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Monday News

  • Steven Jackson underwent finger surgery to fix a crack in his ring finger on his left hand.
    • Status is uncertain for Sunday against the Panthers.
  • If the news of Kenny Britt not starting shyed you away from starting him against the Eagles, and you had his 225 receiving yards and 3 TDs on the bench, I feel sorry for you.
    • Same goes for Darren McFaddens 4 TD's in a Raiders 59-14 blowout over the Broncos.
  • Ryan Fitzpatrick is forreal (374 Yards with 4 TDs against the Ravens), and that makes Lee Evans (3 touchdowns) and Steve Johnson (8 Catches for 158 yards and a touchdown) a pretty good #3 WR option. 

  • The 49ers chance to win their divison might have went down the drain losing to the Panthers.  
    • Alex Smith left that game early and did not return with a shoulder injury.
  • Deangelo Williams and Jonathan Stewart combined for 33 carries and only 72 yards.
  • Matt Ryan loves Roddy White, who had 11 catches for 201 receiving yard and 2 TDs.
  • The Kansas City Chiefs will win the AFC West, after their 42-20 win over the Jags, sitting at 4-2 atop their division with the Raiders, Broncos and Chargers a combined 7-14.
  • Miami was robbed of a win against the Steelers on a controversial fumble with about 2 minutes left in the game.  They would have been 4-2 and still right in the race with the Pats and Jets but at 3-3 they are really in trouble.
  • Drew Brees is suffering from the Madden Curse this year.  4 INTs and a 30-17 loss to the Browns? Dont look like Super Bowl Champs to me.
    • Marques Colston finally scored his first TD of the season.
  • Kevin Kolb was not very good against the Titans and Mike Vick will start week 9 according to Andy Reid.
  • Brett Favre could be the worst decision maker in the NFL today.  Add another 3 picks to his resume.