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You Aint Goin' Anywhere

We're going to take a look at the running backs this year you need to avoid at all costs.  Regardless of the running back, there are just some defenses who will not allow you to run on them.  Having a running back that can't rack up the yards in fantasy football is absolutely useless and a complete waste of a draft pick.  So let's take a look of those running backs I would advise to stay away from this season...

1. Matt Forte - Its too bad this guy plays in the NFC North.  Yea you get to beat up on the Lions two games out of the year, but for a quarter of the season you have to face the Vikings and Packers the best two run defenses in the game.  Forte also has an impossible challenge to finish the year, with weeks 14, 15, 16 and 17 against the Patriots, Vikings, Jets and Packers.

2. Brandon Jacobs - Being a Giants fan I used to think Jacobs was going to be a huge force in the NFL.  The more I watched him and noticed how long it took him to accelerate I realized how awful he will look against some teams in the league.  Playing in the NFC East is no easy thing.  The Giants face two top 10 run defenses in their division twice. Cowboys were the 4th ranked run defense in the NFL last season and only allowed 7 TDs, and the Eagles were the 9th ranked defense and allowed 11 TDs.  When it comes fantasy playoff time, Jacobs will also have to face the top 2 run defenses in the Packers and Vikings who both only allowed 5 scores on the ground in 2009.  With Jacobs slow first step, its not looking like a promising year for him in 2010.

3.  Jahvid Best - It's going to be a big change for Best  and his 5-10 195lbs frame from college football to the Pros.  Just like Matt Forte, he has to go up against the top two run defenses for 4 of his 16 games, and another 2 against the Bears defense ranked 15th last season without Brian Urlacher.  The Lions just have an awful schedule for a rookie RB to get accustomed to, so don't expect a Rookie of the Year award for Best.

4.  Fred Jackson/CJ Spiller/Marshawn Lynch - Who knows whats going on with the running back position in Buffalo with three pretty good candidates.  All I have to say to whoever wins that job, is good luck.  Its bad enough you have to face the best overall defense in the New York Jets twice, but they also face stingy run defenses when they face the Dolphins twice and the Patriots twice.  It gets worse.  They also run into the Packers, Ravens, Bengals, Steelers, and Vikings.

5. Lesean McCoy - Just like Brandon Jacobs, only having to face a much tougher 49er defense than the Seahawks.

It's very clear who the powerhouse defenses are in the NFL and they don't budge.  With teams like the Packers, Vikings, Jets, Steelers, Ravens and Cowboys there just isn't much hope for a successful run game.  I know its aggrevating when you have a player who has to face one of these teams during the season, its a nightmare when they face several of these teams.  It would be wise to avoid these players if possible this year.