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Can Vick become a fantasy stud again?

It wasn't very long ago Mike Vick was an impact player on fantasy teams, as he ran circles around defenses.  He also has a pretty good arm too.  With McNabb out of Philly, and Kevin Kolb getting his first chance to be a NFL QB, Vick will be breathing down his neck trying to once again be a difference maker in this league. 

For now Kolb has the starting position on lock, but if he gets hurt, or does not do what he has to do to win games for the Eagles in a tough NFC East, he may be out of a job.  Last night Vick looked extremely good.  Yes it was only preseason but for the most part those are all NFL quality players he was up against.  Not only did he rush for 50 yards and a score on 6 carries, he was impressive throwing the ball, finishing 11 for 17 for 119 yards  and an INT.  Don't look for Vick to get a lot of playing time early on in 2010, but just keep an eye out on how Kolb plays this year and if the Eagles fall out of contention early, you may want to snatch up Vick in your league, with a chance he might get some starts later on and could be a nice addition to your team.