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Fantasy Football 2010 - Top 12 TEs

1. Dallas Clark - When youre the favorite option for the best quarterback in the game, its hard not to put up monster numbers. Peyton loves throwing to Clark as he catches everything. Expect nothing less than the usual 75-90 catches 1,000 yards 8-10 tds.

2. Antonio Gates - In a pass first offense and Phillip Rivers #1 option out to start the year, Gates will see a lot of passes his way. Being 6-4 260 hes a huge target near the end zone. Over the last 6 years he's scored at least 8 tds so why expect anything less in 2010.

3. Tony Gonzalez - The guy is a wide reciever in a tight ends body. Over the past 3 seasons he's averaging nearly 93 catches a year 1032 yards and 7 tds. He's on a very good Atlanta offense and Tony G has played in 206 of 208 games in his career so he's out there every sunday.

4. Jason Witten - Witten had 94 catches last year for over 1000 yards but only had two touchdowns. Cowboys are supposed to be a powerhouse this year and with Romo improving each year you can assume Witten will produce just like he did last year but with those touchdowns going way up.

5. Vernon Davis - 22 catches 262 yards and 3 touchdowns through the first 5 games.  56 catches 703 yards and 10 touchdowns the last 11 games. Two big reasons for it. Alex Smith and Michael Crabtree. Michael Crabtree started his career after a long hold out and Alex Smith became the starter for the 49ers week 7 and thats when he found Vernon Davis. The help of Michael Crabtree meant less double teams for Davis and more open field.
6. Brent Celek - It will be interesting to see how Celek and Kolb connect this year, after Mcnabb and Celek were a deadly connection. Kolb has proven in his limited playing time he can throw the ball, and most young QBs rely heavily on their TE and Kolb has a good one in Celek.

7. Owen Daniels - Daniels was putting together a huge season in 09 before getting hurt in week 8. In a pass heavy offense and a reliable QB in Matt Schaub if Daniels can stay healthy he should pick up where he left off, 22 catches and 3 tds in the last 3 games he played last season.

8. Jermichael Finley - Hard to dislike Finley at the TE position, with Rodgers throwing him the football. After seeing very little of the field his rookie season, Finley came back for a solid sophomore season scoring 5 times on 55 catches. He will see more of the field in 2010 and should be a nice option for Rodgers near the goal-line using his 6-5 frame to his advantage.

9. Visanthe Shiancoe - Shiancoe benefited from having Brett Favre throw for the Vikings last year. With it being a toss up for whether or not Favre comes back, Shiancoe is a hit or miss player. If Favre returns Shiancoe will produce like he did last year but if Jackson or Rosenfels is under center for the Vikings Shiancoe's production will take a huge hit.

10. Kellen Winslow - Winslow is a very solid tight end. He will get his 75-80 catches and around 1000 yards but has never scored more than 5 tds in any season. Running back Derrick Ward had this to say about quarterback Josh Freeman, "The kid is light years ahead of any quarterback I've seen going into his second year. I was telling him the other day that I got drafted with Eli and Eli going from his first year to his second year he is light years ahead of Eli. Eli has won a Super Bowl and been to the Pro Bowl. (Freeman) is doing great. I don't want to get his head too big, but he is very grounded for a franchise quarterback." So if this is true then Winslow will continue to put up solid numbers and should shatter his 5td mark.

11. Greg Olsen - Over his first 3 seasons Olsen has seen his catches, yards and touchdowns increase. Jay Cutler seemed to be very comfortable throwing to Olsen last season and we should see more of the same for this year.

12. Chris Cooley - Last year was the first time in 6 years that Cooley has ever missed games in his career due to an injury, so expect a healthy Cooley for all of 2010. With a much better QB in Mcnabb and a guy who loves to throw to TE's expect the Cooley from 2008 with 83 catches but he wont score only 1 td (look for 6-8).

Other Good Options:

John Carlson
Zach Miller
Dustin Keller