Keep Your Lefties Away From These Guys

When talking about lefty/righty splits in baseball, there are a lot of fans who believe it doesn't make a difference who a hitter is facing. However anyone who follows the sport closely, knows that is not the case. There are certain players who just either feel more comfortable facing a lefty or just see the ball better coming out of their hand. In result, those certain players are absolutely crushing lefties in 2014.

Ball Stats Don't Lie

Hitting over .375+:

10+ Doubles:

3+ Triples:

7+ Home runs:
  • Mike Trout
    • 8 home runs in 96 ABs
  • Josh Donaldson
    • 8 home runs in 77 ABs
  • Adam Jones
    • 7 home runs in 89 ABs
  • Victor Martinez
    • 7 home runs in 81 ABs
  • Troy Tulowitzki
    • 7 home runs in 72 ABs
  • Jose Abreu
    • 7 home runs in 76 ABs
  • Jose Bautista
    • 7 home runs in 62 ABs

18+ RBI:

17+ Walks:

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