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Fantasy Football 2010 - Top 12 QBs

1.Aaron Rodgers - Since taking over in GB, Rodgers has done nothing but impress and quickly made Packers fan forget about Favre. In 2 full seasons he has averaged 345 completions, 64% of passes completed, and 29TDs. He was sacked 50 times last season and you have to assume that number will be cut in half and he will have more time to find Jennings Driver and Finley open down field. Rodgers is the Top Dog at the QB positions this year.

2.Drew Brees - Coming off the Super Bowl Victory, Brees and the Saints are expected to do big things. With the emergence of Pierre Thomas in the backfield, teams now have to worry about the Saints run game, while figuring out how to control Brees and the Saints wideouts. Putting up back to back 34TD seasons, you can figure for 30 more this year.

3.Peyton Manning- His 393 completions and 68.8% of passes completed last year were the highest in his 12 year career. He showed us last year that HE is the reason that receivers around him are so great. Austin Collie and Pierre Garcon were both labeled "Who the F is That" last year. With Anthony Gonzalez returning to the field Peyton gets yet another option to throw to along side #1 TE Dallas Clark and Top 5 WR Reggie Wayne

4.Philip Rivers - Rivers is an amazing talent who plays with a lot of heart. Losing Jackson for the beginning of the season will hurt but Malcolm Floyd is ready to break out and this is his chance. Expect Antonio Gates numbers to be high early in the season as Rivers will look to his comfort zone. He is a great decision maker as noted by decline in INTs each of the last 2 seasons and his 104.4 QB rating last season

5.Tony Romo - Miles Austin, Dez Bryant, and Jason Witten are options every QB wishes they had. Romo had his finest season last year (26 TDs 9 INTs) and he is only getting better. With one of the top backfields in the league ( Barber III and Felix Jones and Tashard Choice) teams have to decide which weapon they want to contain.

6.Matt Schaub - Andre Johnson is the #1 Wideout and Schaub knows how to get the ball to him. With lots of ? in the backfield the Texans will be throwing the ball all day and Schaub will be completing plenty of passes. Owen Daniels should be healthy and Jacoby Jones is a deep threat that is difficult to cover when you have to double team Johnson.

7.Tom Brady - We all know what Brady is capable of and now that he is a full season removed from Surgery, he should be playing without fear. If Welker was 100% Brady would be ranked above Romo and Schaub but Julian Edleman just is not Welker. The Pats have to be aggressive on offense this season if they want to beat out the Jets in the AFC East.

8.Jay Cutler - Mike Martz is a blessing for Cutler and the Bears. With no standout receivers though its tough to give Cutler much love. Knox and Hester are DEEP threats but have yet to show true #1 depth chart skills. Cutler will get his opportunities to throw the ball and someone will catch it. Don't expect those 26INTs to drop below 20. Cutler is willing to show off his cannon of an arm but he has not yet learned how to make the right decisions.

9.Carson Palmer - TO + OchoCinco = Lots of TDs for Carson Palmer. If Cedric Benson can produce like last season, the Bengals might just have one of the top scoring offenses in the league. With Keith Rivers and Rey Maualuga leading the Bengals D, expect Palmer to have the ball in his hands a lot.

10.Matt Ryan - Roddy White is a Top 5 receiver, Tony Gonzalez is the greatest TE of all time and Matt Ryan is a young QB in a great situation. He needs to find a solid third option to throw to, and if he does expect big #s with most teams trying to figure out how to stop Michael Turner and Jason Snelling (30 receptions) out of the backfield.

11.Eli Manning - The Giants forgot how to run the ball last season and forced Eli to figure out how to throw. 27TDs later, Manning has gone from FantasyForgetAbout to a must start in a 12 team league. Expect his attempts to go down but Eli has figured it out and Steve Smith, Hakeem Nicks, and Mario Manningham are 3 young options that give defenses plenty of trouble.

12.Donovan McNabb - McNabb could become the Elway of the late 90s with the same coach who brought out the best of him. But in reality, McNabb will just be McNabb. Santana Moss and Chris Cooley are his ONLY options and who knows who will be in the backfield behind him. McNabb has not thrown more than 22TDs since 2004 and you can expect his 10 INTs from last year to be closer to 15

Other Good Options:

Brett Favre - (has returned but now lost Sidney Rice for half the season and who knows about the health status of Percy Harvin(migraines).  Favre will obviously make do with what he has but his value still is not Top12 as he lost two of his favorite options.

Joe Flacco
Kevin Kolb
Alex Smith