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Week 1 Surprises

Matt Schaub - Only attempted 17 passes and complete 9 for a dismal 107 yards.  Not sure if the game plan was to come in an run the ball but that is exactly what the Texans did in their first win over the Colts. 

Arian Foster - 33 carries, 231 yards, 3 TDs.  Did anyone have him on their bench?  This means one of two things: Foster is that good, or the Colts have to worry about their poor run defense.  Which one is it?

Jerome Harrison - Someone please explain to me why Jerome Harrison only touched the ball 10 times!  9 rushes and one reception is not enough for Harrison.  This guys is explosive and can rack up the yards in bunches.  Does anyone have an explanation??

Mark Clayton - In his first game as a Ram, Clayton grabbed 10 catches for 119 yards.  Surprising yes, not a fantasy player though.  If you have him, look to trade him ASAP while his value is as high as it will ever b

Austin Collie - 10 catches for 131 yards and a score, Peyton Manning throws 57 times.  Expected to see Wayne(7) and Garcon(4) more

Steve Breaston - 7 for 132, Derek Anderson could not get the ball to Fitzgerald(15 Targets, 3 Catches 1 TD)

Eddie Royal/Brandon Lloyd - Combined for 13 catches and 205 yards, the Broncos threw for 295 yards and only ran for 89.  Look for next week to be a bit more balanced

Any suprises here?

Garrett Hartley - Missed from 30-39 and 40-49
Stephen Gostkowski - Missed from 40-49 and 50+

Cincinnati Bengals - Allowed 38 points, 376 total yards, 0 Sacks, 0 Int

Seattle Seahawks - Allowed 2 Field Goals, and 263 yards of offense.  2 Interceptions, one was a pick six, and 2 sacks, they stunned the 49ers