bynum has still yet to play this year and Amar'e has played in just 2 games, and definitely is not back in All-Star shape.  David West, Thaddeus Young, Greg Monroe and Al Horford are being grossly overlooked as they are all having better seasons than Kevin Garnett, Shane Battier and Jeff Green.  Any my goodness, Brooklyn where you at?! Brook Lopez is having the best season of his career and you can only muster up 76,000 votes?!  Pathetic!  Get Shane Battier off this list please!  And why no love for Paul George?  The guys has taken leadership of the Pacers with Danny Granger out and is the best rebounding SG/SF outside of LeBron James.

Wednesday, January 2, 2013

How to Win ESPN Gridiron Playoff Wild Card Weekend

It's time to welcome @toughatthetop to the We Talk Fantasy Sports team!

Pat has advice on this weekends AFC and NFC Championship games, but don't forget that the rosters lock through the Super Bowl!

So it's finally 2013. That for some mean the start of a new year and going back to work after a long deserved holiday, and for others it means the start of the NFL post season! That's right playoff time is here. No doubt were sad to see the regular season come to an end but were also excited that the playoffs are here as the action will be bumped up a few notches. ESPN has a great fantasy playoff game called the Gridiron Playoff Challenge and most of you are here because you maybe want to get a leg up with your choices this year or maybe your just interested in getting some good advice on some of the players you've already chosen for the Wild Card Weekend. Either way let's take a look a look at building that perfect team fantasy wise this weekend.


Since this is the Wild Card weekend let's have a look and see what options I like best. I've also added an alternate choice for each position to give you an added choice if your on the fence on your decisions.

Top NBA Plays for 1/2/12

The new year is here, and it’s time to get back on the grind. We have a full slate of games tonight to help us do this. Draftkings has started to crack down on wrongly priced guys, so fielding the same quality lineup is getting tougher. There are still cheap players that we feel have high potential like Marco Belinelli and Marcus Morris. Although it’s only a matter of time before the health of Rip and Patrick Patterson will be changing that. With all this being said, we give to you our top 3 plays for each position based on their value, and consistency.

Tuesday, January 1, 2013

2012 Fantasy Football Quarterback Rankings

End of NFL Regular Season Rankings
As usual, Brees, Brady and Rodgers were the top 3 QBs in the league.  Peyton Manning however proved that injuries ain't nothin' but a thang!  That is what this season has convinced me, that previous injuries should not deter you from drafting super talents.  My biggest take from a player NOT on this list is that Colin Kaepernick might be a top 10 QB next year.  He pretty much didn't even play before week 10 and still finished with over 200 points.  He was clearly on pace to finish with over 400 points which would put him ahead of Andrew Luck & Robert Griffin III.

QB Scoring Setting
  • Completions - .5 points
  • Yards - 1 point ever 50 yards
  • Touchdowns - 6 points
  • Interceptions - (2) points

Draft RankWeek 17 RankQBFan Pts
21Drew Brees (NO - QB)538.79
32Tom Brady (NE - QB)510.64
13Aaron Rodgers (GB - QB)508.80
134Peyton Manning (Den - QB)491.48
65Matt Ryan (Atl - QB)478.43

2012 Fantasy Football Running Back Rankings

End of NFL Regular Season Rankings
Adrian Peterson proved that previous injuries are NEVER a reason to pass up on great talent.  We deeply regret ranking All Day AP 9th this season especially behind a guys like Darren McFadden who can't stay healthy ever!  Three rookie RBs in the top 7? Two Patriots & Lions RBs in the top 25?  What the heck happened this year?!

RB Scoring Setting
  • Receptions - .5 points
  • Yards - 1 point ever 20 yards
  • Receiving Touchdowns - 6 points
  • Return Touchdowns - 6 points
  • 2pt Conversion - 2 points
  • Fumbles Lost - (2) points 

Draft RankWeek 17PlayerFan Pts
91Adrian Peterson (Min - RB)211.70
32Arian Foster (Hou - RB)200.05
203Doug Martin (TB - RB)190.80
14Ray Rice (Bal - RB)171.55
155Marshawn Lynch (Sea - RB)168.80

2012 Fantasy Football Wide Receiver Rankings

End of NFL Regular Season Rankings
Eric Decker had himself one heck of a season, but I can't say I am surprised.  I listened to Sirus XM Fantasy Sports all preseason and they all said that Decker was Peyton's guy.  I never thought he was THAT guy though as I ranked him 29th.  But congrats to him and the Broncos on a great season.  Not to be outdone, Demaryius Thomas finished just one slot behind Decker at #6. James Jones continued to take advantage of his playing time even after both Jordy Nelson and Greg Jennings took the field, which by the way wasn't that often.  Jones lead the NFL in Receiving TDs with 14.  We didn't rank T.Y. Hilton preseason because we knew it would take time before he and Luck developed that necessary Chemistry, but injuries and the deep ball led Hilton to the top 25 list and we told you to look out for him back in August!

WR Scoring Setting
  • Receptions - .5 points
  • Yards - 1 point ever 20 yards
  • Receiving Touchdowns - 6 points
  • Return Touchdowns - 6 points
  • 2pt Conversion - 2 points
  • Fumbles Lost - (2) points

Draft RankWeek 17PlayerFan Pts
91Brandon Marshall (Chi - WR)200.30
112Dez Bryant (Dal - WR)184.85
13Calvin Johnson (Det - WR)183.20
134A.J. Green (Cin - WR)181.90
295Eric Decker (Den - WR)173.70

2012 Fantasy Football Tight End Rankings

End of NFL Regular Season Rankings
It's amazing that with only 10 games played, Rob Gronkowski still was the #3 TE.  Jimmy Graham and Tony Gonzalez were the only TEs to score more fantasy points than Gronk, but rookie Kyle Rudolph, & unknowns Dennis Pitta and Brandon Myers really made a name for themselves in fantasy land.  Veterans and fantasy favorites like Antonio Gates and Vernon Davis REALLY disappointing fantasy owners this season.  Heading into next season, if you do not have the pleasure of owning Graham, Gronk, or Aaron Hernandez (when healthy) there is no need to use one of your first 6 or 7 picks on a TE as the potential risk greatly outweighs the upside especially with the impending retirement of Tony Gonzalez.

TE Scoring Setting
  • Receptions - .5 points
  • Yards - 1 point ever 20 yards
  • Touchdowns - 6 points
  • 2pt Conversion - 2 points
  • Fumbles Lost - (2) points

Draft RankWeek 17 RankPlayerFan Pts
21Jimmy Graham (NO - TE)145.60
52Tony Gonzalez (Atl - TE)141.00
13Rob Gronkowski (NE - TE)131.00
164Heath Miller (Pit - TE)126.30
75Jason Witten (Dal - TE)124.95

Gridiron Playoff Challenge

Pat has advice on this weekends AFC and NFC Championship games, but don't forget that the rosters lock through the Super Bowl!

We Talk Fantasy Sports is challenging you to play Gridiron Playoff Challenge on ESPN.com.

This game challenges you to build a playoff roster of pro football players consisting of 2 QBs, 2 RBs, 2 WRs, 1 TE, 1 Kicker, and 1 Team Defense, while staying under your team's $50m salary cap. Best of all, it's FREE to play.

Already joined a different group? No problem! You can simply just add your lineup to our group and win (or lose) twice!

Get in the action now:

On mobile: http://games.espn.go.com/nfl-gridiron-playoff-challenge/en/m/group?groupID=2089

Group: We Talk Fantasy Playoffs
Password: wetalk


Early January can be a depressing time for football junkies like us. Once the bowl games are wrapped up, college football is in the rearview mirror. There's a pretty good chance that your favorite NFL team is not headed to the postseason. And the end of the NFL regular season means the end of our fantasy football leagues. Don't fret, though, because we have a postseason version of Gridiron Playoff Challenge to help you scratch your fantasy football jones.Now don't think you're going to get off easy here. Just like in the NFL, succeeding in the playoffs gets tougher each week in the Gridiron Playoff Challenge. The postseason edition of this game is pretty much the same as the version we have played through the regular season -- we sign players to contracts based on their market value with a salary cap of $50 million -- but, obviously, you'll only be able to use a player the following week if their NFL team wins. - Tom Carpenter, ESPN

Kobe Bryant Announces Retirement