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Fantasy Football 2010 - Top 12 Ds

1. New York Jets - Ranked the #1 defense last year, the Jets are the clear #1 to start the 2010 season, after acquiring Jason Taylor and Antonio Cromartie, drafting Cornerback Kyle Wilson and getting Kris Jenkins back healthy.

2. Minnesota Vikings - With Jared Allen back leading the defense, expect the Vikings to be in the leaders for sacks again and force turnovers.

3. Baltimore Ravens - They are an defensive nightmare for every team.  They bring the blitz consistently and force the quarterback to throw picks.  As long as Ray Lewis is lined up as a linebacker the Ravens defense will get it done.

4. Philadelphia Eagles - Eagles ranked in the top of the league with 38 take aways and 4 tds to go along with 44 sacks.  They do it every year, so don't assume differently.

5. New Orleans Saints - Had 8 defensive touchdowns last season and the biggest coming in the Super Bowl off Peyton Manning to put the game away.  They get after the quarterback and keep the offense off balance.

6. Dallas Cowboys - Demarcus Ware.  He alone can make a quarterback feel uncomfortable all game.  He gets to the quarterback quickly and often.  The Boys defense a whole let up a 2nd best 244 points all season.

7. Green Bay Packers - Led the NFL in 40 take aways, 30 being picks.  With the offense scoring at will, it causes the opposing team to throw and throw which will lead to more picks and sacks.

8. New York Giants - After coming off a Super Bowl in 07, the Giants defense was thought off as the best D in football.  However it hasn't played out that way, but they signed Antrelle Rolle in the off-season to solidify the secondary and signed veteran LB Keith Bullock and drafted Jason Pierre Paul in the first round.  The Giants defense should go back to doing what it does best and getting after the quarterback and causing turnovers in 2010.

9. Cincinnati Bengals - The Bengals play close low scoring games, and they can thank their defense for many of their wins.  They dont give up many points and can shut down any running back out there.

10. San Diego Chargers - San Diego has a physical strong defense heading into the 2010 season, led by Shawne Merriman and Luis Castillo, and should be able to keep their team close each week.

11. New England Patriots - The old Patriot defense is no more.  They have gotten younger and should continue to get better.  They always have a solid defense but should be one that forces turnovers this year.

12. Pittsburgh Steelers - A healthy Troy Polamalu in 2010 = a better Steelers defense in 2010.

Other Good Options:

San Fransisco 49ers
Arizona Cardinals
Carolina Panthers
Denver Broncos