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Saturday, June 29, 2013

Evan Longoria Watch: Plantar Fasciitis

UPDATE: Longoria will sit the rest of the weekend.

Evan Longoria left today's game with an apparent leg injury. The Rays star third baseman had a great June with 8 home runs and 16 RBI while drawing 15 walks.  The Rays will struggle to stay competitive in the American League East without Longoria.

Friday, June 28, 2013

Top AAA Starting Pitching

Kyle Gibson has been called up by the Minnesota Twins for his first start on Saturday at home against the Kansas City Royals!

Anyone from your favorite MLB team on this list? Do you want them called up and pitching for your ballclub? Let us know in the comment section!

Greg ReynoldsLOUCIN902.501511108.0993230420661.10309.0
Sonny GraySACOAK753.02151095.1913732432981.29277.2
J.D. MartinDURTB942.97151091.010136301118601.31272.0
Kyle GibsonROCMIN753.01152292.2783331428791.14262.9
Matt ShoemakerSLCLAA694.491600104.111653521518881.28260.2
Sean O'SullivanTUCSD743.82160094.11054640627811.40258.7
Drew PomeranzCOLCOL814.20150085.2834040633961.35258.4
Chris RusinIOWCHC673.411511103.0944139721611.12257.5
Andrew AlbersROCMIN722.93151186.0843128823761.24252.0
Jarred CosartOKCHOU743.05151082.2612928443831.26247.9

Top AAA Hitters

Corey Dickerson got the call up to the Colorado Rockies and is 3 for 10 with 3 doubles, 2 RBI and 4 walks.

Anyone from your favorite MLB team on this list?  Do you want them called up and playing over your teams position player?  Let us know in the comment section!

Chris OwingsRENARISS803526612621375417410701260.3770.4940.3580.872422
Grant GreenSACOAK2B723145810022311491612559410.3770.5130.3180.890382
Chris ColabelloROCMIN1B68260449521018631703163110.4330.6540.3651.087380
Corey DickersonCOLCOLLF6627756107191393817923436100.4290.6460.3861.075378
Joey TerdoslavichGWNATLOF80304479924118581792059360.3630.5890.3260.951376
Brock PetersonMEMSTL1B77280508622019571653378110.3890.5890.3070.978375
Wilmer FloresLASNYM2B7630247942549611541742030.3480.5100.3110.857369
Michael ChoiceSACOAKCF74286588310011531264269120.3880.4410.2900.828369
Dean AnnaTUCSD2B7528255982428421503339250.4290.5320.3480.961363
Nick CastellanosTOLDETOF81314559324110381494157310.3760.4750.2960.851359

NBA Draft Recap

Anthony Bennett was the #1 overall pick, the first ever from Canada.  If he turns into Larry Johnson, then this pick was the right move, otherwise it just creates a log jam at the PF position with Tristan Thompson(also Canadian) and could even force him to play C which might not be the best for all parties involved.  Either way, with Anderson Varejao and Tyler Zeller at the C position there are really just 48 minutes for Thompson and Bennett to split.  It will take a while for a true rotation to develop but I don't see Bennett playing any more than 28 minutes per game, MAX, if everyone stays healthy or a trade occurs.  So as far as drafting Bennett?  Don't reach and don't rely on him.  Late draft pick with potential to help a lot more late in the season.  Tristan Thompson?  As long as he is the starter, his value goes unchanged because he can slide up to the C.  Varejao will probably be limited, to prevent injury, and traded because of his expiring contract so don't put to much value into him either.  Tons of value early in the season, but depending on his health and jersey that he wears int he second half will determine his value after the New Year.  Tyler Zeller should be ignored in drafts.

NBA Draft Trades

Last night's NBA Draft was just one giant surprise.  Before the Cleveland Cavaliers were even on the clock, the Brooklyn Nets and Boston Celtics laid out the framework for a blockbuster deal, that will land Kevin Garnett and Paul Pierce in Brooklyn.  Then after the Cavs used all 5 minutes to make their selection, it was not Nerlens Noel or Alex Len's name that was called, yet Anthony Bennett's.  Noel fell to the New Orleans Pelicans at the #6 slot, and before you could even imagine him and Anthony Davis playing together, he was traded to the Philadelphia 76ers, for JRUE HOLIDAY!  There were so many other deals happening between draft picks, it was nearly impossible to follow, so I will let you read HoopsWorld trade recaps, they make it a bit easier to understand.

Derek Holland Tosses a Two Hit CG/SO

Derek Holland was spectacular as he allowed only two hits and two walks while striking out seven. The Yankees were not able to register an extra base hit against Holland and registered only two at-bats with runners in scoring position. Mike Trout continued to crush the Tigers, going 4/5 with a double and run. Patrick Corbin remains 9-0 after suffering another no decision.  Corbin would like to follow Max Scherzer’s footsteps and progress to 10-0, but Corbin’s teammates are offering little support. In Corbin’s last five starts, since he became 9-0, Corbin has pitched over seven innings four times, each of those times allowing two or fewer runs.

Thursday, June 27, 2013

Fantasy Bloggers NBA Mock Draft

Nerlens Noel or Alex Len?  Who will the Cleveland Cavaliers draft with the #1 overall selection in tonight's NBA Draft?  Will they get their wish and trade it for an established player or will teams realize just how "weak" this draft class is and hold off on making those types of deals?  This is what makes today one of the most entertaining days of the year.  This is the day Kobe became a Laker, Memphis traded Kevin Love for O.J. Mayo and Rondo went from the Suns to the Celtics.

Together with bloggers from Rotoinfo, HecmanHoops and Daily Backcourt we put together our very own mock draft. 

Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Rays Hit Back to Back to Back Jacks

Last night featured just 4 Major League Baseball games.  Instead of our usual Box Score Rundown, we are going to focus on a player from each team that we think is worth buying at their low low cost today, and which player you should be looking to flip immediately, thanks to them playing way beyond their ability. 

Esmil Rogers allowed back to back to back jacks to James Loney, Wil Myers and Sam Fuld which helped the Rays end the Blue Jays 11 game win streak.  The only run Toronto would score, would be in the 8th inning on a fielders choice when Jose Bautista grounded out to short with the bases loaded.  Jeremy Hellickson was great for Tampa Bay allowing just 1 hit over 7 innings, winning his 6th.  Fernando Rodney earned his 16th save.

Monday, June 24, 2013

Rangers Sweep Cardinals in St. Louis

The Texas Rangers continued their excellent road play this weekend, improving to 22-17, after sweeping baseballs best.  The St. Louis Cardinals, who are arguably the leagues best offensive team, managed just 7 runs off the Rangers pitchers.  Starters Derek Holland, Martin Perez and Nick Tepesch allowed all 7 runs as the bulpen pitched 7.1 shutout innings.  Joe Nathan earned his 23rd, 24th and 25th save this weekend.  The Rangers beat Adam Wainwright and Shelby MillerAllen Craig was the only Cardinal to have 2 RBI this weekend.

Blue Jays Flocking Towards Top of American League East

The Toronto Blue Jays are 15-4 in the month of June and are winners of 11 straight.  They have outscored opponents 91-35 this month in wins, including 3 shutouts.  On top of that, they are expected to get Jose Reyes back as soon as Thursday!  Reyes has not played since April 12, when he injured himself on a late slide into second base.  Reyes did his .395 over his first 38 ABs of the season, so if he can get hot again, and fast, the Boston Red Sox better look out.  The Blue Jays are now just 5 games out of first place and the two teams will meet this coming weekend!

Sunday, June 23, 2013

Carlos Gomez Watch: Shoulder Injury

Carlos Gomez has been fantastic this season for the Brewers, but left today's game after making an unbelievable catch.  Gomez walked off the field, in pain, holding his left shoulder.  More news to follow, stay tuned!

Saturday, June 22, 2013

Can Matt Joyce Be Trusted?

In 2011, Matt Joyce played in 141 games for the Tampa Bay Rays.  It was his first full season of action and he was solid, hitting .271 that season with 32 doubles, 19 home runs and 75 RBI.  He even added 13 stolen bases.  But his June and July splits were terrible, batting .173 in June and .184 in July.  Last season he pulled the same stunt, with an average in the high .280's after May, but June and July saw .250 and .222 averages.  He finished last season batting .241.  Joyce is off to a hot start again, already with 14 home runs and 40 runs scored, but is that .299 average in May the only thing keeping him from being a .240 hitter?

Thursday, June 20, 2013

Which Team to Stream a Pitcher Against: Part 1/2

Streaming pitchers has been a fantasy tool for as long as I can remember. Some owners prefer streaming an entire pitching staff. Others prefer streaming a handful of pitchers throughout the season. Then, there are the lucky few who grabbed Patrick Corbin, Matt Harvey, and Shelby Miller as their last pitchers and will not be forced to stream any of their pitchers.

This article is geared to help focus on potential stream targets. It is hard to guess what a starting pitcher is going to do from one game to the next, especially since the starting pitcher you are considering streaming is on waivers for a reason. One way to try to choose whom to stream is by focusing on the starting pitcher’s next opponent. Most fantasy owners seem to think the Astros and Marlins are the ideal candidates to stream a starting pitcher against. But, is that the case?

Chris Davis Chasing 73

In 1998 Mark McGwire and Sammy Sosa took sports fans by storm, going back and forth, trying to break the MLB single season home run record.  At that time the record was 61 and it was held by Roger Maris since 1961.  On September 7, 1998, Big Mac, 34 years old, slugged home run number 61, off Mike Morgan of the Chicago Cubs, tying the record.  It was an amazing thing to witness because Sammy Sosa was on the opposing team with 58 home runs.  The following day, Mark broke the record, against the Cubs still, off Steve Traschel.  It was wasn't until September 13 that Sosa hit #61 and on that same day he also hit #62.  Mark McGwire would finish that season with 70 home runs, setting a record no one thought would ever be broken.  Sosa finished with "just" 66 home runs.  Fast forward to 2001, just 3 seasons later, Barry Bonds at age 36, breaks McGwire's record while walking 177 times, giving him 33 less official plate appearances.   

What Chris Davis is doing this season is right on pace with these guys and we could see Davis possibly reach the 60 home run mark, which hasn't been done since Bonds (73) and Sosa (64) did it in 2001.  Sosa is the only player to hit 60 home runs in a  single season, THREE TIMES!

Make a Move - CBS Fantasy Baseball

Yesterday we looked at the top Fantasy Baseball players available in the majority of ESPN leagues and ended up with a list of 51 players with at least 200 points.  Today we are looking at CBS free agents and the list has shrunk to 48 players, which was expected, even with the extra days for players to reach our point goal.  To be honest, I thought the list would be even smaller!

Player% OwnedESPNYahooFantasy PointsTeam
James Loney71%72%51%255TB
Bronson Arroyo70%45%45%254.4CIN
Jason Marquis54%22%22%250.7SD
Eric Stults66%29%29%250.5SD
Jon Jay47%16%16%245STL
Colby Rasmus54%85%26%242TOR
Chris Carter37%19%19%242HOU
Jorge De La Rosa67%37%37%241.5COL
Jeremy Guthrie57%31%31%238KC
Brandon Moss51%23%23%237OAK

Marquis again appears on this list, as he did for both Yahoo and ESPN and this time Loney makes an appearance as he did on Yahoo.  Arroyo, Stults, Jay, De La Rosa, Carter and Guthrie appeared on yesterdays ESPN list as well.  Clearly ESPN and CBS fantasy baseball players keep their rosters better than Yahoo players.

Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Make a Move - ESPN Fantasy Baseball

Yesterday we looked at the top Fantasy Baseball players available in the majority of Yahoo leagues and ended up with a list of 80 players with at least 200 points.  Today we are looking at ESPN free agents and the list has shrunk to just 51 players, which was expected, even with the extra day for players to reach our point goal. 

Player% OwnedYahoo %Fantasy PointsTeam
Jason Marquis21%22%250.7SD
Kendrys Morales69%57%245SEA
Jon Jay26%16%243STL
Jorge De La Rosa32%37%241.5COL
Chris Carter19%19%241HOU
Justin Morneau62%59%240MIN
Bronson Arroyo42%45%238.9CIN
Jeremy Guthrie28%31%238KC
Eric Stults30%29%237.4SD
Brandon Crawford74%51%237SF

Jason Marquis is the only player in both Yahoo and ESPN top 10 available free agents.  He is worth owning in all league formats and should be added to any rotation that has been hit by injuries or poor performances.  Yahoo had 5 outfielders in their top 10 and ESPN has 5 pitchers. 

Get To Know Him - Jeff Locke

UPDATE (6/20): Jeff Locke on Wednesday night threw another 7 shutout innings against a very dangerous Cincinnati Reds offense. He left the game with a 1-0 lead but Jay Bruce tied it up in the bottom of the 9th, with a solo home run off of Jason Grilli, who blew his first save of the year. Locke is still 6-1 but has lowered his ERA to 2.01. Of his 15 starts, he has allowed 0 runs in 7 of them.

Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Make a Move - Yahoo Fantasy Baseball

Yahoo Fantasy Sports always seems to be behind the ball with player owned percentages.  This is both a gift and a curse.  It leads you to believe that a lot of quality fantasy players are available, but typically the players in your league are smarter than the average Yahoo player.  There must be a ton of free fantasy leagues that go untouched after drafting.  Let's take a look at the top fantasy baseball players that are owned in 75% or less of Yahoo leagues, and hopefully available to add to your roster!

Player% OwnedFantasy
Gerardo Parra66%288ARI
Daniel Nava70%283BOS
Brett Gardner74%278NYY
Bartolo Colon70%267.2OAK
Daniel Murphy70%259NYM
Alejandro De Aza67%255CWS
Matt Joyce60%253TB
Mike Leake60%251.4CIN
Jason Marquis22%250.7SD
James Loney51%247TB

Gotta love all of these outfielders!  One of these guys in the top 10 have to be available in your league and if you are still holding onto a Josh Hamilton or a Jason Heyward, look to move them for a position of need that is not easily replaced via free agents, like some extra corner and middle infielders.

Monday, June 17, 2013

The Future of Baseball is Bright, Very Bright

With the MLB All-Star game next month, there is going to be a ton of debate on talk radio, podcasts, and blogs about which players deserved their roster spot and which players didn't.  But there is no doubt that the FUTURE of the league is headed in the right direction and loaded with young talented stars.  Taking a look at the top players under the age of 25, and seeing how big of an impact they make on their Big League ballclubs proves this. 

Friday, June 14, 2013

Top AAA Starting Pitchers

Anyone from your favorite MLB team on this list? Do you want them called up and pitching for your ballclub? Let us know in the comment section!

11Greg ReynoldsLOUCIN702.51120086.0822624315511.13243.5
52J.D. MartinDURTB832.92131077.08931251016501.36234.0
23Sonny GraySACOAK642.48121076.1712621326771.27229.7
74Kyle GibsonROCMIN653.16132279.2672828326691.17224.9
135Matt ShoemakerSLCLAA594.86140092.210551501515741.29221.4
196Chris RusinIOWCHC563.38130088.0823533517511.13218.5
87Omar PovedaGWNATL533.01130083.2692928524581.11217.4
48Drew PomeranzCOL#N/A714.75130072.0753838630821.46217.0
119Bruce BillingsSACOAK833.92120066.2633529627671.35216.9
310Jose AlvarezTOLDET542.42121074.1602520415761.01216.2

Top AAA Hitters

Wil Myers is just patiently waiting the day he gets the call up to the Rays, who ironically are not struggling offensively this season.  They are nearly top 10 in every offensive category but the pitching has not been there.

Wilmer Flores could EASILY see the Majors this season for the Mets,  if he isn't traded for a proven veteran outfielder that will start the "offseason" rebuilding plan for New York.

Anyone from your favorite MLB team on this list?  Do you want them called up and playing over your teams position player?  Let us know in the comment section!

41Wil MyersDURTBRF61242416812213551232969710.3550.5080.2810.863325
22Luis JimenezBUFTOR1B57210437310213541262937210.4200.6000.3481.020325
53Corey DickersonCOLCOLLF59251469217129331601939690.4080.6370.3671.046325
84Nick CastellanosTOLDETOF68265488020110381323448110.3770.4980.3020.876319
35Chris OwingsRENARISS67295531011425351347571140.3600.4540.3420.814318
66Michael ChoiceSACOAKCF6223847699010471083655120.3880.4540.2900.842313
257Wilmer FloresLASNYM2B6324838782226491221530030.3560.4920.3150.847299
98Ernesto MejiaGWNATL1B65227335917115521233071420.3510.5420.2600.893297
109Vince BelnomeDURTB2B5820440691915411053844010.4370.5150.3380.951295
1910Grant GreenSACOAK2B6026344781627391192050410.3540.4520.2970.807295

Wainwright v Harvey Duel

Thursday night saw three extra inning games, but the afternoon game started the day with a bang. Adam Wainwright out dueled Matt Harvey to earn his MLB leading 10th win. Jacoby Ellsbury stole his MLB leading 30th base of the season for the Red Sox. Yu Darvish struck out nine, but suffered a no decision; his 127 strikeouts leads the majors.

Troy Tulowitzki Broken Rib - Out 4-6 Weeks

UPDATE: Tulo did indeed break a rib yesterday and will be sidelined until after the All-Star break.  This is a huge blow to the Rockies lineup and to your fantasy roster.  SS is the hardest position to replace, especially a player of this caliber!  Jonathan Herrera should slide over to SS for a while and he is hitting .293 over the last 3 seasons in 164 ABs when playing SS.  Josh Rutledge will most likely be called up and get playing time as well, but being demoted once already this season, he better prove he is ready for the big time!

Not only did the Colorado Rockies lose to the Washington Nationals today, but they might be without 3 of their best hitters for a while.  Troy Tulowitzki left the game after making a diving play, Carlos Gonzalez got hit with a line drive while in the on deck circle, but all news on that is positive, and Dexter Fowler injured his hand.  All 3 guys are impact players so monitor this situation VERY closely!

Thursday, June 13, 2013

Smiles by Lyles

Not much has gone right for the Houston Astros over the past couple of seasons, but they do have a couple of kids to keep the fan base hopeful for the future.  Jordan Lyles is one of those guys and his game log has been unbelievable.  Minus a 4 inning outing against the Texas Rangers, he has allowed just 3 earned runs once.  In those 8 other starts, Lyles ERA is just 2.29!  Last night he dominated the Seattle Mariners, striking out 10 over 7 innings in a 6-1 Astros victory.  This was his 3rd start out of his last 4 in which he finished the 7th inning.  At just 22 years old, Lyles has a bright future ahead of him.

Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Gerrit Cole Wins MLB Debut

With the first overall selection of the 2011 MLB draft, the Pittsburgh Pirates took UCLA pitcher Gerrit Cole.  The Yankees had drafted him at the bottom of the 2008 first round but he refused to sign...some have to wonder what was going through his mind at the time.  It took Cole just 200 minor league innings to make his debut and he looked good both pitching, and swinging the bat! 

Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Finally, Giancarlo Stanton, Has Come Back...to...Miami

The last time fantasy owners and Miami Marlins fans got to see Giancarlo Stanton play baseball was April 29th.  Over the 36 games he missed, the Marlins went just 11-25, beating the New York Mets 6 times, Marcell Ozuna, Derek Dietrich and Ed Lucas made their MLB debuts, and Logan Morrison returned.  With the names I just mentioned, the Marlins DO have a chance to be a better team, as long as Stanton and Morrison stay healthy.  Giancarlo went 1 for 4 in his return with a strike out as the Marlins lost 6-1 to the Brewers.  Ricky Nolasco got hit pretty hard over 5.1 innings allowing 10 hits, including Rickie Weeks 5th home run of the season.  Yovani Gallardo was excellent, winning his 5th game, tossing 8 shutout innings allowing 4 hits while striking out 4 Marlins. 

Sunday, June 9, 2013

Fantasy Baseball Week 11 - Preferred Pitching Matchups

Gerrit Cole will make his MLB debut for the Pirates on Tuesday, June 11th against Tim Lincecum and the San Francisco Giants at home in Pittsburgh.
The Philadelphia Phillies will get to add a DH starting Tuesday for a 3 games series in Minnesota against the Twins.  This should benefit Ben Revere, Delmon Young and John Mayberry Jr..

The Washington Nationals will also benefit, adding a designated hitter to their lineup on Friday for a 3 game series in Cleveland against the Indians.  My guess would be that Tyler Moore gets all the DH ABs, but keep an eye on their lineup for the entire weekend.

2013 NBA Finals - NBA 2k13 Simulations - Game 2

Using NBA 2K13 on XBOX 360 we are going to be simulating each game of the NBA Finals and posting the results the day of each game. We have the most up to date roster,the most accurate rotations and minutes per player on each team and updated player tendencies, which will result in simulations that will give us realistic scores and stats. We will break down each game, quarter by quarter and talk about players who played well, and players who really struggled.

Game 2 - Sunday, June 9th, 2013 
San Antonio Spurs @ Miami Heat
8:00 PM on ABC

Friday, June 7, 2013

Puig Swats a Grand Slam and Thursday’s Box Scores

Yasiel Puig hit a grand slam last night and has now hit three home runs and one double in four major league games.  Zack Greinke outdueled Tim Hudson in that same game, both pitchers lasting seven innings and Tim Hudson allowing the lone run. Jim Johnson picked up his 20th save of the season for the Orioles, which ranks 3rd in MLB. Jacoby Ellsbury returned to the lineup and avoided a DL stint. He hit two doubles and David Ortiz hit the winning home run in the ninth inning.

Top AAA Starting Pitchers

With a recent injury to Wandy Rodriguez, should the Pittsburgh Pirates call on Gerrit Cole to join the rotation?

Anyone from your favorite MLB team on this list? Do you want them called up and pitching for your ballclub? Let us know in the comment section!

Greg ReynoldsLOUCIN602.65110078.0762523313481.14217
Sonny GraySACOAK632.43111070.1652419225711.28216.7
Jose AlvarezTOLDET542.42121074.1602520415761.01216.2
Drew PomeranzCOL#N/A714.50120068.0693434626771.40210.5
J.D. MartinDURTB733.20121070.18331251014471.38208.7
Andrew CarrawayTACSEA623.41120071.1712927822521.30201.2
Kyle GibsonROCMIN553.34122272.2632727321631.16198.9
Omar PovedaGWNATL433.24120077.2642928522511.11191.9
Blake JohnsonALBLAD533.33121067.2682925418581.27188.4
Gerrit ColeINDPIT532.91120068.0442322428471.06187.5

Top AAA Hitters

Kila Ka'aihue asked for his release from the Reno Aces (Diamondbacks) as he had this power in an out clause in his contract.  This happened back on June 2nd and he has not signed on elsewhere yet, but plenty of teams could use his bat.

Anyone from your favorite MLB team on this list?  Do you want them called up and playing over your teams position player?  Let us know in the comment section!

11Kila Ka'aihueRENARI1B5319238609116501193841010.4260.6200.3131.045301
32Luis JimenezBUFTOR1B5119038657212511122633210.4140.5890.3421.004294
23Chris OwingsRENARISS6026549911424331216521040.3600.4570.3430.817293
84Wil MyersDURTBRF55218366112210491072765510.3560.4910.2800.847289
65Corey DickersonCOLCOLLF52226428014128291421337590.3880.6280.3541.016286
46Michael ChoiceSACOAKCF562124160901045993451120.3880.4670.2830.855286
57Josh SatinLASNYM1B5621042651209321043943020.4200.4950.3100.915273
328Nick CastellanosTOLDETOF6224340701819321172847110.3590.4810.2880.840272
159Ernesto MejiaGWNATL1B59204325314115451142964420.3570.5590.2600.916271
1210Vince BelnomeDURTB2B531803662181437943839010.4520.5220.3440.975270

Thursday, June 6, 2013

Cargo + Tulo = Colorado

The Colorado Rockies were crushing the ball last night at Great American Ball Park in Cincinnati as they racked up 20 hits and scored 12 runs.  Carlos Gonzalez and Troy Tulowitzki lead the offensive barrage combining to go 8 of 10 with 9 RBI and 6 runs scored.  CarGo homered in the 1st, 4th and 8th innings while Tulo homered in the 3rd and 8th.  Just for fun, Todd Helton added a home run of his and showed these young studs that the old man still got it.  Nolan Arenando picked up 4 hits of his own scoring 3 times.  The hits were coming to the Rockies so easily that Jon Garland even had 2 of them in a winning start.  The Reds were actually winning this game 3-1 after the first inning thanks to a Xavier Paul 3 run homer.  Colorado ended up winning 12-4 thanks to three 3 run innings.  The Rockies took 2 of 3 from the Reds.

2013 NBA Finals - NBA 2k13 Simulations - Game 1

Using NBA 2K13 on XBOX 360 we are going to be simulating each game of the NBA Finals and posting the results the day of each game. We have the most up to date roster,the most accurate rotations and minutes per player on each team and udpated player tendencies, which will result in simulations that will give us realistic scores and stats. We will break down each game, quarter by quarter and talk about players who played well, and players who really struggled.

Game 1 - Thursday, June 6th, 2013 
San Antonio Spurs @ Miami Heat
9:00 PM on ABC

Wednesday, June 5, 2013

MLB All-Star Voting - Early Results

With early returns in on the MLB All-Star voting, which will take place at Citi Field in Queen NY home of the New York Mets, there is plenty to laugh at.  This happens in every league with fan voting for these games but it is still fun to look at.  In the American League, things actually quite fair and only the outfield selections could really be in question.  But the National League is claerly over run by San Francisco Giants Fans.

Red Sox Explode for 17 Runs

Red Sox 17 Rangers 5 - I don't think Ryan Dempster has had an easier start in his career. The Red Sox backed Dempster with with 17 runs during his 7 innings of work, in a 17-5 blowout. Since so many Red Sox players had big games, I'll just break down each player in their lineup:
Justin Grimm started for the Rangers and lasted just 1 2/3 innings as he allowed 7 hits, 3 walks, and 8 runs. The Rangers bullpen went a combined 6 1/3 innings, 12 hits, and 9 runs. Offensively, Jeff Baker, Nelson Cruz and Mitch Moreland all homered.

Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Is Domonic Brown Turning Into Ken Griffey Jr.?

Ok, thats a stretch, but the sweet swinging lefty leads the National League in home runs, with 17, and has hit 10 of them in the last two weeks!  Last night Brown hit another bomb and added 2 other hits in a 7-2 Philllies victory over the Marlins, and raised his average to .291.  Kyle Kendrick tossed a complete game 6 hitter, allowing 2 earned runs and striking out 5.  He was our streaming pitcher of the day!  Ben Revere and Erik Kratz also had multi hit games for the Phils.  Marcell Ozuna continues to be the lone bright spot for the woeful Marlins, as he picked up his 16th RBI, but it will be fun to see a healthy Giancarlo Stanton in the lineup with him.

Sunday, June 2, 2013

Fantasy Baseball Week 10 - Preferred Pitching Matchups

The Oakland Athletics will start the week in Milwaukee and lose their DH for 3 games.  Seth Smith will probably lose the most ABs, but Josh Reddick could get a day off so they can get Smith's bat in the lineup.  Chris Carter will most likely be used as a pinch hitter as they will not face any left handed starting pitchers.

Harper, Donaldson Win MVP Awards